My neighbor asked me if I watched Glenn Beck. I told him I didn’t because I don’t have cable or satellite TV. Lucky for me he didn’t ask me if I wanted to come over to his house to watch Glenn Beck. If you really think about it, why would anybody want to listen to a mountebank? So today, Beck and Osarah bin Palin are in Washington at their “Restoring Honor” rally. Just whose honor are they restoring? It isn’t mine. I never lost my honor.

Do they mean “National Honor?” Did the nation lose its honor when Barack Obama was elected president? Please. Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin are a few years late and a few dollars short. This nation lost its honor when voters allowed a B movie actor who rehearsed as the governor of California to become its president in 1980.

Now, Ronald Reagan was an honorable man. He just surrounded himself with dishonorable people who advised him how to redistribute wealth. Now, isn’t that what Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin are against? The redistribution of wealth? Of course they’re against it. I’m against it too. It’s just that I’m against the reverse Robin Hood redistribution ideas of the Republican Party. Take from the poor and working middle class and give to the top 2% of income earners. So has President Obama surrounded himself with dishonorable people advising him how to redistribute wealth? Of course not. He is surrounding himself with mostly honorable people advising him how to deal with the worst economic recession in 75 years.

There will always be boom and bust cycles in free market capitalistic economics. That’s a good thing because flat line means you’re dead. That’s what happened in the old Soviet Union. But in order to promote the general welfare (it says so in the US constitution) the government has a duty to the people, not to the corporatocracy, to moderate the boom and bust cycles of free market capitalistic economics. How does the government do that? It’s called regulations, Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin.

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Well done, dildenusa. There was a comment on a Sunday TV talking heads show that the fact that Beck had called Obama a racist and then tried to claim the MLK legacy is unbelievable. (This was Jane Hall who made the comment.) She also added that to say that this event was non-political is “something that needs to be called.”

BTW, Is anyone else completely creeped out by the fact that over 200,000 people showed up for this camp meeting/sob fest?


I don’t know if it’s accurate but on the CBS Sunday Morning show they said 87,000. Still a bunch of crazy but better.

Pepe Lepew

I kept telling Tea baggers that 88,000 is a VERY impressive turnout. Honest, it is. Why do they feel the need to exaggerate to ridiculous numbers like 400,000 or 500,000?

It’s like they trying to overcompensate … for something. 8)




Mr. Beck, Mrs. Palin, and those who hang on their every word are also three fries short of Happy Meals. They are also the very same people Khirad encountered at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond or the Lost Cause mentality he points out farther down in his post.

As Khirad stated at the end…

Oh, and don


Well said Dilden, very good and clear enough that perhaps S’arah, Beck, et al should be able to understand, but won’t.

I do agree and wonder along with you about “restoring Honor”. Who’s ?
When I think of the word honor, I see integrity, honesty, dignity, respect,fairness, trust. None of those do I see in either Beck or Palin nor do I think they know the meaning of the word.
If Palin wants to help the country she can take her fake, ignorant, divisive issues and go back to Alaska where McGrumpy found her. She has as much intellectual depth as a piddle left by a puppy.