For a trial period, we are changing the feature that sends email notifications to you when someone replies to your comments. It was set as an opt-in, meaning that members would need to check the box on the comment box in order to get email notifications sent to them.

Some members have noted that they keep overlooking clicking on the box. So, as a test, we have set the box to be automatically checked. If you don’t wish to receive emails when someone replies to you, please uncheck this box before you post your comment.

We absolutely don’t want anyone feeling that they are being spammed by The Planet so if this approach does prove to be an annoyance to even a minority of members, we will change it back to an opt in method.

We are reliant on your feedback on this feature, please post your opinions here to let us know if you like this change or not.



I just realized it might be best, especially for those who may not wish to have these emails coming to their Inbox, to provide instructions on how to set up a new email folder and a rule that will automatically send these emails to that folder instead of your Inbox. This way, they won’t clutter up your Inbox and you can read them or ignore them as you wish.

So, first create a new mail folder then follow the instructions below for your email program. Here are instructions for the most popular email programs:


Go Tools > Message Filters and you will get this window, to make a new filter press “New”. As you see from the screenshot you can choose which account this filter will apply for. Pressing “New”, you will get this window:
No description available

First you want to give the new filter a name, I use “Sales” for this example. Now, the settings are the real limit for what you want here. The best way is to explore a bit on your own for what settings you want. I made a filter which filters mail with comes to the mail address “[email protected]”, and place them in the folder “Sales” and labels it as Important (gives it a bright, easy to spot color).  When you are done, press “OK”, and you’ll get this window:
No description available

You now have a new filter.


  1. From the Mail menu, choose Preferences... .
  2. At the top of the window that opens, click Rules.
  3. Click Add Rule. To modify an existing rule, select it from the list, and then click Edit.
  4. A sheet will appear. If this is a new rule, give it a name in the “Description:” field. This can be anything you want.
  5. From the pull-down menu directly underneath the description, you can select to have any or all of the conditions be requirements for Mail to perform the action(s) you specify for this rule. Selecting any means that even if other conditions are not met, Mail will still perform the action; selecting all means that if the conditions are not all met, Mail will not perform the action.
  6. In the field just below the conditions statement, you can set the criteria you would like Mail to use in order to identify messages. The option you choose from the first menu on the left will determine what options are available in the rest of this section.To add more conditions, click the + (plus sign) to the right of the first condition.
  7. From the pull-down menu under “Perform the following actions:”, select the action you wish to have Mail perform on each message it identifies using the criteria you selected above. The rest of the options available in this section will change depending on what you select from this first menu.To add more actions, click the + (plus sign) to the right of the first action.
  8. Click OK to save your rule.


User-Defined Filters

To set up user-defined filtering in Microsoft Outlook 2003, use its Rules and Alerts feature. Rules and Alerts enables automated deletions, alerts, categorization, auto-forwarding, auto-replying, and spam filtering.

To set up an Outlook rule:

  1. Open your Outlook Inbox.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Tools, Rules and Alerts. The Rules and Alerts dialog box listing existing rules will appear.
  3. To create a new rule, click the New Rule button. In the Rules Wizard dialog box, select “Start from a blank rule” and click Next.
  4. Select “Check messages when they arrive” and click Next.
  5. From the list of conditions, check the box next to the condition you want to use. You may need to scroll down to find the desired condition.Note: The rule description displayed changes depending on the condition selected.
  6. Select a condition, such as “with specific words in the subject” and click on the underlined text in the Edit the rule description window.To filter for messages flagged as spam, select the condition “with specific words in the subject” and click on the underlined text in the Edit the rule description window.
  7. Type one word or a phrase to be used by the rule into the “Specify words or phrases to search for in the subject:” field, and click the Add button. The word or phrase will be displayed in the Search list window.To filter messages flagged as spam, use the phrase “*****SPAM*****” (without the quotation marks).
  8. Repeat step 7 for each word or phrase to be used by the rule until the complete list of keywords or phrases has been defined.
  9. Specify the action you want implemented on the email filtered by the rule.
    • Check the box next to the action you want implemented. For example, “Move it to the specified folder.”
    • Click on the underlined text in the Edit the rule description window.
    • In the folder list that appears, select the folder to which the filtered mail should be delivered and click OK.You can create a new folder by clicking the New button. Type the name of your new folder in the Create New Folder dialog box, select where to place the new folder from the list that appears, and click OK.Note: Use a folder that is in your mailbox rather than a folder stored in a Personal folder file (PST) so the rule will be stored and executed on your server instead of your client (i.e., your personal computer). Rules storing messages in PST files are automatically stored on your client.

      You will want to avoid setting up client rules because they cannot be run while you are not logged on or when you log in to your Outlook email using a different computer, such as a home office computer, or via the Web.

    • Select the folder, and click OK to display the folder name in the rule description, then click Next.
    • We recommend reviewing the contents of your spam folder on a regular basis to ensure no legitimate email was flagged as spam.
  10. Specify any exceptions you want to apply, and click Next.
  11. Enter a name for the rule that will make sense to you, specify whether to run the rule on existing messages in your Inbox, and whether to turn on the rule, then click Finish.
  12. If other rules are in place, you can specify the order in which they are run by clicking on the up or down arrows.
  13. Click OK to save the changes and close the window.

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I like this feature very much. 🙂


OK, just so everyone knows, I blew it. I have gmail and put a filter on all Planet replies to comments. Poof–all gone now. Nowhere to be found, and no more notifications–at least not to me. My computer is probably getting notified and the hamster running this machine is reading all the replies I guess, but he won’t let me see them. It was great while it lasted though.


Cool! I am commenting mostly to see if the auto-reply works. So can someone please reply?




Bito–meanie! Hahahahah!! And…well then… belly button!! So there.


I thought the feature best that way – so I vote for it (although due to shift of my focus I’m not going to be around here a lot anymore).


I don’t think this feature can be working properly AdLib – I keep forgetting to uncheck the box but I’ve had two replies to a couple of my comments (from Caru in her de Valera article at 6.13 a.m. my time and Kes in Marion’s No Mercy Shown article some time last night) – it’s now just gone 8 a.m. my time and I’ve had no email notifying me of either reply. Am I misunderstanding what this is supposed to do? It wouldn’t surprise me – I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer at times.

BTW I’ve left the box check-marked on this comment 🙂


AdLib–I already love it, but you knew I would. I’ve set up a special folder for Planet replies, so spam is never a problem.


I can already go ahead and say I like the idea. I don’t get a ton of e-mail at the address I have listed on this site so it won’ bother me at all. Mark me down as approved.