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The chat continues here. Pull up a an appletini, throw on your Snuggie and chill with your fellow members as we pick up where we left off at Vox Populi.

BTW, if you’re here early, click on over to Vox Populi to catch the remainder of it: http://planetpov.com/live-events/vox-populi/

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If another 9/11 occurs under Obama, of course the right-wing nutters will scream at the tops of their lungs about Obama and the Democrats being weak on terror.

I would hope though, that certain Republicans would work with the Administration at that point, in calming people’s fears.
I realize that that’s a pipe dream, but there were a few Republicans that did speak out about the underpants bomber and making statements that people were being unfair to Obama.

If another 9/11 were to occur at this moment or in the near-future, it would have the potential of destroying us economically, just as the first major attack in 2001.
Hopefully, level headed Republicans would place country first, and help in uniting us once again, as the Democrats did after 9/11/01.

It is an awful scenario to even imagine, but it is a real scenario that Obama and the DHS and other agencies work at daily.

As much as I hate to agree with the evil Dickless Cheney, reasonable Americans understand that he’s right in that it’s not a matter of “if” but of “when.”

You make an excellent point though, about the teabaggers and Limbaughs of the right, in that our enemies see we are divided, and the division of this country does make us weak.

With the Republicans fighting Obama every inch of the way in all things, and spouting the nonsense they spout, they are actually helping our enemies already, by their efforts in weakening Obama and his administration.
(isn’t that the logic the Repigs used during Bush’s term?)

I trust Obama and trust that he is doing everything possible to keep us safe, unlike Bush, who ignored the warnings prior to 9/11.

One would think that the Republicans who love spreading fear would be working with our president in keeping the country safe, instead of undermining his administration and their efforts.

KQµårk 死神

So what did I miss?


Well guys, as much as I’d like to play some more, I just got a phone call from my husband. He’s in the bedroom with a cold. He just asked if I could help him pull up the blanket! Normally, he doesn’t act this clingy or helpless, but when sick, he regresses. That was fun though! See you later.

KQµårk 死神

All men become children when we become sick. Now you have to play mommy.