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When I was in Junior-High School, I did what may have been then the habit of many young males at that age. The newspaper would arrive and I would give the front page and local news a cursory read. Then quickly I would turn to the sports section and comics!!! Yes!!!
One day my Father was reading the paper and started to let out this audible chuckle and shaking of his head. I quizzed him what was so funny and he introduced me to the OP-ED PAGES! I have been hooked on those pages since.

Last week there were some very interesting stories(with links) to what is going on in your area. Let’s see again what are the concerns in your community. What is eating at your editor? What is nagging your neighbor? Potholes to potheads! Bombs to undocumented babies! Healthcare, jobs, cops and crime?
Let’s see what is going on in our and your Planet! Write a summery and C&P some of the best.
Last week Kquark suggested to summerize the “Letters to the Editor.” Yes! That is your neighbor. That may be the pulse of the community. That may be the thorn in the pols paw.

Again, please do not cut and paste the whole article ( those “ink-stained wretches” need to get paid. –That’s how we get the news.) Write a summery and C&P some.

Remember, this is POV. What are your thoughts?


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Thank you for answering.
I was worried about you.
Sorry to hear, or read, that you are not feeling well.

I talked to a very good friend earlier on the phone, and he helped me more than I can say.
His sister passed in a similar way as my brother, and I really needed to hear that.

I am able to come to grips better having talked to him.

As for going to bed early?
We are in bed at 7:00, and we read and/or watch TV, but honestly, we can’t make it to 8:00.
That’s why we tape shows and then watch them on the weekend.
And this week’s shows will be fun because they’re all about Christmas.

I hope you feel better, and will be okay.

You are a person I consider a friend, and feel free to write me at anytime.

I missed you yesterday and am so glad to see you here tonight.
I’m worried about you.


Here’s a nice gesture from Stephen King and his wife.
They are donating money so that 150 Maine Army National Guard can come home for the holidays.



Hoo-boy…my local paper went waaay out on a limb today.
Three daring op-eds:
1.) It would be good if kids ate less sugary cereal.
2.) TARP–success or failure? Answer: both.
3.) Suggestions on how to choose a good nursing home for granny/gramps.

They’re struggling so hard for readership, I guess they don’t want to risk offending anyone.


The LA Times ran three European cartoons as an Op-Ed this morning:
Toon-Op: Warming to their subject

There’s a brief comment on the featured cartoons here.


Japan firms owed $7.5 bln by Dubai: report.

I often wonder just how many rich guys bought into this get more rich quick scheme, this bold and for me quite uninspiring “mirage”in the desert that the majority of us couldn’t afford even if we wanted to go there. I have no sympathy for anyone who lost money in the kerfuffle during their financial crisis, they won’t miss what they have lost in any case and will continue to screw the public to make up for the loss. An example of being screwed would be products and appliances that are made with the intention of lasting no more than 5 years at the max. I was talking to hubby the other day about how long our light bulbs, tissues, toilet rolls, fridges, washing machines and so on last for the last 10 years, I make a note of these things and think that we are certainly being well and truly screwed right, left and center. One of these companies complaining that they have lost money that they have hoarded from consumers, doesn’t spoil my day in the least.

The idiom “A fool and his money are soon parted” seems to ring true throughout history, some people never do learn from past mistakes.



I agree, Kalima.
I do not feel sorry for the wealthy elite being scammed by anyone, because usually they participate in scams that they know are scams but are after the quick big bucks no matter the cost, pain and suffering inflicted upon those less fortunate.


Good morning, Kalima! Good post!

I agree about “planned obsolescence”! It makes me so angry to spend $1,500 for a refrigerator, now just OUT of warranty, to completely rust out. It still works properly, but looks absolutely terrible! The doors have completely rusted through the surface coating.

I also had a new GM car that the paint peeled off of in sheets! They offered to pay half of the $2,000 paint job to fix it.

And another pet peeve of mine…cereal boxes that are the same height, but are much “skinnier” and hold less. But of course, the price is either the same or even higher. The same goes for candy bars…check out a Hershey chocolate bar and note the weight.

The American consumer is nothing but a cash cow for these companies who continue to hawk their products and take our hard-earned money in exchange for less and less.


This reminds me of the effort to force Iraq into becoming a democracy. Things need to develop organically, to a certain extent. I guess developers were thinking Dubai could become another Los Vegas — a huge profit center built from nothing in an out-of-the-way location. I can’t say I feel too much sympathy for this one, either.


Good morning from the East Valley Tribune in Arizona –

Typical OP/ED piece from RW Austin Hill that purports Obama has said the way out of the recession is to spend.
He states that Obama has proposed a new ‘jobs bill’ relegating federal funds for highways, bridges and infrastructure, and “tax incentives to encourage people to make their homes more energy efficient.”

Mr. Hill reminds us how Obama and Biden ‘crowed’ only a month ago about the number of jobs created and saved.
He cries about the billions and deficits.
He ends by saying that Obama needs to get out of the way of Americans.


Letters to the editor has a complaint against the proposed license tax fee that will go to help state parks, and a complaint about a past editorial that announced climate change as being a fraud and the writer complains that the sources used for that misleading article were from the ‘Wall Street Journal’ and ‘Fox News.’

Then there is a final letter in which the writer suggests that instead of escalating the Afghanistan War that Obama use the troops to secure our borders instead and stop issuing visas to all Arabs and Muslims that apply.


Yesterday’s editorial from the Arizona Republic was just as fun, with the majority of locals spouting about Liberals believing the lying environmentalists concerning Glen Canyon Dam – an article Nellie shared yesterday in her under-reported news.


And then my favorite from the EV Tribune was a letter explaining the reasons the ‘liberal elite’ fear Sarah Palin is because she is plain-talking and highly intelligent.