I wrote this article back in early 2012.  I recently revisited it to post for some people on FB and am amazed at how close I was to our current political status.  I really thought, at the time, it would take longer for this to surface so openly in the public, but I think that is the only thing I was wrong about.  I have not changed anything because it was originally meant for the reader to think the platform was actually the Republican party for comparison.

I started this as an exercise on my own to determine exactly what values and beliefs the right have adopted over the past few years that would actually threaten the existence of the true conservative Republican party and perhaps this nation.  I know there is plenty of talk in the blogoshphere and between people about how they feel the right has gone off the rails and I started this exercise to try to pinpoint not only what is dangerous for them but also what could be dangerous for our nation as a whole.  I believe I have come up with a pretty complete list although there is probably room for many more.  I have always wanted to come up with a list that would explain their behavior and now I have.

It is confusing to many as to how this party has so alienated itself and chosen to disregard the truths that many of us hold and have for probably our entire lifetimes.  I don’t want to say their movement to the far right is because of President Obama but I do believe his election to the highest office in our land has contributed to their movement. Losing control of that high office has also contributed to their discontent and discontent can lead to radical change.  In coming up with this list I tried to be as honest as I could but I am sure some will say my own prejudice against them exaggerated my findings.  To them I would say, I did not compose this list with a prejudice mind but rather an open mind that sees things as they are with no sugar coating.  I hope that people will see it that way and not be shocked at my conclusions.

I took a really hard look at what I see and I think you will agree I put together a pretty complete list but only by reading it yourself will you be able to make that judgment so here goes:

They promote an economic system that supports a stratified economy with classes based on merit and talent but reject universal egalitarianism. They favor private property, freedom of contract, and promote the creation of their version of national solidarity.  (Cultural theory of risk holds egalitarianism as defined by (1) a negative attitude towards rules and principles, and (2) a positive attitude towards group decision-making, with “Fatalism”  termed as its opposite)

 They outlaw strikes by employees because these are regarded as a threat to national unity.

They would seek to declare “asocial” or “heretic” groups that do not fit their requirements of acceptable behavior or beliefs.

They will attack both left-wing and right-wing politics and they will claim the far right as the only correct ideology.

Far right themes include the argument that superior people have a right to dominate over others and purge society of supposed inferior elements.

They will scoff at any and all treaties that would appear to make a nation look weak(in their opinion, anyone who compromises whether appropriate or not is worthy of condemnation)

They would dismantle the republic to create a new radical and strong state based upon a martial ruling ethic that could revive national unity(in their power crazed minds anyway)

A major inspiration are paramilitary organizations that engage in political violence or the threat of such.

They would describe themselves as an anti-bourgeois party.

There are factions in the Party, both conservative and radical.

They advocate both a social and economic revolution upon the party who is in power and the country itself unless it is their party.

They also push “second revolution” (the “first revolution” being seizure of power) that would entrench the party’s official.

They would also desire, and work toward, absorbing the Armed forces into their ranks and under their leadership.

In an earlier time period they very well could have lived Bohemian lifestyles (US circa 1960)

Anyone who resists the goals of the party they will seek to destroy.

Individuals are not allowed to take unilateral action as that is considered violating or threatening their leadership.

Although they oppose communist ideology, they will use those tactics in order to crush liberals.

One of the most significant ideological influences calls for a national revolution against the elite left and the need of action by the nation to free itself of these influences.

They denounce soulless individualism, and secularized society, while advocating a “superior” society based on ethnic people of their own  “blood” or “beliefs”.

They also denounce foreigners, foreign ideas and declare that national minorities, or people of other religious persuasions are “traitors to the nation” and unworthy of inclusion.

They extol the virtues of rural life, condemn the neglect of tradition and decay of morals and condemn “cosmopolitan” cultures.

They will declare they are only interested in a unified country

The concept of their racial theories draws a distinction between what they deemed “high and noble” culture versus that of “parasitic” culture

Notions of white supremacy and racial superiority infiltrate their organization and they maintain that white people are members of a race that is superior to all other races and blame the fall of the country on socioeconomic degeneracy caused by those “parasites” mentioned above.

They claim that Christianity is the origin of their nation’s beginnings and that anyone who claims different are usurpers and that they are was threatened by a spirit of selfishness

Their history will include racist themes and radical right political movements.

They have no shortage of conspiracy theories about internationals and people within their own country.

They will accuse their opponents of being a “bacillus, the carrier of decay…who pollute every national culture…and destroy all faith with their materialistic liberalism”

Their policies are published and distributed to Armed Forces in order to instruct them and the enemy that they are sent by GOD to fulfill his wishes.

They accuse their opponents of being a threat to national unity.

They have an option to address this threat by violence against others not of their belief system, which should not contain a single opponents idea.

They will claim that they are unable to complete national unification because of infiltration of “others” in the political process.  They will suggest abolition in an effort to obtain national unification.  They will go so far as to accuse their fellow citizens of possessing extra-national loyalties, thereby exacerbating dissatisfaction with the opposite party.

They DO believe in a national socialism that will connect the individual to the state through corporatist organization.

Their ideology advocates confining women to the spheres of Children, Kitchen, Church.

They support people and organizations that suppress gays and that will wipe out abortion.  They will set up organizations to that end.

Several people of the organization will, at some time, have been connected with racists organizations.

They will declare that their version of conflict is necessary to save the country from suffering because of it’s “sins”.

They excuse any actions they may take by claiming they are saving the country.

Their actions are, so they claim, all in the name of purifying the nation and taking it back to it’s original roots.

They guarantee freedom for all religious denominations not inimical to their own and endorse Christianity to combat the “non-believer spirit”.

They are not above using other religions’ history as propaganda that fits their beliefs.

They use Christianity for political purposes.  They will not tolerate anyone in their ranks who attack Christianity, whether they truly practice the true tenants or not.

They are advocates of privatizing public properties and public services while at the same time cannot entirely disregard business competition and private property as economic engines.

In order to control operations of agriculture they will grant business/banks monopoly rights to marketing boards/commodity exchanges to control production and prices.

They claim that communism is dangerous to the well-being of nations because of its intention to dissolve private property, its support of class conflict, its aggression against the middle class, its hostility to small businessmen, and its atheism.  They also agree their liberal counterparts are guilty of these beliefs when it is they who are separating the classes.

I am sure there are many more that I may have missed but I have to tell you the truth now.  I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS LIST.  All of these beliefs and tenants were taken directly from the platform of the Nazi Party of Germany.  Where there were beliefs that I did not think fit, I did not list them and I did have to change some of the wording because I wanted to show just how close in ideology they are to the former Nazi Party without giving away that the list was actual Nazi doctrine.  I also felt that adding the Nazi name or people affiliated with the party would take away from the experience that the person reading would be thinking Nazi and not the far right.  I tried to be as honest as I could be but I am also open to constructive criticism where I may have missed the boat, so feel free to let me know.

I apologize for not being entirely truthful in this posting but I felt approaching it this way would clear the mind of the reader.  When I look at the picture at the top of this post, I am glad I wrote this post though.  I hope I have succeeded in clarifying what I believe to be their endgame.

This last paragraph was in the original posting.

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I also have been giving thought to just what kind of America the ultra conservatives want and it a very scary scenario when taken to the extreme. There are may examples of this in history, with Germany or Uganda as prime examples. There is no lack of hate out there, and if those haters ever gained control, total control, I believe the America we believe in would disappear. We have one candidate now running that proposes doing away with the 1st amendment freedoms in the name of ‘safety’, I believe it was Ben Franklin who commented on that issue, paraphrased as ‘when you swap freedom for safety you end up losing both. This election cycle is way more important for our freedoms than most might realize, we must keep the White House and win the Senate, thanks for your fine essay.


Sue, you were right in 2012 and you still are. I know that it’s often said (about almost every election) that this upcoming one may be the most critical one of our times. But truly this time I believe that is the case.

If someone like Trump or Cruz gets in and they succeed in getting a GOP Congress in place, there’s no telling how far they’ll go. And it won’t be pretty.

We’ve all said it and heard it many times but — this election it’s crucial to get out the vote!


Sue, you nailed it!
Our country has devolved into what Ike warned us about.


Let’s face it, we live in a corrupt nation, and the nation didn’t JUST get that way. Since the beginning those that some consider to be their forefathers, plotted and schemed to find ways to make this a nation of oligarchical slave owners that lorded over everyone and everything in the nation, at least those that were not of their race or economic class. The ancestors of those rich oligarchs have now found that through deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA, and whatever other name you want to give to these “Agreements” they don’t need to be nice to anyone anymore. They have the entire world at their feet, and the majority of the people of the world are beginning to become their slaves just to be able to live with the bare necessities.

What a wicked game the so called founders of this nation have played, and the blind it appears have gone along with the game and rules of the game as long as they themselves didn’t feel they were a part of the onslaught.

“Although nearly 70 years have passed since the end of World War II, suspected Nazis are still being brought to justice. One of those suspects, 89-year-old Johann Breyer, of Philadelphia, was arrested last week for allegedly helping kill thousands of Jews at a death camp.

More than 300 Nazis have been deported, lost citizenship, or blocked from entry into the United States only within the last 35 years, The New York Times reported in 2010. Some of these Nazis may have slipped into the country illegally and stayed under the radar. But others were allowed to stay in the U.S. because the CIA used them to gather post-war intelligence.


The Justice Department created the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in 1979 to track down and deport Nazis in the U.S. so they could be prosecuted overseas. However, before that, the U.S. knowingly helped those same Nazis hide in America, The Times reported, citing a Justice Department report leaked in 2010.

That report acknowledged that the American intelligence community knowingly granted Nazis with criminal backgrounds entry into the U.S. because they used them for post-war intelligence operations, according to The Times.”


Most minorities in this nation and the first people of this nation, Native Americans, have always realized the fact that this country would eventually end up this way. Those who are becoming disillusioned and surprised are those who have been strung along through the carrot and stick approach. Give them a little more privilege than others and they won’t wake up until it’s too late to realize they don’t mean a thing to us either.

I’m so glad some are finally waking up. Question I have now is, will those who have awakened and now realize the truth be willing to tear themselves from their imaginary privileged world and join with the rest of the human beings In this nation and around the world to stop those that would seek to rule us all. 🙂

James Michael Brodie

Sue, your list is quite complete, and so close to what we are seeing now as to be frightening.

We can title it: Post Reconstruction: The Sequel.