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nellie On January - 26 - 2010

I thought it might be fun to talk about our wish list for Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address tomorrow.

(1) What would you Mr. Obama to talk about?

(2) What’s your dream phrase you’d like to hear the president say?

(3) What do you EXPECT to hear?

(4) Do you think you’ll be encouraged or disappointed?

For me:

  1. I want to hear him talk about jobs, gay rights, health care, energy
  2. My dream phrase — “We’re going to do away with the filibuster and overturn the recent Supreme Court decision in congress.”
  3. I expect a lot of talk about the economy and some encouraging words about health care.
  4. I’m expecting to feel, overall, disappointed — but I’m hopeful!

40 Responses so far.

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  1. darleneslee says:

    I want him to say that, This is America and the people have spoken. We will have healthcare, we will have job creation, and all those that obstruct can bail out wall street because he’s moved to main street. I want him to say that he extended his hand and it was rejected so try this fist.

  2. ArtMan says:

    Well my little furry friends,

    I am probably older than most of you and maybe younger than some, but in my 63 humble years on this beautiful planet, I have never seen a man lead a country with a more sincere and honest heart. I actually dont think that he can, at this time, tell us what he would love to yell out loud, because he is having to play the most dangerous game in history, POLITICS. I believe in my heart that it sickens him to deal with many of those individuals who disguise themselves as our representatives. I know I am preaching to the choir, but he moves me like no other human I have ever seen who has had the great privileged to hold that office. I know that I will, as usual tear up at his speech.

    Finally, the only humble wish I have is that he would tell us that he is going to hold fireside chats like FDR. I believe it is imperative that he keep contact with us in order to dispel the rumors and disinformation that constantly fills the airways.

    • Pashma says:

      Thanks ArtMan!

      I have never been as interested in politics as I have been since his nomination. I can’t imagine what it is like to walk daily in his shoes and not know who to trust and what advice is real or meant to bring about failure. I hope he listens to that sincere and honest heart.

      Because he is truly an organizer, I believe that it is what is in his way and disappoints him. In order to be a leader he must do what HE knows is the right thing to do and be at peace with NOT pleasing the masses. It’ll be okay in the end.

    • darleneslee says:

      I think I have you beat as far as age, but agree with your sentiments. I would like to see him stand his ground more firmly on all issues. I believe in compromise, negations, and flexibility. but only if the other side is willing. So far the Republicans have shown themselves to be nothing but obstructionist. I’m ashamed of the entire party. They have made us the laughing stock of the world. They have not shown that the people we elected know how to govern. They have presented our Democracy as a sham, by not working with the president. It also shows a lack of care and concern for the country on a whole.

      • ArtMan says:

        Darlene, well said.

        It still amazes me how often I am scowled at when I express to people that I am ashamed of the example we have set for the world, as we have surely not shown ourselves to be leaders or anyone to point fingers at other poorly run countries.

  3. Pashma says:

    What I would like to hear is:

    That this is and always will be a great nation. And even though we are in the midst of one of the most challenging economic crisis of our times, this country and its people have come together to help others in crisis (Haiti) and I thank you.

    I want him to spin the media massacre that is going on. I would like to hear him say that we live in times that information consists of commentary and opinions and that he has great confidence in the American people to make their own informed decisions.

    With the nation and the world watching this is his opportunity to deliver a powerful and clear message as to how he will lead this country forward. It will be spun negatively in a trillion different ways, but he has to leave a smidgen of doubt in the minds of the public that everything they see, read and hear may not be the truth.

    Because we are an impatient society, we need to know what will happen immediately, today to turn things around. And for goodness sakes Mr. President please talk to all of us, the educated the not so well educated, unite us in the fact that although we have differences we are ALL Americans.

    I want the best for this country and the President.

  4. msbadger says:

    (1) What would you Mr. Obama to talk about?
    What WILL be done, immediately, to pass Health Care Reform.

    (2) What

  5. Khirad says:

    Something along these lines:

    “I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.” -- FDR (sourced?)

    And, make sure to highlight what he’s done so far, and what we have to do still. And make it easy for indies to understand. Big on the economy.

  6. Kalima says:

    I’d like to see him smiling while holding up both arms in the air and repeat once again, the powerful words which got him elected, “Yes we can” before more people forget.

  7. tb92 says:

    I would love to hear this statement: “I had hoped that I could work together with the Republicans, the Blue Dog Democrats, and Wall Street. I now know that is impossible. From here on out, I will do what is necessary to help the American people--with jobs, mortgages, civil rights, and health care--without concern for the feelings of my opponents. It is acceptable for them to hate me, so long as the work gets done.”

  8. SueInCa says:

    I want him to say the HCR is going to be passed, that a jobs package is going to be implemented and when, that republicans “LIE” and that he is now the decider. If he cannot say those things then announce drastic cuts to medicare/medicaid because hell who wants socialist medical care? Also cut the tax breaks that are given to employers and employees on their health care premiums. If everyone cannot have health care then no one should have health care. What would all those high priced docs do when faced with trying to collect on the full amount of their bill? What will the insurance companies do when they no longer have customers? And what will all the hucksters do when they can no longer defraud medicare and medicaid?

    And of course I know he won’t and I probably do not want that to happen, I just wonder how people would react when it is their healthcare insurance at risk? Would they be screaming at town halls? would congress get the green light to go ahead?

  9. PatsyT says:

    I would love to hear him talk about how much money the health care and banking lobbyist have spent since he has been in office.
    That is our money in those Banks and Health Insurance Co’s and they are not using it on us,
    I would like Our President to ask people to wake up and recognize the real battle.
    Imagine if we had that money to put toward things like education, small business loans, new energy development & jobs.

  10. escribacat says:

    I’d like to hear him say they are going to pass a HCR bill. That they didn’t go that far to give it up now.

    Dream phrase: If necessary, we will pass our agenda without the republicans.

    I hope I don’t hear a lot of bs about bipartisanship but I’m a little worried that I will.

    I expect I will feel encouraged…not because I feel encouraged now but because I’ve felt encouraged after most of his other speeches.

    • boomer1949 says:


      so bipartisanship (on his part anyway) is idealistic. he tried, they blew him off, and now is the time to say, “you folks must be confused, i’m the POTUS and you’re not. get with the program or get out — sweeties — we have three, count ’em three more years to go.

  11. javaz says:

    1.) JOBS
    2.) Help for people facing foreclosure
    3.) Health care reform is not over
    4.) Remind the Republicans that their constituents are hurting, too, and it’s time for them to set their political agendas aside and start working with him and the Democrats on fixing the problems of the country

    -phrase -- AMERICA FIRST, political party last

  12. Gretel1or2 says:

    1. I would like to hear OBama talk about (in no particular order)

    a. Jobs/Economy and clarifying what the “spending freeze” entails.
    b. Health care reform -- what the bill contains, where they’re at currently and what will the end result look like, and when we can expect a signed bill.
    c. The status of DADT/DOMA in congress and in the pentagon.

    2. My dream phrase would be “I never said that any of this would be easy, but we are making progress and we will get there.”

    3. I expect to hear a refresher of what has been done so far and why it was necessary to do it, and a broad overview of Obama’s goals for the coming year.

    4. This is tough. I think I’ll be both. I expect to be disappointed about not getting enough specifics (too many broad outlines, but not enough details), but I expect to be encouraged because President Obama has a way of putting things in perspective, presenting the bigger picture and appealing to more rational side of my brain.

    By the way, is anyone planning to watch the Republican response by VA Gov McDonnell?

    • escribacat says:

      I like your list, Gretel. I want what you said!

      So this McDonnell fella is the latest hopeful? I enjoyed the Jindal one so much I might watch it.

  13. Tiger99 says:

    At the request of the Haitian Government we will be deploying 10,000 Marines to assist in the re-building efforts and to maintain the “Peace”, Now, let me make this clear, we are not at “War with Voodoo”. Voodoo, one of the worlds great religions…..”

    “I hear the naysayers, those who love to spread the negativity talking about my “bigoted views” concerning Pick-up trucks… Well I have something to say to those naysayers, “Cash for Clunkers” was a successful program creating and saving jobs and putting more fuel efficient automobiles on the road. Just because the Ford 1-50 was the vehicle most traded in doesn’t reflect to a conspiracy by my administration to remove Pick-up trucks from Americans clinging to their guns and bibles. Let me make this clear,Right Here Right Now some of my best friends drive Pick-up trucks……..”

    Heh Heh Heh 😀

  14. KQuark says:

    He says what he says. I have no demands or expectations. We have a dysfunctional congress that won’t get anything big done anyway.

  15. PatsyT says:

    I would like our President to point to the Republicans and say, YOU LIE !
    But that won’t happen so . . . . .
    How about he talks about the SCOTUS decision to let
    corporations run away with our democracy especially FOREIGN Corporations !!

  16. AdLib says:

    I would like Pres. Obama to face the Republican side of The Congress, point at the seat of his pants and declare in a dramatic flair of oratory, “Filibuster this!”

    Seriously, I do want him to be forceful in saying that he will work with those in Congress who want to accomplish things and that they WILL accomplish these things one way or another, with or without Republicans.

    They can choose to be part of the process or be meaningless to it. They are only working for their constituents in the case of the former and only for themselves and their partisanship in the latter.

    I think the Repubs need to be called out for putting party and political power above the urgent needs of Americans. That could be done under the heading of urging bipartisanship…knowing full well that bipartisanship will never be viable for many years, if ever.

    • bitohistory says:

      AdLib, I heard an historical note today stated by a few old political hacks. Many Presidents have started out trying to work across the aisle, but no longer than 2 years -or less. Then they said fergetboutit. A few cited were FDR,JFK,LBJ, Truman….. We will see.

    • boomer1949 says:

      I would like to see President Obama call out the Republicans this way (and not be nice about it by the way) by…

      Telling the Republicans they’re behaving like little kids on the playground because they lost.

      Telling the Republicans they’re obstructing any kind of progress — on purpose and out of spite.

      Telling the Republicans they’re racists and bigots.

      Asking the Republicans why they left their lily white sheets at home?

      • AdLib says:

        You mean he should be diplomatic? 😉

        • boomer1949 says:

          Heck no, and I was going to add…

          I would like to see him sit down cross-legged on the floor and give a reading of Dr. Suits! That would totally make my day and it would make you a national hero. 😉

          Oh, and they (the Republicans) wouldn’t recognize diplomatic if it bit each and every one of them in the ass; probably couldn’t spell it either. And, they’d think he was complimenting them. 😆

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