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DCTVixen On September - 12 - 2009

Republican Teabaggers, in all of their intellectual dexterity, descended on the US Capitol today. A crowd numbering 5,000 or 2 million people (I’m sure official numbers are due shortly) came from near and far wielding well written and thought provoking placards meant to make a strong, unified statement!

The classiest of such placards stated:

Such a touching display of human decency. Keep it classy, Teabaggers.

Well what can I say, really? The TB’s are fed up and are putting their foot down!

No wasteful spending.

No fiscal irresponsibility.

No Gov’ment hands on their gov’ment Medicare.


No Siree! Not on their watch!

If only they weren’t a day late and a trillion dollars short.

Now, as an American, I can understand how it’s difficult to know when it is the right and wrong time to make a stand. Especially when Fox News hasn’t spelled it out for you by way of ominous music, misleading/untruthful headlines and big scary looking pictures of mean people who don’t look like you. If only Glenn Beck had been on FN those 8 years that Bush was president. Maybe things would be different!

At any rate, that’s the past. This here is about the future of these United States of America!

Just say no to Obamas Pubic Option!!!
Just say no to Obama’s Pubic Option!!!

Now, while today is the first time I’ve heard about this so called “Pubic Option” that Obama insists on cramming down our throats, I personally don’t see the problem with free bikini waxes. Especially if it is followed by a free Teabagging session! That said, I am a reasonable person. So, for the betterment of this great nation, I am willing to side with the republicans on this one. No Pubic Option!

There! A compromise with the Republican Party: Yes We Can!

All joking, snarkiness and sarcasm aside, I am simply amused by this movement that the republican party has embarked on.  At the same time, I’m forced to ponder… Just where was this anger and outrage when the Bush Administration happen to lose billions of dollars in Iraq? When I say “lose” I don’t mean that they placed a bad bet on a Super Bowl game. I mean that they have no clue where it is!  It’s just somewhere in the abyss… That abyss, of course, may start with an H and end with an N, but hey, now is not the time for speculation!

Furthermore, where was this outrage when the deficit began to grow under Bush/Chaney, helped along by huge tax cuts given to the wealthiest people in the country?  Now, I know that Dick Chaney said that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter, but how is this theory working for the average American today? Better yet, if Reagan proved that deficits indeed don’t matter – what’s the problem with, theoretically, increasing the deficit in a way that will help Americans when we need it most? Are we really concerned with the wealthy more than we are concerned with the middle and lower class in this country? Or was Chaney saying whatever he needed to say to get people on the side of fiscal irresponsibility?

Not to mention, years and years before the financial crisis came to a head last year, economists warned that we were headed for trouble. Big trouble. Yet, the Bush Administration, and their republican controlled congress, stayed the course. They did not stray from their ultimate objective. An objective that had nothing to do with me, you, our grandparents, nor our grandchildren. An objective that lined the pockets of Big Oil, Big Pharmaceuticals, and Big Business in general.

I can still remember quite well, republicans brushing off any mention of wasteful and irresponsible spending in regards to the war and the Bush administration as a whole.  When, in June of 2007 the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a report that stated the US Government was committed to spending $1.1 trillion with companies holding government contracts, there was not one peep out of these so-called fiscal responsible TB’s.

More than $200 billion in taxpayer money was spent on projects for which only one or a handful of companies submitted bids, the committee found.

That figure has more than tripled since 2000, according to the report, and now comprises more than half of all government spending outside of entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Teabaggers, can you spell “Disingenuous Hypocrite?” Probably not.

A picture is worth a trillion words:


God bless Amercia, indeed.

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  1. LuluMay says:

    “It’s SAD to see such UNPATRIOTIC and TREASONOUS Americans -- criticizing a sitting President during a time of war. Don’t they realize that doing so damages the morale of the troops and only serves the enemy by “emboldening” them???”

    Hmmm…where have I heard THAT before? where oh where…hmmm…Oh yeah….that is what THEY said about US for eight years..

    Can’t wait for Rachel Maddow on Monday to continue to connect the Freedom Works, Glen Beck, Dick Armey dots.

  2. Questinia says:

    What I’d like to know is, do these people even have health care insurance? Someone should interview them and ask.

  3. FeedUp says:

    I seriously doubt if any unemployed people (those that want to work) are in that crowd. If you have current employment and benefits it is probably fun to shoot off your big mouth and have an opinion about something you know little about.

    What these people don’t realize is they are CUTTING THEIR OWN THROAT.

    Fact. Life is a numbers game, at some point in your life you will become unemployed and you will be without coverage unless you are rich enough to afford health insurance.

    All these folks — where were you when BUSH had his off the books WAR, and where were you when BUSH and Paulson bestowed 1 trillion dollars to the corrupt banks.

    Rural America is DRYING UP —- unless you can get a job with a multinational Coroporate FARM — Guess What you are going to starve to death.

    It has already been happening —-- GHOST TOWNS in WEST TEXAS,
    by WACO, everyone and everything GONE, no bank, no barber, no store, no doctor

    • DCTVixen says:

      Part of me thanks them for being so entertaining, but the other part of me wish that they would disappear all together, because they do cause some damage. We can’t have any kind of REAL healthcare debate because the other side is so loony. We are sitting here combating blatant lies instead of actually going over the parts of the bill that may need to be tweaked. The republicans are not doing their job in encouraging a real debate. But of course, that’s because they don’t want one. It’ll hurt them in the end.

    • FeedUp says:


  4. AdLib says:

    LOL!!! Very nicely done!

    If I could put torn, stained t-shirts and racial hatred on brain damaged lemmings, you’d never be able to tell the difference.

    I wish I was wrong about this but based on the utter lunacy and mindless hatred over imaginary issues, I just don’t think this is about the issues you so cleverly describe.

    I don’t think these inbred misfits, these human viruses, care about whether what they’re screaming is true or not.

    I missed the teabagger sign saying, “Dum is the Knew Smarte!” That’s one of two things this is really about. Poorly educated white people are pissed off that the president who they felt they could have had a beer with and beat at tic tac toe had to leave office.

    Of course, the second issue is that Pres. Obama has never attended a Klan meeting.

    This is all a Confederate Flag planted on Astroturf.

    September 12, 2009: Racists, the toothless and Big Pharma unite!

    In other words, The Republican Party is seceding from being a major party.

    • DCTVixen says:

      The whole “I want a president just like me!” thing never made sense to me. I want a president who is a whole hell of a lot smarter than me. Do they think being president is some easy job that anyone can do?

      Oh wait… they voted for Sarah Palin. I guess that’s a “yes.”

      • nellie says:

        There’s an old story in the civil rights movement about the coalition between low income blacks and whites in the south, who recognized that they had a lot in common, who were working side by side doing the same work. It frightened the power structure so much, that they fabricated a story about a black man raping a white woman.. and the rest is history. Low income whites will never understand how they are used and abused until they can cut the emotional ties with elites who keep telling them they are in the same “tribe.”

        The reality is that these folks have nothing more in common with George Bush, who went to Andover and Yale, Harvard Business school, was protected, privileged and wealthy his entire life, and who sneers at anyone not in his own income bracket who would deign to look at him as an equal. If they knew how they were laughed at by the people who egg them on, I wonder if it would make a difference to any in that crowd.

        • DCTVixen says:

          Exactly. I try to tell these people that all the time, but they don’t hear it. United We Stand, Divided We Fall… The story of America.

      • AdLib says:

        I think it goes to the thought process of these types. They aren’t educated enough to come to conclusions through critical thinking nor understand the benefit.

        These are the same people who fry Twinkies and make a meal out of them.

        The way they make decisions is based on, “Does it make me feel good? If it does, it’s good.”

        And having someone who seems as much a dimwit as they are as president makes them feel better about him than someone they totally can’t relate to.

        Sadly, there’s a long world history of populaces that are turned against the educated by cynical leaders who demonize the educated.

        Such “leaders” know how much more power they have when their nation is dominated by mindless mobs who can be so easily distracted from interfering with ruling their nation.

        These “leaders” just push the big buttons in the simple minds of the ignorant: fear, prejudice, hatred, insecurity, and the side shows of Gay Marriage, Abortion, Tea Bagging take the focus away from their ongoing thefts of national wealth and democracy.

        These ignorant folks are rubes at the circus who get ripped off by the carnys yet go home happy, thrilled that they were able to buy magic beans for just the cost of everything they had.

  5. Kalima says:

    Hey, Glen Beck was there, his thousands of alter egos too, come on be fair.

    What a total poopfest?

  6. KQuark says:

    Great article. You really hit the nail on the head.

    The hate, illogic, hypocrisy, savagery and ignorance of these people has no bounds whatsoever. After the first teabagger rallies a responsible conservative said all the anger directed at President Obama was directed at the wrong person. He said it was Bush that broke every tenant of fiscal discipline and he was 100% correct.

    The worst part is these people are suppose to be “populists” but it’s corporate Faux News and corporations lobbyists that set up these demonstrations now. Let’s face it the main reason driving this hatred is racism pure and simple. 90% of the signs have nothing to do about healthcare or spending, they are about hate.

    The only saving grace is this hate is making the teabag movement more and more a fringe movement. At first there were some more moderate populists in the movement and even some on the left in the movement but not now.

    • DCTVixen says:

      Exactly. This would be like MSNBC or CNN being like, “we are going to have a anti-whatever rally, come join us!” That’s not their job. Their job is to report the news not create it. At least, that’s the job of most true/real journalists… Which are curiously absent from FNN.

      Well, at least while they are making asses out of themselves, the adults are attempting to make the country better.

    • Kalima says:

      Did you see their faces, it was a hatefest.. I watched his speech and pounded my fists, well done Mister President, my friends will thank you for caring, I thank you too.

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