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Posted by jkkFL On Feb - 15 - 2011 32 COMMENTS

I will be honest- I am an OWN Network  junkie I also closely follow the Ling sisters, I think their style of documentary journalism is amazing. Tonight, Lisa started her series, ‘Our America with Lisa Ling’ on OWN. The first episode explored  faith healers and faith healing.  She featured  three people attending […]

Posted by PocketWatch On Feb - 15 - 2011 13 COMMENTS

Chart of Accounts – A map of your business…

You have to take control of this very, very, very important part of your business.

Posted by whatsthatsound On Feb - 15 - 2011 81 COMMENTS
endless embrace

Well, I missed Valentine’s Day by a bit, but here is some poetry and artwork of mine on the theme of eternal love. More specifically, both song and image were inspired by an archeological discovery a few years back in Italy, wonderfully ironically not far from the village where Romeo […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 14 - 2011 102 COMMENTS

Is anyone else sick and tired of the constant lies being told to the American people about our federal budgetary woes and our supposed deficit armageddon?
OH and let’s dispel another myth, there is no federal credit card. US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT debt does not work the same way as an individual or business debt works.

Posted by PocketWatch On Feb - 14 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

There are three elemental areas of business – any business
The three elements are:


Posted by Pepe Lepew On Feb - 14 - 2011 193 COMMENTS
haruko and pepe

Have a loved one, a child, anyone, someone, some green-eyed exotic GODDESS FREAK of nature from beyond the planet Neptune you want to dedicate a message to on Valentine’s Day?

Categories: Speakers' Corner
Posted by zootliberal On Feb - 13 - 2011 1,518 COMMENTS

I received an interesting reply to my final email sent just before I removed myself from HP. The cynical me might think this only came because of days of users abandoning that site, but let’s give this moderator the benefit of the doubt, and deem her reply sincere. Here is […]

Posted by Caru On Feb - 13 - 2011 23 COMMENTS
Which Way Now?

All opinions become equal, regardless of logic, tone or factual accuracy. This, hilariously and inevitably, leads straight back to the old media cliche of supposed objectivity, where in order to be “objective” certain questions shouldn’t be asked and certain facts should be ignored. All in the interest of good journalism, of course.

Posted by ADONAI On Feb - 13 - 2011 12 COMMENTS
Once in a Blue Moon, O'Really

Michelle said it would be good for my Q rating. At this point I can only imagine that your audience barely knows what the letter Q is yet alone a Q rating.

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 13 - 2011 21 COMMENTS
The Past is Alawys Present

OUR founders were NOT omniscient or omnipotent. THEY were human beings, nothing more. FOR their time, they truly provided some astounding new ideas. HOWEVER, we should not stop developing new ideas.

Posted by funksands On Feb - 12 - 2011 127 COMMENTS
Here's to you!

Obama is offering cultural reform in return for the left and independents acquiescence about the core economic issues of our nation. The genius of his strategy is that unlike the poor righties, I believe he intends to deliver on many of those reforms.

Posted by bito On Feb - 12 - 2011 634 COMMENTS
Always ready to learn!

We try to make an attempt to keep single topic posts and their threads on that topic and while it is not a hard and fast rule we do make an effort. Here is your Huffy Thread.

Posted by ADONAI On Feb - 12 - 2011 108 COMMENTS

In an attempt to have at least one article for every category here at PlanetPOv, I present this  post/love letter about my favorite snack.  The cookie. Many who know me from my time on HP may remember that I am not shy about expressing my love for the cookie. In […]

Posted by PocketWatch On Feb - 12 - 2011 5 COMMENTS
Cubicle workers

Job Descriptions – Not your newspaper’s (or online) JD anymore…

A proper and effective Job Description serves a variety of purposes.

Posted by whatsthatsound On Feb - 10 - 2011 53 COMMENTS
rabbit hole rosie 3

About the name. It has nothing to do with the color of her nose, her mouth, her feet, or her eyes (which happen to be a deep burgundy, in the right light). Nor is it intended to evoke images of diner waitresses or wartime riveters. It isn’t even meant as […]

Posted by PocketWatch On Feb - 10 - 2011 37 COMMENTS

In this article, we will look at the next step to finding the way out of that quagmire – the Business Plan.

The Business Plan – Nonsense or Good Sense?

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