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nellie On December - 18 - 2009

10-09-HotEntPlanetFocus2A happy Friday to everyone!

What a week! The health care bill, Copenhagen, and Tiger Woods. Guess which got the most coverage?

Once again, The Planet is the place to be on Friday Night for music, our live chat event and an absence of Tiger’s wood. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) Today is also the day we encourage members to visit HuffPo to invite other bloggers here but limit their time on HuffPo in a kind of semi-boycott each Friday. Since HuffPo has added our direct URLs to the naughty word filter, you can use these URLs at HuffPo in your posts for people to click on to link to our site:




BTW, if your comment goes to pending in an open thread there, it means they may have added that URL to the word filter too, so try one of the other links above and please let me know if a link seems added to their filter so I can create more links for us to use.

As HuffPo has disabled links to you tube, our Friday Night Music thread is the place to be for sharing and discovering music videos with your fellow members, all of which can be embedded in your comment, for your playing, viewing and listening pleasure while you blog.

Also, we present the next installment of our very successful and popular feature, Vox Populi. It is our live open chat between members on the events of the week, moderated by yours truly. Vox Populi begins at 7:00 pm PST, check out our Countdown To Vox Populi clock in the right hand column so you don’t miss it. You can get to the Vox Populi page by clicking on the links at the top of the page, LIVE EVENTS then VOX POPULI. For your convenience, here’s the link:


Hope to see you here tonight, as usual, should be a lot of fun!

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  1. nellie says:

    Hello all

  2. bitohistory says:

    Patsy, the whole speech!

  3. SueInCa says:

    I was doing some research and found this posted by Joe the Nerd at huffpo, it might be worth following up on. I am going to




    We need to show our numbers, our vigor, and our commitment to REAL, SUBSTANTIVE, AND FUNDAMENTAL (not incremental) CHANGE in a way that will capture the national media’s attention and call attention to our discontent. This astroturf, right-wing, TeaBag movement has been successful in creating the misperception that “Millions” of Americans are fed up with Gov’t (specifically Obama).

  4. PatsyT says:

    Thought you all might want to know…..
    Today on Chris Matthews
    He lead off with A Teddy Kennedy Mention -Missing the Lion-
    Boomer1949, your letter to Matthews may have had an affect??
    Was Chris Matthews or staff checking us out?
    Gosh knows they could use some real ideas over there …..

  5. escribacat says:

    Hallooo, I’ve got a houseguest so I won’t be around tonight. I’ll miss you!

  6. AdLib says:

    Two things, first, the Friday Music thread is up so feel free to post your music videos there. The theme for tonight is Mood Enhancers, which songs match your different moods or do you use to put you in a desired mood.

    Second, I won’t be able to so Nellie will be hosting Vox Populi tonight, cheers to Nellie.

    Thanks for showing Nellie the same fantastic respect you’ve all shown me as Moderator!

    Have fun!

  7. Tiger99 says:

    Good Evening!!! I think this just about sums up how I am feeling about what’s happening…

  8. javaz says:

    Dedicated to the Republicans and thank GOD, or DOG, the adults are in charge, even though the Democrats are corrupt bastards, too :

  9. PepeLepew says:

    This looks significant — U.S. brokers agreement with China and India on global warming.

    I’m sure the HP headline will be something to the effect that “Obama caves to China, India…”


  10. SueInCa says:

    Anyone heard of this?

    The Senate will conduct the most important vote of the health care debate on Monday at 1AM. (1 AM is not a typo) The vote requires 60 votes to approve. While on the phone and fax lines at the Senate are jammed, GradeGov gets thru via inside email addresses. So…Send the Senate a Christmas gift from you and let your voice be heard. Tell you friends and family before the 1AM Monday vote to go to GradeGov and tell the Senate how you feel about the Health Care reform bill. This could be a very important weekend for the future of your health care coverage.
    Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport.
    Stay tuned,

    Unsubscribe [email protected] from this list:

    Our mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 1371
    Ocala, FL 34470-1371

    Our telephone:

  11. PepeLepew says:

    This is cute. I just picked up my Sports Illustrated at the mailbox, and Stephen Colbert is on the cover!


  12. javaz says:

    Dog bless you, Nellie and now I understand the cryptic emails you and AdLib talked about on another thread last night.

    You know, if I were more technically savvy, I could help you guys, because I’m retired and in between this site, working on my stories, and checking out the net, I’m online all day long until about 6 or 7 in the evenings AZ time.

    This site is a great deal of work, and AdLib has devoted and still devotes so much time to it and btw, we are going to send another contribution after Christmas, but it’ll be from my husband’s paypal account.

    I would so much love to help with things here, as I am online, pretty much all day, but I need help.
    I’m really not a stupid person, but well, if a person shows me how to do something in person, I get it.
    Most times the things I miss are so easy, and I’ve helped write computer manuals for operating systems, and even though you think you spell it out, there’s things that people miss.
    Simple things.

    Let me know if I can help in anyway.

    And I thank you for your time and effort to this site.

    • bitohistory says:

      X2, j’avaz, I used to do web pages for a few non profits when the www was new and sparkly and the fastest machine out was the 486. I knew how to write some in HTML and some in javascript. Today I am lucky to type a sentence. 🙂
      Do to a few medical problems, i am on this machine many hours a day.
      I really want to be of help for this wonderful site. I think I have just gotten lazy, and with so many good writers/posters here, I have gotten worse.
      With 6+ new posts daily and all of the thoughtful comments with links, the site is getting to be a full-time job.~~My mind and bran are satisfied daily.

      I want to echo j’avaz and thank AdLib, KQ, K7 and Kalima for starting this site. And for nellie ,who is always helping me and others so much.

    • nellie says:

      Thank you, javaz. I didn’t mean to be cryptic — but sometimes I have very poor impulse control! And I just post and then it’s too late.

      IMHO, you are such a terrific help with your participation in this site — as everyone at PPOV is. This is a very special place. A civil, intelligent, informed, and active oasis on the web. You are part of that.

      • javaz says:

        It wasn’t you being cryptic, but AdLib, too.

        I’m a paranoid person anyway, and my first thought when reading that, was rut-roh, it has something to do with me, and then I reminded myself that not everything pertains to me.


        E’cat might understand, since she said she’s a paranoid person, too.

        I’ve got tell you that our members, meaning you and AdLib, too, that author articles put me to shame.

        Here I thought that I was a writer, but I’ve found out that I am not, so is it any wonder a book that I wrote and submitted to actual publishing houses was rejected, numerous times?

        E’cat has talked about that, too, and I really appreciated that, in knowing that it’s not only me, even though e’cat and everyone else, is so much better.

        I find this site incredible, in that there are so many, and more that are finding us, and when I say us, I feel as though I belong here as a member and are a part of something BIG.

        I truly believe that this next year, this site is going to really take off and become bigger than anyone imagined.

        I’m trying to get a good friend of my husband’s to post, as he has visited since my husband was so proud of me for being published here, even though it’s an easy thing.
        But that friend is very active in politics and knowledgeable and a real writer, so hopefully Ron H, you are reading this and post, dognabbit!

        One of my brother’s visits daily, and he even sends me ideas along with images to use in articles, so I’m working on him, too, in joining and posting what he wants me to post.

        You guys are onto something BIG here, and my prediction for 2010 is that the PlanetPOV is going to take off in ways that even the originators never imagined.
        I really do believe that.
        Call me Nostradumbass.

        • nellie says:

          javaz, I have to take issue with both you and e’cat about your writing. Your posts always pull me in and make me think — give me a new insight. That’s true for you both. And that’s what a good writer does. So no more self-deprecating remarks about your writing — or you’ll have to deal with me! 😉

          I do think this site is very special. The collegiality, the “Comity” if I may steal from “I don’t know what’s happening here in this body” McCain. It makes me feel smarter and more connected when I can really hear someone else and when I feel others are willing to listen to me. Your prediction is something to strive for.

          • javaz says:

            You know, I think that all of us here, are more of an ‘elite’ think tank, and genuine progressive site, even though I am not a real progressive.
            I really do have opposing viewpoints, but am not very good at debate.
            Don’t get me wrong.
            I am in no way a Repuke, or religious reich type person, but when it comes to certain things, such as fiscal issues, I am a Republican, but not the Republican Party as it stands today.
            I am a believer in personal responsibility, but the GOP go way far beyond what I think that means.
            My husband and I were registered as Independents, but in AZ, that meant we could not vote in primaries, so we registered as Democrats.
            And as true Independents at heart, we both feel as though both parties no longer include us.

            I must add, that when it comes to social issues, such as women’s rights and gay marriage, and health care, we are progressives, but I prefer the term LIBERAL.

            We are LIBERAL on social issues, but Conservative on fiscal.

            The problem is that Conservative no longer represents that part of our moral beliefs.

            (does that make sense?)

            • nellie says:

              Makes perfect sense. I came from a household where my dad was a republican and my mom was a democrat. And I turned out a socialist (only half joking). It’s the conversation that matters. We all share so many values, and sometimes we’ll disagree on how to get there. But as long as we can keep talking to each other, that’s the main thing.

          • bitohistory says:

            j’avaz, like nellie said!!

        • PepeLepew says:

          They want you to be paranoid, Javaz…

  13. SueInCa says:

    Here is one from a group called Aswad

    • SueInCa says:

      Thanks for that, as you might see from my gravatar, I love Bob Marley.

      • Obama20082012 says:

        Indeed. He was one fine looking man!

      • javaz says:

        Oh, us, too.
        We have a couple concerts on tape, and when the husband gets home from his annual Christmas lunch with the other retired ‘geezers’ -- oops, don’t tell my husband that I wrote that -- but seriously, they all get together every year and compare meds, and whatever is going on with their prostate and colons and every year they invite me, as I worked with them all, but really, do I need to know any of that?

        But when he gets home, I’ll ask him to find the tapes so I can share the titles.

        They’re excellent concerts and I do believe one is in Monterrey.

        • SueInCa says:

          That is funny. My daughter learned to love Reggae from me. She called me one day and said she was going to see Bob Marley at a fair in LA. She was so excited that I hated to tell her it was not going to be the “real” Marley. It was a street fair saluting the greats of Reggae.

          • PepeLepew says:

            I would *never* foist my music onto my children! 😉

            • javaz says:

              People always get me down, talkin’ bout my gen-gen-generation.

              Oh, to be babbling youth again.

              Was it Mark Twain that said, youth is wasted on the young?

  14. Scheherazade says:

    Well, in case I’m not able to make a contribution later.

  15. PepeLepew says:

    I demand more Who! 🙂

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