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AdLib On October - 11 - 2012

You are invited to join us for a live chat tonight during the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan. It’s a great way to experience this event, sharing observations, wit and insights with many others at PlanetPOV in real time as the debate takes place.

You can watch the debate live and participate in the live discussion on our Live Events page, you can also see and join the discussion in the Live Events widget that will appear on all pages thirty minutes prior to the debate (don’t forget to refresh your browser in order to see it). Please feel free to join our “pre-show” live chat at 5:30 pm PST as we ramp up to tonight’s debate which begins at 6:00 pm PST.

Following the influential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, this should be a charged and riveting debate!

Hope to see you here tonight!

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. foodchain says:

    Sorry but Rachel Maddow: Atlas Flinched”
    Happy feet here

  2. FOX Snooze is going on and on about Biden being disrespectful. Big surprise there, huh? Of course they don’t really want to focus on what was actually said and was true and what was bullshit.

    They are totally smoke screening the whole debate. SQUIRREL!

  3. Kalima says:

    Ryan is making no sense and he is stuttering. Ryan hasn’t done his homework on the devastating toll the sanctions have taken on Iran.

    Ryan didn’t answer a single question with specifics, not one. I call it for Biden.

    EDIT: Hours later.

    Looks as if I was here all on my lonesome. *sniff*

    • foodchain says:

      Hi Kalima, it doesn’t matter what homework Paul does because his basic premise does not play on TV or in front of any group that isn’t highly partisan and he knows it now. His problem is that he’s does not lie with the ease of Mitt Romney. His father must have rolled over and wept countless times by now.

      • Kalima says:

        Hi foodchain. We are taught as Roman Catholics from a young age that lying is a sin. Some RC Ryan turned out to be.

        I don’t know about “malarkey” but Ryan sure has kissed “The Blarney Stone”. (deceptive or misleading talk)

        • foodchain says:

          I have a good friend who is RC, a lovely man who spoke the GOP line, is a precinct chairman He voted for Obama as did his nephew; it’s a family secret but they were very proud. And he tells me all the time--he’s 79 and that’s a big deal for him. I take joy and compassion from that.

          • Kalima says:

            Very wise man foodchain. If we believe as we should, in compassion for all and helping those less fortunate, we can’t vote against our core beliefs by voting for those who will oppress the poor, the needy and the sick. To claim to be Catholic and adhere to Republican policy, is another sin in my book. Good luck to your friend for seeing the truth about them, and acting on it by voting for Obama.

    • Nirek says:

      I listened in my bed on the radio and Joe rocked! I loved it when he called Ryan out as the liar he is!
      Joe won hands down!

    • AdLib says:

      You’re never alone at The Planet, Kalima!

      I’m amused by the RW only being able to criticize Biden for his laughing. Such an admission of Ryan’s loss. Ryan was nailed repeatedly for his dishonesty and refusal to tell the truth and give details.

      This is what was anticipated, that Biden would eat Ryan for lunch and turn around those Dems who felt disappointed by Obama’s first debate performance.

      This is why you and I and others here kept saying, “Don’t worry about the first debate.” Now, it’s practically forgotten and after the 2nd Obama-Romney debate, it will be completely forgotten.

      And once again, I am confident that Obama will have a more effective and winning strategy in that debate to knock Romney down a peg or two on his dishonesty. Not only has Romney lost the element of surprise in suddenly trying to claim he’s a populist but the format is town hall style which plays to Obama’s strength.

      Obama will win round two and the Romney “bounce” will be dead and buried after that. Interestingly, I think the third debate, coming just before the election, will be the least influential of the three.

      • Kalima says:

        Hi AdLib, I know, I was pulling your leg. 😉

        Apart from the repeated lies, what really got me angry was Ryan repeating that this is what they do to convince people not to vote for the other guy when Biden scoffed at his lies, and they haven’t been doing for years? Does Ryan think it’s a beauty contest and not a GE to choose the President of the United States? What a whining dumbo.

        “REP. RYAN: — this is — this is what politicians do when they don’t have a record to run on: try to scare people from voting for you. If you don’t get ahead of this problem, it’s going to — (inaudible)” —

        They have been tearing the President to pieces since he took office, their campaign has stayed in the gutter since the GOP debates, and he talks about Joe Biden exposing his lies as a ploy so that people don’t vote for them? What planet has he been living on?

        And when he laughingly said they want to reach across the aisles after blocking Obama on everything for almost 4 years and wanting to make him a one term president from before he even took office. Do they think no one knows about that? So Ryan throws out this line he thought was clever about Romney’s ridiculous bump for lying nonstop during the first debate. I didn’t hear many people laughing, it was Republican laughter anyway, and that doesn’t count because they don’t have a sense of humor, especially when directed at them.

        “REP. RYAN: Mr. Vice President, I know you’re under a lot of duress — (laughter) — to make up for lost ground — (laughter) — but I think people would be better served if we don’t keep interrupting each other”.

        The pundits ate now churning out articles titled, “Who lied”?, where were these questions in the first debate when they crowned Romney? Blatant hypocrisy and double standards, what a mealey-mouthed bunch of stunted individuals.

        For anyone who might have missed it, or any part of it, here is the whole transcript with audio.


    • kesmarn says:

      We were here, dear Kalima! We were just around the corner, chattering away on the “Live Events” place. And sorry we missed you.

      It was definitely Biden’s night. He was absolutely amazing. One of the real high points was this one:

      “If they would get out of the way and let us pass the tax cut for the middle class and make it permanent. If they would get out of the way and pass the jobs bill. If they would get out of the way and let us allow 14 million people who are struggling to stay in their homes because their mortgages are upside down but they never missed a mortgage payment. Just get out of the way. Stop talking about how you care about people. Show me something. Show me a policy. Show me a policy where you take responsibility.” ~ Joe Biden to the republican congress through Paul Ryan (VP Debate 2012)

      Ryan looked juvenile and hostile. It was Joe’s night!

      • foodchain says:

        Kes, I loved that part--among many that Joe put out there for us--just get out of the way. He’s a good man; whatever his “gaffes are are so minor to his value, people should just give it up.

  4. Kalima says:

    Busy throwing out the trash although I suspect there to be a pile more to throw out after Ryan follows in Romninny’s footsteps to lie throughout this debate. Go get him Joe!!

    I’ll pop in after it’s finished. Have fun tearing Ryan to pieces. 🙂

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