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bito On January - 17 - 2013

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Every so often I intrude TO/OT with a personal pick of a site that I find important that I feel needs to be shared and not lost in the shuffle of the constant flow of thoughts on The Planet.

And yet with globalization, we seem to have developed a strange apprehension about the efficacy of our ability to apply the innovation and hard work necessary to successfully compete in a complex security and economic environment. Further, we have misunderstood interdependence as a weakness rather than recognizing it as a strength. The key to sustaining our competitive edge, at home or on the world stage, is credibility — and credibility is a difficult capital to foster. It cannot be won through intimidation and threat, it cannot be sustained through protectionism or exclusion. Credibility requires engagement, strength, and reliability — imaginatively applied through the national tools of development, diplomacy, and defense.

The Y Article

A National Security Narrative



Written by bito

Was once a handsome frog until kissed by an ugly corporate princess.----- Like a well honed knife, the internet can be a wonderful and useful tool. It can be used to prepare and serve a delicious meal or it can be used to cause harm. peace

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  1. Kalima says:


    White House and Justice Dept. Officials Discussed Mueller Report Before Release


    Impeachment should be a no-brainer, no matter what the Mueller report says
    Donald Trump has none of the traits the founders thought essential for presidents.


    • AdLib says:

      Doubly busted!

      Mueller report findings: Mueller rejects argument that Trump is shielded from obstruction laws
      President Trump, upon first learning of the appointment of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, cursed and declared, “this is the end of my presidency,” according to the redacted 400-page report by Mueller released Thursday by the Justice Department.

      The document depicts a Trump campaign that expected to “benefit electorally” from information stolen and released by Russia and a president who engaged in alarming actions that included seeking the ouster of former officials and ordering a memo that would clear his name.

      The release of the report followed a news conference at which Attorney General William P. Barr said neither Trump nor his campaign colluded with Russia and that none of Trump’s actions rose to the level of obstruction of justice, despite Mueller leaving that question unanswered in his report.


  2. Kalima says:

    More obstruction and endless proof of guilt. A cesspool of crimes and corruption.

    Trump moves to resist House inquiries, setting up fight over congressional subpoena powers


  3. kesmarn says:

    I’m hoping that I might take a moment here on Time Out to express sorrow and sympathy with all of France and especially to French Catholics on the tragic fire at Notre Dame de Paris today. This gorgeous building survived the French Revolution, WWI and WWII, but was hit very heavily today. Right during Holy Week — one of the most sacred seasons in Christianity.

    Although it seems the outer stone structure has been saved, the enormous damage to so much of the interior and to so much irreplaceable artwork is a great loss to France and to the whole world.

    • Kalima says:

      It was awe inspiring to visit in the 80’s. Over 800 years of the history of civilisation, its traumas, revolutions, wars, occupation and the prayers of generations after generations seeking solace and hope. With her structure still standing, she will rise again.

  4. glenn says:

    I have some questions for my fellow Planeteers. I came here for the answer because I think the Planet has the smartest, most well-informed members.

    My questions are regarding the lying bully’s plan to send asylum seekers to sanctuary cities.

    Will these people be processed at the border? If so, then will they be granted asylum? If not, then what will their immigration status be?

    If they are not processed at the border, and they are put on buses to sanctuary cities, does that mean that ICE will be transporting “illegal immigrants” around the U.S.?

    If the asylum seekers have no status, does that mean that ICE will spend more of taxpayers’ money seeking to deport them from the sanctuary cities?

    Will ICE be keeping track of these asylum seekers, so that some sort of resolution can occur regarding their immigration status? Or, will they just be left in legal limbo to be treated as pawns in the ongoing immigration battle?

    Once again, I think the lying bully has come up with some more “red meat” for his base, but with absolutely no thought to a plan, much less the consequences of the actions he wants to take place.

    Any answers?

    • AdLib says:

      glenn, even Trump’s own people have described this as “very illegal”. The court decision last week stated that Trump can’t prevent asylum seekers from entering the country. There is and established and legal process for dealing with asylum seekers and it absolutely doesn’t allow Trump to in essence kidnap then strand asylum seekers wherever they want.

      Also, it would be illegal for Trump to discriminate against individual states as he says he would.

      I agree, this is just more red meat for the rabid racists who are Trump’s base. That doesn’t mean he would hesitate to again break laws first until he is stopped by courts.

      I sure hope the Dems run against him by branding him the “Criminal in Chief” because he can only operate by breaking the law.

      • glenn says:

        Ad, If I understand you correctly, the laws as they stand now would be enforced, and the lying bully will be letting asylum seekers into the country?

        So, the lying bully is basically “caving” by letting in asylum seekers, but showing his absolute disdain and disrespect for the law by seeking to place them where he wants them?

        Do I have that correct?

        • AdLib says:

          glenn, my understanding is that Miller and Trump came up with this plot to attack the cities and states that are not Repub, treat undocumented immigrants like human beings and voted against Trump in 2016, before the court ruling.

          So now after the ruling protecting amnesty applicants from Trump’s reign of terror, Trump responded to news reports exposing this criminal plot by doubling down on it. And he has no power to let them in or refuse their entry, U.S. and international law that the U.S. has signed onto requires that all immigrants claiming asylum must be accepted into the country at least temporarily and have their claims investigated. And if found legit, they become legal immigrants and can stay in the U.S..

          But there is no legal authority for Trump to kidnap and dump immigrants so this is illegal and while he may start it up anyway then wait for the courts to tell him he’s acting as a criminal, he knows it’s illegal.

          So in a nutshell, yep, you’ve got it right!

  5. Kalima says:

    Dems rip Nunes’ plan for private huddle with Barr to discuss criminal allegations


  6. Kalima says:

    Trump told CBP head he’d pardon him if he were sent to jail for violating immigration law


    Right, and how many people believe trump? 38%. The only thing that is fake is the WH and the republican stooges in Congress taking their orders from trump and the fox propaganda network.

    Trump denies promising pardon for Customs and Border Protection chief if he broke the law


  7. Kalima says:

    This has Stephen Miller written all over it. He is a monster.

    White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes


    • kesmarn says:

      Well, if being a “bleeding heart” is now considered a punishable offense (as in being forced to care for those you — allegedly, in the case of the GOP — care for), I have a proposal. Ohio just became the latest state to outlaw abortion once a heartbeat is detected-- effectively banning all abortions. So all the babies who will now be born to mothers who — for whatever reason — may not be in a position to care for them, should be dropped off at the Sanctuary Oval Office or the Sanctuary Governor’s mansion. To quote Trump: “We’ll give them all they want. See how they like it.”

      Not that I would seriously entrust a child to anyone like Stephen Miller, of course. But it does amount to a consistent logical parallel to their bizarre so-called “plan.”

  8. Kalima says:

    Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian embassy in London
    WikiLeaks founder taken into custody on US extradition warrant and for failing to surrender to bail


    Yay!! About time.

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested by British police after being evicted from Ecuador’s embassy in London


  9. Kalima says:

    Looks like trump found his Roy Cohn. Cohn was a felon.

    William Barr’s highly questionable use of Trump’s ‘spying’ talking point


    • AdLib says:

      White collar criminals all think they are smarter than everyone else, have gotten away with breaking rules and laws throughout their lives and have nothing but contempt for the rules everyone else respects in society.

      Barr is such a blatant elitist, he was when he was AG before and helped pardon Iran Contra criminals…for whom he helped prove they were above the law.

      Barr seems to be giving enough rope to hang himself, if Mueller’s investigators and even Mueller testify to Congress to prove he has been manipulating the truths in their report, The House should impeach Barr along with Trump.

      • Kalima says:

        When Mueller no longer works for the Justice Dept, he will have to sort out Barr’s deceit for Congress and the American people who payed for this important investigation. Trump and his corrupt administration, have to be held responsible and show that no one is above the law. Barr’s deliberate trumpian statement about spying is even more outrageous when you consider that the Inspector General is already conducting an investigation that is due in a few weeks. If he wanted to check, all he for needs to do is wait to refer to notes or wait for the report from the completed investigation. He should resign, recuse himself or be impeached for his involvement in this unforgivable dirty coverup by quoting both trump and the trump propaganda network known as fox lies. No one can trust Barr now that he obviously has sold out to trump. His reputation is in tatters and trump will dump him when he’s done with him.

        All Barr has managed to do is throw more suspicion on himself with a conclusion of Mueller’s report that was not his to make, and his big as trump. Great job Barr.

  10. Kalima says:

    Mnuchin reveals White House lawyers consulted Treasury on Trump tax returns, despite law meant to limit political involvement


    David Miliband: the most vulnerable pay for Trump’s ‘manufactured crisis’
    Exclusive: IRC chief says US government ‘failing in its most basic responsibilities’ in its handling of border issues


    • glenn says:

      After his totally disrespectful, arrogant “performance” yesterday in his interaction with Rep. Waters, Mnuchin should be held in contempt of congress. I looked it up, and here is the definition:

      “Contempt of Congress is defined in statute, 2 U.S.C.A. § 192, enacted in 1938, which states that any person who is summoned before Congress who “willfully makes default, or who, having appeared, refuses to answer any question pertinent to the question under inquiry” shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a maximum $1,000 fine and 12 month imprisonment.” https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/contempt_of_congress

      It’s time Dems start to make these repubs pay for their utter contempt they have for Congressional oversight. Waters may not be able to make the charge “stick”, but she should be making the case for it, and getting it out before the public. After all, that’s what repubs do all the time.

      • Kalima says:

        Hi glenn. I watched in disgust as this ignorant man behaved as if he was so superior to both Ms. Waters and the committee. Yes he should be held in contempt, and also indicted for his crime of interfering in trump’s tax returns. It is not his job nor Trump’s other stooge, William Barr. Both are an absolute disgrace to their positions. It’s about time trump’s mafia were held accountable. Munchkin is as dumb as a pile of manure and it showed. They can’t keep on getting away with it.

        Now trump’s 2016 BFF has been arrested , “I loveWikileaks” and the denials of knowing about them, echoes like thunder through the corridors of this corrupt WH. Accountability, exposure, shaming with punishment, would be the honest thing right now. I live in hope that justice will be done soon. Barr needs to step down along with the rest of the cult members who are working only for the nutjob in the WH, and not for America or the American people.

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