Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then!

AdLib 3 hours ago
Hey TW!
AdLib 2 hours ago
Hey Ad, Rainbow Unicorns?
twilson117 2 hours ago Heh! Thanks for the read!
AdLib 2 hours ago
How are things your way?
AdLib 2 hours ago
Hi glenn!
AdLib 2 hours ago
Just finished your post, but need to go back make sure I got it all.
twilson117 2 hours ago Hey Glenn
twilson117 2 hours ago Hi Ad, TW! How is everyone tonight?
glenn 2 hours ago Glenn doing ok
twilson117 2 hours ago TW – Appreciate it! I started out thinking I was going to write a firebrand piece and after coming up with a more amusing title, I just decided to have a little fun writing it.
AdLib 2 hours ago
Glad to hear it, TW.
glenn 2 hours ago I’m doing fine, glenn. Glad you made it!
AdLib 2 hours ago
So what do you all think of Pat Cipolone meeting with the select committee today?
twilson117 2 hours ago Ad–yeah glad to be here. I probably won’t stay long, but thought I’d say hi to the early birds.
glenn 2 hours ago Ad–I hope he threw the TLB under the bus!
glenn 2 hours ago We won’t know till next week. Have my dvr set to record some I get it all.
twilson117 2 hours ago I think Cipollone was backed into a corner by Hutchinson’s testimony, he knows he could be in legal trouble if he kept hiding info from the 1/6 committee. He’s confirming her stories I bet.
AdLib 2 hours ago
glenn – Always nice to see you even if you’re just popping by!
AdLib 2 hours ago
I agree
twilson117 2 hours ago I did hear from one of the Dems on the committee that he didn’t take the 5th at all. He may have claimed Executive Privilege in some cases but he can’t when it comes to conversations with Meadows or Hutchinson.
AdLib an hour ago
What do you think of Graham trying to defy the subpoena from GA?
glenn an hour ago And you don’t have an 8 hour hearing with someone who isn’t giving you answers.
AdLib an hour ago
Glenn I think Graham is toast and he knows it. He had no business calling anyone in Georgia unless it was a friend to say hi.
twilson117 an hour ago Next week’s hearings ought to be interesting.
glenn an hour ago glenn – Graham is just playing the Trump game of stall, stall, stall. He knows he’s likely in big trouble, if not individually, maybe he’d be caught up if they file a RICO case. It’s always about stalling but since this is a GA case, nothing that stalling will accomplish except possibly delay the indictments until after Nov’s election.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad–He (Graham) was only trying to protect the integrity of our elections, dontcha know? Noble person that he is and all.
glenn an hour ago Graham was clearly calling GA at the behest of Trump and when that is confirmed, Graham IS guilty as part of the conspiracy. As things are now, he was subtle enough in the conversation to slip out of a criminal charge…but not if his call was on behalf and at the orders of Trump as a RICO target.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad Bannon is saying Trump** might wave privilege so he can testify to the 1/6 committee. All the people are saying it’s a ploy so Bannon will be disruptive since there are no Jordans on the committee to interrupt every 10 seconds.
twilson117 an hour ago glenn – I can’t wait for next week’s hearings, the noose around Trump’s neck will be tightened as they show the connections between Trump’s campaign and the militias that headed up the insurgency and attack. This is real sick stuff!
AdLib an hour ago
Ad–so do you think he will testify? Speaking of Nov. elections, is Graham up for reelection this year?
glenn an hour ago Ad I don’t think Graham was all that subtle, when he suggested not counting absentee ballots
twilson117 an hour ago glenn – Heh! Graham wouldn’t recognize integrity if it was plastered on a wall in front of his face.
AdLib an hour ago
Glenn integrity and Graham are an oxymoron.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad–You may be correct as far as RICO charges go, but I don’t see this DOJ bringing those charges aganst either the TLB or Graham.
glenn an hour ago Ad and TW–LOL!
glenn an hour ago TW – First, the 1/6 committee should say, “He can’t waive privilege because he’s not president but if you want to testify ON OUR TERMS, we invite you to do so. It appears now that the Trump crooks have all circulated the same game, that they will agree to testify as long as it’s on their terms, on live tv without initial depositions. Nope, this is all a ploy to blow up the hearings, they know better than to let the hearings be blown up by these henchmen.
AdLib an hour ago
glenn – In the end, no, I don’t think Bannon testifies, this is all a manipulative game.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad yes, it’s certainly that.
twilson117 an hour ago glenn – Or do you mean Graham? Yes, I think Graham will lose his appeals to avoid testifying but if he does, I think he’ll just take the 5th and claim he had to because he doesn’t think he should testify.
AdLib an hour ago
Ad–I hope you’re correct about the committee. So far, they’ve done a great job of keeping the hearings on track and letting the people and the facts speak for themselves.
glenn an hour ago Unfortunately, Graham isn’t up for re-election until 2026, he was allegedly re-elected in 2020.
AdLib an hour ago
Glenn, I don’t believe they will let Bannon dictate terms to them.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad–Yes, I meant Graham, but I think you’re right about Bannon too.
glenn an hour ago TW–I don’t think so either.
glenn an hour ago TW – I don’t know this for sure but I saw a couple of legal analysts say that since he only asked if large swaths of votes would be thrown out, he can hide behind “fact-finding”. Had he demanded votes been thrown out, then he would be in deep trouble.
AdLib an hour ago
glenn – You may be right about the DoJ but I would not be surprised if the DS in GA brings RICO charges.
AdLib an hour ago
AdLib an hour ago
Ad–Unlike the TLB, Graham does understand the law.
glenn an hour ago