Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7pm PDT. Hope to see you then!AdLib4 hours ago

Hey AdLib jumping a bit earlytwilson1172 hours ago

I still haven’t figured out why my comments right justify when I posttwilson1172 hours ago

Hey TW!AdLib2 hours ago

Hmm…what browser are you using?AdLib2 hours ago

using edgetwilson1172 hours ago

As a test, could you try another browser and see if the same thing happens? Do you have a different one on your computer?AdLib2 hours ago

Yes I can go back to chrome.twilson1172 hours ago

Give me a sectwilson1172 hours ago

Great, it’ll be a little experiment.AdLib2 hours ago

Hi Guest 958!AdLib2 hours ago

Rumsfeld died, Trump Org going down and the Swiss knocked out France in Euros. Not the worst week.Khirad2 hours ago

Hey Khirad! Nope, not the worst week but a bit mixed. SCOTUS carved down the VRA too.AdLib2 hours ago

And prevented CA from forcing donor disclosure on 501cs.AdLib2 hours ago

Yeah, but Hillary so who cares how stacked SCOTUS is, right?Khirad2 hours ago

Some naysayers are predicting Trump gets away without being indicted and prosecuted. I think they ‘ve seen him get away with so much, they’re discouraged but Trump is going down.AdLib2 hours ago

Khirad, no kidding!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey PPO!AdLib2 hours ago

I saw how California almost split in two right before the Civil War. It was wild. LA was full of slaveholders and prolly you know about that, but I always associated the separatists with Jefferson in the North now.Khirad2 hours ago

Carnage………at wimbledon! Good news at last from NY.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

You know, nothing is more patriotic than flying a confederate flag, praising Putin and trying to crush democracy.AdLib2 hours ago

Hi Ad, Khirad. So sorry about the florida disaster.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

I got in so many fights with the hard left about SCOTUS. They could never defend it. It was a raw nerve and they new it. Also, Sam Seder had an epic week – if you care about dramaKhirad2 hours ago

PPO – Yep, there has been good news and bad news in the sports world. I never knew that weed was a performance enhancing drug.AdLib2 hours ago

Hey TW! You’ve got an icon now!AdLib2 hours ago

TW – Is the text left justified on Chrome?AdLib2 hours ago

Hey everyone there is a lot to talk about tonight.twilson1172 hours ago

The FLA thing is like tragedy porn for me. Like, it’s what they always do. No one can look away from a car crash. It’s serious, sure, but don’t milk grief for ratings.Khirad2 hours ago

Hi, TWpinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Hey PPOtwilson1172 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! How are things behind the crumbling iron curtain of FL?AdLib2 hours ago

AdLIb it still justifies to the righttwilson1172 hours ago

I referring to my responsestwilson1172 hours ago

Weed is a performance inhancing drug and athletes should shut up and progressive brown politicians are un-American.Khirad2 hours ago

TW – Well, that answers that question! Not the browser. What brand of computer do you use?AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Harleigh & Khiradtwilson1172 hours ago

Harleigh!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Is it any wonder I keep getting banned for hatespeech on FB? Sarcasm is not in the dopamine algorithm.Khirad2 hours ago

It’s a dell laptoptwilson1172 hours ago

hahaha it’s only the beginningad…. hundreds of the buildings in the concrete canyou are in that conditionHarleigh2 hours ago

Yes AdLib I finally decided on an Icon I fill suits me. 

twilson1172 hours ago

many of the same design and ageHarleigh2 hours ago

Dell still exists?Khirad2 hours ago

Yes Khirad Dell is still aroundtwilson1172 hours ago

Khirad – The FL building collapse unfolded on the news in a very familiar way. First, authorities throw their hands up and say they don’t know what happened yet. Then they claim only 1 person died in a massive collapse at night. Then It slowly dribbles out that they actually know exactly why it collapsed and their negligence is part of the reason. Then they try and give false hope to the poor relatives and friends of the survivors. Then the facade of the whole performance crumbles away like the building and people nod understandingly. No, this was death caused unnecessarily, and negligence by the government and the condo board is fully to blame.AdLib2 hours ago

Libertarian paradise with no regulations, eh?Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad – Athletes of color who run track should just feel lucky the starter’s gun is loaded with blanks.AdLib2 hours ago

It’s been 5-6 days, they are all dead. Just say it.Khirad2 hours ago

DeSantis should be out there pulling up rocks with his bare handstwilson1172 hours ago

glenn!!!!!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Murptwilson1172 hours ago

How wonderful to see you here glenn!AdLib2 hours ago

Hi Murph!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Glenn good to see you.twilson1172 hours ago

AdLib ever see the Steve Martin SNL bit where he has a gunas a QB?Khirad2 hours ago

Glenn…you and I have arrived at the same time….did we come as a couple? Missouri and Georgia arm in arm.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Khirad – Sarcasm is dead on many social media platforms. Like I care.AdLib2 hours ago

So happy you stopped by…..feel free to window shop….as I know typing is a bit of a challenge right now.It is just good for you to be here.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago