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What Does It Mean That Trump Is An Illegitimate President?

There is nothing in our political or governmental lexicon to address an illegitimate presidency, probably because the framers of the Constitution neve envisioned that happening.

Aiding And Abetting Treason

Those who defend and support treason, regardless of their reasons for supporting it, are guilty of aiding and abetting treason.

Here We Go, AGAIN!

Both Clinton and Biden have since, apologized for their votes for H.J. Res. 114 because they did not think at the time that President Bush would use it as an excuse to invade Iraq. The irony is that now the vote is being used against President Obama's vice president in the same manner he used it against his 2008 primary opponent.

Biden Doesn’t Get Mulligans

Joe Biden voted for most of the things Hillary Clinton voted for when they were both in the Senate, but Clinton was accused of being every negative thing anyone could think of for those votes.