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From high atop the PlanetPov tower, in our spacious offices, a call went out from “The Publisher” to find the news on the 2010 midterm elections that isn’t being reported by the “Big Boys.”

So in order to keep our cushy jobs, we decided to put out a call to all the intrepid and unpaid “staff” to post all the news that is in their home states and districts that isn’t being reported.

We need a final effort to GOTV and spread some sanity to the voters.  You know what and how, so let’s begin and post away.

Links, videos, articles, op-eds and your opinions and observations are all needed in these final days.

FaceBook, twitter and email any or all of the comments.

Again, this would be a good time for us to use the resources we have here on The PlanetPov

And these great thanks to PatsyT

This is a really good one for “Maping relationships among people and organizations” from BDM




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Here’s just a short list of some of the bills that Republicans have blocked, or attempted to block, since Obama became President:

Tax on Companies that ship jobs overseas- A bill that would have eliminated a tax break that companies get when they ship jobs overseas. Republicans blocked this, allowing companies to keep the tax break they receive when they ship jobs to other countries.

Political Ad disclosure bill- Would have required all donors to political campaigns to reveal themselves. Republicans blocked this, not once but twice.

Subpoena Power for the Committee investigating the BP Oil Spill


Joe Biden, Halloween night at the Union Hall, talking to NW Ohio working class people:

:…if you don’t want horror night to come every single day, you better get your rear end out there to vote. Freddy Krueger is trying to come back.”

😆 😆 😆


I can see a major BOYCOTT movement of the products and services from corporations that take part in this toxic political charade…..

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision could turn businesses into mini political parties, something that businesses themselves don’t want, said experts at a Washington economic development panel.

The Supreme Court brought down Citizens United in January of this year, effectively overturning a century of campaign finance laws and allowing unlimited, secret spending by special interest groups. That seemed like good news for special interest groups and corporations seeking friendly policies in Washington.

But according to a poll (PDF) conducted by the Committee for Economic Development, a majority of business owners don’t look forward to spending ever-increasing amounts of money on elections in order to have their interests represented in Washington. And some feel that the blending of business and politics under the new regime will undermine both businesses and lawmaking.

Sixty-one of the business leaders surveyed by the CED said they felt pressured to contribute to political efforts, the survey stated.


Could there be a happy little cloud in the silver lining that is Citizen’s United, Patsy? 😉 I hope so. If there’s one thing businesses don’t like it’s spending money for what turns out to be — in the final analysis — “air.” How tragic if all the $$$ that could be spend on executive bonuses and perks ends up in the pockets of PACs, ad agencies and media chains! Maybe they shoulda thought about that before this…..!

And speaking of boycotts — I saw your earlier note on boycotting ABC if they go ahead with plans to get Andrew Breitbart on board as an analyst. I hope that’s one idea that catches on fast!


With all the mystery $$$ that is being spent they could have….
Bought their own private island….
Hired their own personal security army for such island….
Done some uber cool space travel with the cast of Dancing With the Stars….
Made a James Bond Film and stared in it…..
Taken over some small countries…..
Bought a cable channel or two…..
Purchased mining rights of the moon…..
Had dinner with Sarah Palin….
Gotten a few Universities to change their names…. to
BP University….or ….Koch College …

But heaven forbid they spend any of that cash on creating jobs
or R&D of clean American energy!


This feels good….


The corporate media are just so certain that the Republicans are going to take it back.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.



I may be unreasonably optimistic, but I believe Democratic losses will be held to a minimum on Tuesday. The Tea Party wackos just can’t be acceptable to most voters, and I believe the major pollsters are corrupt (as everything seems to be these days) and skewing their results in a Republican direction to discourage Democrats from voting. In Illinois, incumbent Democratic Governor Pat Quinn was significantly behind during this entire election season, but his internal polls now show him ahead.


First, welcome to The Planet, Caleb36.

I agree, I don’t think it will be the numeric landslide the GOP and MSM have been cheerleading for all season.

The Reoubs will likely take the House but even the races they win, I think the margins will not be huge.

I just saw a news article, the GOP is of course already spinning that the elelection will be a repudiation of Obama and that he better get the message and fall in line with what the Repubs want.

The truth is, polls show the Repubs with higher unfavorables than Dems so though they may truly believe this election is a mandate for them to lead us back to the Bush days, they will not be supported by the majority of Americans to do so and the Dems and Pres. Obama better understand this and stand even stronger against the Repubs’ pro-corporate agenda.


There goes the country under “fiscal” conservative rule. Everything Obama wants to do for the good of the country must be payed for, tax breaks for the rich, well….. HELL NO!


Did someone post this already, Feingold’s new ad?


Sneaky, and thank you, I was busy. 🙂


“Significantly, SurveyUSA included cellphones in their sample for the first time, and found Mr. Kitzhaber 15 points ahead among that demographic (versus 4 points ahead among landline users). It also found Mr. Kitzhaber leading among those who have already voted.

Still, given that there is some evidence of both a cellphone effect and a


I’m still worried about this one, but this is still interesting to consider.

Fox News Prepares Audience for Sharron Angle’s Defeat



That is excellent, Khirad. I notice that the speakers roster on that vid is heavy on middle aged white males. Women and minorities are represented, but the emphasis is on white males. That’s good.


Excellent and worth spreading around!