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Good evening Ad


an hour ago

Hey TW!

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Well it seems there is a lot to discuss tonight hopefully will have a few others join us.


an hour ago

Did you see that the Repubs in the OH Assembly said they would ignore Prop 1 and pass laws preventing judges from enforcing the state constitution?

AdLiban hour ago

Hope so!

AdLiban hour ago

OH Repubs are openly declaring the end of democracy. I would call it insane but that’s what this whole MAGA movement has been about for 7 years.

AdLiban hour ago

I didn’t see that, but are you surprised? I’m not.


an hour ago

Yes, I am surprised that they would openly declare democracy is evil and they will stop it.

AdLiban hour ago

Yes, they are no longer in favor of democracy.


an hour ago

But to declare it so brazenly, so confidently that they have so corrupted their state that they feel untouchable to act as tyrants?

AdLiban hour ago

They are literally stating to all voters in OH, they have no power.

AdLiban hour ago

Perhaps it the anger coming out after losing so badly. Perhaps cooler heads will prevail because I don’t think they could win in the courts because that is were they are heading with that. But, hey these are sore loser repugs.


44 minutes ago

I don’t think they will get away with it in the end, can’t imagine that the OH SC would rubber stamp the end of their authority to rule on unconstitutional acts but it is OH.

AdLib44 minutes ago

They released a letter, signed by many of them, declaring the law can’t be enforced and won’t be and that they’re going to pass bills that prevent judges from having any power over protecting this new constitutional law.

AdLib42 minutes ago

I agree the Ohio SC will side with the people because they have spoken via the ballot but it will be fun to watch so which discount store do you buy your popcorn from because it’s time to stock up.


42 minutes ago

Ad that sounds like a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.


40 minutes ago

I don’t know, the OH Leg has literally ignored the SC on fixing their corrupt districting despite orders from the SC. I think it’s very possible we’ll see havoc in OH.

AdLib38 minutes ago

Check it out:

AdLib38 minutes ago

Ad, if they do it will go to the SC and the SC will have toss it because they said it’s up to the states and Ohio has spoken they want to codify it in their state constitution .


37 minutes ago

I take it that’s a list of all the idiots who signed the letter. For some reason can’t expand the page.


36 minutes ago

Yes but being that they have already ignored the SC on gerrymandering declared illegal, who’s to stop them from ignoring the Constitution and the SC again?

AdLib36 minutes ago

You should be able to click on the page then enlarge it.

AdLib35 minutes ago

The only thing that can stop them is the courts but they will have the way but that will just piss off the people and they really don’t want to do that.


35 minutes ago

Here’s a quote from another letter from them: ““To prevent mischief by pro-abortion courts with Issue 1, Ohio legislators will consider removing jurisdiction from the judiciary over this ambiguous ballot initiative,” Ohio House Republicans wrote in a statement released Thursday. “The Ohio legislature alone will consider what, if any, modifications to make to existing laws based on public hearings and input from legal experts on both sides.”

AdLib34 minutes ago

They are declaring that they are the dictators in OH, they can cut out the judiciary from having any power. This is insanity.

AdLib33 minutes ago

Well, the answer right there in their own letter, “public hearings”


33 minutes ago

The end of democracy in OH, publicly announced and loudly boasted.

AdLib33 minutes ago

What do you mean?

AdLib32 minutes ago

It’s all fraudulent, they won’t listen to a majority of voters who passed Prop 1, they’re not going to listen to far fewer voters at “public hearings”. And how ridiculous is it to say they would listen to “legal experts” when the highest legal experts are on the SC and they’re declaring they won’t listen to them?

AdLib30 minutes ago

You know state politicians are really stupid. They’re going to hold public hearings and presumably not listen to them and think they can get away with that BS. I think it’s time to order Karmel Corn instead of regular popcorn because that will a lot of fun to watch.


30 minutes ago

This is an overthrow of democracy in progress.

AdLib30 minutes ago

So all they will be doing is digging the hole deeper or making the rope they will hang themselves with when the lose in the courts, district, circuit and SC.


28 minutes ago

I don’t see it as you do, this is a declaration of fascism. It is very serious. There is no enforcement apparatus that the state SC has to enforce their decisions, no police, no military, it all stands on respect for the words they state. If OH Repubs declare that they don’t care what the SC says, there is no entity to force them to follow SC decisions.

AdLib27 minutes ago

And what you have to remember is that they have already ignored the SC on creating a constitutional map for several years already. They just refused to follow the court’s orders and there has been nothing the SC has been able to do to force their ruling to take effect.

AdLib26 minutes ago

Yes it is. But I don’t believe the people of Ohio who voted for this change will stand by and let it happen. I believe they will use the words you just wrote fascism and present a case in that manner.


26 minutes ago

TW – The OH Repub machine has already hobbled voting rights and despite that, Prop 1 still won. They will absolutely pass more laws suppressing voting under the guise of “protecting elections” and as happens when fascism takes over, a majority may want to vote them out but they will be disenfranchised from being able to.

AdLib24 minutes ago

Well, we’re going to have to wait and see what happens.


23 minutes ago

I think it’s pretty clear what is going to happen. They will simply refuse to follow this law as they have refused to follow court decisions on redistricting. And no one can make them follow court orders.

AdLib22 minutes ago

If this coup against democracy succeeds in OH, it will spread to other Red states. Like Murph’s MO, TX, MS, etc. This is kind of a declaration of secession from US democracy.

AdLib20 minutes ago

How much thunder and fire do you think they can take when they become the object of scorn from the weathering acts they will get from local and national press along with suit after suit which I believe the people who push for the change are willing to pursue. If they go for that they just may find out they woke the wrong lion.


20 minutes ago

I meant to say attention


19 minutes ago

Do dictators care what their critics say? Do they give up power because of harshly worded editorials? Would Putin? Or Kim Jong Un? What they do is pass laws making attacks on them criminal or trump up charges that they are threats to their safety.

AdLib18 minutes ago

This is how fascism grows, it is very serious. And not taken seriously, it will spread and threaten the rights of people in many red states.

AdLib17 minutes ago

Believe it or not dictators do care, but the way they get around it is by disappearing the people they feel are the problem. I don’t think the repugs have the guts to go down that road.


17 minutes ago

Agreed, I don’t think they will throw critics out of windows but I wouldn’t be surprised if they continued what we have already seen lately, using the state and local police to raid newspapers and other critics of theirs.

AdLib16 minutes ago

But dictators are in charge of the whole country. These idiots are one state and there are others that will balk. As to MO TX well I don’t know if they would be that crazy but I’ve been known to be wrong on many occasion.


15 minutes ago

Oh if they pols going after press in Ohio they just might as well lock themselves in the jail cell.


14 minutes ago

And jail critics on trumped up charges. In the end, with a rigged and unconstitutional district map in the state, they have built a wall to protect themselves from consequences with mindless MAGAs having the exaggerated power to keep them in power. All the heat they’ve taken from refusing to follow the SC ruling on creating a new district map hasn’t changed a thing. Why would it on this either?

AdLib14 minutes ago

But you have an interesting point it only took one state to fire on Ft Sumter and 600,000 paid the price.


13 minutes ago

In TX, they have taken over public schools in the biggest Dem district, outlawed abortion before Roe was overturned, built illegal and deadly fences on the border, fired the election supervisors in Harris County and put in place a law that allows anyone in America to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion for at least $10k. Hard to see TX as going anywhere other than fascism.

AdLib11 minutes ago

Well TX has always be an odd bird.


9 minutes ago

I saw where the TX gov signed that bill about the schools .


8 minutes ago

TW – Good point, think about the political powderkeg we have right now in the US, let alone in red states. The MAGAs already tried to overthrow democracy with brute force, most Repub pols still say Biden wasn’t legally elected president and that voting is all rigged. When Trump loses next Nov, I could absolutely imagine that powderkeg exploding and red states under the control of Repubs declaring dictatorial power as OH is right now.

AdLib8 minutes ago

TX believes they have an economy that could survive on its own.


8 minutes ago

Ad the voting is all rigged is on it’s face one of the dumbest arguments they can make. Because they can’t explain how Repugs won in a rigged election.


6 minutes ago

That’s true but the reality is, take away all the money TX gets from the feds, whether military, safety net, or oil subsidies, TX economy would sink like a lead balloon if they somehow could secede from the US. Of course, they can’t, no legal way to do it and the last time states tried to do that, we had a little “scuffle” with them that they lost.

AdLib5 minutes ago

Bingo! They howl about the same election they won their seats in as being rigged because Trump didn’t win. Make up your mind, if the election was rigged, than you weren’t legally elected either!

AdLib4 minutes ago

That’s my point. How would they survive without federal funs? And what country would try and do business with them under those circumstances?


4 minutes ago

Right, they couldn’t survive. Let alone getting all those millions of Texans on Medicare, Medicaid and SS getting totally cut off. Only US citizens are entitled to all of those.

AdLib3 minutes ago

Oh wait I know how they can claim that, laser beams from Russia changed the ballots.


2 minutes ago

But literal secession is not possible without the US Army coming after them as leaders. So the plan seems to be, remain a state in name only but run your state as a fascist autocracy. We see that in different stages in OH, TX, FL, MO, MS, etc. They are all moving towards fascism, some are farther ahead than others but the movement is constantly forward.

AdLiba minute ago

I thought dead South American dictators controlled our elections?

AdLiba few seconds ago

Then there is that.


a few seconds ago

Well, looks like we’re not going to have any further company tonight. Do you want to chat?

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