Vox Populi, our weekly live chat begins at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey Khirad! What’s up? AdLib 3 hours ago

/yeah I’m here. Gonna take a cancer stick. Goona think what I’m pissed off about today. Khirad 3 hours ago

Sounds good, always best to prep angry rants. AdLib 3 hours ago

Thing is I’m trying t be less angry. Khirad 2 hours ago

Antincipation… Khirad 2 hours ago

Hey Ad twilson117 2 hours ago

Kaliningrad? Königsberg? I’m packing a legal bowl. Khirad 2 hours ago

Khirad how are you>?? twilson117 2 hours ago

It is amazing I have not gone off for Scottish Indipencence yet. Khirad 2 hours ago

I’m looking for one of the ten thousand things that flame up my bong? Khirad 2 hours ago

Such as?? twilson117 2 hours ago

Hey Guys! AdLib 2 hours ago

I’m perusing how to make viking mead. Khirad 2 hours ago

Viking mead?? twilson117 2 hours ago

I like the Mountain Dew Viking Mead. AdLib 2 hours ago

Ad how are you. twilson117 2 hours ago

Hey TW, doing well. And you ? AdLib 2 hours ago

Jereme Zimmerman on the mead. Khirad 2 hours ago

Doing okay Ad, snow is melting here in Shrewsbury. twilson117 2 hours ago

TW – Daughter is in FL this weekend for a tourney so she’s missing the melt. AdLib 2 hours ago

Mountain dew is in there. I want Heather. Khirad 2 hours ago

Well it should be gone by the time she gets back. twilson117 2 hours ago

Khirad – However, she is very meady. AdLib 2 hours ago

I like my girls read, with a good head. Khirad 2 hours ago

But do you like your police with gazpacho? AdLib 2 hours ago

Gazpacho? or Chutzpah? Khirad 2 hours ago

Oh God MTG one of several of the dumbest people in Congress on the Repugs side. twilson117 2 hours ago

Didn’t the Nazi Gazpacho persecute the Chutzpah? AdLib 2 hours ago

TW – As stupid as MTG is, I saw some lefty fool on Twitter claiming it was probably intentional and explaining why over many tweets. What a maroon! AdLib 2 hours ago

Mussolni was agnostic on Jews. Let me take a free legal puff. Khirad 2 hours ago

Left or right there is no reasonable way to explain MTG, none. twilson117 2 hours ago

MTG? How about NFTs? Khirad 2 hours ago

Meanwhile, we have an already proven crime by Trump of hording top secret papers that were required to go to the National Archives and the penalty…if prosecuted…is up to 5 years and permanent disqualification from holding public office. I am not sure about Garland but of every crime Trump’s committed, he better prosecute this or he should be attacked by all Dems. AdLib 2 hours ago

Good weed… forgive me. Khirad 2 hours ago

NFT’s have a monetary value, MTG has no value at all. None. twilson117 2 hours ago

Mussolini at least had the gazpacho run on time. AdLib an hour ago

Twilson, very much debatable. Khirad an hour ago

NFTs? How about CIA? AdLib an hour ago

Khirad I guessing you mean the weed. twilson117 an hour ago

That’s a not true about the trains.. Khirad an hour ago

And now it’s proven that the trucker astroturfing in Canada was just what most of us expected. I bet we’d find Koch money and planning behind it. AdLib an hour ago

Next thing? Pinapple on people. Khirad an hour ago

Ad I don’t know what to say about Garland I can only hope he is building a case. twilson117 an hour ago

Who here is into Canadian politics? Khirad an hour ago

TW – My personal opinion is that NFTs are what tulips were in value centuries ago. AdLib an hour ago

I think South Africa has fifteen years… Khirad an hour ago

Khirad I can just barely handle what is going on here in US politics what is happening north of me is more than I can take at the moment. twilson117 an hour ago

Khirad – I don’t believe any positive attribute promoted about fascist regimes. AdLib an hour ago

I love pineapple…people aren’t always as sweet. AdLib an hour ago

Ad you may be right about NFT’s, but I do believe we’ll be on some form of electronic currency before too long. twilson117 an hour ago

I take the p out of Spain and all that. I make history even more painful. Khirad an hour ago

TW – Adam Schiff has been frustrated with Garland for most of his term and keeps pushing publicly for him to act. I think he knows Garland doesn’t want to, like Mueller, he values the institutions and the image of independence from politics as more important than saving democracy. AdLib an hour ago

Khirad – I do follow Canadian politics a bit, especially lately. AdLib an hour ago

Adam Shiff, I like. When Cascadia happens, he can talk with me about … well… Khirad an hour ago

TW – Because the stock market is so corrupt, people express to me that NFTs and E-Coins are no less manipulated but I would argue that when aomone like Elon Musk owns such a massive stake in Bitcoin, it can and will be manipulated ruthlessly by one man to jack up his wealth…and that wealth will come from the poor folks invested in Bitcoin. AdLib an hour ago

Ad at the moment it’s tough for me to say. I hear you about Schiff, and I am wondering what is taking Garland so long to make some sort of move. twilson117 an hour ago

Khirad – If you take the “p” out of spain and you’re visiting that country, wouldn’t that make you “in Sain”? AdLib an hour ago

glenn!!! How are you? AdLib an hour ago

Ad I think once they figure out how to handle it with the SWIFT we’ll see movement in that direction. twilson117 an hour ago

Hello Glenn twilson117 an hour ago

Ad it’s been reported Biden has narrow he choices down to three women for the SC. twilson117 an hour ago

Hi Ad, hi Twilson. glenn an hour ago

TW – I want to believe that Garland is doing the important work towards prosecuting Trump and his cabal but it’s been a year already, if Sinema and Manchin get their way, the 2024 election will be overthrown and he will be replaced by Ag Marjorie Taylor Greene. We don’t have time to waste and I am concerned that Garland is too passive on this to save the country from a return with a vengeance of a Trump or Trumpist dictatorship in 2025. AdLib an hour ago

TW – SWIFT? AdLib an hour ago

Twilson–I hope Biden gets his choice through. Don’t remember their names, but the few nominees I have seen look good. glenn an hour ago

TW – I hope Biden picks Ketanji Brown Jackson. AdLib an hour ago

Ad it’s the part that handles all the foreign transactions conversions to dollars. twilson117 an hour ago

Ad–I’m with you. Garland needs to act or he needs to go. glenn an hour ago

Glenn I do as well twilson117 an hour ago

glenn – I think he will. Though I dislike Manchin and Sinema strongly, they haven’t yet blocked any of his judges. AdLib an hour ago