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bito On February - 15 - 2010

During the day, do you read a story and you feel it is worth sharing?  Where to place it? I don’t like to disrupt someone’s thread or thoughtful post and it is not worthy of posting a lengthy article, do you?  Let’s try to leave this up in speakers corner and we can share some news!

From the Afghan  Women’s Writing Project

Colorful Days after Black Nights”

I remember the Taliban were searching houses ten times a day with different groups to find a book, cassette, picture, TV, or video game. If they found any of these, they shot the whole family. After we returned home, my mom burned books that my older sister and brother had collected over many years. She burned most of the books in our mud-brick oven, then threw the rest away in sacks very far from the house so the Taliban would not know they were ours. My heart was broken and I was at a loss……

I wove carpets for four years and forgot everything about studying or getting an education. We were stuck at home, and never allowed to go outside. When the Taliban were removed from power in Afghanistan after almost five years, most of the schools eventually reopened. My siblings returned to school, but I did not, because I was so afraid of everyone, still thinking that Taliban were close.


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Written by bito

Was once a handsome frog until kissed by an ugly corporate princess.----- Like a well honed knife, the internet can be a wonderful and useful tool. It can be used to prepare and serve a delicious meal or it can be used to cause harm. peace

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  1. javaz says:

    If Kalima peeks in, I am waving hello and good morning, then good night.

    ~waves good night to all and to all, have a good night~

    just got this email from a friend --

    A Jewish Rabbi and a Catholic Priest met at the town’s annual 4th of July picnic. Old friends, they began their usual banter.

    “This baked ham is really delicious,” the priest teased the rabbi. “You really ought to try it. I know it’s against your religion, but I can’t understand why such a wonderful food should be forbidden! You don’t know what you’re missing. You just haven’t lived until you’ve tried Mrs. Hall’s prized Virginia Baked Ham. Tell me, Rabbi, when are you going to break down and try it?”

    The rabbi looked at the priest with a big grin, and said, “At your wedding.”

  2. AuntieChrist says:

    God forbid that a bunch of empty headed pundits should take time to listen for even a minute to a Nobel prize wining economist regarding a field in which he’s more than qualified to speak:


  3. javaz says:

    Does anyone else feel that the religious right is working harder than ever at taking over, or at the very least, playing a major role in our government?

    I thought it ended with GW Bush, but it seems to me that Roe v Wade is going to be overturned -- one example is the religious right in Utah wanting to blame women for miscarriages and actually charge them with criminal homicide and that’s bad enough, but now there’s this tidbit.

  4. javaz says:

    A good story, for a change, on the local news.

    Ten days ago, a man tried stealing two cases of beer from a Circle K, and a customer stepped forward and told the guy to put it back.

    The guy did put it back, and then when he was leaving the store, a woman came in, and he smacked her and pistol whipped her, and the Good Samaritan stepped forward again, and the woman happened to be his wife.

    The criminal turned the gun on the Good Samaritan and killed him in front of his wife and mother.

    Okay, that’s a really sad part, but the good news is that the widow couldn’t make the payments on their car, so the car dealership, knowing the story, gave her the car.

    Wasn’t that a nice thing to do?
    And so unusual.

    The criminal is guessed to be in Mexico and his family and his girlfriend are in jail for helping him escape.

  5. javaz says:

    Good afternoon.

    Anyone watching the hockey game?

    Very exciting and is going to be a nerve-wracking OT.

    Keep looking for Pepe in the arena, but haven’t been able to find the skunk.

    Well darn, Canada wins the gold.

    Congrats to Crosby and the Canadian team, and good try Miller and the USA!

    • Blues Tiger says:

      Helloooooooooooooo javaz!!!

      Didn’t watch the game but from what I just read Pepe got his money’s worth…

      • javaz says:

        Hey BT --

        It was a very good and exciting game and hope Pepe writes an article about the experience or as Canadians would say -- aboat the experience!


        • PepeLepew says:


        • Khirad says:

          I had to miss it. Totally sucks. Sounds like it couldn’t have ended more excitingly.

          And you got it right. How the ‘uh-boot’ ever started, I don’t know. You have to say say so-ree aboat askin’ for the washroom, for example.

          That Bubl

        • Blues Tiger says:

          AAAAAAAWhoop Po Po Po Poop Poop Pooooooooo!


  6. Hopeington says:

    I’ve been out for a while due to no internet connection. Seems like I’ve missed a lot!!
    Thought I’d show up with this satisfying link of some protesters at UCSB last week giving Karl Rove some grief.
    Certainly not a protest that the media was covering!!!

    • javaz says:

      Hey Hope, glad to see you back -- we all missed you.

      It’s a good sign that not everyone was fooled by Rove and see him and the neocons for what they are.

      Now, if only more people would see the GOP and Teabaggers for what they are.

    • Blues Tiger says:

      I watched that video last night… It seems nobody wants to take questions that aren’t set up for talking points anymore…

    • PatsyT says:

      Hey Hope
      Good to see you
      I think a lot of people may be watching the Hockey Game
      USA vs CANADA
      Our family is on our way out to a concert.
      That link looks interesting
      I only took a quick peek
      hope things have been good for you.

  7. Blues Tiger says:

    Dick Durbins it’s time to end the filibuster petition

    The American people are sick of process blocking progress. They’re fed up with an arbitrary tradition that allows a minority of Senators to prevent popular, much-needed legislation from even coming to a vote.


  8. PatsyT says:

    On the tech/science subject
    How has this group been doing ?


    Anyone have a opinion or info on this group ?

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