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I suppose the problem for John Bolton and the other NeoCon clowns is that Obama did not bomb N. Korea.

The Rethugs demand a blood sacrifice.

Seriously, Bolton compared the two women to soldiers.   He said that the president should have applied the same consideration that he would use when considering sending troops into combat: the greater good of the nation.

Never mind that troops volunteer to get shot at, and these women were just trying to research a story on the depredations of the N. Korean regime.   People who expect to be taken seriously (good luck) are talking about the women needing to take responsibility for their own actions.

No serious observer could fail to imagine the rage that would have been directed at the president had those two women been tried and executed on his watch.

Just chalk this one up to Reactionary hypocrisy.   If you have any chalk left from the countless previous examples.

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Anything good that happens while Obama is president is viewed as bad for the Republican Party.

Don’t forget Dick Cheney rooting for another terrorist attack, I’m sure he’s not alone in the GOP.

In fact, their sensibilities align them with the enemies of America around the world, they all want the same terrible things for the country and its people right now.

And they have the nerve to attack Obama as a threat to the country?

I don’t think the abortion doctor who was killed and the people shot in a church a little while back because they were “liberal” would agree…if they were alive to have the opportunity.

When you see the racism, deceit and hatred coming from the right like this, one can’t help but see the worst in America as standing for the GOP.