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bito On October - 26 - 2010

The Planet's Office

From high atop the PlanetPov tower, in our spacious offices, a call went out from “The Publisher” to find the news on the 2010 midterm elections that isn’t being reported by the “Big Boys.”

So in order to keep our cushy jobs, we decided to put out a call to all the intrepid and unpaid “staff” to post all the news that is in their home states and districts that isn’t being reported.

We need a final effort to GOTV and spread some sanity to the voters.  You know what and how, so let’s begin and post away.

Links, videos, articles, op-eds and your opinions and observations are all needed in these final days.

FaceBook, twitter and email any or all of the comments.

Again, this would be a good time for us to use the resources we have here on The PlanetPov



And these great thanks to PatsyT



This is a really good one for “Maping relationships among people and organizations” from BDM







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Written by bito

Was once a handsome frog until kissed by an ugly corporate princess.----- Like a well honed knife, the internet can be a wonderful and useful tool. It can be used to prepare and serve a delicious meal or it can be used to cause harm. peace

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  1. bitohistory says:

    W.Va. Senate Candidate Raese Gets His Victorian Conservatory

    Proving once again that he is a man of the West Virginia people, Senate Republican candidate John Raese just got approval by the Palm Beach Architecture Commission to build a 100-square-foot conservatory. That

  2. bitohistory says:

    Shaping State Laws With Little Scrutiny

    This is the most cynical, obnoxious and blatantly corrupt thing that is going on in Arizona and YOUR state, probably If you have a moment please take time to listen/read this report from NPR.

    When you walk into the offices of the American Legislative Exchange Council, it’s hard to imagine it is the birthplace of a thousand pieces of legislation introduced in statehouses across the county.

    Only 28 people work in ALEC’s dark, quiet headquarters in Washington, D.C. And Michael Bowman, senior director of policy, explains that the little-known organization’s staff is not the ones writing the bills. The real authors are the group’s members

    • kesmarn says:

      Are we living in the literal Last Days, b’ito? Last days of democracy, that is?

      It’s ironic that the TBaggers criticize Dems saying that “they vote on bills that they haven’t even read,” when the RW votes on bills they haven’t even written.

      Call me paranoid, but how long will it be before this scenario plays out?:

      Illegal immigrant pulled over and arrested. Placed in private prison indefinitely while his case is “pending.” Corporation needs cheap labor. Sheriff like Arpaio convinces voters that prisoners should “earn their keep” and not be a drain on taxpayers/government. “Jobs” are assigned to prisoners at wage of $.15/hr, with 12 hour workdays, 7 days a week. (“Idle hands are the devil’s instruments,” ya know.) Cases drag on for years, decades. Prisoners are cut off from communication with family and home country (terror threat, of course). Voila! As close to slave labor as any capitalist could ever hope for.

  3. Khirad says:

    The Rand Paul Stomp

    • PatsyT says:

      I think I heard it on the Rachel M show that they are only airing this after 10.
      The image is too disturbing.

      • kesmarn says:

        And yet, Patsy, to hear the RW version of all this, it was a mere love tap from a terrified man who feared for Rand Paul’s life, delivered to an uppity woman who was “charging” the candidate and “asking for it” by belonging to MoveOn.

        • PatsyT says:

          Kes, can you imagine if this was a Tparty woman being stomped by a black or hispanic campaign worker?

          • kesmarn says:

            Yes, Patsy — or, for a really interesting comparison — how would the TBaggers react if that were Palin or Angle on the ground with a black or hispanic shoe on her head?

            (Be still, my heart… oops…got a little too engrossed in imagining that…!)

            • PatsyT says:

              Total Bagger Riot!
              It’s as if they can’t wait for any excuse to stomp!
              I think the stomper is getting his share of high fives!

    • kesmarn says:

      Michael Moore agrees:

      The young woman’s name is Lauren Valle, but she is really all of us. For come this Tuesday, the right wing — and the wealthy who back them — plan to take their collective boot and bring it down hard on not just the head of Barack Obama but on the heads of everyone they simply don’t like.

      Teachers union? The boot!

      Muslim-looking people? The boot!

      Thinking of retiring soon? The boot!

      Living in a house you can no longer afford? The boot!

      Doing a bit better with your minimum wage? The boot!

      Stem cell research, the bullet train, reversing global warming? Ha! The boot for all of you!

      What? You like your kids being covered by your health plan ’til they’re 26? The boot for them and the boot for you!

  4. Khirad says:

    This is not primarily election news, but it is related.

    Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law

    How SB 1070 was drafted in Washington, D.C. by for-profit prison lobbyists.

    Has anyone heard of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) before?

    It appears they were sippin’ on more than just this when they came up with SB 1070:--


  5. boomer1949 says:

    From change.org

    Stand against Rove’s attack ads and pledge to fight back by voting next Tuesday.

    Dear boomer,

    The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling earlier this year has paved the way for the most expensive mid-term election season on record, with hundreds of millions in attack ads funded by corporations and undisclosed donors.

    At the center of it all is Karl Rove.

    Rove’s group, American Crossroads, is the most brazen group pumping millions of corporate dollars into these deceptive ads. And it’s getting worse.

    Just in the past 48 hours, American Crossroads has doubled down, dumping $3 million into ads spreading misinformation about candidates who have fought for health care reform, corporate accountability, and the middle class.

    Rove’s scorched-earth strategy only works as long as it doesn’t provoke a backlash that mobilizes voters to fight back. But signs of a backlash are now appearing. A few major donors were recently revealed, including the CEO of the company that owns Gold’s Gym and Omni Hotels, which has sparked a negative reaction that is gaining momentum in parts of the country and in the media.

    We need your against help in turning this momentum into a broader movement. Take action now to condemn Rove’s attacks and pledge to vote on Tuesday to fight his brand of corporate-funded politics.

    If Rove and his followers succeed in buying large number of elections next week, the impact will be felt long after November. Not only will candidates who have been supported by Rove be beholden to his corporate backers, but citizens won’t know who these corporations are.

    During the summer and early fall, Republicans in the Senate successfully blocked the DISCLOSE Act, which would have required organizations like Rove’s to reveal their donors. If Rove is successful next week, there is no chance this type of transparency will come to Washington anytime soon.

    Voters haven’t even gone to the polls yet and Rove is already gloating. In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal he said, “Next Tuesday Democrats will receive a crushing rebuke.”

    The best way to fight back is to stand up, condemn Rove’s corporate-funded attack ads, and pledge to vote on Tuesday.

    Take action now and let Karl Rove know that you refuse to accept his corporate-funded politics and pledge to fight back by voting next week.

    Thanks for taking action,

    The Change.org Team


  6. PatsyT says:

    Mighty expensive grass roots!

    If tea party leaders jet around the country in a plane donated by a big GOP contributor, are they still “grassroots” activists? It’s a question some local tea partiers would like to put to the leaders of the Tea Party Patriots, one of the nation’s largest tea party umbrella groups, which claims to represent 15 million people. Over the past week, national coordinators Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin have been “flying for freedom” and “landing for liberty” across the country in a private jet they’ve dubbed “Patriot One” to help rally the tea party troops before the election. Along for the ride is an Atlanta filmmaker who’s documenting the trip in videos posted on the group’s national website


    • kesmarn says:

      “Gallivanting for Greed”? “Soaring for Stupidity”? “Migrating for Money”?

      I watched the vid, Patsy, and if that one ranter addressing the 99% white middle aged wealthy crowd had substituted the word “money” for the word “liberty” through his speech, it would have actually made more sense.

  7. Khirad says:

    I don’t know whether this is funny or sad.

    Democrats: ‘If We’re Gonna Lose, Let’s Go Down Running Away From Every Legislative Accomplishment We’ve Made’



  8. Khirad says:

    Election Nightmare? No Murray-Rossi winner on Nov. 2

    With the whole country watching, Washington’s peculiar way of running elections could be on full display next week.


    As in other control states of the country, the three Northwestern states limit liquor to state-run stores. There’s an initiative on the ballot to privatize them. It is sponsored by Issaquah, WA based Costco.


    My only opinion is that it was a pain in the ass to get liquor with store hours and limited locations. On the other hand, it provides jobs in a rough economic time. Voter’s call on this one.

    • Khirad says:

      Nate Silver has piggybacked on the Seattle P-I

      Senate Update: Washington is the New Florida

      Washington is heavy on mail-in voting. But here is the glimmer of hope.

      Then again, even if the race has in fact tightened, it might not be enough to help Mr. Rossi going into the election, as Ms. Murray had held leads in the high single digits (and one lead of 15 points) in a few other recent surveys.

      Here’s my insight as a native-born long time resident. Dems have squeaked out gubernatorial wins against Rossi -- a perennial candidate in a state with a shallow statewide GOP bench. He is a calm, smooth operator whom while certainly more moderate than the Tea Party crowd, is still a Republican in moderate packaging. He wouldn’t be a flame-thrower, and would in essence be another Scott Brown, but I don’t want it to come to that. I shudder the thought, but caution Washingtonians against getting overconfident and complacent, that’s all.

    • PepeLepew says:

      Have you ever tried to get a six-pack of beer in Wisconsin on a Sunday? Criminy!

  9. Khirad says:

    How abouts some Baked Alaska?

    New Alaska Senate Poll Shows McAdams Surging Past Embattled Joe Miller


    This may be a bit of wishful thinking (but we can hope -- god that would sting). Here is another poll not extrapolating trend lines:

    CNN/Time Poll: Murkowski deadlocked with Miller in Alaska

    AK Supreme Court blocks write-in list decision


    Murkowski says no to Palin presidency, Miller says she’s more qualified than Obama.


    Quite frankly her name is high profile and really isn’t that hard, so this is a little condescending (or not) but effective as well.

  10. Khirad says:

    Pomeroy ad from North Dakota.

    Looks like he’s losing, but I like the ad.

    Sure, they spun it in the “running away from Obama” meme -- but if your district is anything like mine -- the Republican can’t go two seconds without saying Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda and it gets irritating.

    They refuse to engage the candidate at all. I thought this ad was calling that out. Like, run against ME! And, well, it is honest. He’s playing to a North Dakotan audience, after all. All in all, I thought it was pretty good. I wish more ads were like this.

  11. bitohistory says:

    Here you go, k’es.
    John Boehner To Campaign With Rich Iott, Candidate Who Dressed As SS Officer

    You may have to call off work and get your self thugged. :-)

  12. bitohistory says:

    Must have missed this in the news, guess I was busy reading the latest on Charlie Sheen and his naked hooker.(as opposed to a fully dressed hooker?)

    In previous years we would have been breaking out the champagne on this news: The monthly budget review released yesterday by the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the federal budget deficit fell by $125 billion from 2009 to 2010. This by far is the biggest one-year nominal drop in the deficit that has ever occurred.


  13. kesmarn says:

    Ever wish you could send a cease and desist message to all those corporations who prop up FUX? And hit a bunch of them all at the same time? Now you can, thanks to Media Matters:


  14. bitohistory says:

    From my mail today.
    “width=300 alt=”one nation” />

    A way to make calls from your phone to GOTV


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