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Why does the media have people like John McCain on so much but they seldom if ever have Bernie Sanders on?

The above link may have the answer. The media is owned by basically 6 corporations. They run their “news” programs to benefit themselves. They have “reporters” who are not true newsmen/women. Most of the “reporters” are just paid to spew the information their owners want out there. Today the “news media” doesn’t report news, they have people give their opinion and try to influence us. That is NOT what reporters are supposed to do.

It used to be that we could trust the news reporter to do the right thing. Not so today. They toe the corporate line. Twist the news stories to fit their agenda. They have all the republican candidates on and ask them soft questions and allow them to say whatever they want. The few times they have Bernie on they ask questions that try to get Bernie to say something against Hillary. Bernie has called them out  and said he is not going to take the bait. He will point out differences between her and himself but not badmouth her. The biggest difference between Bernie and Hillary is money, Bernie refuses to take Pac money or corporate money while Hillary is taking both.

I am also trying to influence you and others that Bernie is the best choice for President. You might say why? Well Bernie has integrity, far more than any other candidate! He has been saying the same things over and over. Bernie is honest, has the same values we here at PlanetPOV have, cares about veterans , women’s equality, gay rights, immigration, our infrastructure, and all the same things that we also care about. Bernie will not attack Hillary. He even says he likes and respects her. So do I, by the way, but I respect Bernie more.

Back to the way the “news media” is treating Bernie. They only want to talk about Hillary, not the issues. I long for a real news show that reports the facts.


I have never been as impressed with a politician as I am with Bernie. President Obama is a close second in my opinion. I think Obama will go down in history as one of the best. Especially when you consider the opposition he has had to deal with. I just think Bernie will be able to accomplish  some of the things he is passionate about. At the very least he will keep the GOPers on their toes. So what do you think?



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Hello Nirek, just in case you had not read this, I decided to post it here instead of MB.






Nirek, thanks for posting this! I’m already a Bernie supporter, but will gladly vote for whichever candidate wins the nomination.

That said, I find it verrrry interesting that the knives have started to come out. You don’t see any hit pieces on Jim Webb or Martin O’Malley do you? Hillary supporters are already coalescing around their “Bernie talking points”. The fact that these comments and attacks are coming fast and furious is a positive thing. I means that people are taking his candidacy very seriously.

The top them? “Bernie’s ideas are great, but he won’t be able to get any legislation passed through Congress. He doesn’t have a good track record of getting bills of his own through Congress”.

Let’s de-construct that comment a bit

Bernie has been unable to get legislation to help the middle class through Congress? And that’s a poor reflection on him? Let’s look at some of the items that have passed in a bipartisan fashion since he’s been in Congress:

Medicare part D
Authorization to invade Iraq
Repeal of Glass-Steagall

The President and a Democratically controlled Congress couldn’t get anything passed through Congress since 2010 because of lock-step opposition to his moderate agenda. You think corporatist Dems and the GOP are going to pass Bernie’s agenda?

The only thing that will pass through a Congress that is still (hopefully not) controlled by the GOP is going to be their bills, compromise bills. I fear that Hillary will indeed be better at getting bills through Congress.

Perhaps this isn’t a good thing.


I noticed this during the 2014 elections. While listening to “Face The Nation” I was impressed that all of the candidates being interviewed were Republicans, and I don’t remember hearing any interviews with Democrats.


Hello, Nirek. Thought this would be a good addition to your post. Very powerful.


It’s not just Hillary. Sen. Bernie Sanders is outdrawing Martin O’Malley.