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FeedUp On December - 9 - 2009



Sorry, I am really a newbie at inserting a picture or sometype of visual, if anyone wants to add something please feel free and go ahead.  This is my first post so I am not sure what I am exactly doing.  And I am a bit shy and timid.  Actually scared shiteless………………..

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  1. Emerald1943 says:

    Good mornin

  2. choicelady says:

    Well done, Feedup! I’m still sorting out whether I even have anything to SAY, never mind the graphics. I’m your admirer!

  3. AdLib says:

    BTW, to all members, here’s our how-to on posting images with your articles from our FAQ (you can always consult it at the top of the page for reference on this and all aspects of posting):


    3. ADDING AN IMAGE IN YOUR POST -- You must always add an image to your article and since this is a commercial site, the images must be royalty free/public domain (you can also modify an image you find or create your own graphic if desired).

    a. FINDING AN IMAGE -- Here are some sites where you can search for public domain images. When you select an image, copy its URL from your browser:





    You can find more sites at


    b. INSERTING AN IMAGE IN YOUR POST -- Click the square icon beside “Upload/Insert”. To use an image on the web, next click the “From URL” tab, paste the URL for the image in “Image URL” , enter a name for the image in “Image Title”, for “Alignment” select “Center” then click “Insert in Post”.

    If you’ve downloaded an image onto your computer or created one, click “Select Files” instead and select the file on your computer to upload. When it has uploaded, copy the “Link URL” (you’ll need it in a moment), for “Alignment” select “Center” then click on “Insert Into Post”.

    4. ADDING A PREVIEW IMAGE -- You also need to include a preview of your image with each post, this is the image that appears next to your post on the Home page. To do this, scroll down to the “Custom Fields” section and below “Add New Custom Field”, use the pull down box to select “Preview” then in the “Value” box, paste the Link URL you copied in Step 3b. Click the “Add Custom Field” button just below it to complete this step.

    The Preview Image function only works with images uploaded to our site so if you used a URL to another site for the image you inserted in your post, either download that or another image then upload it as described above, once it’s uploaded, copy its Link URL, close the Uploaded Image window then paste the Link URL in the “Value” box as described above.

    • bitohistory says:

      Ad Lib, for those less gifted (me) on posting an image, we need a place to practice before the big game. :-)

    • nellie says:

      AdLib, I would add, please save the image as a JPEG before uploading. WordPress does not seem to like PNG files — which are becoming more and more common.

    • KevenSeven says:

      As you know, I have tried repeatedly to follow those directions, I seem to manage to get them into the body of my post, but it never aprears on the front page with the title/synopsis.

      But then I have never claimed to be skilled at this stuff.

  4. AdLib says:

    Feedup, congrats on your first post!!!

    As bitohistory said, don’t forget to always include your POV on any story you share, that’s what makes it unique!

  5. KevenSeven says:


    I empathize about the tech issue of inserting a graphic, I have yet to manage it.

    Are you “feedup” over at Huff? Because I am “justplainfedup”. I just wanted to go on the record to say that we are two different people.

    Oh, and next time, if you could please pen a few sentences about whatever it is that you want to comment on, we would appreciate it. Please go to the FAQ at the top of the page for more details.

    Welcome aboard.

    • FeedUp says:


      At the HP, I was Navision. Yesterday, I closed out my account with HP. I started coming to the Planet in August but like I said I am shy. Plus, my husband was laid off in January 09, and the both of us working on laptops were on a mission to get him back to work and we ended up in Central Texas, we are about 30 miles from Fort Hood.

      Hubby and I are both from the SW suburbs of Chicago and after high school moved to Broward County, FL (we were just north of Fort Lauderdale). We moved to FL mainly for lack of opportunities in IL back in 1973-74. Fort Lauderdale was a small growing city and within a couple weeks he found a job that launched his 33 year career.

      My next door neighbor another staunch Dem-progressive and I went to see President Obama and Joe Biden at the BankAtlantic Center in September 08. We stood in line for 6 hours along with about 50,000 people with desperate looks on many faces. Only, 24,000 folks were let in. The most exhilarating thing I have ever done.

      When I was in high school I had the poster of the pink flower, war is not healthy for children and other living things. That really irked my Republican parents.

      Always been and always will be a peace creep and environmentalist.

    • PepeLepew says:

      I thought it was you, too!

  6. kesmarn says:

    Feedup, hey, you overcame your fears and posted! I’m a huge believer in overcoming fears. The article you cite is a sobering one, without a doubt.

    A couple thoughts come to mind: there should be more options for kids who are “too poor to afford college.” Signing up for the Marines should be a choice for people who really want to sign up for the Marines, not the Plan B of dire necessity.

    And I do feel for President Obama. I’ve been involved in peace movements of one sort or another almost all my adult life. I would never want to be in the position of having to make some of the decisions he’s required to make. It has to be just about the worst part of his job. Meeting with families like this one would be unimaginably difficult.

    Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  7. solomons devotion says:

    I can not read another story that is sad. I am one sad story away from a total meltbrown. I want to post a story about unicorns and flowers.

  8. FeedUp says:


    Thanks for the tip.

  9. bitohistory says:

    Feedup, Glad you posted this story. If I may give you friendly tip:
    It is nice to write a summery of your link and perhaps your opinion and impression of it.


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