It’s the time of year when horrifying creatures terrify people with their tortured screams and hideous appearances. But enough about the anti-vaxxers, it’s also Halloween!

So scare up a few of your favorite songs for Halloween, songs about scary things, fantasy characters or songs about the season.

Now it’s your time to post some boo-tiful songs and monster hits! Happy Halloween to all from PlanetPOV!

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My parents ruined me. I found this VHS tape hidden away and after one night, nothing was ever the same.


As a Goth and flirtatious Satanist, this is my night, but, I’m doing things on Spotify mostly. So, in that spirit, as a night I hold dear, I offer only a few, for you.

Night Club – Gossip

Ministry – Everyday is Halloween [a goth anthem]

Type O Negative – All Hallows Eve [RIP Peter Steele]

Aurelio Voltaire – Día de los Muertos (en Español)

Anton LaVey – Honolulu Baby

All certified goth. We got this holiday. I didn’t even have to dress up [groan, it’s an old goth joke].