mp_main_wide_ObamaMinneapolisIMHO the only mistake Obama has made thus far is thinking that Rethugs would play well with others. He HAD to give them a go at it; that is what his campaign is about. Ok, so now he saw how well that went over; he tried to let them do the right thing; they screwed up ROYALLY so now he’ll come in & get it done. He ran on HOPE. He HOPED they would behave; he HOPED they would meet him half way; he HOPED they would walk with integrity; he HOPED. That is the only mistake he made.

And I am ok with that.

For all of the folks who are ready to turn your backs on him….well ok…if you think that somehow HELPS.

I for one, support my President, in good times & bad.

I’m not going anywhere.

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i will be the sour apple in this bunch. my disappointment with President O is great. he CLEARLY is intelligent enough to see what needs to be done to restore our nation. so far, his pursuit of this restoration has been lack-luster.

i understand, and completely acknowledge that he is a single person in a sea of backstabbers and double agents that is DC politics. However, the bills which he has signed into law have continually left out the meat and passed only the side veggies and dressing. this is why people are crying over their lack of “change”.

the nation that voted for Obama wanted an immediate cessation of the tyranny allowed by corporate deregulation in EVERY industry. i have never paid so many fees in my life. my apt. complex even charges me a fee – to charge me their fees! WTF?

i wanted caps on usurious interest rates in my cc reform. it was left out. i wanted the “cramdown” measure so more people could keep their homes from being foreclosed. that was left out. i wanted transparency on the TARP money, which i have not seen. i wanted GM to be completely retooled as an alt fuel vehicle maker before China takes our auto industry. i want credit freed up to keep smaller banks from going under, but instead they’re being absorbed by the “too big to fails”.

a few months ago, the gay population was screaming over O’s lack of action on the issues crucial to them. i remember him inviting some critical LGBT people to the WH and suddenly the screaming hushed. IS OBAMA SOME GREAT CHESS PLAYER, HOLDING OUT HIS BEST MOVES FOR LATER? well if so, he needs to invite a few of the progressives to his table and let us know that everything’s gonna work out later if we’re patient.

i’m tired of this feeling that i’m standing at the bus stop in the rain, watching the bus cruise right by me, and wondering if the bus driver plans to pick me up on the way back, or if he’s going to leave me here stranded.


I can understand your disappointment but I can’t agree with it. I look at the backlash from insurance on health care reform, the lack of support in the senate, and it’s clear to me that the president is battling forces that are entrenched and powerful. What he has accomplished in the face of this kind of opposition, and considering the depth of the mess he was handed, I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far. It’s not perfect. But it’s good.


I think the president is modeling good behavior. He knows the GOP is a pool of swirling puss. He’s worked with them in the senate. I don’t think he has any illusions about them at all.

But he knows his audience — and it’s young people. He’s being the kind of president they expect and that he wants them to be in the future.

Barack is tough. People think he’s a softy, but he’s not. Tough people know how to be nice, and it’s often misunderstood as being weak. It’s actually a sign of strength.


Thirded here, I support your President as well and think that too many people are far too impatient for their own good, remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and the Bush gang totally destroyed your country, financially and morally in the 8 years they were allowed to rape your country and your constitution.

I for one believe that your President was trying to be fair by bringing the naysayers on board, it shows a man of integrity, if this is to be his downfall, I feel very sorry for the American people, I really do.

Have you ever met one person who was perfect in every way?

I can honestly say that I personally haven’t.

KQµårk 死神

I do not agree with everything the president has done so far. But the only person you are going to agree with 100% of the time is yourself, unless you are schizophrenic and that’s not even true. So far the vast majority of things he has campaigned on he has done or they are in the works. Many people are revising history like he did not say he was going to focus on the war in Afghanistan as candidate Obama. People’s disappointment is always based on expectations and many progressives for some reason thought he was far more liberal than he was. The president has a progressive vision but is pragmatic in practice. That drives many progressive ideologues crazy sometimes.

I support the president as well.