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A grand jury in Houston studied all the evidence in the case of the anti-abortion extremists who claimed to have shot video proving Planned Parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue and body parts for profit.

They not only determined that Planned Parenthood was innocent of all these horrific charges but that the two principal anti-abortion activists who shot the video, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, committed criminal acts in the pursuit of smearing Planned Parenthood in this scheme.

What would you expect the reaction from Republican Presidential candidates to be, in light of how quick they were to condemn Planned Parenthood after this fraud was perpetrated? You guessed it, they declared that they are not only anti-abortion but they are anti-justice and pro-criminal.

MARCO RUBIO: “I’m disturbed. We’ll need to learn more, but I’m disturbed that while Planned Parenthood, who are the ones that were actually selling off these parts were found having done nothing wrong, the people who tried to expose them are the ones that are now facing criminal charges.”

Well…at least I agree with Rubio on one thing, he is disturbed.

CARLY FIORINA: “From what I read, somehow the charge is that they falsified government identities because that’s true obviously, that’s not good, but I only know what I read at this point, but I think it’s pretty clear that we now know what goes on in Planned Parenthood clinics. Here’s what I know, Planned Parenthood has been trafficking in body parts. Planned Parenthood has been altering late-term abortion techniques to this specific purpose of harvesting body parts.”
Carly, here’s what I know, you have been the only one trafficking in body parts…fictional ones that is, to boost your pitiful campaign…but you’re at 2% nationally. No wonder you support lies, criminality and whatever it takes to try and stop abortions, this will be your second aborted campaign.
MIKE HUCKABEE (via Twitter): “Its a sick day in America when our govnt punishes those who expose evil w/ a cellphone—yet accommodates those who perform it with a scalpel.”
Oh Huckster, why am I not surprised that the defender of Kim Davis who violated the law to push her bigotry against gays would beat his chest over the sins of juries telling the truth about the innocent and holding criminals responsible for their acts? If such things seem sick to someone, maybe it’s that person who needs a doctor.
It seems pretty clear that many “law and order” Republicans support criminality as long as it promotes their goals, whether it’s these anti-abortion fanatics committing fraud, Kim Davis, militias seizing federal facilities, police shooting unarmed and innocent black men…and whenever a court finds the truth on the other side of them, they hate on justice.
The party of Patriots? Seems more like the party of Juvenile Delinquents.

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Aquarius 1027
Aquarius 1027

Thank you for the great article, AdLib – The hypocrisy of these GOP Presidential candidates is indeed beyond despicable. Looking forward to seeing DaLIEden in handcuffs, may true justice prevail against his crimes. There have been 12 other GOP state investigations into PP, all showed no evidence that PP had done anything wrong. Despite the facts, these candidates continue to proclaim and perpetuate fraudulent anti-abortion rhetoric.

The GOP are so arrogantly determined to carry out this charade against PP. Recently, Gov. Ducey of Arizona has been trying to circumvent the Ninth federal circuit court decision that his anti-abortion state laws are unconstitutional. – He has requested a hearing from Ryan and McConnell in Congress that Arizona be changed to the Tenth federal circuit court! His so-called rationales are that the Ninth federal circuit court is “overburdened” and that it is “what’s best for Arizona.”

Actually, the private reproductive healthcare decisions of women in Arizona are NONE of his business!


Not surprising that GOP can’t accept a court ruling that has been obvious to everyone else. The are the same people who can’t accept that they lost the Civil War, and have been on the wrong side of everything ever since.

Good writing, Adlib.


Brainwashing only works for some, some of the time. Brainwashing a majority of the nation, forgetaboutit. The facts are there. Planned Parenthood do not sell body part, and yet the dishonest fantasy goes on. Benghazi. Kenyan Muslim. The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the White House. The president taking away their guns, etc. It’s amazing how willingly some are so easily led even when they are being used and lied to right, left and centre. This is “white privilege”. No matter how bizarre their chosen politicians become, they will follow no matter the consequences and trail of unfulfilled promised. Some because they want to fit in. Some because their hate is toxic and they need to feel validated. Some because it’s easier than forming an opinion.

Like the Bundy bunch, they have no respect for any laws, have no conscience and are happy about destroying any signs of morality and sanity. These people have the audacity to call themselves Christians when there is nothing remotely Christian about them. These are the people that Jesus would scorn and throw out of the temple. What happens when they lose? They will become eben more bitter and teach their next generations how to hate and lie.

The sky is blue. No, the sky is green.

Great article, AdLib.


Another excellent article Adlib! Reading the quotes you have placed in your article shows just how often republicans use spin to change the subject to one they can support. Abortion as we know is one of the mainstays of the republican party, and we also know that the reason this is true is because their evangelical wing along with the Tea Party puppeteers know they can control those that still interpret the Bible from the Old Testament point of view and in a manner that will help keep their bottom line in the black.

Marco Rubio’s I’m disturbed but, says it all. He acts as though he might be upset at what the horrible imposters did with their “PP report,” but then dives into the talking points those of his ilk use to continue to play to their TP and Evangelical wing.

Carly Fiorina uses the same slight of hand or should I say the same manner in which she tries to confuse the reader/listener as to which direction she is going, but only for a second, nice of you to remind us that her campaign is circling the tube, and should be out of sight soon. Thank God for that.

Mike Huckabee is, I believe, exactly what the Bible speaks of when you read the warning to beware of false prophets. He is the worse clergyman I believe I have ever seen in politics. Huckabee is a male version of Palin in my opinion. Both are dangerous, both play to the same ignorant base, and both should be under psychiatric care if we believe in mercy for the criminally insane.

Republicans have supported criminality since the party changed from its democratic roots to this conservative thing we have today that is being run mostly by the plutocrats (billionaires) of this country and other parts of the world. We in my humble opinion as a nation are in serious trouble right now. I believe what we have is two political parties that are filled with politicians who for their own personal reasons, those reasons mostly adding up to the same thing, money and power, are leading their electorate around as though they were sacrificial lambs only capable of being utilized as a sacrifice on the altar before the billionaires so that the powers that be, the billionaire club, can recognize, approve of, and eventually appoint them, the politicians, as Lord or Lady or Overseer or whatever title they tend to be after at the moment. We are at a crossroads, and I believe this election is going to decide if we take the correct road or lose our democratic republic.

Thanks for the thought provoking article and the opportunity to express my opinion. 🙂