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Kalima On November - 20 - 2015







Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the 6th anniversary edition of Morning Blog.

I hope that when and if you have the time, MB will be the place where you will come to catch up with the latest international news from around the globe.

I will bring you the latest international news stories, breaking news stories, opinion pieces and human interest stories, hoping that you will find something of interest in each update.

MB is open to all 24/7, and I’ll have my updates posted by 3 am PST and 6 am EST in the morning. You can read or comment at any time during your day or night.

Please drop by anytime, you are always welcome here. Looking forward to meeting you in your mornings, afternoons and evenings. Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by to read.

Written by Kalima

Long time resident of Tokyo --- "Where is this woman I once knew so well? Memories fading or hurtling by like a howling wind at a speed I can't fathom or define. A star hangs like a teardrop from her eye, quivering but never falling. I search the empty corridors of my soul in hopes of catching just another glimpse of who she once presumed herself to be. Where is this woman who trod with such certainty, where is she now? I mourn her passing as another dawn breaks in my restless heart."

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  1. Kalima says:

    Well, 3 more days to go. Won’t be easy, but neither is your upcoming election. Be brave, you can do this.

    See you after I get back.

    Peace and justice always.

    Take care gentle souls and be well.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, hope your trip goes very well!

      There’s a whole Planet that will miss you while you’re gone…and celebrate you when you return!

      Take care of yourself too, have safe and comfortable travels. We’ll be looking forward so much to your return. And as a homecoming gift, we will end the election and discard Trump to the trash heap of losers while you’re gone so you can come home to a clean house!

      We’ll miss you big time! Hurry back!

      • Kalima says:

        Thanks AdLib, I will miss all of you too as I slog along in the cold November days.

        If you could banish trump and his contingent of frothing haters, the world will thank you, and it will be one of the bestest Christmas presents ever. I won’t have internet connection during the election, but I plan to do a lot of praying.

        Do you think the hacker bots will miss me too? Maybe. They seem to enjoy coming back for some of the same.

        Take care and sorry to leave you with all the work. See you mid November unless we take the wrong turn and end up in Siberia. Never know, I’ve spoken my mind about Putin without restraints very often here.

  2. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    With less than a month left before we return to England, planning is well on the way. Tiring but will be meaningful after our journey back to Tokyo.

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay cool/warm and comfy.

    Sayonara from my evening corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.


    The cat man of Aleppo -- BBC News


    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Japan urged to ratify climate change accord before November deadline



    Japan, U.S. to sign pact limiting SOFA coverage of U.S. base workers



    Fire destroys Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuee housing



    Why Are Chinese tourists so badly behaved?




    Olympic parade



    Jeremy Corbyn promotes women and ethnic minority MPs to build ‘most diverse shadow Cabinet ever’
    The Labour leader is rebuilding his top team after a series of resignations



    The Tories lurch left and right without a clue where they really stand
    Gaby Hinslif

    Theresa May’s response to Brexit has taken ministers beyond their comfort zones. And that’s an opportunity for their opponents



    Fracking is not the answer to the question of how we power our nation
    Overturning the ban imposed by local councillors on fracking in Lancashire isn’t in the national interest



    Poland’s parliament rejects near-total ban on abortion after protests

    Proposals that would have limited terminations to cases where mother’s life is in danger rejected by 352 votes to 58



    Latest on Hurricane Matthew



    What About the Planet?

    Why is the media not raising climate change as part of the presidential race?



    Trump in Deep Trouble on Eve of Second Debate



    Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress

    With Mr. Trump’s support plunging in swing states, Republican congressional candidates are faced with openly fleeing the nominee to save their own campaigns.



    NYTimes: Donald Trump’s Ventures Began With a Lot of Hype. Here’s How They Turned Out.

    Of roughly 60 ventures started or promoted by Mr. Trump, a third did not work out, a third had some success and some problems, and a third met expectations.



    ‘New York Times’ compiles a complete list of people and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter
    The newspaper began compiling the list earlier this year



    The 273 People, Places and Things Donald

    Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List



    Must have been trump before he started to tweet in the early morning.

    Giant Putin banner appears on New York’s Manhattan Bridge



    Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds dead in Haiti storm disaster



    UN envoy warns east Aleppo faces ‘total destruction’

    Staffan de Mistura offers to personally escort rebel fighters out of Aleppo to help save 275,000 trapped civilians.



    A Tale Of Two Cities: Satelitte



    Syria: Under Russia’s Fist

    We investigate the horrifying consequences for civilians under Russian air strikes in Syria.



    Syria’s war: The hypocrisy of US-Russian cooperation

    With no other military or political solution on offer, the Syrian conflict will nestle back into a disastrous stalemate.



    Syria conflict: Life under siege in rebel-held Aleppo



    Syria death toll: UN envoy estimates 400,000 killed

    Staffan de Mistura’s estimate, which far exceeds those given by UN in the past, is not an official number.



    Walking the streets of Istanbul, Erdogan’s crackdown lingers heavy in the air

    Erdogan has extended Turkey’s state of emergency by 90 days and the Turkish lira has fallen – I guess that’s what ‘normalisation process’ means



    Meet Turkey’s Assad supporters

    Even after five years of brutal civil war, members of Antakya’s Alawite community stand behind the Syrian president.



    White House rails against Israel’s settlement project in West Bank

    Obama administration warns that decision jeopardizes the already distant prospect of Middle East peace as well as Israel’s own security



    Gaza’s women flotilla ‘challenging Israel’s blockade’

    As the flotilla approaches Gaza shores, one crew member reflects on the journey.



    Attack on Niger refugee camp kills 20 soldiers



    Yazidis hope to rescue ISIL-held family members

    Yazidi families hoping to free relatives from ISIL fighters face grim prospects as the battle for Mosul nears.



    Pakistan adopts new law to tackle ‘honour killings’

    New legislation mandates life imprisonment of “honour” killers -- even if victim’s relatives forgive the murderers.



    Activity at North Korea nuclear site fuels test fears


    The final part.

    The Caliph -- Part 3: Decline


    How firearm-loving Maine could defeat the gun lobby



    In numbers: Has Britain really become more racist?



    What every New Yorker knows about Donald Trump



    How Ethiopian prince scuppered Germany’s WW1 plans



    How to make the perfect cheese scones



    The most beautiful libraries in America – in pictures



    2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year: Animals in pictures



    Pictures of the day: 6 October 2016



    Best photographs of the day: Hurricane Matthew and Christmas toys

    The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including a Donald Trump rally and young Japanese Formula One fans


    • AdLib says:

      Hey Kalima! Love the NYT list of people Trump has insulted on Twitter! They left out though that the one most insulted is the American public…and Trump himself!

      Russia is truly evil under Putin, the happy collaboration with Assad in mass murder of innocent civilians is horrifying. And Trump and Pence praise him!

      Glad to see Corbyn is doing a great job in diversifying his shadow cabinet. I’ve been tough on him over Brexit but he deserves props for this.

      Sadly, it is the case that nationalism is spreading around the globe, including the UK and with it comes greater racism and hate crimes. Thank goodness Trump has sabotaged himself or it might have been a justified concern on election night if the US would collapse into a racist and sexist dictatorship-like nightmare or not.

      Your picture of the day reminds me of how much I love growing sunflowers…and living in the universe!

      Thanks Kalima!!!

      • Kalima says:

        Hey, great to find you here!

        As I always say, is there anyone left that trump hasn’t insulted?

        This was always Putin’s goal and the reason he jumped in so quickly to control the so called surrender of Assad’s chemical weapons. He’s firmly in cahoots with Assad and his killer squad. Posted an article recently about billions of Assad’s stolen money now in a Russian bank. The last thing I read was Russia threatening U.S. planes if they try to interfere.

        I think that Corbyn is finally finding his feet. He won the last Labour vote again by a landslide. Good for him, he’s a sincere man for a change.

        There were a lot of hate crimes when we lived in London. The skinheads roamed the streets until more bobbies were dispatched. Then the Tories and Farage built up the case against immigrants lying about them taking away jobs and living the good life on welfare handouts. All debunked by experts of course but the die was cast.

        Love sunflowers and eat the seeds. Such happy looking flowers that always look as if they are smiling to me. 🙂

        You are very welcome!

        • AdLib says:

          Kalima, yes, Putin’s seeming “peacekeeping” in Syria when Assad used the WMDs was very manipulative and calculated to protect Assad and pave the way for them to step in heavily and profit from it.

          Hate to say it, though I thought Obama was great to get the WMDs removed without force, turns out it only helped Putin and Assad in the end because they exploit peace and reason like the monsters they are. No question, we’re pretty much back in a Cold War with Russia, especially after the US has formally charged Russia with hacking our election.

          It may be that the Brexit debacle has had an impact on him, spurring him on as a leader. Sure hope so, we need for Labour to make a comeback and kick those Tories out of power.

          Farage is Trumpian level evil. And UKIP is in complete disarray now. What happens when the dog finally catches the car? It doesn’t know what to do with it. As Brexit continues to damage the UK’s economy, I think UKIP will continue to implode. But will the bigotry increase as the economy weakens? Afraid that could be the case.

          I’ve grown them a number of times, haven’t for a while but will definitely grow sunflowers again this next Spring! They are happy plants and I bake up the seeds when I grow them…mmm!

          • Kalima says:

            They’re so into peacekeeping that they bomb northern Kurdish towns and a UN aid convoy heading to help trapped civilians in Aleppo. I don’t believe for a second that Assad handed over all of his chemical weapons stash to Russia, or that Russia is there to only get rid of ISIS. Putin is a thief and a murderer, so they have that in common, and Russia has been waiting a long time to get a foot inside the ME. In the meantime, over 400,000 deaths, and 100 children dying every day.

            Who is winning? No one. Who is losing? The civilian population of Syria.

            The Tories escalated the immigration hate, while Farage massaged the egos of the Far Right and planned the f’up that Brexit leaves behind and is still to come for taxpayers and ordinary workers. Then the instigators and weak leaders step down to run away like the useless cowards they really are.

            Cheers for happy sunflowers!!

    • Nirek says:

      Hi Kalima.
      Climate change may well be the biggest problem the entire world is facing. Fraking is only making the problem worse.
      I don’t understand why people can’t see that we are destroying our habitat. Science has proven that man is destroying this planet with carbon.

      Are you returning to England permanently? Or is it a visit? Either way, enjoy yourself.

      • Kalima says:

        Good morning, Nirek. Of course they have been told how dangerous fracking is, but they are conservatives who care only about profits and not about the people whose health will suffer as a result of the fracking. The thing is that profits will take a long time, and by then the environmental damage will be irreversible. They don’t care. They don’t have to live there.

        We are just going for a week and it’s a duty trip not a holiday. I have to settle my father’s estate, and try to sell my house. Have to meet all his neighbours and friends, sort out his stuff and visit the double grave. Only have 4 days to do it in before we go back to London for our trip back home. Think I will sleep for the rest of November.

        Take care. Thanks for stopping by. See you.

        Peace always.

  3. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Sorry for the delay in posting new updates but I’ll just say that planning a first trip for the first time in 30 years, and being healthy the last time is not easy. Last time I was fully mobile. This time I’m not.

    Getting things booked on the internet was a week long nightmare. Hanging on hold when I called long distance at ungodly hours in my early morning, was responsible for many sleepless nights. Trying to fit in Herculean tasks in just four days will deserve an Olympic medal for endurance.

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay cool, dry and comfy.

    Sayonara from my still hot and humid afternoon corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.

    In my last updates, I posted Part 1 of this very interesting documentary. Today I post Part 2:

    The Caliph -- Part 2: Division


    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Prime Minister Abe criticizes North Korea for conducting fifth nuclear test



    Sakai puts park off-limits after finding high levels of hexavalent chromium, cyanide in soil



    Tokai nuclear waste reprocessing plant to take 70 years to dismantle: JAEA



    G-20 summit yields hopes for better China-Japan relations




    Paralympics open in Rio



    Poorest developing countries could lose up to £323 million per year without UK trade deals post-Brexit
    Poorer countries save huge sums due to their preferential access to the UK market



    For something half of the country didn’t even want, with the other half mostly not knowing what the EU was, now they are being robbed twice.

    Lawyers paid £33,000 of taxpayers’ money a week to advise Government on Brexit negotiations

    Department for Exiting the European Union spends an estimated £268,711 in eight weeks



    German church network shelters Afghan deportees

    The network of church organisations has helped hundreds of refugees to avoid deportation to dangerous destinations.



    Paris police arrest three women in connection with Notre Dame incident

    Interior minister says there had been a ‘race against time’ to catch the women after car packed with gas cylinders found near cathedral



    French Alps cable cars rescue bid resumes



    Conditions for Greece’s migrant children shocking, says Human Rights Watch

    They are being made to live in filthy, bug-and-vermin-infested cells, sometimes without mattresses or access to showers, claims report



    No wonder Putin pushed to interfere in Syria.

    WikiLeaks Release Excludes Evidence of €2 Billion Transfer from Syria to Russia



    Barack Obama says Americans will reject Donald Trump’s ‘wacky’ ideas



    Bernie Sanders fundraises for Senate candidates, plans campaign stops --




    We recommend Hillary Clinton for president | Dallas Morning News



    How many Trump products were made overseas? Here’s the complete list



    Donald Trump accidentally declares himself ineligible for the presidency



    The ugliest, most appalling spectacle in American politics



    Donald Trump Is Lying in Plain Sight

    The media applies an entertainment standard to the Republican candidate.



    Introducing a New Series: Trump and the Truth



    Trump and the Truth: Immigration and Crime



    ‘What is Aleppo?’ US presidential candidate stuns with ignorance



    Mexican finance minister steps down after helping arrange Trump visit



    Syria conflict: Government helicopters ‘drop chlorine’ on Aleppo



    Syria conflict: Senior militant leader ‘killed’ near Aleppo



    Aid groups suspend cooperation with UN in Syria because of Assad ‘influence’

    Exclusive: Coalition withdraws from information-sharing programme, saying regime is manipulating relief effort



    Losing ground, fighters and morale – is it all over for Isis?

    The self-styled caliphate has been in rapid decline since Turkey joined the war in northern Syria. But if the jihadis refocus their efforts on acts of terrorism in the west, victory may be short lived



    Saudi Arabia cannot pay its workers or bills – yet continues to fund a war in Yemen

    In Saudi Arabia itself, the government seems unable to cope with the crisis. The ‘Arab News’ says that 31,000 Saudi and other foreign workers have lodged complaints with the government’s labour ministry over unpaid wages. On one occasion, the Indian consulate and expatriates brought food to the workers so that their people should not starve



    Mugabe’s Zanu-PF ‘blocking food aid’ amid Zimbabwe drought



    Afghanistan: Taliban pushes into Uruzgan’s Tarinkot

    Senior officials abandon government buildings and flee to outer edges of Tarinkot, the capital of Uruzgan province.



    Australian boy wins ‘best dressed’ prize for Hitler costume



    Live North Korea conducts ‘biggest atomic test yet’ as Pyongyang hails ‘nuclear warhead explosion’



    Kim Jong-un bans sarcasm in North Korea fearing people will only agree with him ‘ironically’


    President Barack Obama Biography Years In White House



    Obama the Conservationist



    Life and death on the lost streets of Chicago


    Born a refugee: Syria’s war babies



    Mexican mother, American daughter: Did immigration pay off?



    This photo of an officer comforting a baby went viral. But there’s more to the story.



    The woman who discovered India’s first HIV cases



    Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis – one of the greatest love letters ever written



    How The Donald Got His Hair: a Just-So Story (with ‘pologies to Rudyard Kipling)



    Loved this!!

    This Gardener Regularly Grows 100-Pound Vegetables


    London’s lonely streets: moments in a silenced city – in pictures

    Street photographer Nicholas Goodden takes us on an urban expedition to map the subtle space between loneliness and solitude



    Pictures of the day: 8 September 2016



    Best photographs of the day: a baby rhino in Germany and a fashion show in New York

    The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including surfers in Japan and the Dalai Lama


  4. Kalima says:

    Those houses weren’t built to withstand earthquakes. Tragic loss of lives.


    Italy quake: Emergency declared as hopes for more survivors fade


    • Nirek says:

      Kalima, it is sad. Is Italy in an earthquake zone?

      • Kalima says:

        Good Morning, Nirek. Italy’s first recorded quake was the Pompeii earthquake in the year 62. Since then they have had about 75, so although they do have them, the last one was in 2009 when over 300 people died.

        Japan has them every day. Some you feel and some you don’t. If energy corporations keep drilling to deeper depths for profits, there will be more earthquakes in places and countries that have hardly had any in the past.

        We are expecting another typhoon here over the next few days. Never a dull moment.

        Take care and peace to you and yours.

        • Aquarius 1027 says:

          Hi, Kalima -- Thank you for the article, the earthquake in Italy was indeed tragic. That one aerial view certainly showed the dramatic difference in damages between the older and newer construction.

          As for those typhoons in Japan, my older daughter is in Tokyo now for one month. She was delayed a few hours leaving San Diego last Sunday because of the first one. She was so excited, they had just started non-stop flights between San Diego and Tokyo! After customs, she found out there were no trains available and she waited in long lines to get a bus. She said there were trees down across some of the roads.

          I just found the news a few hours ago about the second typhoon that may make landfall near Tokyo on your Tuesday. -- I wonder if Japan has a typhoon season like we have a hurricane season with the Atlantic Ocean.

          Stay safe with this next typhoon and hope it is not a strong storm. -- Take care. 🙂

          • Kalima says:

            Hello, Aquarius.

            Yes, our Pacific Typhoon season is from May to October, with the peak from August to the end of September. Some pack winds of 150mph and Japan experiences about 3 hits in a season.

            Early Tuesday has been given here too. It’s raining but the heavy rain and wind start tonight.

            We are safe as hubby comes back from work outside of Tokyo tonight by Shinkansen train. We always have enough supplies in case of any emergency. Thank you for your good wishes.

            Those poor people in Italy didn’t stand a chance. The buildings looked old and certainly could not withstand an earthquake of that magnitude. The problem with earthquakes is that you never know they are coming until the earth starts to shake, and for some unfortunately, depending on where you are, it can be too late.

            Thanks again for stopping by.

            Take care.

    • kesmarn says:

      This was such a tragedy for this town — which I gather is not all that easy for rescuers and supplies to get to. And then — as you in Japan know all too well — there were the inevitable aftershocks that interfered with people’s efforts to dig survivors out of the rubble. Really, really sad.

      • Kalima says:

        Yes, looks like the rescue team were being rescued when an aftershock sent up a cloud of dust where they were trying to dig in the rubble. I think it’s on the video in the link.

        As we know, there have been a few people who survived for days under collapsed houses, but it doubt that there are many spaces under these old structures. You would think that there would be more people and rescue equipment coming from surrounding larger towns and cities wouldn’t you?

    • AdLib says:

      It’s awful, Kalima. Apparently, a school that collapsed was supposed to have been retrofitted to be earthquake-resistant but wasn’t. I don’t know that Italy has taken earthquake safety very seriously despite the history of earthquakes there. Japan is just the opposite as is CA, blinding yourself to the certainty that a big earthquake will come is just crazy, the earthquakes will come anyway.

      Still, so sorry for all those who have been hurt.

      • Kalima says:

        Well somebody will be fired I’m sure but how will that help the dead and missing? Unless they make earthquake proofing a law, it will continue to happen. Here in Japan for many years now, you can’t build anything new without fortified specifications. Building our new house was an eye opener, our ward was very strict. At least we feel safer in this land of the shifting earth now.

        Yes, the videos coming out of the devastation are heartbreaking. They never stood a chance. Most of the houses looked to be built from stones and in some places there seemed to be very little holding them together.

  5. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Still recovering from our Tuesday’s 37.8C temps.

    Today because of much unvalidated and unnecessary hate against Muslims and fear mongering about Islam, it would be beneficial to remember how we in the West have gained so much knowledge from ancient Muslim scholars and the meticulous information they discovered and recorded from cultures all over the world as well as in their own. We are by no means superior, and there would have been no maths, time telling as we know it, or many medical discoveries and medicine to cure the ills of millions without their documented knowledge. This is a wonderful BBC documentary and if like me you are sick and tired of hearing about trump, well worth spending the hour it takes to watch it. Thanks!

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay cool and dry.

    Sayonara from my muggy, late afternoon corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.


    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    As Japan marks atomic bombings, Abe condemned for inaction



    Shikoku Electric fires up Ehime plant MOX reactor amid protests



    31st anniversary of JAL crash on Mount Osutaka remembered



    Body of last person missing in Kumamoto quake likely found



    Japan, Philippines urge China to respect law for Asian stability




    Golden girl



    Farage’s fascist past? Nigel boasted about his NF initials and sang ‘gas them all’, claims schoolfriend

    Exclusive: ‘I knew you – I remember your interest in the National Front. I want the nation to see you as I do.’ New claims of former Ukip leader’s ‘dark’ past



    There’s a huge sign of a looming Brexit jobs disaster



    David Cameron accused of taking ‘cronyism’ to new heights as full resignation honours list is revealed

    George Osborne is one of several people close to the former Prime minister to be awarded honours



    Dual nationals who fight for terror groups to be stripped of German citizenship



    Russia and Ukraine step up security amid tension over Crimea

    Putin boosts ‘anti-terror’ measures at Ukraine frontier with annexed Crimea as Poroshenko puts troops on combat alert



    The Sanders movement is only just beginning



    Emails Renew Questions About Clinton Foundation and State Dept. Overlap



    From Refugee Camps To The Statehouse: Two Groundbreaking Primary Victories In Minnesota.

    Fue Lee and Ilhan Omar both spent time in refugee camps.



    BREAKING: North Carolina’s Racial Gerrymander Struck Down



    NYTimes: The Millions of Americans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Barely Mention: The Poor

    While their economic platforms are markedly different, both candidates promise to create jobs but have said little about helping people while they are not working.



    Donors for Bush, Kasich and Christie Are Turning to Clinton More Than to Trump



    My son was murdered in a mass attack. Trump’s talk of gun violence horrifies me

    As the father of a student shot and killed in California, Trump’s callous comments about Clinton and others make him at best incompetent – and at worst ev


    A must read! Explains trump as far back as 2007.

    Even under oath, Trump struggled with the truth



    Is a Crook Hiding in Donald Trump’s Taxes?



    Trump and Putin: A Love Story



    This campaign could get worse — a lot worse. Here’s why



    Pieces of Silver by Paul Krugman

    Why the G.O.P. establishment still backs Trump.



    An Even Stranger Donald Trump

    Mr. Trump’s latest unfounded charge, that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are linked to ISIS, further fuels his supporters’ rage.



    Inside Donald Trump’s Meltdown



    Canada extremist Aaron Driver ‘was planning attack’



    Rio chefs use leftover Olympic food to feed the poor



    Syria conflict: Footage shows ‘chlorine attack’ aftermath



    Fighting rages in Aleppo despite Russian lull pledge

    No sign of aid windows promised by Russia as clashes between army and rebels continue in southern Aleppo.



    Syria conflict: ‘Russian air strikes’ cut water supply to IS capital Raqqa



    Isis ranks dwindle to 15,000 amid ‘retreat on all fronts’, claims Pentagon

    Top commander says Islamic State thought to have lost 45,000 combatants in Iraq and Syria, with many of those remaining ill prepared for battle



    Isis has not radicalised young Muslims, it has infantilised them – and that is why it is so powerful and dangerous

    Isis has broken down the precious wall which separates childhood from adulthood, innocence from guilt. This, far more than mass murder, is its final dark achievement



    Netanyahu slammed for claiming to care for Palestinians

    Israeli PM said on Thursday that he cares more about the Palestinian people than their leaders do.



    Gaza Happy video: Two years later, the joy has faded

    The light-hearted video was meant to show another side of Gaza, but the territory’s crisis only deepened amid 2014 war.



    Reports of family violence widespread amid despair of Nauru detention

    Nauru files cite several examples of allegations of domestic violence and child abuse by people held on island



    Four killed and at least 20 injured in string of explosions in southern Thailand


    Part 1 of a recommended three part documentary from aljazeera.

    The Caliph


    Fears about Muslim refugees settling in the American West



    Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail?



    Cultural Revolution: A People’s History 1962-1976 by Frank Dikotter – review

    A timely reminder of the human cost and miscalculations of Mao’s last experiment, fifty years on


    The women who never leave home

    Israel’s mysterious Druze women are beginning to open their craft circles, kitchens and homes to travellers.



    Baghdad’s oldest street a reminder of Iraq diversity



    Ebola crisis: Pregnant women in Guinea still avoid hospital



    A girl was found dead in a landfill 49 years ago. She has finally been identified.



    Pictures of the day: 11 August 2016



    Best photographs of the day: white lion cubs and wildfires in France


    • kesmarn says:

      Good evening/morning, Kalima! At last — a moment to sit down and respond to this great collection of news stories on Morning Blog.

      I’m hoping you and the rest of Tokyo get a break from this heat wave in the near future. We had a batch of the same weather and it was really miserable. Things are a bit cooler now — but also very rainy. A much needed break, but it still feels “swampy”!

      I just have to start out by saying how much I loved the BBC documentary on the historical role of Islam as a sort of curator of history, culture and learning over the centuries. If it weren’t for Islamic civilization’s conscientious efforts to preserve the learning of earlier eras (including Greek philosophy, medicine and math) we might just be emerging from the dark ages even as we speak! Thanks so much for linking to the film.

      But — going from the sublime to the ridiculous — then we have Nasty Nigel Farage of Britain. With his unenviable history going back to early adolescence of being a racist bigot. To hear him speak now, you’d think he was still 12 years old, trying to shock his classmates and teachers with his absurd babbling. In fact, his recent speech at the EU Conference sounded just like a junior high student cackling over a perceived temporary victory: “You laughed at me before; but you’re not laughing now!” Really, Nigel. Grow up.

      And then we have another adolescent with delusions of grandeur — David Cameron. Nothing like raiding the bank and the PM’s little box of medals and trinkets to reward every lackey who functioned as one of his enablers while he demolished the British economy. Even public relations hacks are suddenly worthy of the Order of the British Empire — as long as David doesn’t have to pay for any of it.

      On a happier note — some more mature (and more optimistic) reflection on the fact that the Sanders campaign ideals live on in the continuing movement that he’s supporting. A movement that will encourage young progressives to run for office, be active in their local communities and engage in public service. Long after November, those ideals will shine on, thanks to Bernie. He’s left an enduring mark in history.

      I thought Robert Reich had a very interesting comment on the latest developments with the Clinton email story, so I’ll include it here:

      This is the kind of thing I worry about. And it didn’t even come via wikileaks. It’s from the State Department.

      A new batch of emails released yesterday by the Department shows sometimes overlapping interests between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Hillary served as secretary of state, raising new questions about whether the Foundation rewarded its donors with access and influence at the Department. In one such communication, a Clinton Foundation executive in 2009 sought to put a billionaire donor in touch with the United States ambassador to Lebanon because of the donor’s interests there. In another, the Foundation appeared to push aides to Mrs. Clinton to help find a job for a Foundation associate. Her aides indicated that the department was working on the request.

      The State Department turned the new emails over to a conservative advocacy group, Judicial Watch, as part of a lawsuit that the group brought under the Freedom of Information Act. But why weren’t these emails released before? Why weren’t they included in the 55,000 pages of emails Hillary previously gave the State Department, that she said represented all her work-related emails?

      What do you think?

      I think he raises some great points.

      I really appreciated the N Y Times article on the way that both the Trump and Clinton campaigns tend to avoid mentioning a large and growing group in the American population: the poor. There’s a lot of rhetoric about helping the middle class. But the poor seem to be invisible to both mainstream candidates.

      Paul Krugman nailed it again in his “Pieces of Silver” article. His main point being that now is the time for the GOP to denounce Trump and his ideas. Waiting until after he loses the election to say: “Oh well, we never did approve of him,” is not going to cut it. The bottom line of the piece is that there’s a large subset of the Republican Party that is willing to sell out its principles totally — for the promise of tax cuts for the wealthy. Shameful.

      The story of the conditions of refugees on the Island of Nauru is horrifying. Australia has to recognize what is going on here and remedy it. To say “Oh well… both major parties agree that there’s no solution to the problem” (which I have heard) is a huge moral evil. No matter how they deny it.

      On a final note: I really recommend that if folks get the chance they watch the film: “The Caliph.” It’s a really well-made summary of the history of Islamic Civilization. I wish it had been available back in the dark ages when I was in college. I loved my Islamic Civ classes, but this would have made them even better!

      • Kalima says:

        Hello, kes. Finally I get enough brain cells coordinated to attempt a reply to your wonderful comment.

        Yes we are getting a break from the heat but not the humidity with 3 typhoons attacking Japan from the south, the north and the middle, our region. Heavy rain, strong winds and miserable days.

        So glad you enjoyed the BBC documentary, I found it fascinating, and the first part of “Caliph” was equally noteworthy.

        Well now we know where the “Nasty Little Nigel” came from and it was hardly surprising that he was a racist pr--k as a kid too.

        Most of the Cameron cabinet were cronies from way back who should never have been placed in those posts but I imagine they wanted to privatise everything as much as he did, especially the NHS. So he gives Osborne who created millions more poor people a medal of honour because they have no qualms about messing up the country with millions safely in their banks. The circle is complete and the country is f’up conservative style once again. They are baron robbers.

        Yes, Bernie Sanders has done a lot for America even without the nomination. How many people can say the same thing?

        Reich’s comment is spot on, and the recent babble by Bill saying that if Hillary is elected, they will no longer accept donation from foreign interests, just proves it. What does that even mean? If she loses it will be the unethical Clinton Foundation business as usual?

        The NYT article about neither nominee talking about the poor needed to be said. I haven’t heard either of them mention the millions living below the poverty line either. Those people vote too.

        It is disgraceful that more repubs haven’t condemned trump. Don’t they realise that their party is in the toilet as more voters, including many repub women and military families will not vote for their nominee?

        Then the black vote stands firm at 0% in many important states. No they can’t say they didn’t agree with him after he loses, it’s already too late.

        Thanks for your reply, and as always I’m delighted that you found so many articles that hit the spot.

        Take care and see you soon.

    • Nirek says:

      Good morning, Kalima. We are having a heat wave here in Vermont, yesterday the temp. was 96 F today high eighties and still very humid. Yuck.

      Trump is going to implode sooner or later. He is a failure in all things he attempts. At least in my opinion.

      Thanks for all the reading material. It will take me a while to wade through all the stories.

      Stay cool and have a peaceful day.

  6. Kalima says:

    He should be allowed to step down. Over the last few years he has become physically weak and has been hospitalised a few times, once for cancer. He wants to spend the years he has left quietly with his wife. His wish should be upheld.


    Emperor worries age may make it tough to perform his duties



    Japan’s Emperor Akihito hints at wish to abdicate


  7. Kalima says:

    One dead, several hurt in central London knife attack


    • kesmarn says:

      The news sources are saying tonight that this one appears to be untreated mental illness rather than terrorism, Kalima. Still tragic, but at least the Muslim community in London won’t have to cope with even more mistrust and potential hostility, I hope.

      I hear that the woman who was killed was an American who was due to leave for home the following day. Now a grieving family won’t be anticipating a homecoming — but a funeral instead. So sad.

  8. Kalima says:

    Will this madness never end?

    Care home. 2:30 am. 15 dead, 45 injured. 26 year old former employee gave himself up to the police.


    Japan Sagamihara knife attack: At least 15 dead, reports say


    • kesmarn says:

      These poor people! They were totally unable to fight back. This was a home for the disabled! And I’m sure many of them were sleeping at 2:30 a.m. and had no idea what was happening.

      Prayers for them all and their grieving and heartsick relatives.

      • Kalima says:

        I had to turn off the news because the thought of helpless wheelchair bond and bed-ridden people being murdered as they slept was just too overpowering. That is why there was such a high number of casualties.

        Thank you for your prayers as some lie in critical condition in Tokyo hospitals. It made me fear for my mother-in-law’s safety at the rehabilitation center. Just horrific.


        19 dead, 20 seriously injured, ages from 19 to 70 years old. The largest mass killing here since the end of the war. The last one was 2008, before that 2001, and the underground train sarin gas attack in 1995 which killed 13 people.

    • kesmarn says:

      Horrible. The fact that this one is not assumed to be related to terrorism doesn’t make it any the less awful.

      Prayers for the victims and their families.

  9. Kalima says:

    Another attack in my country. This is crazy and might turn some against helping refugees. The only winners are the Far Right propaganda machine.


    Ansbach blast: Syrian asylum seeker kills himself and injures 12 in Germany | World news


  10. Kalima says:

    My heart is heavy today. Home grown, far right extremists are not being ruled out.


    Munich shooting: Police say nine dead as manhunt continues


    • Nirek says:

      My heart is heavy for Munich, Kalima. I lived in Munich from mid 1950 to mid 1954 while Dad was stationed there. This kind of thing is happening too often and anyplace in the world.


      • Kalima says:

        It doesn’t appear as if this was a terrorist attack, Nirek. Still, 10 people are dead including the 18 year old shooter, and many injured.

        Interesting to know that you lived in Germany. It is unfortunate that there are so many sick souls in the world. Two attacks in less than a week and it looks as if our world has gone mad.


    • kesmarn says:

      Kalima, I can’t bring myself to hit the “thumbs up” button on this sad story. Poor Germany! The teenager who was wielding a knife on a train was the horrifying story just a few days ago and now this.

      The days when people all over the world could safely gather in public for celebration, vacationing, travel, shopping or even mourning seem to be drifting further and further into the past. Now it seems the whole world is afflicted with fear and anger that lead to violence.

      I wish there were a clear, simple path to peace, but I don’t have the wisdom to understand how we can find it.

      Prayers for Germany. And the world.

      • Hey Homie, don’t feel bad. Nobody seems to know that bit of wisdom.
        Man is an aggressive animal, when all is said and done. We are also greedy and covetous. Of course not all of mankind is this way, but I do think it’s in far too many of us. Jealousy is also a big factor.

        I think education and the empowerment of women around the world would go a long way towards making this world a better place, but for the aforementioned factors inherent in our species, it’s gonna be a long, long time from now.

      • Kalima says:

        Hello, kes. The latest is that they found no connection to any terrorist group, but that he was obsessed with mass killings, and think he was suffering from depression. The way he shouted out to someone on a nearby balcony, ” I am German, I was born here” was odd. I was wondering if he had recently encountered some remarks about his appearance, apparently he had a beard. So do millions of other men but with the recent ISIS attacks in Europe, someone might have said that he “looked” like a terrorist. Who knows what sets people off these days?

        My German friend here is from München, her sister still lives there, and we have a friend there too, so this morning’s news was shocking.

        I have no idea how to stop this either, and believe that every child should have a good education because the more you learn about the world, the less you will hate.

        Stay cool and take care.

  11. Kalima says:

    If this attempt at a military coup is to restore democracy and human rights, then what they are doing goes against their goals. Only an election can bring what they are demanding.

    Considering the instability of neighbouring Syria and the threat of ISIS, this is an extremely dangerous time to attempt this chaotic situation for the whole region.


    Looks like the coup has failed in Istanbul.


    Turkey army group announces takeover on TV


    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, sure looks similar to what happened in Egypt when an opportunistic military leader used the excuse of popular outraqe to stage a coup and steal power in the name of populism.

      A pattern sure seems to be forming in that region, sort of a corruption of the Arab Spring to exploit the resentment of dictators to erase democracy.

      • Kalima says:

        It doesn’t look like the top military brass is involved, and it all depends on Erdogan’s response. Will he strong-arm and blame outside influences as usual, or will he leave it to the civilian courts?

        Well, I have on the BBC and he’s blaming the cleric who lives in the U.S., and calling the attempted coup, treason. I suppose we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who is involved and who organised it. So close after the terrible terror attack in Nice, it seems as if the world has gone mad.

  12. Kalima says:

    The inevitable nonsense from the repubs begins.


    Detrimental to your sanity.


    On terrorism, Republicans reach for new heights of stupidity and moral repugnance


  13. Kalima says:

    Cowardly, murdering bastards!


    Nice ‘terrorist attack’: truck hits Bastille Day crowd killing 84 people – live updates

    Police say a vehicle which struck crowds celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city of Nice contained ‘arms, loaded with grenades’



    Many dead as lorry hits crowd in Nice


    • kesmarn says:

      If we could only get through one week…just a week.

      Without something horrible like this happening. Murder on a massive scale.

      So utterly disheartening!

      Prayers for the suffering people of France.

      • Nirek says:

        Kes, you and I are on the same page. I fear copycats of this truck attack all over the world.

        Kalima is right that some countries are numb to this kind of thing. Iraq and Syria and others have this kind of thing happen on a daily basis. I think “w”‘s invasion just made things much worse.

      • Kalima says:

        There were attacks killing over 200 people in Baghdad last week but it didn’t get that much coverage. In some countries it’s daily. The world is sick and we need to find a way to cure it.

        The problem is that attacks like this will strengthen the popularity of the Far Rught who will run on security issues and promises of keeping the country safe; and in France a presidential election is close. Lies of corse because no one can predict the type of terrorist attack carried out in the city of Nuce.

  14. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Tomorrow we expect respite from our blazing heat for a day and I’ll gladly take it. It’s not even summer here yet.

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay cool and comfy.

    Sayonara from my hot and humid corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.

    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Bangladeshi cafe employee tells of carnage, says Japanese murdered almost immediately



    Small Japanese political party: All we are saying is give medical pot a chance



    490 rushed to hospitals across heat wave-hit Japan; three perish




    Photo Journal: Retreat from the heat



    Theresa May’s repulsive threat to EU citizens could make the Tories toxic again



    In case you worried your new unelected Tory PM might be progressive, Andrea Leadsom wants you to know she still opposes gay marriage

    Today on ITV News, Leadsom clarified that she was “not happy” about the gay marriage law because of “hurt caused to many Christians” -- and Theresa May’s track record isn’t much better



    Michael Gove: Britain’s worst political serial killer thwarted by a text message



    Defeated Labour rebels admit ‘it’s finished’ as Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign as leader



    Petition to expel Tony Blair from Labour party takes off following Chilcot report

    Sir John Chilcot’s seven-year inquiry said the legal basis for UK military action in Iraq was ‘far from satisfactory’



    Iraq and the Rupert Murdoch connection: The media mogul’s network of pro-war campaigners

    Back in 2003, the Murdoch-owned press beat the drum for the Iraq War, but few of the key players got a mention in the Chilcot report



    Britain wrangled over Iraq’s oil in aftermath of war, Chilcot shows

    Iraq war inquiry finds Britain arguing for ‘level playing field’ for its companies in access to oilfields


    They’re building some of Britain’s most promising young companies. After Brexit, they’re thinking of leaving



    Toto has pulled back the Brexit curtain to reveal – oh dear! – Oliver Letwin

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/07/toto-brexit-curtain-oliver-letwinMarina Hyde


    Amazing that this has to be done in the 21st century.

    Germany passes ‘no means no’ rape law



    Merkel pledges German support to deploy thousands of Nato troops to deter Russian aggression



    Sacré Blair! Europe reacts to Chilcot report into Iraq war

    French media finds grim vindication in the report of its opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq



    Refugee who fled Boko Haram for Italy killed by ‘ultra’ football fan

    Emmanuel Chidi Namdi, 36, was attacked after defending his wife from racist abuse in central Italian town of Fermo



    Hungary leaves refugees stuck on Serbian border

    A growing build-up of refugees on Hungary-Serbia border follows tight border control measures introduced by Hungary.



    Is Russia really a threat to the Baltic states?

    Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, relations between NATO and Russia appear to have reached an all-time low.



    Like a little war’: Snipers shoot 11 police officers during Dallas protest march, killing five



    After Philando Castile’s Killing, Obama Calls Police Shootings ‘an American Issue’

    The president, reacting to a grisly video that showed Mr. Castile being shot by the police in Minnesota, asked the nation to confront racial disparities in law enforcement.



    Dallas police shooting: five officers killed at protest against police violence

    Large area of city sealed off as police negotiate with suspected gunman inbetween exchanges of gunfire



    Do black people have second amendment rights?

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/07/black-people-second-amendment-rights-philando-castile-alton-sterling-police-shootingsZach Stafford


    When Will the Killing Stop?

    The latest fatal shootings of black men by the police underline an urgent need for changes in attitude and oversight of departments across the country.



    Dallas and American ‘contradictions



    A Black Man Was Just Found Hanging from a Tree in Atlanta



    Minnesota governor blames Philando Castile police killing on racial bias

    Mark Dayton says level of force was ‘way in excess’ of what was necessary and demands justice department investigation as Obama calls shootings ‘a serious problem’



    Why Black Lives Don’t Matter To The NRA



    Hillary Clinton emails: State Department reopens investigation into ‘mishandling’ of ‘classified’ information

    A spokesperson said the State Department is not pursuing criminal charges



    For Hillary Clinton, the email nightmare is far from over

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/07/clinton-email-nightmare-not-over-jill-abramsonJill Abramso


    Donald Trump clashes with Republican Senators during party peace talks

    The presumptive nominee spoke to Senate and House Republicans in Washington DC, where he also met privately with his former primary rival, Ted Cruz



    No one wants to be Donald Trump’s veep. What could go wrong?
    Richard Wolffe



    Syria: Army cuts strategic Aleppo road despite truce

    Pro-government forces cut the strategic Castello Road, bringing them close to encircling rebel-held areas of the city.



    Israeli ban cripples furniture industry in Gaza

    Israel’s prohibition on certain kinds of wooden planks has axed local output and caused many to lose their jobs.



    Who is stopping the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip?

    Reconstruction has been slow, with the United Nations taking more than a year to rebuild the first bombed out home.
    07 Jul 2016 19:32 GMT



    Saudis arrest 12 Pakistanis over bombs



    At least 20 killed in attack on Shia sacred site north of Baghdad

    Suicide car bomb and gunmen shoot dead 20 and injure 50 pilgrims visiting Iraq mausoleum for Eid al-Fitr festival



    Here we go again?

    North Korea calls US sanctions against Kim Jong-un an ‘open declaration of war’


    Gaza: Waiting to rebuild

    Two years after the 2014 war, thousands of families are still in limbo, waiting for funds to rebuild their homes.



    ‘My family would gather in one room, waiting for death’: An Iraqi woman’s story of life in Baghdad during the war

    Exclusive: An Iraqi woman tells The Independent how her hope turned to despair



    Returning to an Ohio town on the decline



    ‘The US? We’re in bad shape’: squeezed middle class tell tales of struggle

    As Voices of America highlights issues that matter to voters, in North Carolina, talk of helping the middle class feels like an empty promise without a plan



    Chibok girl’s life with Boko Haram in Nigeria



    What White America Fails to See

    We all watch the same videos. But some insist the camera doesn’t tell the full story.



    How do EU people in the UK feel about Brexit?



    New Zealand town with ‘too many jobs’ and houses is looking for new residents



    Pictures of the day: 7 July 2016



    Best photographs of the day: a Kiev festival and a Rio protest


    • Nirek says:

      Good day Kalima, once again there is too much going on in the world to keep up with.

      Long distance shooting of police is a cowardly act. So too is shooting a black man that you have on the ground and a black man in a car that you stopped for a broken tail light. Both caught on cell phone video.

      Why do people have to be like that? If you don’t like someone don’t be where they are. Kinda simple as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks for all the reading material.


  15. Kalima says:

    The third of the three blind mice resigns. Nation destroying, lily-livered cowards.

    “Three blind mice. Three blind mice. See how they run. See how they run……”


    UKIP leader Nigel Farage stands down


    • kesmarn says:

      Kalima, I had to read one paragraph twice to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Farage actually described his own party as “turkeys voting for Christmas”! Is this all some kind of sick joke for him?

      I swear I could see mirth in his eyes — especially when he talked about the prospect of seeing more countries leaving the EU.

      It’s as though he, Johnson and Cameron played a huge prank — or tried to pull off a spectacular bluff — only to have it called.

      Then they all tuck tail and run. Leaving a gigantic mess behind for others to clean up. (Reminds me of Dubya, Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney et al.)

      The GOP and the Tories — parties of chaos.

    • AdLib says:

      More like rats leaving a sinking ship…they gnawed a huge hole in!

      Of all the resignations or urged resignations, can any be more cowardly than Farage’s? Johnson clearly only joined Brexit because he thought it would fail while exploiting those supporting it to help him win PM. Cameron of course thought it would fail. Only Farage was a wholly dedicated promoter of Brexit for years, this was what he and his racist party wanted for so long…they finally fool enough voters to get it…then Farage runs for the hills!

      He is the most diseased rat swimming away from the Brexit wreck.

      • Kalima says:

        That press conference from Farage, was the most arogant and stomach churning piece of crap I’ve seen for some time. Like a spoiled brat boasting about beating up little Tommy down the street, he goes on to say he will help European Far Right extremists do the same, and taunts the EU by saying he will be in and out of the EU parliament to spy on them. Isn’t he resigning from politics? What business does he have in going over there except to cause trouble? I hope the EU bans him from taking any part in the process, and if he shit stirs with the Far Right extremists, ban him from Europe. Who wants another Hitler?

    • Nirek says:

      Kalima, it seems that no country is lacking cowards.

      • Kalima says:

        They are all over, Nirek. They are the ones talking the loudest promising ordinary people a piece of the pie that will never be baked once they get what they want. We call them tyrants and dictators. A good example is Russia’s Putin. A lying, murdering, self-obsessed thug stealing from the people. There are still many of them around the world unfortunately. The U.K. Tory government is no exception. People died because they had no money to buy food. Welfare and disability cuts. Many sick people died because they are trying to kill the NHS. Drastic healthcare cuts and too many private trusts only out for profits. I still believe to this day that my father was a victim of the diminishing hospital care started by Thatcher, and continued by her greatest fan, Cameron. He probably had posters of that awful woman all over his bedroom, and told her he wanted to be just like her when he grew up. Problem is, he never grew up and continued playing games until he resigned. The country and its people will be suffering even more after he’s gone. Excuse me, after he “runs away.”

  16. Kalima says:

    Thousands at ‘March for Europe’ Brexit protest


    • AdLib says:

      Do you think the government will figure out a way to reverse Brexit? Can they do it without hurting confidence in democracy?

      • Kalima says:

        If enough people around the country signed petitions to reverse the vote or demand another referendum, I suppose they could delay the pulling out process. If Scotlsnd was serious about another vote on their independence to stay in the EU, that would certainly throw a spanner in the works for Westminster.

  17. Kalima says:

    I was right again. Said this before all the votes had even been counted. The EU for many voters was what Cameron and most Tories didn’t want to leave, so they voted to spite the government. There will be shockwaves once they understand the real consequences and that they had been totally lied to by the “Leave” low-life, racist nationalists. Welcome to your hangover, it will last for years to come.


    The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it


  18. Kalima says:

    Trumo’s imaginary “great success” in Scotland. Does this man love building walls or what??

    Just loved the Mexican flags idea. Wonderful!


    Donald Trump faces wall of opposition as he returns to Scotland



    Excellent article by John Cassidy.

    What Do the Brexit Movement and Donald Trump Have in Common?


    • kesmarn says:

      That Cassidy article really is excellent. (He’s one of my favorites at the New Yorker.)

      This paragraph really nails it:

      For the past half century, the major political parties, on both sides of the Atlantic, have promulgated the idea that free trade and globalization are the keys to prosperity. If you pressed the mainstream economists who advise these parties, they might concede that trade creates losers as well as winners, and that the argument for ever more global integration implicitly assumes that the winners will compensate the losers. But the fact that such a sharing of the gains has been sorely lacking was regarded as a relatively minor detail, and certainly not as a justification for calling a halt to the entire process.

      • Kalima says:

        Love John Cassidy, he wrote the article about why Bernie should stay until the convention that made a whole lot more sense than pushing him to leave. I put it up on Time Out a month or so ago.

        This article got it so right on both sides of the Atlantic. Glad you took the time to read it. Thanks!

  19. Kalima says:

    Thanks to the U.K. exit vote, the Far Right anti-immigration cretins are now in full force demanding their own piece of the pie.

    Ironic when you remember that the six founding member countries were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Their aim after the horrors of WW2, was to stop Far Right nut jobs like Le Pen and Wilders from ever gaining enough power to destroy Europe again.


    EU referendum: Brexit sparks calls for other EU votes


    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, this is very distressing. The only positive thing that can come of it is that once the nationalists have their day and citizens discover how it threatens their well being…and how they’ve been hugely lied to by nationalists and things won’t be better, the tide will turn against them across the globe.

      As of today, Brits, Europeans and even Americans who have their retirement savings in the stock market will lose 5% -- 10% of their money overnight…despite UKIP’s lies assuring voters there would only be more money for them if they left the EU.

      And they’ve guaranteed there will be a mass exodus of immigrants out of the U.K.

      The ignorant and angry are being manipulated by extremists around the world. Good thing Trump has been exposed and will continue to be for the next 4 months. He’s got 70% of voters disliking him and that will grow.

      Unfortunately, the U.K. keeps making mistakes the US barely avoids, going austerity after the crash while Obama spent on infrastructure, voting in that Conservative idiot Cameron while we voted in Obama. Now this, being exploited fools for xenophobes wanting power while Trump is going down.

      I always thought of the U.K. as being smarter than the US but not anymore.

      And what’s insane is that this vote on Brexit only took place because it was a promise Cameron made to Conservatives opposing him in the last election and thinking he needed them to win, he promised the vote. He gambled the UK’s future to win an election. He won the election but lost the gamble and will be pushed out of office and may have blown up his own country’s economy as well as the EU.

      Cameron and the Torries have been destroying the UK bit by bit, is it so surprising that they would make such a disastrous gamble just to maintain power?

      Cameron has just announced he will step down as PM by October. How stupid does he and the Tories look now? Like kamikazes.

      • Kalima says:

        Remember here in 2010, I warned about the Tories and their motives, and just like clockwork they began to destroy the very fabric holding the country together. They have never been good at improving the economy, but voters angry with Blair for the war in Iraq, voted for a government that would leave them behind as they relentlessly chipped away at the NHS, the benefits, decent education, the pensions people had worked all their lives for, giving jobs to their buddies who didn’t have a clue. Those promised jobs never came either.

        I can’t tell you how much this has depressed me coming from both sides of this situation. I worry about the future of family and friends in Englsnd and in Germany.

        The Farage devil is dancing in ecstasy on the grave of moral responsibility, and I don’t care what excuses they give for leaving because without a doubt it was their xenophobic hatred of immigrants. The U.K. had to be shamed into accepting Syrian refugees for goodness sake.

        I have a British passport, but when my business is completed over there in Nobember, and I make arrangements for the care of my parents grave, I don’t think that I will ever be going back to such a backward thinking country again.

        Many of the “Leave” votes were actually votes against the Tory government and had little or nothing to do with the EU. Many of them don’t even know what the EU is. This reminded so much of the trumpism mania going on in America, and how people who are angry so easily fall for the lies and false promises these fascist destroyers of democracy put out there.

        About a replacement for Cameron. Heaven forbid that the next one is not trump’s brother Boris or George “I’m a rich snob so f--k you” Osborne.

  20. Kalima says:

    For anyone who is interested, here is a Live stream with the results of the U.K. EU referendum.

    Although I have no problem with the referendum, I have a huge problem with the circumstances and the reasons for it. Let’s call it what it really is, and that is the Tories and their anti-immigration stance.

    Today, I’m not happy that I possess a British passport. Too many lies from politicians venting their xenophobia and racism.

    The economy, not in great shape anyway, will nosedive, many will lose their jobs and the country will lose its support.

    The reason people are dissatisfied is not because of the EU, the problems they face are a direct result of the government’s drastic cuts. People are voting to leave mainly out of anger at the government and inequality, the banks responsible for the financial crash getting away with their crimes, the slow assassination of our NHS, and not out of concerns about the EU. The EU is being used as a scapegoat by dishonest politicians who have ruined the country.


    With most of the votes counted, the U.K. chooses to leave the EU. The British pound just fell to its lowest rate since 1985 at 134, and I have to sell my house in November.

    Very disappointed that the haters and fear mongers won this propaganda war. Just turned off the Been as I don’t want to see the false victory parades. There was no victory today for the British people, only more hardship.


    EU Referendum -- The Result -- Live -- BBC News


    • kesmarn says:

      Kalima, this one paragraph is so eloquent and — I believe — so very true:

      The reason people are dissatisfied is not because of the EU, the problems they face are a direct result of the government’s drastic cuts. People are voting to leave mainly out of anger at the government and inequality, the banks responsible for the financial crash getting away with their crimes, the slow assassination of our NHS, and not out of concerns about the EU. The EU is being used as a scapegoat by dishonest politicians who have ruined the country.

      And I suspect the same can be said of a certain subset of Trump’s supporters. They’re motivated by reasons other than the single-issue of xenophobia (although that’s undeniably a factor) — and one of those motives is the way globalization has helped only the very wealthy and left the working class far behind. Neglected by both parties. The GOP is primarily to blame of course, but the Democratic Party is not totally without blame here either — starting with Bill Clinton’s extremely business-friendly policies in the 1990s, including NAFTA. So people — wrongly and unfortunately — turn to Trump.

      This vote was not the most effective way to deal with that frustration by a long shot. But it didn’t come from nowhere. The misery of the working class in Britain and here in the US has been ignored for far too long.

      • Kalima says:

        Oh absolutely, kes, their problems started long ago, and continue because time after time the wrong people are elected by them, and their inequality won’t be solved by either leaving the EU or voting for the Far Right’s favourite strumpet, trump. People need to become more involved in all elections, especially at the local levels, and do some research on the candidates running for office before they vote. They should also not vote out of anger, nor be afraid of real change that could improve their lives just because of another candiate’s name value. You get what you vote for and then spend years without a single improvement to your life.

        What the people of the U.K. get out of this vote is an unstable and stunted economy, a huge deficit, loss of jobs and trade, and the next in line Tory, crazy Boris Johnson who is unfortunately worse than Cameron, and can’t even fight his way out of a brown paper lunch bag. Bon Appetit!

        • kesmarn says:

          Oh yes! There’s almost a mirror-like situation here in the US, as you know. It’s so frustrating to see people who have already been exploited so terribly voting for people who will exploit them even more!

          You want to scream: “WHY?”

          Like you, I completely sympathize with and understand their anger. It’s just the methods of “making a statement” and the choices of leadership that leave me shaking my head.

          Like many others, I’m left wondering whether Boris Johnson and Trump are “brothers from another mother.” They’re so similar.

  21. Kalima says:

    Brussels bomb alert as man arrested



    Better to wipe the floor with him in November, mate. After the brutal murder of Jo Cox, you would think that there had been enough violence against people involved in politics. What was he thinking?

    US election: Arrested Briton ‘wanted to shoot Donald Trump’


  22. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Halfway through our rainy season but not enough rain yet to avoid a water shortage for the Kanto region that includes us here in Tokyo. What is usually a month long deluge, is sparse with too many hot days without a single drop.

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, keep cool and dry.

    Sayonara from my humid evening corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.

    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Tepco chief likely banned use of ‘meltdown’ under government pressure: report



    KEPCO fails to suspend injunction at Takahama nuclear plant



    Quake scale may be underestimated in calculations for nuclear plants: Ex-NRA official



    Chinese navy ship sails into area near Japan’s territorial waters



    Gov’t panel seeks stiffer sentences, wider definition for rape in Japan



    Record 12,000 people with dementia reported missing in 2015




    Puppet PM



    Senseless murder and hard to come to grips with it happening in Yorkshire, England.

    Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack



    Thomas Mair: Man arrested in connection with Jo Cox attack was a ‘loner’ with ‘history of mental health problems’



    Jo Cox profile: The Yorkshire lass who achieved her ‘dream’ of representing her hometown in Westminster



    The mood is ugly, and an MP is dead

    Polly Toynbee

    It’s wrong to view the killing of Jo Cox in isolation. Hate has been whipped up against the political class



    Thank goodness that Farage didn’t win the last election. He would be the perfect VP choice for trump.

    Nigel Farage’s anti-migrant poster reported to police
    Unison’s Dave Prentis said poster showing a queue of migrants and refugees incites racial hatred



    Russian hooligans attack Spanish tourists outside Cologne Cathedral



    Euro 2016: France expels Russia far-right fan chief Shprygin



    Bulgaria follows France and Netherlands in move to ban the veil



    Barack Obama and Joe Biden meet with families of Orlando massacre victims

    The president’s visit to Orlando, Florida, just four days after gunman Omar Mateen’s rampage was unusually quick, reflecting the unprecedented loss



    In Orlando, a Son of a Muslim Immigrant Rushed to Heal Pain Caused by Another

    Even as he spent hours repairing gun shot wounds, Dr. Joseph Ibrahim could not escape the parallels between his background and the gunman’s.



    Trump and the GOP’s Jurassic Park

    E.J. Dionne Jr



    Gun control vote in Senate unlikely to produce Republican compromise

    After successful filibuster to procure vote, Democrats’ proposals on universal background checks and terror watch lists will be met with competing measures



    Bernie Sanders vows to work with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump



    Donald Trump’s connection to makers of gun used in Orlando shooting



    Are the NRA and Trump moderating on guns? Not on your life



    The N.R.A.’s Complicity in Terrorism

    The American gun lobby’s refusal to accept even mild controls has made the U.S. a favorite of terrorists who want to use guns.



    A Year Of Trump: All Of These Things Really Happened



    A Who’s Who of Financiers Is Expected at Trump’s New York Fund-Raiser

    A hint that a small, but growing, crowd in the financial world is warming up to the idea of backing Donald Trump.



    Senator Who Has Received More NRA Support Than Anyone Blames Obama For Orlando Shooting



    What is wrong with these kids?

    White classmates pulled black girl by the neck with a rope, lawsuit alleges

    Three boys surprised the girl while they were playing and the rope wrapped around her neck and she was ‘violently jerked to the ground’, the lawsuit says



    Panama Papers Show How Rich United States Clients Hid Millions Abroad



    Syria’s civil war: On Syria’s forgotten detainees

    Syrian activists demand answers on the fate of thousands of detainees languishing in regime and opposition prisons.



    EgyptAir MS804 crash: Voice recorder recovered from sea



    Palestine: Israel wages water war on Palestinians

    Palestinians call Israel’s manipulation of water supplies to large areas of West Bank “inhumane and outrageous”.



    You’d think that Israel, of all places, would respect its refugees



    What hair? No wonder that a 40 billion dollar aid package is not enough for him.
    Netanyahu’s New York travel bill included $1,600 for hairstyling

    Israeli PM’s visit cost taxpayers $541,886 according to details published after months of efforts to prevent release



    Kenya’s ‘gay tests’ ruled legal


    Gujarat riots: India court jails 11 for life over Gulbarg massacre



    Fallujah civilians: ‘Militias take turns to torture us’

    Men who flee the ISIL-held city are often abused, or killed, by armed groups bent on revenge.



    Islamic State committing genocide against Yazidis, says UN



    Wow! Classy considering the recent shootings all over the world.

    Australia MP Bob Katter ‘shoots rivals dead’ in election ad


    A Syrian surprise: Rouaa’s doll



    Palestinian Kids Describe their Preschool’s Renovation!



    The Beslan mum who could only save one of her children



    Searching for Soweto: mystery of a man whose image defined apartheid brutality

    Forty years after the Soweto uprising, and a photo of a young man carrying a dead child ricocheted around the world, his identity remains shrouded in mystery
    The image that shocked the world


    What happened when an Orthodox Jewish congregation went to a gay bar to mourn Orlando



    Lt. Gov. Cox speaks at vigil for Orlando: ‘My heart has changed’



    Tagong, a Tibetan town in Sichuan, China

    Buddhist monks and nomadic tribes in grasslands of Mount Yala lead traditional Tibetan life as they have for centuries.



    The house where the Philippines’ forgotten ‘comfort women’ were held



    Pictures of the day: 16 June 2016



    Best photographs of the day 16 June 2016

    Each day the picture editor of the Guardian brings you a selection of photo highlights


    • kesmarn says:

      Good morning/night, Kalima! Plenty of heat combined with not enough rain. That’s the story here in Ohio too. The farmers are starting to get worried now. Today’s promised rain didn’t materialize, so now they’re holding out hopes for Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

      I’m right with Nirek on the use of the word “meltdown” regarding the situation in Fukushima back in 2011. Merely refusing to use the word doesn’t change the reality of the situation. By TEPCO’s own standards, there was indeed a meltdown. And then some. This sort of dancing around verbally — rather than giving clear explanations — is what causes people to lose trust in businesses and governments alike.

      Such a tragedy — the loss of Jo Cox in England. I’ve seen interviews with her constituents on the BBC and they seemed to really love her. “She were a real woman and she were a real public servant,” they said in their uniquely Northern England style. If there’s a small silver lining in her death, it may be that there’s movement toward voting later this week to stay in the EU. As to her killer? Here’s a man like the Orlando gunman who seems to have also fallen through the cracks in the (much weakened) mental health system in the UK. Saving money on health care ends up being much more costly in other ways in the long run. Will the Tories ever figure that out?

      Polly Toynbee — such a clear thinker and writer. She could well have been describing America too when she wrote: “Something close to a chilling culture war is breaking out in Britain, a divide deeper than I have ever known…” Severe income inequality is damaging the social fabric in countries around the globe. Politicians who refuse to recognize that are going to be cast aside before they know what hit them before much longer.

      Poor Germany has had its hand full with trying to keep order in public places. The latest is the violence committed by the Russian soccer fans in the Cologne Cathedral square. Just between us, I have to say that when we were in Chicago last year with the Fave, there were some Russian tourists there (mostly younger males) who really behaved like thugs. Pushing, line-jumping and shoving others out of their way. I made some loud comments about the “Russian Mafia” (much to my family’s dismay…LOL), but at that point they suddenly didn’t understand English for some reason.

      E J Dionne’s article was excellent as usual. I was relieved to see the stats he included — the ones that verified that most Independent voters do not support Trump. I actually wasn’t sure about that, and was happy to learn it.

      A heart-breaking story about the “comfort women” in the Philippines. (I’m always a little uncomfortable with that term…seems that “rape victims/survivors” would be more accurate.) Japan should recognize them, apologize to them, and pay reparations. Even that could never compensate them adequately for what they went through.

      Loved the wonderful photos from Tagong, the Tibetan town in Szechuan province. Those traditional ways of life are fast disappearing around the world.

      Thanks so much for all the hard work and time that goes into these wonderful editions of Morning Blog, Kalima! They’re a gift to the Planet!

      • Kalima says:

        Dear kes, your presence here and your intelligent interest in what I post, is like a cool breeze after a very hot day.

        Even if you were the only one reading here, I would still make the effort just for you and to enjoy your comments. You have been my constant from day one.

        I’ll be back to reply in more volume as soon as I can, and thank you for always making me want to continue.

        Take care and see you soon. Stay cool and I’ll try to do the same.

    • Nirek says:

      Hi Kalima, it seems that the USA is not the only place in the world that has problems.

      What is wrong with the word “meltdown”? If a nuclear plant has a meltdown, it is wrong to misrepresent it as a lesser problem, imo.

      So much to read, I’ll have to get back to you on the other stories from MB.

      It is so nice to have MB to go to to catch up with all the rest of the world.

      Peace, and stay cool and dry and healthy.

  23. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to our American members and reader.

    It’s that being in limbo time of the year again. Extremely hot days followed by cooler but very humid nights. Those “What on earth am I going to wear” days, where choices are never the right ones to keep you either cool or warm. It’s the annual prickly heat season that just seems to come earlier every year. The time when grumpy felines have daily shouting matches when the food is even a few minutes late, and repay you with constant toilet mishaps to make sure that you know they disapprove of something you have or haven’t done to please them.

    Soon enough the dreaded rainy season will come to turn us into human fungus for a month before the long, brain cell destroying summer heat holds us prisoners and increases our electricity bills ten fold. I always looked forward to summer in Europe as the evenings behaved and cooled down like they are supposed to. Now, cooler weather is far too short, and the summer robs more and move people of their lives as each year passes. I wish that I could be a little more of a trooper about this, but the prospects of even hotter weather the world over, and the greed behind the reluctance to try to stop it, makes me question why we are here if the goal is to destroy our beautiful planet at the hands of a few lunatics who think that no amount of profit is ever enough.


    The history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman.

    Willa Cather

    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Obama says world leaders ‘rattled’ by Trump for good reason, draws return invective



    Obama calls Pyongyang ‘big worry for all of us’ as North hits Hiroshima visit by ‘nuclear war lunatic’



    A-bomb survivors look forward to Obama speech in Hiroshima



    G-7 leaders pledge collective action on sagging global growth




    Outreach Partners



    Brexit ‘serious risk to growth’ says G7



    Enter Left

    The astonishing rise of Jeremy Corbyn



    Boris Johnson as PM is ‘horror scenario’, says Juncker EU aide

    Chief of staff to European commission president lumps Brexit campaigner in with Trump and Le Pen at G7 summit in Japan



    What, no facts in the EU debate? You cannot be serious

    Martin Kettle

    It feels as if the enlightenment is at stake. Thank goodness historians are standing up for reason



    France oil strikes: Riots in Paris and Bordeaux as masked protesters hurl rocks at police



    Dozens dead after boat capsizes off Italian coast as British warship to begin intercepting people smugglers off Libya


    I am proud that the president, this president, was the first U.S. President to visit Hiroshima and have the courage to give a speech, I don’t care how many Americans still believe it was necessary, we know better now, and have developed enough to know what it was. It was a war crime, and will always be until America can face it and accept responsibility. My country of birth accepted responsibility after the war of the murder of millions of Jews. We offered an apology after the war and are still paying compensation to survivors and their families. Now the Jewish state is the oppressor, and America continues to support it. No wonder that the roots of all terrorist groups going back decades is based on Israel’s treatment of the Palestimiam people.

    America does need to take responsibility, and apologise to Native Americans, the slaves it stole from Africa and their descendants who have had to fight to be accepted, the Vietnamese and the people of Iraq. To read that the embargo on selling arms to Vietnam has been lifted, left me reeling. Vietnam is still a country that jails bloggers for trying to speak freely and jails activists on trivial charges.

    Selling them weapons so that they can oppress their own people, is just morally wrong.

    Rest assured that there are many countries that need to atone for past occupations and colonialisation of countries it oppressed and ruined on the way. There is much to apologise for, and our world won’t heal until we do. No wrongs can be reversed, but to acknowledge them by way of an apology, can ease the burden by showing the suffering they endured has not been forgotten.

    Barack Obama set for historic Hiroshima visit



    Obamacare has brought the uninsured rate down into single digits. Trump would repeal it.



    Senate Republicans Further Complicate Obama’s Efforts To Close Guantanamo



    Jeffrey Sachs: Bernie Sanders easily wins the policy debate



    California Looking Less Like a Sure Thing for Hillary Clinton

    Mrs. Clinton’s lead in the state has evaporated, going from seven percentage points over Bernie Sanders in March to within the margin of error now.



    Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules



    Is Hillary Clinton The Last Democratic Presidential Candidate To Support The Death Penalty?



    Fighting phony ‘populism’



    Trump’s Delusions of Competence by Paul Krugman

    No, businessmen aren’t economic experts.



    Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a ‘key player’ in presidential hopeful’s business ventures



    Such a disgusting, money-grubbing slob.

    Donald Trump says he will debate Bernie Sanders for $10 million



    Donald Trump’s Energy Plan: More Fossil Fuels and Fewer Rules

    Speaking in North Dakota, at the heart of America’s oil and gas boom, Mr. Trump vowed to restore coal mining jobs and “cancel” the Paris climate change accord.



    The Nazi Tweets of ‘Trump God Emperor’

    How I became the target of a hate-filled campaign.



    The False Premise Texas Is Using To Challenge Transgender Protections



    UN: Plenty of Syrian civilians in danger of starvation

    UN envoy says more progress needed to strengthen ceasefire and deliver humanitarian aid before peace talks can resume.



    Inside the hunt for Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

    Intelligence officials have pieced together details of the recent movements of the world’s most wanted man



    US military special forces pictured aiding Kurdish fighters in Syria

    Pentagon resists commenting on the photographs – seen for the first time – and would only describe the mission in generic terms



    EgyptAir crash: Investigators detect emergency signal from wreckage

    Egypt’s lead investigator said signals coming from the aircraft’s fuselage will narrow down the search radius from 40 miles to three



    Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob

    The 300-strong mob of Muslim men in rural Egypt also burned down seven homes belonging to Orthodox Coptic families, over rumours of an affair between a local Christian man and a Muslim woman



    US voices unease over birth of the ‘most right-wing government’ in Israel’s history



    UN alarmed by Hamas plans for executions in Gaza



    Why I think we failed Yemen

    Farea al-Muslimi, a Yemeni academic, explains how the one-year war changed the lives of many Yemenis.

    Farea Al-Muslimi



    Operation Solomon: Airlifting 14,000 Jews out of Ethiopia



    Living under Islamic State: Fears for Fallujah residents suffering starvation as only 800 make it out



    Iraq: Christians who fled ISIL fearful to return home

    As anti-ISIL operations near Mosul continue, many are sheltering at camps in Iraq’s Kurdish region.
    Adam Lucente



    North Korea Linked to Digital Attacks on Global Banks


    The Sex-Abused Children Lining the Cartels’ Pockets



    The secret life of Kim Jong Un’s aunt, who has lived in the U.S. since 1998



    Exposure to violence, not religious ideology, is the real cause of extremism

    A large majority of the perpetrators had a known criminal background and had spent time in prison. Terrorism is a transition from one form of violence to another; from ordinary crime to political crime



    This is Taliban Country

    Fault Lines reports from a Taliban stronghold just an hour outside Kabul, where armed fighters openly patrol streets.


    Why Islamists Are Sex Obsessed



    After presiding over bin Laden raid, CIA chief in Pakistan came home suspecting he was poisoned by ISI



    On a trip to Nigeria, I hoped to help my mother heal her scars of war



    Hiker who went missing on Appalachian trail survived 26 days before dying

    A journal found with the remains of 66-year-old Geraldine Largay show that she tried in vain to send SOS messages but finally accepted she would die



    When women can be misogynist trolls, we need a feminist internet

    Polly Toynbee

    Yvette Cooper’s campaign against online abuse is an important step towards tackling a culture of spite where women vent their insecurities on each other



    Bill Gates And Exxon Now Share The Same Climate Policy. They’re Wrong.



    Could Alzheimer’s Stem From Infections? It Makes Sense, Experts Say

    Provocative new research leads to the hypothesis that infections may produce a fierce reaction that leaves debris in the brain, causing Alzheimer’s.



    World’s scariest school run? Chinese children tackle 800m cliff to get to lessons

    Children as young as six from Atuler village in Sichuan province have to scale a rockface using rickety ladders



    Neanderthals built mysterious structures that could completely change understanding of humanity’s origins

    Similar finds have probably been lost to time – as we might never really know what spurred our ancient relatives to build the unusual structures



    Taking pictures on a good day


    Pictures of the day: 26 May 2016



    Best photographs of the day: a giant hamster and a baby zebra


    • pinkpantheroz says:

      Hello, Kalima. Just HAD to share this. How utterly perfect!

      A British man posted this to Facebook:

      “The most perfect thing I have ever seen just happened on the bus service between Newport and Cwmbran (Wales):

      “White man sat in front of a mother and her son. Mother was wearing a niqab. After about 5 minutes of the mother talking to her son in another language the man, for whatever reason, feels the need to tell the woman “When you’re in the UK you should really be speaking English.”
      At which point, an old woman in front of him turns around and says, “She’s in Wales. And she’s speaking Welsh.”

      • Kalima says:

        Ppo, that is one of the most wonderful things I have heard in a very long time and I would have hugged that smart, old woman on the spot. She deserves a medal. Thanks for sharing, it made my afternoon that much brighter. It reminded me of my tad/father, a great human being and Welshmam, who was a no nonsense kind of man and a straight talker when needed. 🙂

    • Nirek says:

      Kalima, it is hard for me to type with my arm in a sling. So I will say that I will read these stories but not comment on them. Stay cool. We have a heat wave here, too. 88 degrees yesterday and likely the same today.


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