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KevenSeven On August - 28 - 2009

800px-Hurricane_katrina_damage_gulfport_mississippiFour years ago 1600 of our citizens were sacrified to prove a point:

That government is the problem, not the answer.

And how true that is.   When you hire reactionary assholes whose whole purpose is to destroy the citizens’ faith in government.

That is the Republican  party today.   Kill as many poor Americans as fast as possible to prove that govenment is flawed.

Flawed.   Duh.  We Dems have no choice but to hire human beings to run the government.    There is nobody else applying for the fucking job.    But if we don’t give the job to a clod whose whole resume was organizing horse shows, perhaps, just perhaps we will find people who WANT  to make government work?

What the hell else do the Republican assholes have to offer?

Jack shit.

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  1. BlueStateMan says:

    Hey kev.. What the FUCK????

  2. KQuark says:

    I know this will sound morbid but you know what really implies we are becoming a banana republic; how many people died in Hurricane Katrina?

    The government does not even knows the exact number and most people probably don’t have a clue how many people tragically lost their lives. Based on wiki over 1,836 people died due to Katrina and the floods after Katrina

    I bring this up for two reasons.

    First that number of deaths is totally unacceptable for an advanced nation. Face it there was no plan to keep the people safe.

    Second and worse in a way if you can’t even count the dead anymore that is a major breakdown in our society. Only third world countries can’t count how many people die in such tragedies.

  3. Questinia says:

    I know an agent who moved to New Orleans to head up a crime unit. She said the monies doled out were often used to start up drug businesses, which now have started turf wars. The crime is, she says, amazing. Yet nothing is reported on the current status of New Orleans. We are insulated from mass horror in this country yet exposed ad nauseum to the idiosyncratically lurid.

    • KQuark says:

      The media is a great part of our problem. All they want to cover is the latest outrage. But after a while even if that outrage is still happening they just drop it.

      I mean think about it. A major American city died and is not a semblance of it once was. Can you imagine that happening after the San Fran earthquake/fire or the Chicago fire?

      The root root of all our problems is we have an economy based on non-sustainable wealth growth. Government simply does not take in enough tax receipts to be effected after the Raygun presidency. CA use to be a progressive state and ahead of the rest of the nation until Prop 13 was passed and it’s had financial problems ever since.

      The relatively low high end tax rates just promotes greed and accumulation of wealth.

      What people never talk about is that if you can have capital just making more capital with very limited tax implications you are just going have an economy based on changing money. If you tax dead end wealth creation investors will start investing in businesses again to make money because due to the structure of businesses, especially manufacturing businesses you can gain real capital and have tax advantages that help society like tax credits for investing in green energy.

  4. KQuark says:

    The real said part is that since Bush did nothing to build the city it’s really too late. There was a window of opportunity to bring people back to New Orleans but that time has passed. I wish President Obama would do more but with so much other shit on his plate it’s just one of those things that falls through the cracks.

    While we are at it where is the fucking replacement for the WTC? Eight years after 911 and all we have at ground zero is a big fucking hole. Again we let the fucking terrorists win because of our own ineptitude. Until I am proven wrong I still don’t think our country can do shit anymore. Even when Republicans are out of power they bring such negativity and divisiveness to this country nothing is getting done.

    • suzycolorado says:

      hear hear.

      • KevenSeven says:


        Delighted to see you here! Welcome!

        BTW, I am actually wearing pants just now.

      • KQuark says:

        Thanks at least I get to express my opinion without all the drama. I don’t want to go into it too much but just because I have not been feeling too well and have not blogged somewhere else for a few days was not reason for people to be presumptuous and post what they thought I was thinking and worse examined my intentions. I almost feel like I was de facto banned. I just don’t feel well enough for all the drama now.

        • suzycolorado says:

          Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. And in no way are you banned. I think we’ve all had enough drama. I agree with you that nothing seems to be getting done. Washington is broken IMO. The whole system is corrupt considering how lobbyists and corporate interests run the place. How do we start again tho and unwind this big ball of string we’ve created? It seems insurmountable at times. I love that Obama is president but he is a little too pragmatic and centrist in his approach for my taste. Will I be attacked here for saying that? I’m disappointed. There, I said it.

          • AdLib says:

            I’m a bit pessimistic about politicians changing the doomed course the nation is on but at the same time, I still have the hope that people can step up as they did to elect Obama.

            I know FDR grew in office to become who he became. Maybe Obama will as well. His “get-along” and compromise approach with a party that only wants him to fail is making him look weak.

            Hopefully, as September rolls on, he will show that he has learned from his mistakes and misplaced priorities.

            Bipartisanship is secondary, what’s best for the American people is primary.

            • suzycolorado says:

              Yes, I haven’t lost hope by any means. heh

              I think he will make a strong showing when the vote comes around.

              Also, with regard to my criticism of the president, i have this need to shine a light on all of my bad or semi bad thoughts cuz i’m a little OCD and i think if i expose them they will go away. And it really kind of works!

          • KQuark says:

            I’m not going to attack your opinion. But I’m tired of the hyperbole of some others. You have every right to state your opinion. I just never thought things were going to be that easy to fix overnight and I also never bought into the right wing lies that the president was a socialist and wanted to end capitalism. Half the things I hear people complaining about are things the president never promised like ending the war in Afghanistan, not bailing out the banks and implementing single payer. So disappointment is all based on what you thought he stood for in my opinion. Most of all I still support the vast majority of what the president has accomplished and is trying to accomplish. No one is going to stop the bad behavior of corporations until people grow up like AdLib’s last post said.

            BTW your post also shows why it’s become difficult to post over there as well. I did not even mention anything about the president in my previous post did I? But you felt like you had to give me your opinion about him anyway. Almost every time I leave a post over there it’s like I’ve become the whipping boy for how some others feel about the president. I get all these response that have nothing to do with I posted from people.

            • suzycolorado says:

              Wow, i just somehow saw the bottom of your comment to me. I didn’t see it at first.

              I know you didn’t mention the president but it somehow seems pertinent to the subject of nothing getting done in Washington.

              Again, I could be wrong, i quite frequently am.

              Cya later Kquark.

            • KQuark says:

              Sorry I just thought you were responding to my last post but it’s my bad because it was in the thread and pertinent to all I had said.

            • suzycolorado says:

              You’re right. I knew he wouldn’t get out of Afghanistan, although i wish he would. But i think I imagined in my own mind that things would somehow seem more changed than they do. I’m sure you can think of many areas in which i’m wrong, but to me it seems to be business as usual. I am guilty of having expected too much too fast. I do hate that he has basically continued Bush’s war policies, I hate that he re-appointed Bernanke, I hated the bailout, but that’s another issue. I just wish he would shake things up a little more. Bring in people with real vision for change. I could be wrong. Quite frequently am. 😉

            • AdLib says:

              Add to all the above that the strategy seems to be to hold off on everything that may be controversial until health care is past.

              ALl the changes we want and voted for seem held hostage to passing health reform and the longer it drags on, the longer the status quo stays entrenched.

        • AdLib says:

          Sorry you’re not feeling well, hard to tell with all the great pieces you keep generating. Feel better, my friend.

          • KQuark says:

            Actually writing posts are therapeutic. Blogging can be filled with unnecessary stress if I let it stress me.

            I have had some more trouble breathing of late and some renal insufficiently so I’m back on O2 again at night and had to up the dose on my diuretic. It affected my ability to get to sleep for the last few weeks which starts the death spiral if I don’t address it.

            • Questinia says:

              KQ, look at the bright side. At least I haven’t been giving you any headaches.

            • KQuark says:

              Me too. 😀 I agree. I don’t want to get into it more because it’s not worth it but I would like to see several of the folks who left FRT that were looking for a real alternative to HP come over here whether they left a while ago or just recently.

            • Questinia says:

              No! But a reason for that is because science is not important to most people.

              Thanks KQ, I’ll check it out (you may have already said what i just did).

              BTW, I’m so glad we’re together again. FRT has become a true nightmare!

            • KQuark says:

              😆 I don’t know. You can probably make a good argument on my last main post that art and culture changes our perception of reality more than science.

            • AdLib says:

              Whoa! Address it, man!

              I agree, writing has always been therapeutic for me too.

              Though I wouldn’t say no to a home jacuzzi.

              Sleep deprivation and the breathing issues, that’s a tough double header.

              Wanted to share with you a quote from a Green Lantern comic book, many years ago when I was a kid, it really stuck with me.

              GL was cornered and overwhelmed and said to himself, “A man who won’t be beaten, can’t be beaten.” He then of course overcame his foe/situation.

              Kind of zen-like for a comic book back then and IMO, true.

              If one does not accept defeat, one can’t be defeated.

              If only Al Gore had read that Green Lantern comic book American history would have turned out very different.

            • KQuark says:

              I love the GL.

              I was not a big comic book fan but now one of my zen releases is Anime. You’ve got to have things that get your mind off your condition.

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