It has been one year since PlanetPOV started its orbit around the internet. In that brief amount of time, there have already been so many memorable, creative, fun and meaningful posts and comments here, any site would be proud. So many thought provoking and enlightening thoughts and conversations, a real embarrassment of riches.

Speaking for The Founders, I can honestly say that what has grown here has far exceeded our most optimistic expectations and we want to express our thanks, sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of you who have made this the remarkable Planet that it is!

The Planet is all about and a reflection of the community here, whether you post or just read, your support of The Planet has helped create and sustain this site. And because of that, our growth has been constant. Once again, last month  marked our highest month of traffic to date!

So…which member was it that posted our 1,000th article at the site? It was…

…Questinia! Her moving and affecting piece, Wish You Were Here…Again was our 1,000th post! Usually I make a joke about the prize that the member who posts a milestone post or comment will receive but on this occasion, The Planet will be commemorating our one year anniversary and this milestone by really awarding Questinia with a PlanetPOV t-shirt and mouse pad from our Zazzle Store.

Congratulations Questinia and congratulations to all of our members for making this a spectacular first year for The Planet!

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A year, huh?

A lot of shit passes over the dam and under the bridge in a year.


Congrats to PPOV. It actually seems much longer than a year! I think I started posting in October or November or something last year. This has been a really busy year for me but I have my final deadline on October 1 and plan to be a bum for at least a little while and write some posts for the planet. Congrats Questinia. I haven’t read your post yet but it’s on my list. I think I got a bottle of Cheez Whiz once for being some number or other. Wanna trade?


I seriously thought the post that was about the 1,000th post was the 1,000th post! That’s how DUMB I am! Or should I say blond

OK, Adlib. I need a prize, high maintenance poster that I am. I want, I wanna get the variety Pringles pack. But make sure it has the one that has the dill pickle flavor. Pickle Pringles. How could one go wrong?

Please mail it to:

Questinia Quellyliquid
Double Wide #5
Tally Ho Estates


Echoing Kesmarn – it really is fitting that Questinia’s post be the 1000th!! Such an uplifting post deserves this honour – many congrats Questinia.

Has it been a year since the Planet started it’s orbit? Wow – congrats to the founders as well ….. you have built a Planet that is home to many kindred spirits and for that I thank you.


Somehow, this is too perfect – I think it was rigged!

(just kidding)

Congrats, Q!


This surely was meant to be. What better post than Questinia’s to epitomize all that’s best about the Planet: beautiful writing, deep thought, great compassion put into action, and a keen eye for both history and the living present? Congratulations, Questinia!

Happy Birthday, PlanetPOV! I’m so proud (and humbled at the same time) to be here… in a place that has literally changed my life.

Whether the Planet Founders were theists or not, they certainly were inspired to do something very good. “Thanks” seems to be too small a word for all the effort you’ve put into making the Planet the best site on the whole “set of intertubes,” bar none. Nevertheless: Thanks!!


Well, I am an anti-theist. Can’t speak for the rest of the gang.

But my regard for Hitchens has not been widely embraced, I must say. Which is OK.


And as the friendly/pesky commenter, I want to congratulate AdLib, Kalima, KQuark and every one here for all their contributions. This site has been a place for me to learn, to feeland to meet some very good and kind people.
A very large congrats to Questinia!!! (really, girl, Hold out for a poney. 😆 )

Hey, we’re only a year old!!


Never pesky, and much more than a commenter, thank you for all of your help bito.

A toast to you and your future health, cheers and here’s to you!!

Where is Q, we seem to have started her party without her.


Speaking as another founder, let me second AdLib’s words and take this opportunity to thank you all for your contribution of ideas, wonderful thought provoking posts, the endless laughter, the floods of tears, the humanity and humility of our members and of course your unwavering support of the Planet. Thank you so much everyone!

I would also like to thank AdLib for keeping it together when the waters were a little rough. For tweaking endlessly behind the red curtain to make sure the site runs smoothly. For his quiet diplomacy in times of unrest and lastly but not least for forgiving my technical shortcomings, and for being my friend. Thank you!

Congratulations to Questinia on being our 1000th post, a wonderful journey of her experiences on 9/11. Well done and cheers Q!

Let’s celebrate! Let’s Party!