Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey Ad how’s it going. twilson117 2 hours ago

Pretty good, how about you? AdLib an hour ago

I would guess Alex Jones isn’t having a great start to his weekend. AdLib an hour ago

Doing ok, now that Alex Jones got punched in the mouth with a total of 49.5 million for his lies. twilson117 an hour ago

And this is just the start. Two other lawsuits, one in CT that doesn’t have limits on damages like TX has. AdLib an hour ago

Hey Murph! AdLib an hour ago

Jones is the lower than whale crap but as I just wrote a piece for Medium and I will send it to you for posting it won’t stop him. twilson117 an hour ago

Hey Murph. twilson117 an hour ago

Hello Ad and TW….. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

TW – No, it won’t stop Jones, his lying under oath and refusing to provide evidence as well as using his show to attack the judge and parents DURING the trial tells you he will never stop. AdLib an hour ago

So Murph how are the rabid repubugs in your neck of the woods reacting to what took place in Kansas? twilson117 an hour ago

Sinema needs to be taken down in the 2024 Dem primary but even though Dems had to trade taxing the wealthy for this revised BBB, it will make huge impacts for the better on the lives of everyone. AdLib an hour ago

Murph he can Trump** lying lessons and that’s saying a lot. twilson117 an hour ago

TW…..I am sure that the strategists are reacting with some trepidation but for most of those I have contact with they are simply not aware of anything outside of, or in contradiction to the atmosphere in their bubble. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph – This is why Kansas is likely what is going to happen in Nov, women are going to come out in force as are PoC and Dems and Indies to the shock of MAGAs who have no clue that they’ve inherited the whirlwind. AdLib an hour ago

Ad….I am told by friends from Manchinland that the Dem party there sat down with him and said that if he was going to be a trojan horse Republican then they will have to find some way to take him down. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph I don’t envy you at all having to put up with that insanity. twilson117 an hour ago

With the Inflation Reduction Act about to pass, you have to hand it to Dems in Congress and Biden, this has been an incredible year of achievements, meaningful ones. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin says if Repubs win back the House, they need to restart Benghazi and Hunter Biden investigations. AdLib an hour ago

Murph I hope that took place and the same should be with Sinema twilson117 an hour ago

Thought you might be interested in this post to Trudy Busch Valentine’s Webpage on Facebook (which I then posted at the three political sites where I usually post)….. Here it is….. U.S. Senate Race for Missouri. Posted to Trudy Valentine’s FaceBook Page. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH VALENTINE’S VICTORY BUT I AM WILL TO GIVE HER A CHANCE TO PROVE ME WRONG….I HOPE SOMEONE FROM THE CAMPAIGN READS THIS AND RESPONDS WITH A STRONG CAMPAIGN. NOT LIKELY BUT I AM WILLING TO BE PROVEN WRONG. I supported Lucas Kunce. I donated my expertise as a campaign organizer, my time and my money generously. The nation needs a strong Democratic Majority in both the House and Senate to thwart the sinister ultra-rightist agenda now promoted by the GOP, a party I belonged to which I belonged from 1967 to 2004. I did not leave that party, it left me. I support Kunce for the reasons that the Post Dispatch endorsed him. I did not support you for the reasons that Post Dispatch did not endorse you. I came to my opinions on my own based on my research and experience. But I will not support the GOP at any level any more. I will support you because you are a Democrat but I am not confident in that support. I found it odd that you would not engage with Kunce directly, ducked tough questions and often seemed unready/unprepared on the issues. Your platform is vague promises. Most of your financing was self financing which means you did not attract grass roots financial backing. You are now facing a formidable GOP Opponent. I wondered if you ran for the nomination as a spoiler, aiming to block someone who could go toe to toe with either Schmitt or Greitens, Kunce. As I said I will support you but you will need to prove to me that are worth my enthusiastic support as a contributor and a volunteer organizer. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

TW…one of my contacts is the Vice Chair of the State Dem. Party. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph – That would be very interesting if that was the case. But it would seem like an empty threat…unless they alluded to Dems possibly having a bigger majority in The Senate after November and Manchin getting kicked to the curb and losing his committee assignments then. AdLib an hour ago

Murph with the Repugs inviting Korban to CPAC I think they’ve made it official where the stand on democracy. twilson117 an hour ago

Ad….I don’t think it was an empty threat…..the disgust with the man was barely concealed generally but the last two or three rug-pulling acts apparently have exhausted the patience of prime supporters and the base (many of whom have been victimized by the coal industry which Manchin is seen to champion. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Evening, all! Good to see you! choicelady an hour ago

CL is in the house!!! twilson117 an hour ago

Hey CL……was your spirit looming over the heartland…i.e. Kansas. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

TW…and let’s remember that CPAC held an event in Hungary earlier this summer hosted by the dictator. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Very sorry that Kunce lost, I really liked him. Busch bought that nom, she is a vapid and out of touch dilettante who could care less about the people. I think she will lose decisvely now instead of Kunce having a fighting chance. AdLib an hour ago

Hey CL! AdLib an hour ago

Murph – well, of COURSE. I spent nearly 2 weeks outside Tiller’s clinic in 2001. We kept it open, and I went toe to toe with the haters in Tiller’s church where, horrifyingly, he was murdered in 2009. Kansas owed me. They delivered. choicelady an hour ago

Ad…..she had to “loan” her campaign 80 percent of the funds she used…..why loan? Tax purposes….write offs. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph right who could forget that, along with Tucker fawning all over him when he broadcasted his show from Hungry for a week. These fools really don’t know what they are doing by embracing the likes of Corban. twilson117 an hour ago

He Ad and TW as well as dear Murph. Good to see you. I’ve been worried about you Ad after yesterdays horrific crash on La Brea. Glad you are OK. My niece goes that route – was right behind the accident but didn’t know about it until I told her. choicelady an hour ago

Murph – I suppose, better late than never. This is a very important bill but Manchin killing any chance to reverse the Roe ruling and protect voting rights is unforgiveable, even more so for the Koch puppet Sinema. AdLib an hour ago

Remember the stalinist term….”useful idiots” to describe western fans of communist government. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph – I looked back but am not sure about whom we are writing. choicelady an hour ago

It is truly ridiculous that the GOP is aggressively and openly supporting the crushing of democracy and embracing the most evil dictators around the globe. They don’t stand for one single thing that would help 99% of Americans and yet their blind cult just keeps supporting them. AdLib an hour ago

Murph – I know “useful idiot”. I also know useful idiots. choicelady an hour ago

Ad brings to mind Niki Khrushchev words that the US will sell them the rope to hang us with. twilson117 an hour ago

Ad – the cult is the testament to the enduring power of racism. choicelady an hour ago

CL – We are al Kansans right now. Very inspired and energized by what the people of Kansas did. AdLib an hour ago

Murph – this week a lot of us (cough) older types have found we are resurrecting issues and statements from the immediate post war period. Chilling. choicelady an hour ago

Murph brings to mind Khrushchev’s words that we would sell them to rope to hang us with. twilson117 an hour ago

CL….I was confronted by a woman standing outside a walmart decked out in MAGA crap and handing out lie filled info sheets re. abortion. She saw my Biden button and my Proud Democrat Tag and pointed me out as an abortionist. It was right after Kunce lost. We had words. I kept cool and operated as a debater. To my surprise the people that gathered nearby were either silent or supporting me…….a few supporting her said a word or two and walked on by….. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph – Because unpaid loans can be written off as losses. A cynical abuse of the tax system by a cynical person. And why did she have to loan to herself? Because she has no grass roots support and will crash and burn in the GE. Was she a stalking horse for the GOP? Certainly a distinct possibility. Knock out the legit candidate then hand the GE to the Repubs. AdLib an hour ago

ad…I labeled her a spoiler from the start…..and since she won….what has she done…gone on a “well deserved vacation.” MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Is everyone there? choicelady an hour ago

I am here. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

I here twilson117 an hour ago

I posted just as it refreshed new comments. Duh. choicelady an hour ago

CL…those damn conservatives….sabotage I call it. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

CL – Glad your niece was okay! That was horrendous! Turns out the driver was a 30-something nurse who was distraught over her boyfriend breaking up with her, had been out drinking and apparently, took her upset out on innocent people, killing 6 people and injuring more. Just awful. I have driven that street many times too, I know that hill she was coming down but she had to have the pedal to the floor to hit 100MPH and more. Her car looked like a speeding missile. AdLib an hour ago

CL…did you see my Walmart encounter post…..interested in your reaction. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Well, as one who is now owed $100K by the woman fighting CPS, I am FINE with writing off unpaid loans! I just don’t “owe myself”. If something happens to her, we have a promissory note that will let us write it off. choicelady an hour ago

Ad…imagine being a nurse and taking life that way. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph – NO I did not see it. Is it here tonight or on PPOV? I’m very out of the loop lately. choicelady an hour ago

CL..it is here but this repost will make it easy for you…… CL….I was confronted by a woman standing outside a walmart decked out in MAGA crap and handing out lie filled info sheets re. abortion. She saw my Biden button and my Proud Democrat Tag and pointed me out as an abortionist. It was right after Kunce lost. We had words. I kept cool and operated as a debater. To my surprise the people that gathered nearby were either silent or supporting me…….a few supporting her said a word or two and walked on by….. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph – Yep, useful idiots but also, paid traitors in many cases. Russia has been funding Repubs through the NRA and dark money, have been hacking their emails and using secrets for Kompromat, the GOP is a diseased animal that can never get better. It needs to be beaten and kept from power until some other conservative party rises up or takes it over. AdLib an hour ago

OMG – I had NOT heard the details about what happened to her – why she was going so fast. That’s just horrifying. A whole family wiped out because of that horrific act. And they don’t even KNOW who the body in the burned car is. choicelady an hour ago

TW – So true, Repubs have sold that rope to Russia who helped IMO to try and hang Congresspeople and the VP on 1/6. AdLib an hour ago

OMG Murph – good for you!!! I’m glad there was little support for her. VERY glad. choicelady an hour ago

Ad….your analysis is spot on….the cancer that came into being in the Nixon White and has spread through the GOP body politic is taking the life that party. But our system is so poorly designed that the creation of alternative parties is nearly impossible and often undermines the good guys. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

CL – Yes! This fascist mentality is driven by racism and that’s why neither will ever completely go away. AdLib an hour ago

Murph It sounds to me your training and a Prof kicked in as you no doubt had to deal with a belligerent student or two. twilson117 an hour ago

Murph – doesn’t that cancer go back to the 40s? Nixon was always that way. Look how he ran his campaigns for congress. Look at McCarthy and his crew. This is deep in the bones of the Cold War GOP if not before. There were America First people in the GOP in the 30s. The plot to overthrow FDR. It’s rancid and long lived. choicelady an hour ago

CL….there were several people there who I knew and who are not really politically aligned with me but are decent folks…I told them I was surprised and was told that while they supported a pro life position the idea of removing choice especially in the early months of a pregnancy, and when a pregnancy is destructive and when the pregnancy was the result of an assault….well…as one the group said….”We have to think of daughters….” MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

TW….good insight about the Prof arising from within…yes, I think you are correct. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

WOW! That is powerful to know, Murph. Thank you for sharing that. choicelady an hour ago

Murph – Wow…that is a pretty clear tell. Job done, Kunce stopped, going on vacation. What a horrible human being. MO Dems may hold their nose and vote for her but without any grass roots support or enthusiasm, she is doomed but I guess she doesn’t care. She stopped a real Dem from competing, mission accomplished. AdLib an hour ago