Trojana Huffington: Queen of Progressives?

-Text: Truth; Illustration: B. McCue - Last week we had an extensive look at Huffington Posts’ headlines concerning President Obama and the Democrats and observed the eroding influence the...

Huffington Post: The Not-So-Sweet Smell of Success

One tactic the Huffington Post has mastered is generating outrage. The more outrage they can incite, the more clicks they get. They have become so adept at this, they can even generate outrage using a non-story.

Secrets From Beyond The Emerald Curtain – PART 3 –

Manipulation of headlines in general and observations at the Huffington Post - Text: Truth; Illustration: B. McCue - {Author’s note: some of the techniques I’m going to introduce are simply...

Secrets From Beyond The Emerald Curtain – PART 2 –

- Text: foxisms; Illustration: B. McCue - “Question 67 and 68”...and 69...and... The questions that need to be asked (and plenty of people are asking them) are these... Is this “extreme...

Free Speech and Commenters’ Experiences at The Huffington Post

A quick look at the 'terms of service” for commenting on Huffington could give anyone the impression that they have landed in Wonderland as opposed to Dorothy's Oz.