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AdLib 2 hours ago
I am here early running to get something to drink.
MurphTheSurf3 2 hours ago Good evening gentlemen. It seems one former president is having a very bad week. Well, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual. All I can say is “LOCK HIM UP!!!”
twilson117 an hour ago Hey Murh!
AdLib an hour ago
AdLib an hour ago
Hey TW~!
AdLib an hour ago
My keyboard is squirming!
AdLib an hour ago
TW – Seems pretty clear now that the DoJ has to indict Trump or bury our democracy. I think they’ll do the former.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad my money is on indictment.
twilson117 an hour ago Whaqt’s funny is that Trump has been howling for more info to be released and as it has been, it is more and more damning. But I guess that was the only BS he could come up with when caught red-handed.
AdLib an hour ago
I think Murdoch and other powerful people in the GOP already know that Trump is going down, hence their already stepping away from him.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad I think his calling for more information is just a smoke screen.
twilson117 an hour ago The question is will Lindsey, and McCarthy find their gonads and be able to do so as well.
twilson117 an hour ago And if the Nov elections go our way as it seems they’re trending, all of this extremism by Trump, MAGAs, and SCOTUS will fully backfire and hopefully result in Dems passing Roe, election reform and SCOTUS reform to set the country back on a democratic course and crush the MAGAfascist movement.
AdLib an hour ago
TW – Agreed, it seems the only propaganda he could come up with, hoping the DoJ would keep with tradition and not reveal anything so his lies could stand. Massive backfire though on Trump. Now all of his coverup lies are exposed. Obstruction upon obstruction.
AdLib an hour ago
I agree. If the DOJ does not move on this particular brand of lawlessness (which makes Nixon look like a rank amateur) its integrity is torpedoed and the ship of state is likely to go down with them.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago He has an incredibly inexperienced and unconnected crew of attorneys. What you get when you not pay people for their services and everyone knows it.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Well, I have to say the elections are a bit tricky as voters seem to be finicky at times but I agree Republicans are on the wrong side of the abortion issue especially with all these draconian laws they’ve passed.
twilson117 an hour ago TW – I think the Repub pols will only jump ship on Trump when they get creamed in election after election. Not even Trump’s indictment will change it IMO, they’ll still rally to him out of fear of his base turning on them. But if there’s a Blue Wave this Nov, election laws then passed nationally to wipe out Repub corruption, the Repubs will lose election after election until they finally abandon this fascism.
AdLib an hour ago
This Adlib agenda is one to hold high: And if the Nov elections go our way as it seems they’re trending, all of this extremism by Trump, MAGAs, and SCOTUS will fully backfire and hopefully result in Dems passing Roe, election reform and SCOTUS reform to set the country back on a democratic course and crush the MAGAfascist movement
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Well as they say Murph you get what you pay for, or in Trump’s case what you don’t pay for.
twilson117 an hour ago I liked Biden’s words yesterday and today….he is out to defeat the MAGA REPUBLICANS AND THEIR NEO-FASCISM.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Biden has to keep hammering them and pointing out how they are trying to tear democracy down and replace it with something they won’t like.
twilson117 an hour ago Murph – I don’t think Garland wanted this to be where he ended up but I think even as reticent as he is, he’s got to recognize there’s no going back or veering off now. The 1/6 committee has helped to prove Trump’s attempt to overthrow the 2020 election, this theft of secret info could rival that in terms of the damage this one man has done to the nation. You can’t throw your hands up after all of this and say, “Well, he was President. Whatcha gonna do?” Especially since Garland is well aware that Trump’s fascist movement is very active and just activated again to try and kill FBI agents in OH. And the magistrate and his family have been threatened, this fascist movement constantly using violence and the threat of it to terrorize the rest of the country must be broken. He knows that, he has to.
AdLib an hour ago
I think that Biden is being coached by a more aggressive, and more in tune group of campaign advisers and organizers. The woman who has taken over the WH Twitter account is a very clever tigress who handled the now famous State of NJ twitter account.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Murph – Right, when you’re famous for not paying your lawyers, scapegoating them to protect yourself and being obviously guilty of treason and espionage against the U.S., can’t imagine any decent lawyers racing to his side to represent him.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad I agree. Garland may be quiet, but I think he won’t let Trump’s lawlessness go.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad….that might be the core of a new invitation to join his legal team..if you are out to commit professional suicide and go bankrupt.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago TW – If it wasn’t for the growth of propaganda in social media and regular media, with all the awful things Repubs and Trump have done and said, this election should swing by double digits to Dems. But even with so much against the Dems, I am confident Dems will make it a big win this Nov and America just might have it’s democracy saved in the nick of time.
AdLib an hour ago
Murph I just heard about her watching the Christ Hayes show, anyone who responds to a snarky comment with ‘you mother’ gets my vote.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad….your reading of Garland is mine as well. Trump and his people’s naked aggression and the stupendous missteps/crimes that Trump et. al. committed in handling docs coupled with Trump clearly framed as the author of Jan 6 seige.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Ad I can only hope you’re right.
twilson117 an hour ago Murph – That’s what seems very possible, a righting of the ship in a big way could be the result of Trump, MAGA and the SCOTUS that wouldn’t have otherwise have happened without their excesses. In another timeline, where Roe isn’t overthrown and 1/6 doesn’t happen, our democracy might have still been in a nosedive in 2023. Don’t want to get ahead of myself though, we still have a tough fight this Nov to make this come true. Ah…the thought of Manchin and Sinema being told to fuck off by the rest of Dems in Congress would also be satisfying.
AdLib an hour ago
Murph, Ad, the Repugs have underestimated Garland. They take quietness for lack of strength and determination. Not smart on their part.
twilson117 an hour ago I am now working with the Nikki Budzinski campaign for Congress (Illinois 13th) who is running agains a GOP Model Woman, Regan Deering who comes from great wealth made by stepping on a lot of lives with views about Choice, Guns, Voting that are right out of the MAG GOP PLAYBOOK.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Ad I agree there is still a lot to do.
twilson117 an hour ago Murph what is your assessment of her chances??
twilson117 an hour ago Murph – Yes, this is another smart move by the Biden aides, to turn him loose on the Repubs with the righteous anger the rest of the country feels after Roe, 1/6, etc. He went as far as to call MAGA semi-fascist…but there’s nothing semi about it. We need to see Biden as the fighter, very happy about this. And that NJ Twitter person for him is also just what we need. This is a war, time that Biden and Co. acted like it.
AdLib an hour ago
Murph – Yep, Rudy should just star in a commercial, “To all lawyers, come and work for Donald Trump! Look what it did for me!”
AdLib an hour ago
There is no incumbent because the 13th is a new district. Southern Illinois and Northern Missouri are kissing cousins in terms of their politics but the area is ripe for Democratic ideas that will serve their reall interests.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Ad….maybe we can get the makeup folk to engineer a rivlet of black dye oozing from the top of his head as he delivers his message to fellow attorneys. “Look what it did for me.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago TW – Indeed, Garland was reticent out of respect for precedent and institutions but Trump and MAGAs saw that as weakness so they’ve gone on criming. But I think Garland was holding back and finally reached the end of his rope, justice needed to be done and that’s the course we’re on. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams that Garland comes back and says, “Nah, I’m not going to indict Trump, it wouldn’t be nice.”
AdLib an hour ago
Ad I agree with you assessment of Garland.
twilson117 an hour ago Murph – What is Deering’s district like? Purple, light red, light blue?
AdLib an hour ago
I have also told the Trudy Busch Valentine campaign what I think of them and their chances- which I think is precisely the plan engineered by the GOP with Dem fellow traverlers. Guarantees the election the Rightest of Wingers Schmidt (current treasurer) to the Senate. I will not play this game..
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Murph politics is indeed an ugly game.
twilson117 an hour ago The Deering/Budzinski contest is being fought in a newly formed district…the 13th….a real mix of small towns, country, smallish cities, higher ed giants and rubes on every corner…feels like home to me.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Murph – Funny! And Rudy could hold up his license to practice law with “CANCELED” stamped on it. And he could hold up an indictement from Georgia. “It sure won’t be boring to be Trump’s lawyer. At least until the trial’s over and you’re doing 5 to 7 in Leavenworth.”
AdLib an hour ago
Murph do you have a feel for which way the new district is leaning??
twilson117 an hour ago Ad…..Rudy should hire you to craft his newest entry in the political media.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Murph – Busch is a Repub cut out or perfectly happy to act as one so yes, I see no reason to waste time on her worthless campaign when you could actually help elect a real Dem like Deering.