New Hampshire voters

The polls are open now in New Hampshire for the first Presidential primaries in the country. While it should be considered if it is the best democratic process to allow small states with unrepresentative demographics to have an outsized influence on the way a nation elects its Presidents, there is no doubt that the vote today in New Hampshire will have profound effects on who stays in the race and who eventually becomes President.

Will a bigoted reality show entertainer and billionaire come in first in a Presidential primary? Will a 74 year old Democratic Socialist top the wife of a President, a former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State?

Will Jeb! have to trade in his exclamation point for a period or will he survive to stutter and stumble into obscurity another day?

Will Kasich have his one moment in the sun before burning out?

Will Cruz steal ballot boxes and candy from babies?

Will Marco Rubio hit a wall that Christie forced him to pay for himself?

All of these questions and more will be answered…at least to a degree…tonight in the New Hampshire Primary!

Please feel free to comment on this thread with any news, predictions or observations about today’s election or the race in general.

Should be a fascinating night!

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MSNBC calling NH primary for Bernie Sanders on the Dem side and Donald Trump on the repub side, early numbers, bur they appear to be pretty sure of their results. Bernie 51% right now. Hillary 40 percent. I sure hope Bernie wins by a landslide!!! 🙂

It appears Kasich is in second place, Bush in third, and Rubio 4th…Cruz and the rest not being discussed so far.

I can’t believe the republicans in NH are actually voting for Trump.


So glad to see this one in the win column for Bernie.

But I’m not happy to see Kasich in 2nd place. He is a dangerous guy, to say the least.


Kasich is having his partly sunny day in the election. I don’t believe he will be able to recreate what he has done in New Hampshire. I believe he will be dropping out soon after the next couple of states. I do agree with your assessment of him. I see him as being just as dangerous as Cruz or Rubio, needless to say, Trump as well. 🙂


Hold on just a tickety-boo, folks! I’m seeing Bernie 60% and 13 delegates, but Hillary is 40% BUT 15 delgates. Thinks ain’t as straightforward as you think. Still, BS was tipped to win by a landslide, and maybe he did, but……


Super delegates are being counted when they should not be, that is why the numbers are skewed in that manner. It is another thumb on the scales used by the MSM to make it look as though Sanders win is something less than historic. 😉


Hi AdLib, I will predict a BIG victory for Bernie. I doubt that it is because Vermont is next door to NH. I think he makes sense and exudes integrity!

On the other side, I have no idea who will come out on top.

I read a piece today that quoted Rubio asying that rape victims should be held in custody if they are considering abortion! What the hell is wrong with that guy? What gives him the authority to make a decision for any woman on what to do with their body? Especially a rape victim! I don’t understand how Rubio can get one vote from any self respecting person?!?