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As many of you know I’m a veteran of the Vietnam War, the son of a WWII and Korean War veteran. To me Veterans Day is a special day because all veterans gave so much of their lives to the service of this country. Many of us older guys didn’t sign up , but were drafted, myself included. Others like my Dad joined when it seemed the US was about to get into WWII. All served and earned our respect.

Many veterans are injured either physically or emotionally  or by some illness brought on by (in my case) Agent Orange.  We all carry memories that we wish we never had to.

The veterans of these last few Wars are all volunteers and that makes them all the more special, in my mind.  I respect the younger veterans for they stood tall and volunteered.

The other day I was in a local store getting a sandwich and there was a young guy there also. I asked him if he was a student at Norwich and his answer was that he  was now after having served in Afghanistan. I told him how much I respected him and the others because they were in a different kind of war than I was. He said”we feel the same way about you guys”.

I just want people to remember vets today. Tell a vet thanks. Be nice to a vet.

I am against war but not against our military people who serve our country.

My granddaughter and grandson are in a Veterans Day parade today. She is in the marching band and he will carry the state flag. They make me proud.

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Nirek, I was out earlier, so I’m sorry I’m so late to comment on your post. Thank you, monica, KT and all our other Planetary vets so very much for all you’ve given for our country! Thanks really seems like too small a word.

Right now on PBS, there’s a program on (focusing especially on the Navy SEALS) that has a big focus on the Vietnam era. I really hope you get a chance to watch it. Some of the stories they’re telling are just jaw dropping (including one in which only 4 SEALS held off 300 Viet Cong soldiers until support could be brought in). Incredible.

There are probably enough stories to make many movies and fill a library of books among vets living today. I’m so glad you’ve shared yours here. And I hope many other vets will do the same.

As you’ve said in another post — we need to preserve history and teach it well.


Thanks to you Kes. Many on this site remember veterans throughout the year, not just on 11/11. That is one of the things I like about being a member here. A friend of mine, one that I have remained in contact with since the time of my service reads the site, but because he is paralyzed on one side of his body can no longer type at a speed that he feels he needs to to participate, he often comments on how those who participate here appear to honor the vet more than others he has encountered on other sites.


Here’s to you great VETS. Live:


Hello Nirek.

To you and all who served, and those who gave their lives, a huge feeling of gratitude for all that you had to endure. Thank you for your service. The very least any country can do is to show respect and take care of its wounded and hurting soldiers. If you send people off to fight a war for you, it’s that government’s duty to care for them and offer help unconditionally for the rest of their lives after they come home.



Nirek, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thanks and enormous gratitude for your service on behalf of the nation. Props and great respect to all those who have and are serving (I have two nephews who have been and remain in the service so special props to them!).


Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Vets!!!! Remember those of us that are suffering, stay vigilant where veterans health and the V.A. hospitals are concerned, pray for the Vets that are committing suicide, 22 a day in 2010, and probably more today. Pray for the families of veterans that are just returning home from war and the families of those who still have members of their family on the battle field or are about to go to the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq and wherever else we have our military scattered these days. Pray for Peace, this is what most of us who are Veterans truly want. Thank you.


I want to make sure I am hugging all our vets and heroes who gave their lives for the sake of us all. I will be volunteering later on, to feed and SERVE them at a local org.Especially, I have cooked a delicious meal, a special one, to feed, as I daily do , 5 Nam vets who were left on their own! And are homeless! Today is YOUR GUYS day and I am honored to have vet friends here.xoxo,Nirek.To you and all those who serve or are serving…And a special hug to those with PTSD. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES.Me.