computer scienceSenator McCain Hates this Site (and many others)!

Do you like this site?  Your own blog?   Other small independent sites? Forget about it, if Senator McCain and the “the corprotistas” have their way.  Has anyone even heard anything about this on the telly?  In the newspapers? The major radio programs?  Of course you haven’t , they have the bucks to pay-to play.

What I am preaching about is the bill Senator McCain is proposing to end “net neutrality”.

This little lovely that Mr. McGrumpy is trying to land in everyone’s laps will be the one of the stifling contractions since the advent of the “internets” and WWW has ever seen. Kquark just posted an article about science, imagine how much progress in science and health would have halted or been stymied had this this bill been effect at the inception of the internet.

If you care not, that you will be able to “click” on HuffPo and get it on screen within seconds and this site (and many others) will take 2-5 minutes to appear then don’t bother with this post. If you do care, contact your senator. This should not be able to even have a hearing let alone be able to get out of the committee.

(For you edification, please read this given link and their links, their presentation is worth reading)

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Thanks for this article.
I have not read much on this topic, but will do so today.


Have you seen the ads that are running in opposition to net neutrality? They are disgusting. The argument is framed in terms like: “Do you want a government takeover of the internet? That’s what the government is trying to do. When they talk about ‘net neutrality,’ they’re talking about the government seizing control of YOUR internet access!”

Once again, the alarmist, fear-mongering tactic that gets the ill-informed to vote for the interests of wealthy, powerful corporation over and above their own!

KQµårk 死神

I read about this the other day. I think the bill has a bad name. It should be called net freedom or something like that. It actually opens the net more and does not make legislates what content is on the net.


Grrr. This is so typical. The people on the right never fail in their efforts to take a good thing and make it better for those with money and power and worse for those without. The end result of this favoritism will be a whole lot of unbearably slow sites that go kaput and a very few fast and slick sites owned by a few titans like Murdoch — and dare I say it — HuffMama the Phony. I have to wonder why McCain is taking such an interest — or who paid him to.