ladoucheIf you did not know, the dining room table that Barney Frank refused to debate was a LaRouchie.

LaRouchies are present all across the nation, including the town hall I attended a few weeks back in Pasadena, CA.

LaRouchies are deranged lunatics.

They have attached themselves to the Dem party like barnacles. Possibly because the Rethugs have the good sense to not tolerate them.

Here in CA the club system is the hub of the party. I am a charter member of one of the livelier clubs here in CA.

The LaRouchies have managed to charter a club with the party. No one can call themselves a Democratic Club without a charter. Check with a lawyer on that one!

Another critical layer of organization in the party is the Assembly Committee. Each assembly district has a committee, any registered Dem can attend the election of delegates every two years, the delegates attend the state conventions, etc.

laroucheThe LaRouchies make themselves a presence every time we hold one of these elections. They have a slate of candidates.

I am going to join a growing movement to strip them of their charter. And I am going to make them horrifically unwelcome at the next AD election

All the clubs have a duty to advance the interests of the party. Obviously the LaRouchies are failing to adhere to that standard. They must be purged from the party.

Every state party has the rigtht to organize itself as it sees fit, and as a consequence there are ten or fifteen differnet models of organization.

Find out how your state party works, get involved, and please please do all you can to purge the LaRouchies.

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That would be “Sieg Heil!” Keven. 🙂


I know very little about these obvious nut jobs but if I were to judge by the photos alone, the hairs on the back of my neck would be standing on end whenever I spotted one of them. A kind of d


Where ya been Kev, been too long!

When you do an image search using “Lyndon LaRouche” you end up with many photos like the ones in your article, racist and Hitler-themed attacks on Obama.

They want anarchy because the only way they or LaRouche, who ain’t gonna live forever, could ever have any influence in this country would be if society was torn apart and lunatics could pick up a shred here or there.

They are sometimes also Ron Paul supporters too, seeking a “leader” who will give some validation and legitimacy to being a fucking loon.

Yeah, right.

KQµårk 死神

Libertarianism and anarchy have many similarities save for libertarianism believes in capitalism. Both believe in ZERO governmental control over any aspects of our lives. Sounds great but humans have shown throughout history they cannot be trusted. This simple fact means both forms of government the most cockamamie systems to organize humans in a complex world.

European socialism has proven to be the best system of government especially considering it’s performance through this global economic downturn and financial crisis. But unlike many populist in this country seem to believe socialism needs an quasi-independent banking system just as much as capitalism.

KQµårk 死神

Excellent post I’m glad you brought this insane group to light. LaRouchies are the left wing branch of the anti-Fed and anti-New World Order woo woos. They are part of the same outrageous lunatic fringe that is trying to frame the president as Hitler. They are the group that put together the “I’ve changed” pictures. They are as dangerous as the right wing fanatics and maybe even more dangerous in some regards because they are tougher to spot because they do try to align themselves to the left.