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AdLib On August - 6 - 2009

Negative Palin_and_BoehnerSeriously, what does the GOP stand for?

Goofballs Opposing Progress?

Now of course it’s understandable that the most  loyal Republicans include those opposing evolution, racial equality and integration, health care as a civil right, curbing global warming, peace and the laws of gravity.

Not to mention those who love teabagging with each other and giving themselves euphoric sponge baths with forged Australian birth certificates.

But for the whole party to stand for opening windows on the Titanic as it sinks, well, the attraction to being a Republican escapes me.

And 80% of the nation too, apparently.

Imagine a baseball team wanting you to root for them for striking out on purpose and not scoring runs.

Imagine a doctor wanting you  to revere him for standing in the way of your receiving any treatment to relieve a serious and painful condition.

Imagine a boyfriend/girlfriend wanting you to love them for withholding communication, love and sex (married Republican couples may not need to imagine as hard).

If you can imagine any of the above and/or you have webbed toes, you might be a Republican.

Ultimately, the GOP seems like an arsonist who sets fire to everyone else’s houses thinking now they will turn to him to lead them since the current Mayor couldn’t prevent their homes from being burned down.

That’s their scheme for regaining popularity and political control? Well…what kind of logic would you expect from the party of Palin, Birthers and Supply Side Marriages?

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    I really had no idea that there were this many totally ignorant people living in the U.S. Every day I read something that makes my jaw drop to the ground, surely not all of them have adequate health care as I believe anyone believing what the RW propaganda machine dishes out on a daily basis, must be so dumb that they can’t even sign their own name to any official documents.

    Think of how many people with medical problems who could have received either drugs or treatment from the 1 million dollars being spent each day by insurance companies who have reaping huge rewards while raping the American people. It is perverse! Your Blue dog Dems need a sharp kick in the pants and I hope that in the end President Obama won’t even need their support, I’d like to see them kicked out on their collective arses, when will the American people fight back en masse?

    How about a million strong merging on Washington DC, if this chance is lost , there will be years of waiting for the next. How many people will die in these years?

    Like sending a rocket into space, there is a window, I think the window is now and so do most Americans. Fight for your rights!

    • AdLib says:

      It is a sad realization that far too many are far too ignorant in this country to use this democracy to make their lives better.

      People like this are pawns who think they’re queens, they think they are exercising their rights and political opinion when in fact they are just wind-up toys for corporate interests.

      As you say, it is now time for those who actually want health care as a right that they can afford to step up.

      I will say that the staged protests of angry, racist white people opposing health care seems to be backfiring a bit now, these people coming off as the oblivious tools of corporate greed and GOP lust for power.

      When looking at their demographic, most seem to be 50s, 60’s and even 70’s which, if you take a long view on these things has a silver lining…the majority of this mindless army of virulent haters and racists will be dying off each year.

      Especially if they lose their health care.

    • Kalima says:

      Sorry got carried away in my anger, “who have been reaping huge rewards………..”

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