van-jones-2I simple can’t get over it. I was just so sick over this. I am shaken to my core.

If the President can’t find respect & safety on the hallowed floor of the House for a joint speech to Congress among elected officials were democracy is always – until last night – on it’s best behavior; the venue that respects the tradition of the Presidency with grand pomp & circumstance culminating with the grand announcement of his arrival, wild applause on both sides of the aisle, regardless of party affiliation; during a prime time address to congress & the nation; if he can’t find respect & safety THERE….I don’t know what to think anymore.

Joe Wilson’s apology was almost as insulting as his nasty outburst. “The Republican leadership ASKED me to apologize, so I did….” Shove it, I say. Get lost. You’re done. Outta here. ENOUGH! There’s a Town Hall waiting for you somewhere.

And my heart broke when the camera panned to The First Lady after the insult was hurled at her husband; a combination of sadness, rage and fear. Can you imagine what must have been going through her mind? If looks could kill Nancy Pelosi would have done the job. Nothing like the Mom Death stare.

As much as I disliked Bush – I would have STILL been appalling. Comparing this to shoes being thrown is NOT the same; comparing this to people yelling or booing or yelling Liar at a rally, or a protest or a parade or a campaign stop or a fundraisers or a…well, you get the the drift.. It is the VENUE, the AUDIENCE, that made this act by Mr. Wilson so unforgivable.

Can you imagine if the tables were turned? Do you remember the days of the Patriot Act when we were encouraged to spy on our neighbors to make sure they weren’t even thinking ill of Bush in their own damn homes? If someone had done that to Bush in that same venue they would have been dragged out, water-boarded, run out of town, and strung up for Rush, Beck & Faux News to have at them. Their response to Wilson? Rove thought it was “funny.”

And can someone explain to me how this act was not the height of being patriotic? Do you remember how people were accused of such if they ate a damn french fry?

Interesting that people were worried about having their children listen to a speech by the President. Clearly HE is not the one they should be worried about. Who will we explain what happened last night to our children? What must they think of what they saw? Well, I can tell you: the children in my life were confused, shocked & sacred. Nice going, bonehead.

As usual the Democrats (much to my chagrin) have decided to accept Wilson’s arm-twisted apology & move on. I wish I would be as conciliatory on the issue. I would like to see some push-back, some fight. I want heads to roll. Do you think for a minute that if it were their guy Beck & Hannity & O’Reilly & the rest of their clan would let this go? Remember Jeremiah Wright? Remember them going after Michelle for her “proud of my country” comment? Remember Ayers? Van Jones? I’m all for forgiveness but a person has to EARN it. Even Super Nanny would have looked at Wilson’s lame apology on TV this morning & sent him right back to his Naughty Chair until he said it like he means it.

On the UP side Wilson’s opponent Rob Miller has received over $466,000 since last night as of this writing.

Suck on THAT Mr. Wilson….oh & while you are at it, seems to me Van Jones should get his job back…his comment that (some) Republican ARE A-holes was proven correct by you, Sir.

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I know how you feel, completely. Part of me wishes that the so called “liberal media” would spend time attempting to bring down the republican party the way that FN does. I wish that the democrats would call for their heads the same way that republicans does. But, then I look at how much the republican tactic is actually helping their party. Honestly, in the long run, I think that they are going to suffer. Maybe I am wrong, but I certainly hope that I am right.


What amazes me is how Dems respond to such witch hunts by doing just as their enemies want and Repubs keep the Rumsfelds and the Gonzales’ in their positions of power no matter how valid the complaints against them are.

When Bush was president, the public was to be ignored and Repubs lauded Bush for his “strength” in not caring about the polls or what the people wanted.

Now, the predictable hypocrites pile on Pres. Obama’s people and snarl until the Obama Admin responds as they’d like.

This is no way to run an Admin. The Repubs naturally want to undermine Obama and his Admin…THEY’VE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED IT! They and their lemmings should be ignored. They lost the election, they should not have influence over who is in Obama’s Admin.

This is Pres. Obama’s main problem. He cares. He cares what people say or think no matter which side of the aisle they are on. This is not a completely bad thing but when your opponents are solely intent on your failure and the destruction of your presidency, you have to turn your back on them and turn towards th e citizens and majority of Americans.

Van Jones should not have been sacrificed in this way, it was a mistake (and set a precedent which is now continuing) and Pres. Obama needs to recognize this.


I have this sneaking suspicion that there won’t be too many more resignations. The Van Jones thing was over the top and crazy, but I can understand him wanting to step down because of the distraction that it caused.

The administration will learn to ignore the noise coming from FN and eventually they will lose their effect. What the WH has to realize is that these people are not going to cover health care reform in an honest and rational fashion, so let them go on and on about so called commies and marxists and nazi’s. Whatever. Meanwhile the adults need to see what they can do to fix the problems in our country.


I hope you’re right.

The Repubs only have as much power as the Dems in Congress and Pres. Obama give them.

I really liked his strong rebuke of hateful Repubs in his speech, though he was focusing on their attacks on health care reform.

What I would love to see is him step up to take on with full force the hatred that has become acceptable in so-called political discourse.

Call the Repubs out for it then each additional outburst of “You lie!” or “Socialist!” will make those people even more humiliated as Joe Wilson obviously is.

Shame the haters, that’s good for the environment of discourse and good for American politics.

KQµårk 死神

I was upset and my wife was even more upset. Time after time right wingers show the president just that added amount of disrespect that can mean nothing but they resent his ethnic origins. It’s so obvious and sooooooooo wrong.