I would like to share a group I stumbled across last Spring. A friend sent a YouTube video (Africa and in English) that totally went viral; over a million hits.  In any event, I have done research on them and even wanted to go to Ljubljana for my birthday this past October for their annual concert. Unfortunately, I waited too long to make plans.

Nevertheless, it is my intention to go next year. Rumor has it that David Paich, TOTO and Co-author of the original song “Africa” wrote volumes of praise for Perpetuum’s vocal arrangement. Moreover, Regents Professor Paris Rutherford, University of North Texas, gave exemplary praise of the talent, harmony, arrangements, and overall technical expertise of this group.

As a former vocal wannabe and mediocre flutist, I am forever impressed by extraordinary musicians. I ordered their most recent CD for myself and after listening to it, more than once, I placed another order for friends for the holidays. I have NO vested interest in this group other than their enthusiasm, harmony, and love, love for music. They are truly phenomenal…and are in it for the love of music…not the money. I have even written to the White House (why I don’t know) asking the President and Mrs. Obama to invite them to perform there if they ultimately tour the US.

In any event, if anyone is interested in vocal a capella, vocal percussion, and extraordinary harmony, and extraordinary music, please check them out.

They are a breath of fresh air!  OR



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How wonderful! Thank you, Boomer. In 1996 I had the wonderful experience of meeting a man from Ljubljana – one of the smartest, funniest, and most interesting of human beings, so this is a real gift. This groups is marvelous, and this is a great treat. Many thanks.

Pepe Lepew

Boomer and others, you might like this video too if you have not seen it.

I love it!


This is joyous! Any way to tell how many were spontaneous joiners? It’s just something that makes you smile and cheer – how could this not delight everyone unless you are have Grinch or Ebeneezer embedded in your heart. Wonderful!


I got that video from my daughter’s music teacher in August.

Isn’t that fabulous? I must have sent it to 30 people.

Excellent. Glad you posted it.

Hope I see you soon Boomer.



One of my favorite bands is from Ljubljana, however, they are nothing at all like this. 😉

Very interesting country. Had friends whom recently visited, and had a story about eating horse meat.

Beat box guy cracked me up. In any case, no feelings hurt for not using a drummer, we kinda get bored in this style. What’s awesome for a choir can be mind-numbing for accompaniment, but choir girls were never so bad of a perk when spacing off.


Beautiful and thank you.

I have a dear friend from Ljubjana who I met here in Tokyo when she was touring with a Ballet troupe. She, her younger sister and older brother all chose one of the arts for their careers. My friend chose ballet, her sister modern dance and her brother is a musician. Unfortunately my friend injured her ankle a few years after I met her and had to retire from dancing, she ended up in Muenchen/Munich to study archeology, her second love. There are a lot of very talented people in Slovenia, it makes me glad that this group of talented artists will be seen in different countries soon.

KQµårk 死神

Most excellent cheers for the video. Honestly I am beginning to get into more and more international music because American music has been shite lately and international music is much more creative and original.


Wow! A music-aholic like me, is in total heaven. This is fantastic.

Thank you Boomber1949, for sharing.



Wow. That’s all I can say. If any of you have ever attempted a capella singing you know what an accomplishment a performance like this is. I notice that each and every singer is “miked.” That’s performing without a net, for sure!

I had never heard of this group before; but I won’t forget them now.
Thanks, boomer!


I absolutely loved it, boomer. Something about their good energy makes me feel hopeful for humankind.