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Truth On February - 20 - 2011

Deygirl and I decided very spontaneously to take on this subject. One poster had mentioned that someone should write an article about the manipulation at Huffington Post. First it was suggested that the poster him- or herself should take on the job – until deygirl brought up the idea that several people could join in the endeavor.  This idea instantly hit home and got us, thanks to AdLib showing up in the right moment, going. I have to admit, I had NO clue how fast deygirl would get the ball rolling! Having had the idea of such a project on my mind for some time, I was nowhere near getting it started. But she immediately published Part 1 of the “Invite For Collaboration” and so: here we are! Processing the reactions on deygirl’s thread and piecing them together with my ideas, the project soon burst its boundaries of one single article. The sheer amount of material pointed towards an ongoing series named

Secrets From Beyond The Emerald Curtain

– An investigation into the Huffington Post and its founder –

The goal of this endeavor is to bring out the truth on this subject AND make it known to a wider public later on, either as a synopsis of all the articles or in a somewhat abbreviated version of the entire series. This will depend on our findings and what makes sense at that point. (Possible earnings out of this endeavor go solely to the administrators of Planet POV and are meant to be donated to projects to their liking that help America as well as to Planet POV.)

Moreover, by reading and working on this ongoing series many of us may become aware for the first time of the sheer magnitude of the betrayal as well as of the fierce manipulation that took place behind the scenes.Therefore the process is also meant to purge and induce healing.

A wide range of themes will be covered: how we innocently came to Huff, how we found out that the founder may never be criticized, how our opinions increasingly were muzzled and meaningful dialogue amongst each other was hindered, to connecting the dots what the misleading headlines were for, how manipulation was used on purpose and how this in the end worked so very well to establish another billion dollar empire which does neither report the news nor serve the American people. Turns out, Huffington is not the progressive she had claimed to be, her outlet with AOL as the owner is fiercely neocon and her lifestyle doesn’t even remotely match her claim that she’s someone who “fights 3rd world America” and stands for the middle class. I’m sorry, but I have to throw up, really!  Oh, never mind that she’s flying first class all the time. After all, this is the norm for every middle class champion with 6000 slaves, aka citizen journalists.

All the while the President was working extremely hard to improve the lives of everybody. Painted by the right-wing media as either a Do-Nothing-And-Ever-So-Weak-President or a totalitarian Dictator in turns or even simultaneously, Mr. Obama is silently doing the needful, step by step. According to his promise he has highest respect for the democratic process. That means, he respects the role of House and Senate. Nevertheless he is blamed for everything that is not instantly fixed, no matter how dire the situation really has been. And curiously, left-wingers, who during the Bush years were screaming for more democracy, now accused him of being a spineless wimp. Ah, the irony!

But then this tendency is VERY much to the liking of Arianna Huffington. After seeing the revenue going down once the elections 2008 were over, she started bashing the President almost before he even sat down in the Oval Office for the first time. Her concerted and relentless effort to paint the President as a two-faced, weak liar and sell-out soon bore its foul fruit. Bill Maher, another so called progressive, chimed in. The floodgates were opened. The left weakened itself by ranting against their own people while the tea-partiers got undue media attention to make it look as if they alone speak for “the American people”. After some time I realized there is nearly no mention of any protests from the left on Huffington Post.

Unruffled and calm as usual, the President continues his work, trying to do the best under the given circumstances. Many of his own people don’t have his back, accusing him not to have theirs. Moreover, by pitting President Obama and half term ex-governor Palin into a highly imaginary fight against each other (- the President has barely acknowledged the latter’s existence-) Huffington increases revenue. At the same time she abuses the two of them masterfully to deflect from her own countless shortcomings. Secretly admiring both and knowing she’ll never come anywhere close to President Obama – neither in excellency of character nor in intelligence or skills – she emulates her secret idol Palin, who has very much the same problem with the President as Huffington and by nature is very close to her own narcissistic, if not megalomaniac,  personality.

As much as I dislike Palin, I almost feel sorry for her playing a useful idiot to Huffington (and other media, for that matter). At least Palin  has something that remotely resembles core values, whereas Arianna follows what is fashionable and profitable for her at any given time. The AOL sellout and the ensuing final decay of the HP proves beyond doubt who in reality is the two-faced and inconsistent person she was painting the President to be. Sad enough, countless liberal and progressive people are still buying into her narrative, in spite of the fact that her betrayal and falseness are as obvious as Palin’s and that she is on record stating Huffington Post is NOT a progressive outlet. To drive home this point succinctly is one more important goal of this project.

So far several posters indicated that they would like to participate in the project. They and everyone else who is interested to join please contact this email: [email protected]

Whoever wants, can also participate under a different name. I’m quite sure the HP accounts of those who dare to speak out – even on another outlet – are prone to be deleted if the person is easily recognizable. (Should this happen, thanks for the additional material, Arianna.)

In any case, if you choose to take part please state what you would like to write about and why, or what else you would like to do. Besides writers we need one person to create the ongoing theme/title for the series of about 15 episodes, a cartoonist to brighten up the affair and to cut right to the chase of the matter, as well as an illustrator who can bring a fairy tale atmosphere, including wicked witch and all, to the story.

The writer’s subjects range from innocently showing up at HP to the increasing censoring, the zero tolerance of criticizing the founder even mildly, disappearance of well thought out posts, stifling and muzzling of dialogue, experience of being threatened and/or banned, rude put-downs when confronting HP for anything, misleading headlines including the ensuing riling users up against the right and then ourselves on a daily basis, comparison of Palin’s and Huffington’s personalities, the influence of Huffington’s cult, the constant put-down of President Obama: political reasons or only for the money? etc.

A sales manager could prepare him- or herself in the background… Wouldn’t it be NICE to make a good buck on Huffington for a change?!? Ha! This however is only going to happen, if some of you excellent writers and artists join into the effort. A simple rookie like me won’t cut it… My dear Planeteers, you inspired me. Thank you, and sure enough more ideas are most welcome.

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  1. Truth says:


  2. Truth says:

    The following is about the cult Arianna Huffington and her sister Agapi are or were a part of. Towards the end of this excerpt AH states that she never saw evidence of John-Roger, the cult leader, wanting to control people. But then, is she trustworthy, considering this:

    At Cambridge she studied economics and was president of the university’s storied debating society, the Cambridge Union—which has made her a master sophist, capable of cutting an issue 16 ways and winning the argument without revealing what she really believes.

    Suzanna Andrews, http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2005/12/huffington200512?

    Hmmmm….and… “wanting to control people….” does it ring a bell, when I think of the way comments and deletions and more were handled over at HP???

    Full article is here: http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20100035,00.html

    Susan Whitmore finally decided that her guru, John-Roger, was no man of God the day her husband’s life was threatened. In fact, the evidence had been accumulating for some time. Six months earlier, Susan’s husband, Wendell Whitmore, now 42, and his twin brother, Wesley, had left John-Roger’s Los Angeles-based Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), denouncing its founder as a fraud. Since then they had been subjected to a campaign of hate mail, vandalism and death threats. Still, Susan believed she could confront J-R, as his followers call him, and reason with him.

    John-Roger agreed to meet with her in January 1984, but his message was hardly encouraging. “He told me that the vandalism was a warning and that he was personally touched that someone loved him enough to do it,” says Susan, 37. “He informed me that some people wanted to kill Wendell and Wesley. He spent 10 minutes telling me how they were going to make it look like a car accident. He said that no one would be able to trace it back to him.” (…)

    (…)Once initiated into J-R’s circle, say former disciples, followers hesitate to leave, if not for fear of reprisals, then out of reluctance to blow their chances at salvation. John-Roger has warned, after all, that the Mystical Traveler Consciousness visits earth only once every 25,000 years. Moreover, concedes defector Matthew Cohen, many of the faithful “sincerely believe in the goodness of John-Roger and what he’s doing.” Among them is best-selling author Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington (Picasso: Creator and Destroyer), who rejects the charges of John-Roger’s critics. “These rumors have no validity,” she says. “I have known John-Roger for 15 years, and there is nothing in my experience of the man to support any of these allegations. I have never once seen any evidence of him wanting to control people.”

    The above people article is from September 26, 1988. If she knew him for 15 years then means that she was involved with this cult from 1973 onwards, and presumably up to today. I did read in one of the newer articles that she met with him for dinner and that he was a good friend. More details in the planned series.

  3. JackRusselTerrier says:

    I sent this to their tip section…

    My comment at the bottom of this “tip” was made on a thread which was NOT fully moderated, titled -- “Pro-Union Website ‘Defend Wisconsin’ Blocked In Capitol”

    It is a waste of time to comment on HP. I rarely come to your site anymore. There is no rhyme or reason in your moderation policy. You have zero consistency. I’ve seen comments which violated no policy whatsoever get scrubbed. I’ve seen disruptive and abusive posters achieve pundit status. People use extra socks to game the system. They make a rude comment and flag it with the other sock. Eventually they achieve moderation status for flagging their own comments. They use this power to delete dissenting opinions. Word filters have no discerning ability. You have them set high to censure the majority of the English language. Your articles are designed to create controversy not foster solutions. It’s all about the clicks. How sad. This website had so much potential. Now it’s just one more MSM propaganda machine. You are not helping. You are dividing the nation which allows the plutocrats to continue their version of the status quo.

    “This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved.

    Do you think Homeland Security will be used to protect you or to protect those in power from you?

    Welcome to the New World Order”


    • Truth says:

      JackRussellTerrier, great to see you. Wow! That comment you could land is so spot on! If we could use it for the project it would be excellent. And if you want to join us you’re sure enough more than welcome. My email is mentioned above.

      Thanks to Chernynkaya’s Daily News, (The Daily Planet), including suggestions as to what to do, thankfully there is really no single reason to go to HuffPost anymore. I feel appalled every time I open the site.

      Thanks for sharing your letter to HP. I’m glad they heard from at least one person what we think is wrong.

  4. intotheabyss says:

    One of the angles I was hoping to use in this collaboration is Arianna’s membership in that strange cult. I spent a fair amount of time doing a Google search on the subject. I found I had to wade through a ton of right wing allegations of her “communist upbringing”. Her parents were apparently opposed to the US backed fascist dictatorship that was ruling Greece at the time. Horrors! The right, for the most part is still buying the meme that Ms. H. is a lefty. The reason I wanted to bring up the cult involvement is because I think a lot of her devotes aren’t aware of it and would find it disconcerting. After finding it difficult to gather much information on the subject, I think it merits a mention, but the larger story is more likely her chameleon like political persona. She obviously changes her stripes when ever it suits her monetary needs, not to mention her insatiable thirst for attention. I’ll work on putting something together from that angle instead.

    • Truth says:

      intotheabyss, good to see you. I am working on the cult part and I remember that I found more info earlier and I try to re-find this. However, it’s going to be difficult to pin her down on the cult thing, it was my plan too. But I guess it’s nearly impossible, because she is too savvy with words and thus averted this catastrophe earlier when she was under a broad media attack. Here is why:

      At Cambridge she studied economics and was president of the university’s storied debating society, the Cambridge Union—which has made her a master sophist, capable of cutting an issue 16 ways and winning the argument without revealing what she really believes.

      Suzanna Andrews, http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2005/12/huffington200512?

      Suzanna Andrews wrote this very good article in 2005. There’s a lot of information on the chameleon like changes too. So even this was out there long ago! Yet I find it a good idea to harp on that again, for she has had a few more color changes since 2005. Please contact me by email for further discussion.

    • jkkFL says:

      I did a bit of digging on that angle and found this somewhat lengthy expose from CultHelp.. a source that I have occasionally used for info on other news..I can’t totally vouch for their info, but they seem to be fairly straightforward.

      If anyone wants to use this reference as part of their article, they are welcome to it..
      Cults creep me out, and I don’t really want to study this info in detail, having been on the fringes of cults in an earlier life.

      • Truth says:

        jkkFL, thanks for the link. Don’t worry, I am already working on that part, so no need for you to do that. And even if I wouldn’t, please only work on what you really like to work on. — Oh, I just saw you mailed me, so I contact you there.

        • jkkFL says:

          I don’t know much about Arianna, and I just offered to proof.
          I don’t have any plans to write.
          However, I have done research in the past, and was just offering to help others if they needed some help researching.
          I know how time consuming it can be.

        • jkkFL says:

          Not trying to steal thunder here- Just saw intotheabyss’ comment and threw in what I had. Didn’t mean to overlap someone’s assignment.

          • Truth says:

            No worries, you didn’t know jkk, because it was on purpose that I let it open so far who would do what, just to figure out who has which interest.

            And really, it is the most important to go with the flow of our own hearts.

            If then still two or more people want to work on the same issue we need to see how to coordinate. Btw sorry, I still had no time for the email, but it will come.

            ***Edit: great link, thanks again.

  5. Chernynkaya says:

    This is a perfect example of HP’s slant:

    Daley, Chief Of Staff, Earned $8.7 Million From JPMorgan Last Year

    What a shock-- a guy who worked for Wall St made too much money. We already know that Daley worked on Wall St--HP blasted that from the rooftops. We get it. But to mention his salary again--why? No other reason than to solidify the narrative that Obama is a corporate tool.

    But here’s an odd thing: I saw this story and was going to comment about it, but I was gone for an hour. Came back, and the story was removed from HP--I had to Google it. What’s up with that??

    And these stories? I don’t believe that they are published to show what asshats the Repubs are; I believe they are published to MAKE THE SAME POINT AND REPEAT THE MEMES!

    “Bachmann: Obama Makes Jimmy Carter Look Like Rambo”

    “Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Didn’t Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize”

    And get a load of THIS:
    “RNC Chips Away At Massive Debt” Really? What a great Party, huh?

    And what are we to make of this:
    “Bachmann On How ‘Inner Assurance,’ Prayer Will Impact 2012 Plans” IMO, that headline is way too supportive.

    Oh, and how about this from Sam {{SPIT}}} Stein:

    “Texas Dems To Fleeing Wisconsin Lawmakers: ‘Call Your Spouses For Conjugal Visits’ ”

    Really, Sam?? THAT”S the important message about Wisconsin, you asswipe?

  6. audadvnc says:

    This is an interesting opportunity to hoist the Empress on her own petard. But don’t confuse the issue of demonizing Her with lauding the President. Sooner or later, you will find that Pres. Obama has been just as neocon and duplicitous as Arianna has been, and you’ll find this article is naught but a fan letter to Obama.

    • Truth says:

      audadvnc, it is true, I do laud the President, for this is how I feel about him. And the atmosphere on Huff was not such that I could share my feelings, therefore I bottled them up inside. Now naturally I couldn’t resist to share them here. But I don’t demonize AH. Oh well, maybe I did in this piece. But what I’m really trying is to get to the heart of the matter. She did distort the perception about the president and I feel compelled to take a strong stance against that. Therefore I never joined in finding fault with the president.

      Here’s some food for thought: The famous spiritual leader Yogananda once was asked his opinion about the many failures in his organization. He simply said something along those lines: If I concentrate on the failures of the organization, I can spend several lifetimes to do so. What for? I concentrate on what is working.

      I found this advice a wise one.

      Yet I am open to discuss real issues or concerns about the president. If you write an article spiked with facts, not with talking points (which btw stem in a large part of the picture AH is painting on a daily basis) you will sure get response here. Or, you can write it as an opinion piece, but then declare it as such.

    • choicelady says:

      Evidence please? I have yet to have anyone show me a single fact -- oh, sure, lots of allegations -- about his actually doing something that is in sync with the neo-conservatives.

      • HelenWheels says:

        If you read Glenn Greenwald, you will see the whole gamut. It is true, but I realize it’s very hard for people to support Obama to believe.

        In any case, you’ll see it in time, sadly. Believe me, I’m not happy about all I know.


      • KQuark says:

        Most people don’t even know what neo-cons are when they say that. The biggest tenant of neo-cons is spreading democracy through force and propaganda. President Obama has done just the opposite especially when dealing with situations like Egypt, Iran and Libya. He’s shown the utmost restraint and pragmatic foreign policy in matters that originated in his presidency.

        • HelenWheels says:

          THere is much, much, MUCH more to the neocon agenda. Most of it doesn’t even have to do with world-domination. Most of it has to do with dominating every single person in this country. Right now their agenda is busting the unions, for example. Corporatizing schoools….etc. They already spent 30 years dummying us down. I can’t even think of an aspect in our lives in which they aren’t in charge and are making worse…. whether it’s climate change, attempts at new energy sources, poisoning the environment, etc. They are dominating it all.

  7. Truth says:

    This, however, is touching and comes as far as I’m concerned from the real Arianna.


    Also glad to see that she didn’t have that air of evilness around her always. That gives me hope.


  8. Redemption Song II says:

    Arianna Huffington, in all her glory, is a public figure and is, therefore, wide open to public comment. For those writing an article on her, “Comment away”!! (It’s the least anyone could do. :))

  9. biznesschic says:

    Ha. I too was puzzled by HP lack of support for the president. The misleading headlines and the unflattering pictures of our president left me wondering “whats going on here”, until Ms H posted a holiday staff picture. The lack of diversity in the racial and age makeup of her staff rivaled a young republican convention. Clearly, it did not represent the Democratic party.

    Funny thing is, when some of us posters called her out, an article,(with pictures) of her work with the Harlem school for girls miraculously appeared, and a month later, we “colored” folks got our own black section. Laughable isn’t it?

    • choicelady says:

      Arianna was a supporter of Hillary’s. Hillary is deeply tied to the Dominionist right pseudo Christians in having Doug Coe, leader of C Street and The Family as her pastor and mentor. AH supported that crowd for YEARS during her halcyon days with Newt, her own husband, et al., so I think she and Hillary were and are in sync. I do not trust Hillary. I do not trust Arianna -- I think the march of the Dominionists is the most dangerous phenomenon in America, and these two lead the pack. Obama specifically distances himself from the core corporatists surrounding the C Street folks and he ascribes to very different principles of morality. His victory then was a disaster for C Street and their web of CIA, Cold War neo-cons, and those who believe American Exceptionalism means we wade in, guns blazing, into every hiccup in every nation in the world. His refusal to do that -- to ratify Honduran RW coup leaders, his willingness to stay OUT of Egypt and now other MidEast upheaveals -- is the first time since before WW II, maybe since the War of 1898, that we’ve ceased to impose US imperial goals on every other nation.

      So not only is Hillary far more embedded in the traditional imperial mind set of C Street and their allies but Obama is a direct threat to them. Arianna, as part of the former network of RW imperialists, needs to bring Obama down. She is the most duplicitous person using progressive memes to undermind progressive actions and thus secure the RW forever and a day. It’s her real people. It’s he real home.

      • escribacat says:

        Choicelady, I actually wasn’t reading HuffnPuff much during the primaries in 2008 but I understood from other posters that the site was viciously bashing Hillary throughout the primaries.

        • Truth says:

          escribacat, glad to see you. Cher introduced me to your “Rashamon” . Excellent work! This could build the heart of the chapter which makes the point how AH is working against Obama and the Dems. (Whereas I’m not sure if you collected also material concerning the Dems specifically. It was another idea that has crossed my mind.)

          In any case, would you be interested to contribute to this chapter with your Rashamon? If yes, please write me an email (address above), so we can discuss more specific. Now I am holding my breath…

      • KB723 says:

        choicelady, I find your comments astounding. BRAVO!!!

    • Truth says:

      biznesschick, as I’ve stated in the comment right below, I have no idea what drives her. I think sometimes she simply lacks awareness that there are other living beings in the world besides her.

  10. mairs says:

    I remember her from California when her husband spent what at the time was a record-breaking amount of money in his Senate race. She was a tireless supporter of her husband’s campaign, Gingrich’s contract on America, and the Religious Right. I saw it as opportunism when they were divorced and she seemingly took up for the other side. How does one, as a very intelligent adult with a seemingly sophisticated and fully developed world view, flip like that. I couldn’t get a grasp of what mattered to HER. Was she simply doing everything she could to maker her husband a success, including becoming a Republican’s Republican, regardless of her personal views? What.

    You can observe seemingly inexplicable human behavior which starts to makes sense as you gather the puzzle pieces together.

    • Artist50 says:

      I am Ariana’s age and I don’t believe you just “flip” like that in your forties. By that age you have certain core values that aren’t going to change -- oh you may change your mind about a particular issue but you either believe the government has a role in helping society or you don’t. That core value of helping poor people or supporting higher education for everyone and putting people before corporations is not something you change your mind about. I think AH blows with the wind.

    • Truth says:

      mairs, thank you for your wise words. I just read about California and how her husband’s campaign manager had called her ruthless and vicious. And she was even for the Religious Right? She is indeed a very strange being that I don’t understand at all. But as you say, it starts to make sense as I gather the puzzle pieces together. I do want to know what drives her to bash the President publicly every single day.

  11. Truth says:


    Denounced as a “right-wing Lady Macbeth” and excoriated for her “viciousness,” Arianna was savaged even by her husband’s campaign manager, who described her in his memoirs as “beautiful” but “evil.” The phrase would become a national joke, picked up in the 1990s by her friends Bill Maher and Al Franken, who would introduce her on their shows as “the beautiful but evil Arianna Huffington.”

    —I don’t know -- to me this is again similar to Palin -- no beauty, exactly because of the evilness.

  12. Truth says:

    SILLY ME!!! How could I forget!


  13. Truth says:

    Update: We gathered already some interesting information. Unfortunately most of the people who said would join are currently not around -- I hope they’ll be back soon!!

    Now a request: Does anyone have more good background info on AH? The problem with the media whores is that there are too many interviews around. I’m not keen to read more than necessary, and I have the articles of gawker plus some links from Cher further down.
    Yet I need some more thorough background infos. There is not only Wiki for this, isn’t it?

    Help very much appreciated.

  14. Abbyrose86 says:

    Okie dokie, reading the above somehow reminded me of reading “wicked” is there a correlation?

    SO Arianna is actually Glenda! Makes sense!

    I’m really seeing the parallels…of course please understand…(DISCLAIMER) I’m the only person in my group of friends who HAS NOT SEEN THE PLAY even though I WAS the FIRST ONE TO READ THE BOOK YEARS AGO, WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT and WAS THE ONE TO suggest EVERYONE else read it…and SINCE tickets for the play have JUST gone on sale last WEEK, and WHEN I SAW the prices I got ill…MY MIND is on the play!

    Ok…back to the subject at hand….This is really a good topic and quite honestly does parallel the story of “Wicked” and the idea that there are those who we think are our friends, but really aren’t and they use us for their own gain…not to mention the political issues brought up in the story as well.

    Arianna= Glenda.

    Fictional stories have such a great way of helping us see the truth in real life, don’t they?

    Glenda in “Wicked” was ALL about enriching herself even if it meant throwing others under the bus, even her ‘friend’ or those who helped her get where she was…(I’m not talking about the play here, but the book! ).

    And Arianna is the EXACT same way…she has no scruples .not really…her only concern is ARIANNA. SHE”S actually not that opaque about HER real agenda…actions speak louder than words!

    • Truth says:

      Abby, can you give me the details about this book/film? Should be pretty interesting to have a look at that.
      And yes, Arianna’s self-centeredness and selfishness are pretty obvious, still I would like to know to which extent they go. Did she intentionally split the left? Look at the headlines Cher posted and at escribacat’s “Rashamon” series. These are quite a bit telling!

      • Abbyrose86 says:

        OOPSY…I went off on the book without relating it back to our ‘friend’.

        Anyway the story of Wicked, deals with Elphaba’s (the Wicked Witch) perspective of events. In Wicked, Elphaba, is discriminated against because she is ‘different’ and looks different…as such she is painted as being ‘wicked’.

        Although she isn’t really wicked, she’s liberal and not conventionally attractive. Glenda, on the other hand, ‘the good witch of the North’ is conventionally beautiful, VERY conservative and knows how to play people (think Sarah Palin) and her ability to be coy and manipulative as well as show case her beauty provides her with the ability to get what SHE wants.

        As to the Wizard, he got where HE was through propaganda and using his power to increase his influence (think Ronald Reagan) and although he REALLY wasn’t as good as everyone thought, he knew HOW to manipulate people to THINK he was…in the story, he’s really Elphaba’s father and she doesn’t know it…he throws HER under the bus to further his own gain and so does Glenda..she (Elphaba) is a former school mate of Glenda’s does everything in her power to throw Elphaba under the bus.

        Elphaba, although not traditionally attractive (she’s NOT WHITE, SHE’s GREEN, is all about social justice and helping the underdog…yet Glenda and the Wizard don’t want to disturb the status quo because the status quo suits them quite nicely.

        Rings a bell doesn’t it?

        • Truth says:

          Yes, Abby, quite similar to the dramas we saw unfolding around Palin and Huffington. And those are even for free….. well, at the cost of decent politics though. So I may prefer paying to see such stuff in a play….

          • Abbyrose86 says:

            Truth…I truly wish it was just a play, rather than an allegory of our current situation! (sigh)

            • Truth says:

              Abby, from a spiritual point of view it is. According to Hindu belief everything is just a divine play. Who knows?

      • Abbyrose86 says:

        Oh my gosh yes!

        the book, “Wicked…The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West” written by Gregory Maguire was published in 1995. It tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West as told from HER perspective.

        It was well done. REALLY well done, and truly helps provide another perspective on life and stories that we have come to know and love. Truly after reading the book, you never look at the ‘Wizard of Oz’ in the same way!

        In October 2003 the book made it’s debut as a Broadway play…and broke records. It was the hottest ticket on Broadway for years. I’m not sure what year it went on the road, but for some reason, I’m thinking 2007 or 2008.

        Locally, it is coming at the end of May early April…everytime I go to New York City…Something ALWAYS gets in the way of me seeing the play…so I was hoping to see the traveling show…and then I saw the ticket prices~! NOSE bleed seats are $120…GOOD seats START at $250 a ticket!! I was not amused! I will probably suck it up…because I really want to see it, and missed it the last time it was in my town…but seriously $250 a ticket??????/

  15. jkkFL says:

    As a novice I don’t have anything substantial I could contribute, but I would be very curious to hear about the cult-type religion, and it’s influence at HP, having heard that here for the first time..
    I would be happy to help also, I am pretty good at proofing, so if you find a need for additional eyes- mine are available!

    • chasethis says:

      jkkFL--PROOFERS UNITE! There can never be too many eyes on the written word.

    • Truth says:

      jkkFL -- I’m a novice too, but I felt we shouldn’t let Arianna get away just like this. And the
      record has to be set straight, they are NOT a progressive outlet and should never be referred to as such. So if you feel like doing research on one subject or the other and summarize the results for us in a post, feel free to mail me so we can coordinate the work. You can set up an e- mail for that purpose just like I did. You’re very welcome to join!
      And good to know that you want to hear about the cult thing. I’m sure to dig out more about this subject soon. Yet for the dramatic effect it won’t come in the beginning….

      ***Edit: here’s a link to that subject:http://gawker.com/#!5064930/ariannas-mandatory-cult-meetings

      • jkkFL says:

        On the surface, I’m aware of her marriages and acquisitional intent. I am familiar with her books to a degree, and I damn sure smelled the sharks in the water when they started swimming in @HP.
        What I don’t know are the real facts behind the facade. That’s what I would like to learn.

      • PocketWatch says:

        Truth -- You all know I’ve stayed away from this project. I have my own project with the business series going and some other stuff in mind as well. Besides, I don’t share the passion for the subject that many here have on this. I always EXPECT to be hosed by corporate capitalists. I just move on. I am NOT denigrating anyone else’s interest in it, it’s just not me.

        Having said that, I am a pretty good editor and proofreader as well, and it may be valuable to have someone look it over from a less interested perspective once it’s whipped into shape, if you know what I mean..

        Just a thought, and any answer is ok.

        • Truth says:

          PW, thank you so much. I know that this project is not closest to your heart, and that’s perfectly ok. That’s what Planet POV is about, we all can just be ourselves.
          I’m very grateful if you can advice me once in a while, especially how to keep things short and on topic. I’m rather good at brainstorming, but then to eliminate most in order to bring my point across is where I need some advice. And I note down the offer you made, thank you very much for that.

          One other thing I thought would be interesting is some background on AOL. Since you said you are very well acquainted with them you may be the perfect person for furnishing this part in a brief summary, if you feel like doing that.

          • PocketWatch says:

            Truth -- Been sniffing around today, and in the wiki article on AOL, I found this… and have personal knowledge of this aspect of AOL’s operation, since I was a Room Host at one point…

            Community leaders
            Prior to mid 2005, AOL used online volunteers called Community Leaders, or CLs, to monitor chatrooms, message boards, and libraries. AOL’s use of remote volunteers dated back to the establishment of its Quantum Link service in 1985. Some community leaders were recruited for content design and maintenance using a proprietary language and interface called RAINMAN, although most content maintenance was performed by partner and internal employees.
            In 1999, a class action lawsuit was filed against AOL citing violations of U.S. labor laws in its usage of CLs. The Department of Labor investigated but came to no conclusions, closing their investigation in 2001.[45] AOL began drastically reducing the responsibilities and privileges of its volunteers in 2000. The program was eventually ended on June 8, 2005. Current Community Leaders at the time were offered 12 months of credit on their accounts in thanks for their service.
            In February 2010, a settlement was reached in the class action suit. The settlement included a $15 million USD payment divided among more than 7,000 individual former Community Leaders.


            Sound familiar??????

            • PocketWatch says:

              Truth -- no, I didn’t get paid and I wasn’t a party to that class action suit.. didn’t care. I had fun and did a lot of role playing in Red Dragon Inn where I was a host… we were told up front that it was voluntary and non-paying.

              When it changed after about 5 years into just another “trolling for sex” area, I just quit and moved on… kinda like HP {spit!}

            • Truth says:

              PW, a PS: A little further down is another link concerning AOL -- if you’re interested to look at it. Seems to be a very friendly company. —- well.

            • Truth says:

              PW -- at least they were forced to pay. What about you, did you volunteer at that time or were you paid?

          • Buddy McCue says:

            ThinkProgress has some interesting news about how AOL makes the majority of its profits.


            Here’s the gist of it: 80% of AOL’s profits come from selling subscriptions, and 75% of the people who subscribe are already connected, and don’t need what they’re selling.

            That’s a scam.

            • Truth says:

              Thank you, Buddy. I hope PW or someone else researches this part since I have a lot of work already….

          • PocketWatch says:

            Let me see what I can find and if it’s meaningfull at all. Are there deadlines yet?

            • Truth says:

              The AOL chapter should be about chapter 13 or so. And no, no deadlines yet. Any information about AOL should be interesting. Those who are not into politics don’t know anything, and it should just highlight the context in which Huff is standing now (and just more openly than it did before).

              Thanks for being around, PW.


  16. chasethis says:

    Truth, you and deygirl are frighteningly ambitious. With Cher’s (and others, I’m sure) awesome research powers, you folks could be downright dangerous. In a good way, of course.

    I’m a very good proofreader and I don’t trust Spellcheck. If there’s some way I can help in that vein, let me know.

    • Truth says:

      Chase, good to see you! Now that I know that you got fanned by HUME you have no more excuses whatsoever not to join us here!!! Hume didn’t even give me as much as a passing glance! So, go ahead, create an email account for that purpose if you wish, and let me know which part you want to research and document…. 😉

  17. Chernynkaya says:

    More past HP headlines--these from that loser Dan Froomkin:

    Obama’s Speech: Not The Turning Point He Had In Mind

    Gulf Oil Spill: What Obama Is Overlookin­g

    Thurgood Marshall Speaks To Obama From Beyond The Grave

    Little Girl Who Challenged First Lady Is Right: Obama Is Deporting More Immigrants Than Ever

    Where’s The Oil? Your Government Doesn’t Really Know

    Buffalo’s Message To Obama: ‘I Need A Freakin’ Job’

    Obama Administra­tion Demands Amnesia From Reporters Covering Gitmo

    I bet I can predict future Froomie headlines:

    Obama Didn’t Kiss Michelle Tuesday; Marriage on the Rocks
    Obama Greets Pope and Applauds Priest Kiddie Abuse
    Obama Staffer Gets Weekend Off to Marry--Dur­ing a Recession!

    OK, I really do understand that DF’s job is critic-in-­chief. But when that is ALL you ever do—no matter what the issue-- I have to ask: Is this Fox?

    • KillgoreTrout says:

      HuffPo jumped on the controversy wagon. Many of the actual articles did not match the headlines at all. HuffPo used the old technique of what used to be called, “yellow journalism.” HuffPo blended this old technique with rather recent tricks by O’Reilly, Palin, Limbaugh and Coulter. These people realized that controversy sells. The more outrageous the claim, the more controversy created. This is not a new revelation, but now more than ever before, controversy means big bucks. Higher ratings and book sales are the end result.
      It’s an old game with a new, unsuspecting audience.

      • Truth says:

        Exactly, Killgore. Now this would make for an excellent paragraph in our planned collaborative article. Then I would add, that besides giving her revenue, this kept us busy fighting each other and not the corporations. The posters are really led to believe they are on a mission and don’t realize that we both, left and right are played by the big money folks who don’t have a conscience. Some of them even dare to sell us books on 3rd world America! :bad:
        I for one fell into that trap more often than I would like to admit. Reading the outrageous headlines Cher posted, I understand that I got upset -- if a “progressive outlet” with so many excellent commenters writes that I do have to defend my President , don’t I?
        Only now did I understand that I don’t have to defend anything on HP. HP , like Fox, ABC, yahoo etc is NOT a progressive outlet, it is a neocon enterprise.

    • chasethis says:

      Cher, is there a way you and Truth could incorporate your many fine links into the original post so they don’t get buried in the comments?

      • Truth says:

        Good idea, chase! Glad that you’re here, I knew that you’d have some excellent ideas and contributions. I’ll ask Cher if she could do that.

  18. henlopen says:

    To be effective, its best to be specific in the criticisms. There are after all, some unquestionably good progressives on HuffPost: Robert Reich, Robert Kuttner, George Lakoff, Robert Borosage, and so on…

    • Truth says:

      Yes, true, thank you henlopen. Yet the general tone and policy of Huff are NOT progressive, in spite of some good progressive voices. One important goal of the project is to bring this point across.

    • jdmn17 says:

      I think my contribution is going to be along the lines of a perspective from the average Joe; active but not a super user, tons of fans, someone who someone goes looking for. I was there from Oct 2008 until Black Monday and I saw and felt the changes more subtlety than the high fan posters, many of whom argued with mods or sent emails to the site. That was never my style. I simmered like a good stew and when several factors had me at the abyss it took very little to send me over the edge and find this place -- with great help from some dedicated posters who left clear directions until they were banned and others who left more cryptic trails to follow.

      I want to talk about how things changed from my limited view, a guy who hung on every story running up to 2008 to the gradual deterioration toward a conservative, extremely so in the lead up to the 2010 election and the seemingly total abandonment of what I thought was a progressive purpose until the announcement

      I don’t want to make it a bitch session, rather I want to find a way to ignore my emotions and analyze it from my head instead of my gut.

      • Truth says:

        jd, excellent. Can you write it at some time soonish and send it to the email above? That’s an article that should come somewhere in the beginning. I start collecting posts now and put them then in an order that makes sense.

    • Parsifals says:

      Absolutely, and several are just cross posting from their own sites, blogs, etc.

  19. Chernynkaya says:

    The most effective thing we can do, from my POV anyway, is to write to all the media sources that use HP as a voice of Progressives. That means writing to all the MSNBC hosts that use her and Sam Stein to represent us. That means writing Salon, and Kos and all the others to get them to STOP spreading that false meme. I started doing that with O’Donnell and Maddow. But it will take more than my one letter--it needs to be repeated and repeated until they catch on!

    It shouldn’t even be long--just a paragraph or two reminding them that Ariana sold us out to corporate media. And that she is in the business of demoralizing the Dem base.

  20. Chernynkaya says:

    From other sources:

    Arianna Huffington’s ideological transformation

    Did Arianna Huffington just sell out her fellow progressives?
    In the literal sense, she undoubtedly has: The sale of Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million (including a large pile of cash going to Huffington herself) means this powerful liberal voice is formally joining the “corporate media” its writers have long disparaged.

    Editor: Joan Walsh
    Updated: Today
    Huffington Post
    Friday, Feb 18, 2011 09:51 ET
    Huffington Post fires back at Stephen Colbert with new site

    Somebody needs to remind Salon they are a progressive site!

    Police Called to On-Flight Incident Involving Arianna Huffington


    Some background:
    The Oracle
    The many lives of Arianna Huffington.
    October 13, 2008


    A Guide to Arianna Huffington’s Rise to Power
    This link provided me with even more motivation to loathe her.

    Internal Memo: Arianna Huffington

    In Greek we have a wonderful word, eleutheria. It means freedom—what could be better? And under the new dispensation, AOL and the Huffington Post can offer our bloggers so many freedoms. They are free of the whims of editors. They are free of nit-picking fact-checkers. They are free of the contracts shackling so many magazine writers. They are free of the burdens implied by the payment of a wage. They are free, free at last, of the burdens of deadlines, style and grammar that turned so many journalists of the last century in places like Fleet Street and Times Square into hacks.

    The Missing Dirt On Arianna Huffington

    2 Dems claim Arianna Huffington stole website idea

    The Ultimate Freeloader

    Is HuffPo Worth $315 Million?

    Progressive Criticism of Arianna Huffington’s AOL Merger Deal and Her Response

    Arianna Huffington Follows the Money

    Interesting take—from the Right. But his analysis is even worse if you know about her what we know:
    Arianna Huffington’s New “Secret” Weapon For The 2012 Election

    Huff and Puff It Down

    But the Huffington Post is not Arianna’s to sell. It is ours: the lefty writers and readers, environmentalism activists and anti-corporate organizers who flooded the site with 25 million visits a month. So we’re going to take it back.

    • KillgoreTrout says:

      Colbert really did a number on Arianna, in his inimitable style he made it seem like praise, but in reality, it was full of barbs that were right on the money.
      I remember seeing posts on HP that condemned Stephen for praising Arianna. Some people just don’t understand Colbert. His humor is so nuanced, that many right wingers think he is one of them. Too funny.

    • Parsifals says:

      Cher, that comment about Salon, that is one of the things to be alert for, Truth, is Joan a friend of AHs? I sure don’t know, but it that kind of thing to be wary of and cautious about in examining the case file. 🙂 — and then presenting it.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Parsifal, I don;t think they are “friends” as much as it is that they stick together as members of the club. I see that all too often in the media--they are afraid to criticize each other. It is some kind of unspoken pact.

        • Parsifals says:

          Trust me, it is to save themselves. It is definitely an unspoken pact, but take other groups, Congress, who would have thought Biden was a buddy of Boehner--or Hatch having sun trips with Kennedy.

          Strange bedfellows all over. 🙂

    • Truth says:

      Thank you so much, Cher. What an excellent collection of links. And some progressives finally spoke out, that’s extremely good to know! I thought it’s never going to happen!

      • Chernynkaya says:

        There were pages more, Truth. I just got lazy! 😉

        • Truth says:

          Cher, these are more than enough for now. However it’s good to know that you have worked on the subject before, and of course you’re welcome to join if you like.
          My, I haven’t even checked out the archives, it all went a bit fast.

          • Chernynkaya says:

            Truth--I haven’t checked the archives either but I know there are several articles about AH. I will look for more on Google becasue what is disappointing is that the real issue: Her phony progressive cred and the sell-out to a RW AOL--are almost totally not addressed.

            • Truth says:

              Cher, thanks for the info. And as I have stated above shouting from the rooftops the lack of progressive credentials is one of the main objectives of this series.

  21. ghsts says:

    Truth for the record, it is always a good idea to track media for slant and bias, I say go get em!

  22. Truth says:

    ***UPDATE: I mentioned Palin to highlight how Huffington used her to deflect from her own mistakes. I didn’t mean to let her continue with that game! And yes, both are ruthless, I’m aware of that.

  23. boomer1949 says:

    All I can say is, “Bravo!”

    I jumped ship “over there” a long time ago — before the shit hit the fan. Yet, I feel your pain. Back everything up with facts and y’all might have a book in the making. 🙂

    • Truth says:

      Thank you boomer. Every nut is making a book, so yes, why shouldn’t we? Would be cool to unite with the blogger slaves to make quite a bit of noise.

  24. In answer to your point about how we came to Huffington Post…

    I have a few news alerts set up through Google, for subjects I keep an eye on.

    Very often, the featured article on some subjects were Huffington Post. Google may weight this towards articles that get read more often, I am not sure.

    When reading one article, I noticed some of the comments, and there were a couple I felt strongly compelled to answer. I had information on the subject to contribute, and from what I saw, the people there were interested in learning about the subject.

    I’ll admit, I probably had rose-colored glasses on. It’s been a while since I was a member of a site where I could discuss the news and issues with rational adults, and I wanted that again.

    I had several followers within a few hours (one of the first, I believe, was AbbyRose). I was overwhelmed by that.

    I also got followed by a few trolls. They were sorely disappointed though: I am not a Facebook person. I do not “friend” anyone just because they request it. I check out the person, look at what they are posting about, what they are reading, etc. If that person does not look like a “friend”, they get declined.

    Which is not to say that I only have progressive/liberal “friends”. I have fanned conservatives who seemed interested in actual discussion, discussing the facts, looking at all sides of the issue, exchanging ideas.

    I refused to join Facebook, by the way, despite the constant hype of it and the not-so-subtle emphasis on Facebook on HP. I was disgruntled that I was blocked from getting certain badges recognizing the amount I was posting and so on, unless I had Facebook or Twitter.

    Finally I broke down and created a Twitter account. It has been almost worthless to me, and I get spammed on Twitter with friend requests from people who shouldn’t have bothered.

    There is a severe problem with cognitive dissonance on the site, and I am not just talking about some of the posters. HP posts a lot of items that mock or denounce Facebook, but they promote it as well. They mock and denigrate Twitter… but everybody *has* to have Twitter account, and use it -- continuously!

    Arianna talks about third world America, but gushes about her five Blackberries, and floods the site with ads for luxury, high-ticket products.

    The Jon Stewart rally really confused me. HP was publishing blogs and articles talking about how he was ruining the dialogue and so on, yet Arianna is on his show, gives him buses to transport people, sends people there to report (live!), etc.

    Now, a cynical person might say that the dichotomy here is a product of trying to have the best of both worlds and suck in as much traffic as possible. Maybe.

    I have to say though, it looks to me like what happens when a nerdy, geeky weirdo decides he wants to hang out with the cool kids. He tries to adopt their behaviors, their habits, their clothing styles, their interests, in order to fit in, but doesn’t let go of his old attitudes, behaviors, style, etc. The new stuff is just taped on over the old stuff.

    It’s kind of like seeing a kid wearing Tommy Hilfiger jeans, with a slide rule sticking out of the back pocket. Or dumps her favorite soy-and-tofu sesame snacks into the Versacci purse. Or wearing a pocket protector in the pocket of a high-end silk shirt.

    But it looks like it’s paying off for Arianna. She gets to hang with the cool kids on both sides of the aisle now. She gets to keep her money, and scold others for not giving it away.

    But that is not the way it usually works out. The way it usually goes, your old friends shun you for selling out (or just for rejecting them) and your new friends are laughing at you for being pathetic.

    Arianna thinks she’s managed to escape this, but it’s just a matter of time.

  25. ghsts says:

    Wow, never thought I would read a comment that supposed palin was more noble than huff?

    • PocketWatch says:

      ghsts -- I wouldn’t put it as ‘noble.’

      I have always said I would rather deal with an “honest” crook any day than a dishonest one. At least you know going in what you are dealing with.

    • Truth says:

      That’s quite an achievement for Palin, although I attest her only “something that remotely resembles core values”. Putting her in front of the right backdrop, she looks almost like a saint…

      • ghsts says:

        IMO, huff is nowhere near as evil as palin, huff is just is a classic robber baron, a poser no doubt. She is just pandering to the greenbacks same as palin but one did so from a position of public trust, an elected official. To me there is nothing more vile than a politician that sells one brand and then bails.

        • Truth says:

          ghsts: Splitting up the left, selling out on them and relentlessly bashing and trying to weaken the President while pretending to be a friend is quite a bit evil. Too evil for me to let it pass by.

          • ghsts says:

            Not true the events split the left, the POTUS weakened himself from a liberalism perspective to chase the tails of moderates and economy hawlks. I feel you, she has been a talking puppet for the last year at least.

            • Truth says:

              ghsts, a concerted effort, not some random events. I observed very closely how the perception about the President changed. They media really hammer their message in through relentlessly repeating the same crap. Compare the picture that they give (and liberals think he should be) to what he really has achieved. That is a lot more than any President in a long time. I want more too, but there are Senate and Congress blocking the way.

    • deygirl says:

      There is a huge difference between “more noble” and “not as big a sh*tbag.” 😉

      • There’s a difference between being an uneducated (or deliberately ignoring education) blather-box and being someone who uses their education to further divide the issues (if that is what Arianna is doing).

        In some ways, though, they are similar. The only difference is, Arianna has to promote herself almost exclusively, while Palin has plenty of people (including Arianna) promoting her.

        I’m trying to find a way to describe the differences I see, but it is very hard to do so. But which one is more “noble” is going to be purely subjective.

        One could argue that, even is she is playing the system against itself, Arianna is helping to do good (even if that is sometimes by accident).

        Can we argue that Palin has caused anything good, *even* by accident? (no, I am not counting things she may have caused by stirring up the left to counter her -- that is a slippery slope I am staying off of, thank you)

        To me, Palin exemplifies the kind of person who believes they have a right to succeed because they are doing everything the way that their leaders tell them to. She ignores science, social science, history, economics, etc., in favor of a (deformed) party line. She’s done as she was told to do, and therefore deserves her reward.

        Arianna, if what is being said is true, is a different animal. Far more calculating, far more insidious. Does she think she can get ahead by doing as she is told? If you all are right, then no. She’s manipulating the system that gave us Palin, to do as she pleases.

        Picture the two of them playing a simple board game. Palin is playing according to rules given to her by somebody else.

        Arianna is chopping up the board, to make it look the way she wants it to.

        • Buddy McCue says:

          Your analysis of Palin rings true to me.

          When you say “Palin exemplifies the kind of person who believes they have a right to succeed because they are doing everything the way that their leaders tell them to,” I find myself nodding my head. That’s exactly it.

          Hard-right conservatives like herself know that truth comes from authority.

          It’s a completely different mindset from empiricism; one does not start with questions and work toward answers. One starts with answers and works backwards.

          It’s like the Scientific Method in reverse. The conclusion comes first.

        • Truth says:

          Pundit, Palin changes the rules of the game too. The only difference is that she and her end-time church believe that she’s the chosen one. But then, what do I know what Huffington was told by her cult leader? They are birds of a feather.

          • Yes, but she changes the rules of the game in the leadership-approved manner (moving the goal posts, accusing others of being for what she was for before it became against the platform, etc.).

            I suspect AH changes the board to fit her own schemes.

            I’d like to hear what Michael Moore says about what is going on, just out of curiosity.

            EDIT: schlepping error

  26. KillgoreTrout says:

    I’m not sure about Palin having any, “core values.” She actually had to write them on her palm, to use in one of her speeches.

  27. deygirl says:

    Posted a reminder there to the cackling trolls that once the unions were successfully dismantled, there would be a return to indentured servitude and horrific working conditions, and that their all-important children and grandchildren would NOT thank them for it.

    Shockingly, it was deleted. This, however, remains:

    Lousy dims just want the poor beleaguere­d corporatio­ns to have to take money away from their CEOs and pay it to the people who keep those corporatio­ns afloat.

    Lousy dims want children to be educated so that they can escape servitude.

    Lousy dims.

    Betcha THIS comment doesn’t vi0late any [guideline­s].”

    Dipshit moderators need to learn to read beyond the first two words they agree with.

  28. Parsifals says:

    An interesting collaborative idea. Salon.com has a personal blog space where an article like you are contemplating might hit the first round or not.

    The issue I see is getting hard facts, not suppositions.

    I am a small town free lance newspaper writer and I know that “facts” are the hardest to come by especially in an environment where we might think we know the relationship groupings, but then find ourselves among the wolves.

    • Truth says:

      Yes, Parsifals, that’s going to be the hard part. But having so many gifted people around, we can share into the research. There are already lots of articles about her around, and these will lead us to where we have to dig. Then we have to publish the thing somewhere where it’s visible for a large number of people.

      • Parsifals says:

        And, Truth, I haven’t figured out how to get comment responses, so if you don’t hear back from me, it’s because I missed it.

        • Truth says:

          Parsifals, I just made an ardent prayer on God’s blog to do sth about that…. so far you have to go back in each thread to see if an answer is there. But in this case email is good, if you like

      • Parsifals says:

        If I can help with some research let me know. I am in the midst of a deadline, but I’ll have some time early next month.

        And some sort of “check, double check” system should be put into place. Ms. Huffington, like others before her, and those to come, will seek injunctions and law suits--something to be avoided.

        • Truth says:

          Parsifals, good that you tell me this. Those whackos tell just about every lie they can, and as soon as it comes to them they want to sue! Where is MY “free speech”, darn?

          In any case, you can write me an email, see above (2Emerald…) As soon as I know who participates and what everyone wants and can do we’ll make an organization chart. It’s good to have you as an advisor around, as soon as your free. Or whatever inspiration you have.

  29. smit9187 says:

    I think Arianna thought Obama would need her advice and because he didn’t she decided to bash him through her ever so focused attention on Geithner. She gets to keep her bucks because of Geithner’s actions; even though, some of us disagreed with some of what he was doing, he could never do a thing to please Arianna.
    I appreciate your acknowledging what the President is doing. Obama is not one to toot his horn, only fair historians will record his remarkable accomplishments.

    • Truth says:

      smit 9187, I don’t know. I would like to find out what her motivation was or if she’s simply a follower of Mammon. Now that you mention Geithner and I remember how she was nagging from the beginning I have to think she did plan to split the left from the onset.

    • deygirl says:

      I am certain Geithner rebuffed her advances at some point. She has that whole “woman scorned” air about her.

      • Truth says:

        Hi deygirl! Good to see you! Something went wrong with the picture, I hope AdLib comes to my rescue. It’s very late here again and so…. see you next time.

        ***Edit: oh, the picture is up now, good!

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