Good mornin’, all you beautiful PlanetPeople!

That was a heart-breaker of a story about the war and the loss of a son. I am a mother of a Gulf War vet and I cannot imagine what I would have done if he had not come home.

We forget sometimes. We are all busy, trying to make a living, keeping up our homes, shopping for Christmas, taking the dogs to the vet, and all the other little odds and ends that are a part of living in America these days. We see the coffins come in at Dover AFB, and we reflect for a moment…then we go on with our lives. We don’t think about all the other people affected by the loss of a soldier.

It’s like ripples in a pond. Throw a rock into the water and watch the ripples…they will go all the way across the pond and some will even bounce back against the edge of the pond and return. A death in Afghanistan is like that…the ripples affect all of us, maybe in ways that are not readily discernible, but affect us all they do! The soul of our nation is affected.

Pardon my waxing philosophical this morning, but this is a subject that touches me to the core!

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