Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib 20 hours ago

Hey Khirad! AdLib 18 hours ago

Hope your year is off to a good start, external events aside. AdLib 18 hours ago

Ooh. https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/amendments-11-27#xiv3 Khirad 18 hours ago

I’ll be back – I’m a little light headed. Khirad 18 hours ago

I am so with the 14th Anmendment being applied. AdLib 18 hours ago

Ok… AdLib 18 hours ago

Not a lot to be satisfied with when it comes to US Senators in AZ. AdLib 18 hours ago

Hey TW! How are you feeling (post booster)? AdLib 18 hours ago

Hey AdLib twilson117 18 hours ago

I feeling much better. twilson117 18 hours ago

Great to hear! How long were you feeling poorly? AdLib 18 hours ago

About a day and half twilson117 18 hours ago

That was about the same for me. But now we are protected! AdLib 18 hours ago

Sore arm sleepy twilson117 18 hours ago

Still sore? AdLib 18 hours ago

So I have to say, I have a little more optimism about Trump and his coup plotters being prosecuted after the revelations and Oath Keepers arrests and charges this week. AdLib 18 hours ago

You there, TW? AdLib 18 hours ago

Arm is fine I’m fine. Wife has to wait because of her upcoming mammogram. twilson117 18 hours ago

Good. Yes, best that she spaces them out. AdLib 18 hours ago

That is what she was told. twilson117 18 hours ago

So now I’m fully vax twilson117 18 hours ago

Just saw breaking news that Directv has stopped carrying OANN. I already moved my cell service from them in protest. AdLib 18 hours ago

Good feeling, isn’t it? AdLib 18 hours ago

OANN dropped by OAN now that’s something. twilson117 18 hours ago

But with Omacron running wild, staying at home mostly. AdLib 18 hours ago

I meant DirectTV twilson117 18 hours ago

Heh! Considering ATT essentiaqlly provided the support, startup money and sustained them. AdLib 18 hours ago

Staying home as well had to go out for my regular haircut twilson117 18 hours ago

I ordered N95 masks in December, you can’t buy them today on Amazon. AdLib 18 hours ago

I left Sinema a message along the lines of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtJevNpWHLU
https://www.youtube.com/embed/gtJevNpWHLU?wmode=transparent&jqoemcache=LfegK Khirad 18 hours ago

I ‘ll be right back, Khirad 18 hours ago

I just order some from Amazon hoping they show up next week. twilson117 18 hours ago

So with daughter flying back to MA next week, glad that she has an N95 for the airports and plane. AdLib 18 hours ago

Very funny, Khirad! I don’t know that Sinema even understands that fucking over Dems in AZ and the country matters, she is so deluded. AdLib 18 hours ago

Your daughter may be coming into a snowstorm next week. twilson117 18 hours ago

TW – Did you order N95 or KN95? AdLib 18 hours ago

N95 twilson117 18 hours ago

Really? She doesn’t know that and neither did I! I will make sure she’s properly dressed! And that she doesn’t wear shorts. AdLib 18 hours ago

Excellent. I don’t think the KN95s are as trustworthy. AdLib 18 hours ago

So Sineman and Manchin have declared that democracy needs to end to preserve the filibuster. How does that make a lick of sense? AdLib 18 hours ago

The masks I ordered were GATA recommended by a friend. There suppose to be pretty good. Have replaceable inserts and the mask can be washed. twilson117 18 hours ago

Sineman is a joke and has no honor but what do you expect from someone from Greenpeace twilson117 17 hours ago

GATA masks aren’t rated as N95 or KN95 from what I just saw on a search. AdLib 17 hours ago

Here is what I got https://www.amazon.com/stores/GATA/page/43D7EC2 twilson117 17 hours ago

There are good folks in Greenpeace and whackos too. But Sinema seems to have a screw loose. She apparently believes that this is a brilliant political move and that she can now run against Biden in 2024 for President as a moderate because of how she’s behaved. She is now despised by most Dems and laughed at by most Trumpers. She is deranged. AdLib 17 hours ago

https://www.youtube.com/embed/qkqG7Rc9Jco?wmode=transparent&jqoemcache=wP7ld Khirad 17 hours ago

When she was an understudy of Ralph Nader as to greenpeace I agree there are good and whacky folks there she is definitely one of the whacky ones. twilson117 17 hours ago

TW: This is what came up in a Google Search: “Are GATA masks KN95? You get 10 filters, each of which provides 50 hours of protective wear, and two filter reinforcements, which help keep the mask’s shape and hold the mask and filter away from your face. You can also buy washable cloth filters through the Gata website, but they do not have the KN95 rating.Nov 11, 2021” AdLib 17 hours ago

So next Tuesday I’m gonna be back in the Couve. Khirad 17 hours ago

Khirad – Will watch after Vox, appreciate the share! AdLib 17 hours ago

Khirad – What is the Couve? AdLib 17 hours ago

I went on the recommendation of a friend will have to wait and see. Have to admit I missed that part of them not being rated went by friends recommendation and Amazon write up. twilson117 17 hours ago

TW – Nader turned out to be the same kind of destructive narcissist as Sinema. Nader gave us Bush, The Iraq War and ISIS by draining votes away from Al Gore in FL. AdLib 17 hours ago

The best Vancouver. Khirad 17 hours ago