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Scheherazade On January - 8 - 2010

Today the White House has released an official statement from Vice President Joe Biden announcing the passing of his mother:

“My mother, Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Finnegan Biden, passed away peacefully today at our home in Wilmington, Delaware, surrounded by her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and many loved ones.  At 92, she was the center of our family and taught all of her children that family is to be treasured, loyalty is paramount and faith will guide you through the tough times.   She believed in us, and because of that, we believed in ourselves.  Together with my father, her husband of 61 years who passed away in 2002, we learned the dignity of hard work and that you are defined by your sense of honor.  Her strength, which was immeasurable, will live on in all of us.”

The full statement can be read here.

I’m certain his mother was filled with pride to pass away knowing she had helped to bring such a loving and successful family into the world.

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  1. Obama20082012 says:

    May she rest in peace, and she raised one fine Vice President. Even if Her Highness thinks he should resign!

  2. Kalima says:

    My sincere condolences to VP Biden and his family. You could see how much her loved her and how very proud she was of him.

  3. Khirad says:

    Best wishes to the Biden family.

  4. nellie says:

    What a wonderful feeling she must have had seeing her son elected as Vice President. A long life well lived.

  5. KQuark says:

    Godspeed Mrs. Biden. You did a great job with Joe and helping raise his kids.

  6. jan4insight says:

    What a sad time for VP Biden, knowing how close they were. My sympathies & condolences; RIP for a life well lived.

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