Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

I’m here, but may not be ABLE TO contribute much. Am OK, just sailing race duties. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Hey PPO! Got it! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey TW! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey Ad twilson117 2 hours ago

Is ppo still with us twilson117 2 hours ago

Kind of an eventful week. AdLib 2 hours ago

Yes it has been and it’s not over yet twilson117 2 hours ago

PPO is out at a sailing clinic so his wifi is spotty. AdLib 2 hours ago

Ah the life twilson117 2 hours ago

The dam has now officially broken. The Repubs are full speed ahead in turning the US into a theocracy. AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey PPO twilson117 2 hours ago

Hey PPO! You’re back! AdLib 2 hours ago

Ad yes I agree twilson117 2 hours ago

Hi1 . TW pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

They are going full blast on doing what they have always wanted to do twilson117 2 hours ago

I kind of feel like this Nov is the last shortcut we have to getting back to a democracy. We have to hold onto the House and win 2 net seats in the Senate who will end the filibuster (at least for constitutional rights issues) and pass laws to allow choice, voting rights and adding seats and reforming the SCOTUS. AdLib 2 hours ago

Otherwise, I see terrible and oppressive times ahead for a very long time. AdLib 2 hours ago

Sadly I agree. twilson117 2 hours ago

I don’t see another way and if this doesn’t happens, I think there is a real prospect of anarchy across the country in 2024/2025 when Repubs steal the presidency. AdLib 2 hours ago

I have been trying to get to the leaked SC decision, but other things have been getting in the way twilson117 2 hours ago

We are in a de facto civil war when some states band together declaring women are their property and other states say they are free. AdLib 2 hours ago

Yes, it is becoming very concerning. twilson117 2 hours ago

I still haven’t read the full leaked decision but I’ve seen plenty of analysis on Alito basing his ruling on a 17th Century Judge who put women to death for being witches and declared that women who are raped by their husbands have nothing to complain about. AdLib 2 hours ago

I’ve been trying to scope it out mentally. twilson117 2 hours ago

Yes, everyone over at MSNBC have been running with that. But, I think we need to dig deeper and when we do what we will find will scare the crap out of us. twilson117 2 hours ago

What Alito declared is that stare decisis and legal precedent is dead. And that the only precedent is very old precedents of the original Constitution and what they included. SO since those elite men didn’t mention a single right for women, they have none as precedent. AdLib 2 hours ago

To borrow a phrase from a very famous person, “forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” twilson117 2 hours ago

Also, Alito declared that there is no right to privacy so government can make any laws it wants to infringe on our privacy and deny any rights, unless specifically prevented such as the 4th Amendment. This is madness and dictatorship. AdLib 2 hours ago

When you lose the courts you lose your democracy, with what Alito wrote was the death knoll of the court and the dagger in the heart of democracy. twilson117 2 hours ago

Man I wish CL was here I would love the hear her take. twilson117 2 hours ago

One comment the fascists use, as Alito did, saying that making it democratic is the only fair thing is saying that a majority in one state or city can “democratically” deny rights to any group of people. Rights are not an entitlement, they are only based on majority votes as to who gets them. More insanity. AdLib 2 hours ago

How is CL doing? twilson117 2 hours ago

Hey Glenn twilson117 2 hours ago

I just reached out to her today and haven’t heard back, will let you know when I know. AdLib 2 hours ago

Okk twilson117 2 hours ago

Hi glenn! Hope you’re using the voice recognition again, it worked very well last time. AdLib 2 hours ago

I think Dems need to march forward with a coordinated campaign against these theocrats. They are pro-rape and pro-pedophile, I don’t think Dems should be shy about saying so. AdLib 2 hours ago

Repubs have been in the news a lot lately for pedophilia, one Repub who is in jail for murdering his wife just won his primary! AdLib an hour ago

Schummer is going to pass a bill that will not get enough votes but will serve as notice where Repubs are along with Manchin and my guess the lady from AZ twilson117 an hour ago

Hi TW, Hi Ad–using my computer tonight, but if my fingeers mess up too much, I’ll go backto the voice recognition on my Kindle. glenn an hour ago

Glenn what ever works for you. twilson117 an hour ago

Glenn what are your thoughts on this weeks happenings? twilson117 an hour ago

Ad any chance Murph will be on? twilson117 an hour ago

TW – Yes, the vote is necessary to put it on record as to who is standing up for women and who is fine with letting them become owned by their states but more needs to be done. Dems are historically pretty bad about pulling together a focused and hard hitting national campaign. But we need that now. Dems should promote Nov as the last chance to save democracy in our lifetime and voting Dem is voting for Roe, voting rights and fixing the courts from being religious dictators. AdLib an hour ago

glenn – Sounds good! AdLib an hour ago

TW – You never know with Murph, sometimes he’s early, sometimes he comes later. We’ll see. AdLib an hour ago

Ad== I agree. Dems need to start speaking out forcefully! Seems to me that only a few have spoken out. We need a coordinated condemnation like repubs do. Of course, we need the media to cover those Dem voices,instead of the glenn an hour ago

…instead of the stupid treasonous, lying bully’s stupid cult meetings. glenn an hour ago

Did you see that Thomas had the gall to make a speech today claiming that people are hurting the country by not accepting decisions from the court? This coming from a man who supports his wife trying to overthrow the presidential election??? AdLib an hour ago

I didn’t see that, but are you surprised? twilson117 an hour ago

Ad, you know Thomas’s statement makes no sense. It was the people who worked to strike down the Dredd Scott SC decision. So what the F*** is he talking about? twilson117 an hour ago

And for pete’s sake, can someone tell me why repubs are so upset about the leak? Why aren’t they shouting from the rooftops about their victory? What difference does it make if we find out about the decision now or in July? glenn an hour ago

glenn – I completely agree. Gilibrand made an effective speech, other Dems have too but there doesn’t seem to be a coordination, just the weak calculating of people like Schumer that Dems’ chances in Nov have gotten better so let’s all just be happy with that and not voice the outrage most of America is feeling. We don’t want to see political calculations now, we want our politicians like Warren who came out swinging too, to be fierce in defending our rights from being stolen by a religious extremist minority. AdLib an hour ago

Ad Okay for the moment, given the backlash the court is getting on the leaked decision, what do you think the odds are it will get modified? twilson117 an hour ago

glenn – It is astounding that TFG’s “rallies” are still covered by the MSM instead of shunned! But I am amused at how both MAGAs and Dems can’t stand Dr. Oz, Trump’s pick for PA Senate. I think he loses big there. And hoping Tim Ryan kicks butt in OH. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–exactly? Where is the outrage? Dems’ outrage should be at least equal to repubs’ outrage about the leak. glenn an hour ago

Ad how is that quack running he doesn’t even live in PA. twilson117 an hour ago

TW – IMO, Thomas is not a bright man, just an ideologue with little that passes for reason going on in his head. This Alito decision states the same basis for ending women’s rights to their bodies as Dredd Scott, that is, that rights not specifically detailed in the Constitution don’t exist. We have over a century of laws that say that’s just plain wrong and unconstitutional. AdLib an hour ago

The SC has problems. twilson117 an hour ago

glenn – My take is that Repubs always exaggerate any cause to claim they’ve been victimized, especially when they want to distract from something really bad politically for them as this decision is. It’s another manufactured distraction from the real awfulness and a way to whip up the morons that follow them and are constantly howling about what victims they are. AdLib an hour ago

TW–That’s a good question. I know you asked it to Ad, but I’m going to chime in with my 2 cents’ worth, and say “no”. I think the rightwingers who voted to overturn are doing exactly what they were put on the court to do. And the backlash will just make them dig in their heels more. glenn an hour ago

TW – I think the decision will be very modified now but in a dishonest way, to backwards engineer the same conclusion but cherry pick other reasoning because using a witch-killing, wife-raping 18th century monster as justification isn’t working. AdLib an hour ago

glenn – I think this is the problem with having no youth in the Dem leadership, the reaction of these long term Dems is to regroup behind expectations that the public’s natural outrage is sufficient to go against this aggressive theocratic campaign for control of the country. No, we need to fight this war with generals, not marketing consultants. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–Agreed. They’ll just come up with what they think is better justification for the decision, but not change the decision. glenn an hour ago

TW – I don’t know what the PA rules are on residency but apparently, Oz has found whatever loophole needed to qualify. But I think he will lose badly, so many clips of him supporting Covid protections, women’s right to choose, voting in Turkey against being America First, he is so terribly flawed as a candidate. AdLib an hour ago

Glenn, I cannot disagree with your assessment. If I recall the one of the main ideas of the SC was to be the final arbitrator on property cases. Dredd Scott was essentially a property case. twilson117 an hour ago

glenn – Agreed, the RW extremists on the court are there to tear down the power and rights of the people and they won’t be stopped by something like shame or public revolt. They’re more likely to approve of oppressing those who protest. AdLib an hour ago

Ad– you always say what I’m thinking so eloquently. Dems need to put their younger members Buttigeig and the Castro brothers forward with the message. Over and over again! Off the top of my head can’t think of any more younger ones. glenn an hour ago

Ad I agree Oz will lose, but need to pick up several Senators to hold the Senate and the why the Republicans have gerrymandered their election maps the house will be tight. But this SC decision will bring out the women vote, but the Dems need to play this one right, because they won’t get a second chance. twilson117 an hour ago

glenn – We’re nearly always on the same page. Yes, what would be really smart is for Dems to put their “young guns”, especially women, out front to lead the charge to save our rights and democracy but I’m afraid those entrenched in power care more about that than actually winning this battle for the soul of the country. No one catres what Schumer says. Pelosi is respected but she is not a fiery speaker. We need these women Dems like Gilibrand, AOC, Demming and so many others including those who handled the 2nd impeachment, to rally the troops! AdLib an hour ago

I think you’re right, TW. I think Dems can win the Senate seats in OH and FL (won’t be easy though with all the voter suppression), PA and WI. And hold NV and GA. AdLib an hour ago

But as you say TW, due to gerrymandering, keeping The House will be a fight too. We have to win it, this needs to be a single issue national campaign and Dems need to make it that. Vote to save your rights and democracy or you will lose them as Repubs keep tearing them away and will do worse if they win Congress. AdLib an hour ago

Ad if the Dems managed to pull the chestnuts out of the fire, it will be good. But the Presidential election will be an outright dog fight like we’ve never seen before. twilson117 an hour ago

TW– when you get right down to it, abortion is a property issue too. Although Roe was decided on a privacy issue, essentially right wingers who oppose abortion are saying women’s bodies are the property of the state. glenn an hour ago

Ad there is a lot the dems can run on the job numbers were great, yes inflation is still high, but dems have some good messaging points if they would just use them. twilson117 an hour ago

TW – I think this Nov is the biggest fight because if Dems can net 2 seats in The Senate and keep the House, they can get rid of the filibuster to pass voting rights which can destroy the Repub stacking of the deck in elections and make 2024 fair and more winnable for Dems. That is the biggest hope I have, at least 52 Dem senators and holding The House, fixing SCOTUS, voting rights and women’s rights can be done so quickly and save us from the hell that 2024 and thereafter will be in this country otherwise. AdLib an hour ago

Glenn, spot on. Now I know what would happen to my ass if I told my wife she was my property. twilson117 an hour ago

Ad– the right wing extremists on the court are not only more likely to approve of oppressing protestors, they likely get their jollies from oppressing anyone who does not agree with them. glenn an hour ago

glenn – Excellent point about this being about property and same props to TW. I have been thinking about that, the through line of this mentality, where warped religiousness and domination are at the heart of all these policies. Slavery was openly discussed 200 years ago as a property issue, as was women’s rights since they were the property of their husband. This is another form of slavery where the state can own the woman because they claim ownership of her pregnancy. I think Dems should address it that way, it would be devastating. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–There you go. We need those women you mentioned out front and center with Pelosi and glenn an hour ago

Hey any thought on CJ Roberts? I get the feeling he’s not happy with the Alito and it’s a poorly kept secret he and Alito are best buds. twilson117 an hour ago

Schumer giving them space and the p[atform to speak. glenn an hour ago

Ad–it’s esse tial that Dems keep the glenn an hour ago

senate. The other big question is will Dems get rid of the filibuster? glenn an hour ago

TW – Frankly, the polling has shown that Americans are idiots when it comes to recognizing how good the economy is. Yes, inflation is bad but it’s mostly due to corporate greed and jacking up prices for no reason except bleeding the public dry. And Americans have such short memories, just a year and a half ago, tens of millions of Americans working today were laid off and unemployed. Their expendable income is way up hence the corps stealing so much more. Yet a majority thinks Biden has been bad on the economy. That is not the winning issue. Go for the emotional issue, always. This New Slavery needs to be the issue and tied in with stealing voting rights from PoC, stealing rights from LGBTQ, on and on. The GOP needs to be tagged as the party of Slavery and let them howl all day long but it will knock them down. AdLib an hour ago

Ad I know one of my senators Warren is really mad about the leaked decision, I think it’s time for me to write her and my other senator. twilson117 an hour ago

TW–Don’t know your wife, but I would imagine you!r ass would be grass (or worse) if you told her she was your property glenn an hour ago

Glenn not only grass, but she be riding the a power mower over it several times to make sure I got the point of her shall we say, discontent. twilson117 an hour ago

glenn – Yes and that’s very scary but I think the 5 RW nutters on the SCOTUS are unhinged. They don’t feel boxed in by precedent, stare decisis or The Constitution. They have declared that they are dictators whose only guidelines are their personal opinions. And if their opinion is that regular protests are insurrection, they’ll support laws preventing protests. They are wholly dangerous and must be stopped. Again, Dems need to elevate that as a voting necessity in Nov. AdLib an hour ago

Ad I agree, with your assessment around short term memory. Look when I was in Syracuse, I had to fill up for the trip home $82 bucks. But what could I do needed the gas to get home. It will come down. But the Dems need to message the hell out of everything. twilson117 an hour ago

TW – Not sure about the relationship between Roberts and Alito but I do think Roberts is unhappy with “his” court being the one that went off the rails and lost its status with the public. I think he would’ve been happy whittling Roe to nothing bit by bit, like Civil Rights laws but the blatant violation of precedent and clear partisanship destroys the appearance of this being a judicial decision. His court is corrupt and the majority of the country sees it that way now. He will go down in history for that. AdLib an hour ago

glenn – I think Dems only need 2 more Senators to get rid of the filibuster, at least for Constitutional matters like voting, women’s rights and judicial reform. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–in addition to the property issue, Dems should be addressing men’s responsibility regarding abortion. How come that baby only has a mother and not a father? Why aren’t men being told to be responsible and keep their precious sperm in their pants? Why aren’t they “murderers” if they don’t step up to make sure their children get to be born? glenn an hour ago

TW – Yep, my “adopted” Senator, Warren (since my daughter is at school in Boston) is right on the money and doing a great job, showing the genuine outrage all people of conscience in this country should feel. Had enough of the Dems calulating their responses for political reasons. Get on board or get out of the way. AdLib an hour ago

Ad I just want to say something about the draft decision that was leaked. The Repugs are playing this like it never happened before and that it’s a major criminal offense. First it has happened and it’s not a criminal offense. So the Dems need to address that. twilson117 44 minutes ago

TW–LOL! Even though I don’t know your wife, I like her a lot! glenn 44 minutes ago

Glenn, she keeps me in line. twilson117 43 minutes ago

TW – Yes but with such an ADD-type public, having one simple and emotional message is best. Repubs use fear of being attacked with their base, Dems should use fear of losing our rights and democracy. The old KISS strategy, Keep It Simple Stupid (not referring to anyone here of course). AdLib 43 minutes ago

Ad–yes, this court is dangerous. Dems need to start pushing for an expanded court,as we have discussed numerous times. glenn 42 minutes ago

Ad messaging has been Dems Achillies heel. twilson117 42 minutes ago

TW–Ain’t that the truth? glenn 40 minutes ago

Glenn, someone on MSNBC made the point there is nothing the Constitution about the size of the court. It has changed in numbers a number of times. twilson117 40 minutes ago

glenn – Yes, Dems in states should be passing and submitting bills that are tied to this push to force women to give birth. Men should be on the hook financially “from the moment of conception” or whatever the trigger point is in every state. If these extremists want to claim that a clump of cells the size of a grain of rice is a baby then men should be required to share all costs from that point forward. That should scare enough Repub men from supporting these women-as-property laws. AdLib 40 minutes ago

Glenn now that thesis is interesting. twilson117 38 minutes ago

TW – True, leaking has happened in other SCOTUS cases, not leaking a draft but leaking decisions. not new at all. And the kicker is, since it was leaked to a RW outlet, Politico, I think it will turn out to be a Repub who leaked it to lock in any wavering votes for it. I saw that the WSJ published leaks earlier that Roberts may have had Kavanaugh leaning against that decision before the leak happened. AdLib 38 minutes ago

glenn – We were way ahead of all this, we’ve discussed expanding the court to 13 for years and now the rest of the country is catching up to us! AdLib 37 minutes ago

Ad–maybe your assessment of Roberts is correct, but if he wanted his legacy to be different, he could have dissented on this ruling, even if his vote would not have changed the outcome, he should have had the balls to do what’s right. glenn 36 minutes ago

Ad I also heard some thought the leak was to lock the justices in. twilson117 36 minutes ago

TW – Terrorists (Repubs included) always have an easier time messaging because using fear and big lies are so easy. Dems try to use reason which is comparatively passive and they don’t read from the same authoritarian handbook so they’re not hitting the same note wherever you turn, like terrorists. AdLib 35 minutes ago

Glenn, these right wing justices are more concern about their legacy as SC than doing what is right for the country. They want history to remember them as keen legal minds. twilson117 34 minutes ago

TW–yes, the media is finally seeing things Ad’s way…or at least some of them are…in regards to expanding the court. It’s another way to save our democracy…of course we have to elect a Dem senate to do that. glenn 34 minutes ago

TW – Yes, as I mentioned, we’ve discussed that on Vox for years, the size of the SCOTUS is merely the decision of Congress, no number is set in the Constitution and Congress has the right to make it any size they choose. AdLib 33 minutes ago

glenn – Roberts isn’t identified as agreeing with the leaked draft, only the 5 other extremist nutjobs. I don’t think Roberts is on board with Alito’s ruling. AdLib 32 minutes ago

Ad if I recall the number of districts have grown meaning the SC have more districts they have to oversee so expanding makes sense. twilson117 31 minutes ago

TW–that’s a keen legal mind alright…using a 17th century justice who believes in witchcraft and that women have to submit to their husbands. Yup…sharp legal minds there! glenn 31 minutes ago

This ruling has now moved reforming and enlarging the SCOTUS from a more fringe issue to a mainstream necessity. Our democracy can’t survive and neither can the SCOTUS with these unrestrained ideologues continuing to have the power they now have. This must be stopped. AdLib 30 minutes ago

Ad–okay thanks for the correction. I still think Roberts is a weasel, though. glenn 30 minutes ago

TW – Yes, that has been an argument I adopted and have expressed here along the way, there are now 13 district courts, there used to be 9 when the SCOTUS was set with 9 justices. It is following precedent to expand to 13 and update the SCOTUS to have one judge per district court. AdLib 29 minutes ago

Welll gents, I’ve about reached my limit. Time for this old lady to call it a night. Ad,if you do hear from CL please give her my best. Don’t forget to honor the mothers in your lives on Sunday. Take care and hope tochat next week! glenn 26 minutes ago

Ad I recall the SC went back and forth for quite some time before they finally settled on 9 justices. With 13 districts and the work load it makes sense to expand. twilson117 26 minutes ago

Take care Glen. twilson117 26 minutes ago

glenn – Absolutely right! Alito has now wholly disqualified himself as a legitimate judge after basing a decision to strip away rights from Americans for the first time in our history by basing it on a witch-killing, pro-wife-rape nutjub from hundreds of years ago. All 5 are now illegitimate in the eyes of most Americans, they lied about Roe to get their seat then proved their perjury. The SCOTUS is no longer a legit institution, it is as corrupt as the GOP and for many of the same reasons (including McConnell’s theft of 2 seats and putting an unqualified religious nut in RBG’s seat). AdLib 25 minutes ago

Will do glenn! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! AdLib 25 minutes ago

You do the same, TW. glenn 25 minutes ago

Thank you, Ad glenn 24 minutes ago

TW – Yep, SCOTUS was at 11 at one point, less than 9 at another and thanks to McConnell, was shrunk to 8 for a year. AdLib 24 minutes ago

Ad I think the dems should make an add around that. twilson117 23 minutes ago

So there is plenty of precedent and so much necessity now. AdLib 23 minutes ago

Yes, agreed. America can see that the SCOTUS is no longer about the law, it is a politically conniving majority and they must be overcome through expansion. AdLib 23 minutes ago

We can’t continue with a democracy with a theocratic SCOTUS in power. AdLib 22 minutes ago

That is why I keep saying we are on the slippery slope of authorism and autocratic rule. twilson117 21 minutes ago

You’re so right but I think we just hit a very slippery slope this week and we are rocketing towards theocracy now. There is no maybe now. AdLib 20 minutes ago

Or some would call it illiberalism which it would be if the likes of a DeSantis would get in. twilson117 20 minutes ago

That is an apt description too. Dictatorship works too as does autocratic. Bottom line, our governments and legal systems are being corrupted to serve the few and be weaponized against those they see as their enemies. We are in trouble and Dems need to sound the alarm. AdLib 18 minutes ago

We didn’t talk about it, but based on the NYT 3 piece article on Turker Carlson, Fox is all but signed the papers on being a political mouth piece for Trump** or those wannabe Trumpies. twilson117 17 minutes ago

I was hoping PPO would have been able to say on because I would really have liked to get his take on the Murdochs twilson117 15 minutes ago

Saw that and the article lays out how Carlson is the most racist show ever on mainstream tv. Not a coincidence. Thsoe texts between Hannity and Meadows prove without any doubt how Fox is a propaganda channel tied directly into Trump. AdLib 15 minutes ago

Hopefully PPO can make it next Friday but I think being involved with sailing has been a great thing for him since losing Fergie. AdLib 14 minutes ago

Yeah, I going to wrap it up tonight. But what I’ve read and scanned he is going to take it as far as he can before he puts his foot in his mouth where no amount of money will save him. But it won’t matter because I think that jerk Jesse Waters – a Bill O’Reilly find – will move in to take his place if he were to fall. twilson117 12 minutes ago

I can understand that. twilson117 11 minutes ago

I think Trump is probably too damaged to win in 2024 and I think his prosecution, which is likely in one of these cases, will permanently hobble his chances. But DeSantis and Carlson are who would be next up and both would be far worse. AdLib 10 minutes ago

If we can win this Nov and fix the voting laws across the country, I don’t know that a Repub would be elected president for a long time. AdLib 9 minutes ago

Take care and wishing your wife a very Happy Mother’s Day! AdLib 9 minutes ago

I agree, he is damaged goods and not needed. twilson117 9 minutes ago

Ok catch you later. twilson117 8 minutes ago

He won’t get the indie vote he got in 2016 and Dems will turn out bigtime to stop his re-election. AdLib 8 minutes ago

As they did in 2020. AdLib 8 minutes ago

Night! AdLib 8 minutes ago

Night. twilson117 8 minutes ago

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