Paris Charlie March


WOULD HAVE SAID? Here is my guess…..

Tonight on Faux Noos:

“The Obama administration appears to have been duped by European and Mideastern leaders when he played into their desire to stage a photo in which it appears that they are marching with the people of Paris in support of freedom of the press. The photo was staged on a side street far from the crowds surrounded by security. Immediately afterwards, the leaders got into their vehicles and left the scene.

In addition Obama appears alongside nine of the world’s worst free expression offenders. He is literally arm in arm with dictators.

It is an outrage. It is irresponsible. It is wasteful. What did this last minute trip to be in a photo op cost? Did no one in his administration do the homework. Why wouldn’t the ambassador have been enough?

How many world leaders came to New York after 9/11 to join President Bush at the fallen towers. Another one of Obama’s apology tours.

Once again, Obama takes any excuse to avoid doing real work. I wonder if they have winter golf in France? There are people saying that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, was spotted on the Avenue Montaigne, in the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris doing a little “bargain hunting.” The Avenue Montaigne is home to luxury and high fashion stores such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and Ralph Lauren, jewelers like Bulgari and many more distinguished establishments where an afternoon of shopping is more than what the average American earns in a year.

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Spot on, Murph. Glad he didn’t go for the “photo-op”. That would have been ten times worse. As to the leaders that they laud, they laud them because they too like being in a dictatorship. The media is fiscally coddled so they care not a whit what the propaganda is doing to the nation.


SLM, I agree that it would be worse if PBO had gone to Paris for the “photo op”. I also agree that the media doesn’t care a bit about reporting the truth. They just pick the low hanging fruit and repeat it ad nosium !


Who really watches FOX Snooze anymore, aside from conservative politicians looking for ideas on how to run the country, religious cults looking for a new outlet for suckers, and brain-dead morons who don’t really know what they’re watching? Sometimes it seems like there is an ongoing competition between the Tea Party and Fox Snooze to see who can dome up with the stupidest idea of the week. Break a record. How conservative does the GOP have to get before even republican voters in the Midwest start throwing up?


I saw some of the MSNBS (misspelling intentional) crowd including the most senior hack there, Andrea Mitchell, asking, “How has President Obama responded to this worldwide outrage over his not attending the Paris march?” who was then corrected by the WH aide they were talking to, “Actually, you don’t see anything about this in France, it’s not like what you’re seeing in the media here.”

As you point out, the march by world leaders had much controversy and questions of hypocrisy attached to it so being apart of that would have had Repubs and the MSM calling him a hypocrite for not confronting Putin and others for their attacks on free expression, on his being an elitist by being separated from the main group of marchers, etc.

We know the game, it’s dumb and redundant, “Everything Obama does or doesn’t do is bad!”

Yeah, we get it, is that really all you got GOP?


Exactly Ad. I’ve been researching the news in the French media for several days now since the marches in France to see what the reaction there has been to President Obama or Biden or Kerry not being present and guess what……nada, nothing, ziltch.

If you pull up Le Monde, a popular French news source, the headlines aren’t about Obama. They’re about their own country, which is trying to rebuild from a ghastly attack on its people.

Obama has put U.S. military men and women in harms way by being proactive ordering airstrikes against the terror group. No photo op is going to diminish the actions being taken by President Obama.

And on the subject of the U.S. media going balistic about Obama’s absence……it’s not only Faux news that I castigate, it’s all the news outlets and the reporters. Why do I say that? Because even reporters that I like such as Bill Plante and Charlie Rose don’t ask the question about those leaders who WERE ‘there’ at the rally. They run off names like Merkel, Cameron etc., but fail to mention the nine countries who did have representatives there and who have appalling human rights records against journalists. Not once is Turkey mentioned, Russia, Egypt, those that I listed in another thread.

If I were a U.S. journalist who condemned Obama (i.e. Jake Tapper) I would be so embarrassed at the knee-jerk reaction of not even being aware that the leaders were not leading the march (per the photo evidence) and that they were actually applauding some of these less than stellar leaders in the area of human rights.
But guess you could never embarrass these people. Don’t let your lack of professionalism get in the way of a beefed up story would be more applicable.


Murph, absolutely right on the mark. This President can’t do anything that would please the GOP! He is damned if he does one thing and damned if he doesn’t.

You could write Faux snooze stories if you wanted to.
Peace, my friend.


Murph, if you’re not careful you’re going to have FOX recruiters beating down your front door trying to get you to write copy for them! 😆 I think you nailed it. That’s exactly the way they would have presented it.

Anything — literally anything — gets warped into an attack on the President. Recently when Sarah Palin was chided by PETA and others for posting photos of her 6 year old son with Down’s Syndrome standing on the family dog, her response was: “Hypocrites! Your President eats dog meat.” Puh-leeze. Does anyone seriously believe that the White House kitchen has a stock of canine chops in the freezer? They have truly taken leave of reality.

James Michael Brodie

Murph, you pretty much covered it. And god forbid if the man would have made a speech over there…


Excellent interpretation of what unquestionably would have been said. From all the screechers who say he failed to ‘uphold freedom’ by not leading the march, all I can say is that flying to Paris for a phony photo op would be a total waste of his time. He is doing the hard work of dealing with terrorism not the easy propaganda about ‘standing for freedom’. But yes – he would have been reviled for ‘standing with’ those who were there, too.

Since the President can do nothing right in the eyes of way too many who prefer theater to hard work, he might as well keep doing the hard work. It is better for us all.