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KQµårk 死神 On November - 5 - 2009

capt.photo_1257452613439-3-0Twelve people mostly service members are confirmed dead in a shooting on a US military base. It has been reported that 31 others have been wounded and there were three perpetrators that are thought to be military. I believe, this is no time to push political agendas or say we saw this coming with the right wing fervor out there because it would not be appropriate and disrespectful to the victims including their families. We don’t even know who the perpetrators are and the motivations behind the shootings yet. However it is a time to look within ourselves as a people and understand uncivil talk usually leads to deadly actions.

Adlib and I wrote a couple articles early about the explosive elements within our our society today.

It’s Getting Ugly Out there Folks

“Popping like Popcorn”

An Epidemic of Racism

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Written by KQµårk 死神

My PlanetPOV contact is [email protected] Proud Dem whose favorite hobby is cat herding. The GOP is not a political party, it's a personality disorder. Cancer, Heart Failure and Bush Survivor.

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  1. BlueStateMan says:

    I wonder how many broken souls Major Assad had to council before his soul broke as well.

  2. Kalima says:

    Lone shooter alive according to CNN.

    “Alleged Fort Hood lone gunman — U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan — is alive and in custody, said Lt. Gen. Robert Cone.”

  3. KevenSeven says:

    Obviously a tragedy. Not unpredictable considering the stress the Army and Marines have experienced over the last seven years.

    The incidence of violence by soldiers toward their families is way off the charts, the last few years.

    Prediction: more than one of the reactionary AM talk show hosts is going to blame liberalism. Or is going to tell his audience that liberals are happy about this.

    Just watch MediaMatters.com, they will have it first.

  4. PepeLepew says:

    I heard the other two people taken into custody were released.

  5. FeloniousMonk says:

    The latest that is being reported on NBC is that the shooter was an Army major, a psychiatrist, who had been stationed at Walter Reed and recently reassigned to Fort Hood, after being promoted to major. He was scheduled to ship out to the middle east soon. Supposedly he was voicing opposition to going. His specialty was treating soldiers with PTSD. Two handguns (not military issue) were used. The report should be saying 13 are dead since he was killed while attempting to be apprehended.

    I can tell you that listening to other peoples high stress issues for long periods of time results in high stress of your own. Whether this is the cause or something else, he had the tools to find another solution to his own demons rather than lashing out at others.

    • Strega says:

      Thank you for the update; I imagine as the evening progresses we’ll get more info. HP has a fully mod page on this, yet letting through comments that are insinuating it was a result of the shooter’s islamic beliefs?!! I find that site becoming more & more sensationalistic & only the good people that post there keep me returning.

      • Khirad says:

        My first thought that came to me when I heard this story after registering how tragic it was was “please, please, don’t let him be Muslim!”

      • javaz says:

        Hey Strega!

      • FeloniousMonk says:

        He had a middle eastern name. That means nothing to me as an indicator of anything. I don’t judge people by Irish names, either, no matter the stereotypes we give to them.

        He was an American soldier. A professional. And most of the Muslims I’ve known do not fit the mold of what many choose to believe about them.

        I’m sure there will be spin but I’m waiting for the conclusive facts.

        • deygirl says:

          Seems that whatever his religion, he lost his mind in a pretty universal fashion.

          I can’t imagine having to carry the burden of the other soldiers’ pain as he must have had to.

          • FeloniousMonk says:

            I can. I have. Not soldiers, but others. If you are compassionate it is very dangerous for yourself. Experience.

            (I’m working on the other thing, dey)

            • deygirl says:

              Caring for my mother is killing me. Literally, I think.

              Multiply that by the number of his patients, and the only surprise is that he functioned at all.

            • FeloniousMonk says:

              In December 2004 my mother, at age 92, finally came to stay with us. She was healthy as normal. She died in the 3rd week in January 2005, congestive heart failure and associative issues.

              Let us just say it took a lot out of me.

              We’ll talk about mothers…

            • BigDogMom says:

              It’s very hard to be the caretaker of older parents, my girlfriend is doing that…Her Mom has lived with her for the pas 5 yrs, after her Dad passed away..she’s at her wit’s end…I see how stressful it is for her and what a toll it has taken on her…I feel for you.

  6. nellie says:

    Hearing on the radio: Shooters — two soldiers in custody and one dead.

    • javaz says:

      I just read that and wonder if the two soldiers in custody could have possibly been shooting at the gunman.
      This is such an unbelievable tragedy.

      The gunman that was killed was Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan, who they say was an Army mental health professional.

      “A law enforcement official said Hasan, believed to be in his late 30s, was killed after opening fire at the base. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

      A defense official speaking on condition of anonymity says Hasan was a mental health professional

  7. PepeLepew says:

    Maybe this is too early, maybe this isn’t appropriate, but what I can’t help but remember is that when the guy shot up Virginia Tech, all the gun nuts saying, “Well, if guns had been allowed on campus, this would’ve never happened.”
    This was a military base. Lots of guns. Doesn’t help…

  8. kesmarn says:

    There are SO many people out there who are truly ‘ready to blow.’ I see it in my work. I’m sure many of you do, too.

    The following was in our newspaper today:

    Michigan Social Workers Fear Threats Over Delays

    Michigan social workers struggling with mounting welfare, food stamp and Medicaid caseloads said yesterday they fear for their lives after being assaulted or threatened by recipients frustrated by delays in state aid.

    Employees of the Department of Human Services said at a legislative hearing that they are overwhelmed with bulging caseloads and people seeking help are taking out their frustration on workers. …

    …a client frustrated by the wait threw a chunk of concrete through a window. The office has been broken into three times. The computer server was stolen for scrap metal. …

    …more than 20 percent of Michigan’s residents get some type of government assistance--400,000 more than a year ago.

    People are desperate.

  9. javaz says:

    The latest report is that possibly 9 are dead and at least 30 wounded.
    They supposedly have one shooter in custody.
    Very sad and tragic.

  10. Kalima says:

    I just heard that they are not sure if the suspects are actually soldiers or just someone wearing a uniform for cover.

  11. nellie says:

    I’m wondering, who would shoot up a military base? What is this about? We need more information.

    Whatever the facts turn out to be, this kind of incident is always unjustifiable. And terribly, terribly tragic.

    • FeloniousMonk says:

      Whoever it is and for whatever motive, their actions are wrong and stupid. I know there are thousands of families concerned that the victims may be their loved ones. It is so sad.

    • KQuark says:

      That’s why I did not want to overreact to the situation but now 12 people have been reported killed and up to thirty wounded.

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