It is time to tell the President not to cave in to the obstructionists.  We have the opportunity to tell him we have his back and he needs to use the power of his office to put a stop to these playground bullies.  Go to ActBlue today and for a $4.00 contribution (even I can afford four bucks!),  the ad they have created will reach more people across the country (you will be able to view it before you decide).

Taking the time to do this goes hand-in-hand with my recent post  Up Against An Uncompromising GOP Brick Wall .  If we sit on our hands, all we will have are warm hands and numb asses.    Please act now to ensure President Obama hears our voices!

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sounds good

even better, get the Senate Dems to procedurally vote away the filibuster today!


As much as I agree with your sentiment, the changing of Senate rules has to be done at the beginning of a session.


Oh good grief – I TRIED to make a donation, and when I’d put in all the correct info it informed me I had to have a valid credit card number and expiration date, all of which was entered. Does anyone think such glitches (which are too frequent on progressive sites) would EVER happen on RW sites? Nooooo. In the last year at least five of my inteded donations never got made because of such things.

I am just sick over the vote in the Senate – even FEINGOLD voted against cloture on the middle class only cuts. WHY??? I cannot see how Obama can govern administratively when Congressional Dems are so screwed UP. Webb, Lieberman (well, OK), Nelson, Feingold – what WERE they thinking? So don’t vote for the bill for whatever “moral” reason you have but quit undermining the SYSTEM. Disgusting.

I agree that Obama is for the future. I do NOT see him as wimpy but as working with what democracy offers – and it’s messy, demands compromise, and unless he wants to pull a Bush and govern via Executive Orders and other highly debateable strategies, I can’t see what else he can do. EOs are horrible – in Ohio the EO permitting home health workers to unionize that Strickland signed will be immediately cancelled by Kasich even though contracts have been signed. The “sanctity” of the contract means nothing when it comes to ordinary people.

If you have not figured out by now that the movement in America is toward capitalism with a totalitarian government, do take note. The Chinese model is becoming ubiquitous. It used to be believed that only democracy supported capitalism, but The Family figured out it was not true. Since they don’t want the government controlling business, even letting capitalists keep the money, it’s not fascism per se. It’s a new form of control over working people while unfettering capital to do whatever the hell it wants. The few will reap the rewards AND keep the governing class as its servant – with perks. The rest of us will be docile and serve both masters while shutting up and rolling over.

Resembles pre-WW II Japan in many ways. Now there’s a model to live for. Bah!


I thoroughly agree with this sentiment, Boomer. But, I can’t believe Obama is not hearing our voices. It is being blared out of radio stations like NPR. It is featured in numerous news medis.

Obama is so whole-heartedly into bipartisanship that he will take any messages sent to him and convert them into a bipartisan paradigm. I fear he may be solidifying his loss for 2012 by playing to some fictional Independent voter.

President Obama is a President for the future. When Americans have evolved with a social consciousness… when we’ve become a nation of Desmond Tutus. That is to say, in the year 4,000. If then 🙁