Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7pm PDT. Hope to see you then!AdLib4 hours ago

Hey AdLib jumping a bit earlytwilson1172 hours ago

I still haven’t figured out why my comments right justify when I posttwilson1172 hours ago

Hey TW!AdLib2 hours ago

Hmm…what browser are you using?AdLib2 hours ago

using edgetwilson1172 hours ago

As a test, could you try another browser and see if the same thing happens? Do you have a different one on your computer?AdLib2 hours ago

Yes I can go back to chrome.twilson1172 hours ago

Give me a sectwilson1172 hours ago

Great, it’ll be a little experiment.AdLib2 hours ago

Hi Guest 958!AdLib2 hours ago

Rumsfeld died, Trump Org going down and the Swiss knocked out France in Euros. Not the worst week.Khirad2 hours ago

Hey Khirad! Nope, not the worst week but a bit mixed. SCOTUS carved down the VRA too.AdLib2 hours ago

And prevented CA from forcing donor disclosure on 501cs.AdLib2 hours ago

Yeah, but Hillary so who cares how stacked SCOTUS is, right?Khirad2 hours ago

Some naysayers are predicting Trump gets away without being indicted and prosecuted. I think they ‘ve seen him get away with so much, they’re discouraged but Trump is going down.AdLib2 hours ago

Khirad, no kidding!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey PPO!AdLib2 hours ago

I saw how California almost split in two right before the Civil War. It was wild. LA was full of slaveholders and prolly you know about that, but I always associated the separatists with Jefferson in the North now.Khirad2 hours ago

Carnage………at wimbledon! Good news at last from NY.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

You know, nothing is more patriotic than flying a confederate flag, praising Putin and trying to crush democracy.AdLib2 hours ago

Hi Ad, Khirad. So sorry about the florida disaster.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

I got in so many fights with the hard left about SCOTUS. They could never defend it. It was a raw nerve and they new it. Also, Sam Seder had an epic week – if you care about dramaKhirad2 hours ago

PPO – Yep, there has been good news and bad news in the sports world. I never knew that weed was a performance enhancing drug.AdLib2 hours ago

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TW – Is the text left justified on Chrome?AdLib2 hours ago

Hey everyone there is a lot to talk about tonight.twilson1172 hours ago

The FLA thing is like tragedy porn for me. Like, it’s what they always do. No one can look away from a car crash. It’s serious, sure, but don’t milk grief for ratings.Khirad2 hours ago

Hi, TWpinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Hey PPOtwilson1172 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! How are things behind the crumbling iron curtain of FL?AdLib2 hours ago

AdLIb it still justifies to the righttwilson1172 hours ago

I referring to my responsestwilson1172 hours ago

Weed is a performance inhancing drug and athletes should shut up and progressive brown politicians are un-American.Khirad2 hours ago

TW – Well, that answers that question! Not the browser. What brand of computer do you use?AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Harleigh & Khiradtwilson1172 hours ago

Harleigh!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Is it any wonder I keep getting banned for hatespeech on FB? Sarcasm is not in the dopamine algorithm.Khirad2 hours ago

It’s a dell laptoptwilson1172 hours ago

hahaha it’s only the beginningad…. hundreds of the buildings in the concrete canyou are in that conditionHarleigh2 hours ago

Yes AdLib I finally decided on an Icon I fill suits me. 

twilson1172 hours ago

many of the same design and ageHarleigh2 hours ago

Dell still exists?Khirad2 hours ago

Yes Khirad Dell is still aroundtwilson1172 hours ago

Khirad – The FL building collapse unfolded on the news in a very familiar way. First, authorities throw their hands up and say they don’t know what happened yet. Then they claim only 1 person died in a massive collapse at night. Then It slowly dribbles out that they actually know exactly why it collapsed and their negligence is part of the reason. Then they try and give false hope to the poor relatives and friends of the survivors. Then the facade of the whole performance crumbles away like the building and people nod understandingly. No, this was death caused unnecessarily, and negligence by the government and the condo board is fully to blame.AdLib2 hours ago

Libertarian paradise with no regulations, eh?Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad – Athletes of color who run track should just feel lucky the starter’s gun is loaded with blanks.AdLib2 hours ago

It’s been 5-6 days, they are all dead. Just say it.Khirad2 hours ago

DeSantis should be out there pulling up rocks with his bare handstwilson1172 hours ago

glenn!!!!!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Murptwilson1172 hours ago

How wonderful to see you here glenn!AdLib2 hours ago

Hi Murph!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Glenn good to see you.twilson1172 hours ago

AdLib ever see the Steve Martin SNL bit where he has a gunas a QB?Khirad2 hours ago

Glenn…you and I have arrived at the same time….did we come as a couple? Missouri and Georgia arm in arm.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Khirad – Sarcasm is dead on many social media platforms. Like I care.AdLib2 hours ago

So happy you stopped by…..feel free to window shop….as I know typing is a bit of a challenge right now.It is just good for you to be here.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Gang’s all here! Wowpinkpantheroz2 hours ago

TW – Thanks, I will research that!AdLib2 hours ago

PPO…certainly a quorum of the gang!MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

hail!Harleigh2 hours ago

AdLib thanks, it’s got be something I’m doing or a setting I don’t know about that needs to be set.twilson1172 hours ago

Harleigh – I saw another building was condemned and evacuated. As you say, I think this is going to be widespread and if the government doesn’t evacuate, they will be sued to hell by the families of any future collapses.AdLib2 hours ago

Firsy brick of the former guy’s empire foundation is kicked away. I hear you can’t give his apartments away in some places.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

TW – Your icon looks great!AdLib2 hours ago

this is the last time I’ll be here on this old laptop. putting in a new workstation pc dual monitors!Harleigh2 hours ago

AdLib thanks, I’m a big Kong and Godzila fan as was really bumed out I didn’t get to see Kong vs Godzila on the big screen.twilson1172 hours ago

As an aside, Caitlin Doughty has a cool YouTube channel where she’s a mortician and I have a feeling she’ll have commentary on Florida.Khirad2 hours ago

Khirad – It may seem cold to say it but I think false hope is more cruel, they are all dead under the pancaked floors. It’s horrible but facing facts is more considerate than lying.AdLib2 hours ago

I bet there are many building inspectors in Florida hurriedly arranging flights to Argentina about now.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Choicelady is in the house!AdLib2 hours ago

CL!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

all 6 area mayors ans Deathsantis all with the same smarmy bsHarleigh2 hours ago

PPO and a lot of condos going up for sale.twilson1172 hours ago

AdLib, that was my point. and PP, just make sure they don’t fly to Chile with their earthquakes.Khirad2 hours ago

I am indeed In the House! Evening, all!choicelady2 hours ago

Choice Lady! Holy Mackerel…we have a bumper crop of Planeteers!MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Hey CLtwilson1172 hours ago

Well since so many of you are here……my co-op is no more.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Hey glenn, Harleigh, Khirad, Murph and PPO!!! Good to see a full house in the House!choicelady2 hours ago

Murph – what the hell happened?choicelady2 hours ago

TW – No worries, I’ll figure it out.AdLib2 hours ago

Sorry to hear, Murph. You put so much into it.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Murph sorry to hear that especially under the circumstances you had to walk away from it.twilson1172 hours ago

Oh – TW I didn’t see you. Evening, friend!choicelady2 hours ago

holy moly! I picked a good night to quit sniffing glue!Harleigh2 hours ago

Harliehg! LOL!!!choicelady2 hours ago

Harleig, just don’t toke a joint before your run.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Monsoon is here in AZ, still no bamboo ballots though.Khirad2 hours ago

those ballots are in a NW montana hideout. lmaoHarleigh2 hours ago

Hey all. Just dropped by to say hi. It’s a very long and complicated tale, but I have been in a rehab center for the past two weeks and in the hospital for 8 days before that. Among the other things wrong with me is that my right hand and right foot are swollen, which gives me limited use. So I just wanted to pop in to let you know I appreciate those of you who have been asking about me. I’m going to “observe” for a while.glenn2 hours ago

Dominion putting the boot into all the BIG LIE liars! Good!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

PPO – Trump is absolutely going down! Even with just these charges, and more are coming, his business and income will be destroyed and the NY AG Tish James can dissolve his company if it’s shown to be a criminal enterprise…and it already has been proven with Trump Org docs!AdLib2 hours ago

Khirad – WHAT? No bamboo ballots? Say it ain’t so. Where the conspiracy if there’s no bamboo??choicelady2 hours ago

Harliehg I prefer a good scotchtwilson1172 hours ago

Fine, glenn. Good to know you’re on the mend.pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Oh, glenn – that sounds perfectly awful. I’m glad you’re here but want you back in the pink ASAP!choicelady2 hours ago

Justice, thy name is RICO!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Good to hear you getting better Glenntwilson1172 hours ago

PPO – Amen – RICO!!choicelady2 hours ago

glenn – So glad you’re here! And reading along is just perfect! And yes, Vox without glenn isn’t the same, just seeing you here is great!AdLib2 hours ago

AdLib Trump** and his idiot kids as well.twilson1172 hours ago

I laugh at Junior’s inability to prevent himself shooting his toes off!pinkpantheroz2 hours ago

Khirad – I know I must’ve seen that Steve Martin bit, can’t recall it right now.AdLib2 hours ago

What happened…a continuation of the drama of a few weeks back when the two black farm owners were blocked from membership….every effort to talk about ended up in accusations from those who blocked them that we who objected were being racist. Yep….the GOP turn the tables trick. And then, last week a proposal from a member was put forward to have the Co-op HQ (on my farm) fly the American Flag AND a MAGA flag as a matter of Co-op policy. That was it. The end. I informed the members that I would no longer make my farm available for co-op business and that I was dropping out because of these two incidents. All of those who are similar in thought to myself joined me in this. We do not represent the majority. Now…what will they do. The Co-Op is still a legal entity but without the key organizers and a central meeting, business spot it will flounder.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Harleigh…a salute to airplane?MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

In the TMI I had a friend call in a concern check on me for me maybe ideating some suicidal thoughts. I was woken up by three male cops . It was jarring and not sure they’re good at that sort of thing. Anyway, no tears, but had you just not called it Defund the Police, this is the point. I could have used a social worker. Long story, but mental health is of course one of my struggles and I don’t believe in stigma.Khiradan hour ago

Yep, coastal FL real estate is going for a big dive. Hope you’ll be good, Harleigh.AdLiban hour ago

yepHarleighan hour ago

Glenn…you are a trooper! Thanks for joining us tonight.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph – On one hand, I am sorry for you because of how much you put into the co-op but on the other hand, it was poisoned and there was no way to unpoison it. You’ll be okay?AdLiban hour ago

Khirad – I’m sorry you got burly PD instead of kind mental health folks, and I hope all is OK now.choiceladyan hour ago

Murph, are you kidding, fly the MAGA flag as co-op policy?? Are these folks out of their everloving goard??twilson117an hour ago

Steven Crowder loves black farmers. #punchablefaceKhiradan hour ago

Murph, you are so much better off out of that toxic zone.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Ad…oh, I am fine. My “farm” which specializes in restaurant produce was an outlier among the members. Most of our services and weight was directed at the mass market.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Harleigh – Sounds fantastic! I’m a computer nerd so for me it’s like someone saying it’s Christmas when they say they’re getting a new computer.AdLiban hour ago

Burlly and Napoleons.Khiradan hour ago

costal floriduh… built on limestone and sand on top of concrete and rebar slabs sitting in salt water…Harleighan hour ago

I started taking my meds yesterday again and can almost already feel it.Khiradan hour ago

Murph – fuck the coop remnants. Let’s see if there are enough brain cells among them to remotely function. I am so sorry, but I’m glad you stood your ground. MAGA flag indeed. SERIOUSLY?choiceladyan hour ago

Khirad – There is an unnatural disaster going on in AZ now to match the natural one. And how about the tape from Trump or his people asking Maricopa to stop counting ballots during the election? That is de facto voter fraud.AdLiban hour ago

Khirad – meds are good. I have a neighbor who is in need, decided he didn’t need them, and, well, it didn’t go OK for him. His mom got him back on, and he’s doing great.choiceladyan hour ago

Whenever I opine on living in Arizona I can always reassure myself that I don’t live in Florida.Khiradan hour ago

Khirad – Nope. AZ isn’t FL. All good.choiceladyan hour ago

PPO – If Dominion wins, Fox News would go bankrupt. A guy can dream, can’t he?AdLiban hour ago

TW…the number of Trump flags has actually grown in my neck of the woods in the past three weeks as he has come out of hibernation. This was a ploy. I think my, and my fellow travel surprised them with our quick response. My attorney has issued formal letters of disassociation for all of us leaving to those remaining. We built a process for walking away into the charter.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

I didn’t even conciously stop taking them,,, I’m not anti. I just… slipped out and long stories. maybe I’ll write about it.Khiradan hour ago

Harleigh, that concrete cancer is deadly. It is essential to keep maintenance up, pricy or not. Better than zero value as a pile of rubble. I bet the insurance won’t pay uppinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO,,,”toxic zone”…good descriptor.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Ok folks , I’m done in. Thank you all for your good wishes. Hopefully, I’ll have my laptop next week and it will be easier to type. I’ll catch up on the archives. G’nightglennan hour ago

night glennHarleighan hour ago

Good night, glenn. Take good care of YOU, and let us know if you need anything we can support. All love and best wishes to you.choiceladyan hour ago

Khirad….I have done the same thing…getting out of a habit that was very important…..and then waking up to realize I had done so.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

TW – Hope everyone remembers the NYT article about Trump’s finances and how Ivanka was being paid as a consultant even though she was an employee. She is going to be nailed, the indictment says other Trump execs had also participated in tax fraud. Guess what Ivanka is?AdLiban hour ago

I have a fun game. Remember all those who mvoted against recognizing Juneteenth? I go to Wikipedia and look up what districts they represent. It checks out.Khiradan hour ago

Glenn…thanks for joinning us.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

‘night glenn..Love.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Khirad – I’m not remotely surprised.choiceladyan hour ago

Spanky and older sons and iskakna all going downHarleighan hour ago

Maybe Ivanka will seek asylum in JinaKhiradan hour ago

Has anyone spotted Tupperware Tits at all?pinkpantherozan hour ago

If the Trumps seek asylum, I’m betting on Brunei. No extradition w the USA, wealthy oligarchs and monarchs, tropical and verdant and luxurious.choiceladyan hour ago

Murph – Would it be advantageous for you to form a co-op with the other like-minded members?AdLiban hour ago

melonoma is shacked up with her divorce lawyer, didn’t even go to his birthday party lolHarleighan hour ago

Murph it sounds like you have it under control. It’s too bad you had to take the action you did, but it makes sense. It’s concerning how these folks have bought into the Trump** lies and refuse to open their eyes and see he is nothing but a grifter and tax cheat. I’ sure they are in total denial about what is happening in his organization.twilson117an hour ago

PPO – who the HELL is Tupperware Tits?choiceladyan hour ago

Tupperware tits isn’t narrowing it down for me…Khiradan hour ago

Melano Melaniapinkpantherozan hour ago

Ad….we are thinking along those lines…yes….MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Khirad – Right with you in eschewing the stigma mentality.AdLiban hour ago

Murph – good idea!choiceladyan hour ago

Ad I haven’t forgotten the NYT times article on Ivanka’s consulting fees.twilson117an hour ago

The new co-op would be organized along different lines but our first move would be to invite to two black farmers on board as charter members.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph – That’s good to hear that it will not impact you to end the co-op.AdLiban hour ago

Khirad, I would be surprised if nowadays anyone isn’t affected mentally in some way, so no stigma any more. I know I suffer, probably not in your league, but it is there, nonetheless. You are certain;y not alone.pinkpantherozan hour ago

It’s been better for me. I have mental breakdowns here and there. Not my first rodeo. It is always good to have friends though. I’m gonna bid you all adieu for now.Khiradan hour ago

In many ways those making the most trouble have offered little in the way of contributions and a few are little more than dead weight.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph forming a new co-opt sounds like a good idea, I get the feeling over time the other one well fold.twilson117an hour ago

Murph, you are a Mench! Bravo if it can be done.pinkpantherozan hour ago

night kiradHarleighan hour ago

Murph – Very good that you had the vision to provide for an exit from the co-op if needed.AdLiban hour ago

Good night K. I salute you.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO – mine is great sorrow. I’m not dysfunctional, but I’ve lost a certain optimism I once had.choiceladyan hour ago

Good night, K!choiceladyan hour ago

Take care Kiradtwilson117an hour ago

TW…the other will fold and maybe that was the goal of some of the most difficult members.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

CL, know what you mean.pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO…I have not been called a “mench” in many years. Thank you.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph isn’t it strange how some folks just can’t handle success let alone differences?twilson117an hour ago

Harleigh – Melania is as horrible a person as Trump, she deserves every moment of suffering he gives her.AdLiban hour ago

I know you do. I was always convinced of my capacity to “make things better”. Not any longer. It’s hard to bear.choiceladyan hour ago

well I’m conkin out. later kidsHarleighan hour ago

Good night, Harleigh!choiceladyan hour ago

Take care Harleightwilson117an hour ago

cheerio, H. stay safe!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Ad…..organizing is hard but dis-organizing is harder unless you plan for natural entropy. Eventually things slow down and fall apart.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Bye to Harleigh!MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

cl, I feel that way trying to care for Fergie. Wish I could do more.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Oh, PPO – I can only imagine. Loving someone you can’t make better is the WORST. I feel deeply for your pain!choiceladyan hour ago

TW….the success was galling some of the members…seeing “those people” as valuable contributors and worthy partners runs against their grain.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph – The most important aspect of any partnership really is building in the mechanism for unwinding it. Gives everyone more confidence, like the old saying, good fences make for good neighbors.AdLiban hour ago

OK, who is as furious as I am about Cosby? Grrrr!pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO – I am most definitely furious about Cosby!choiceladyan hour ago

Murph to borrow a line from a Few Good Men, “they just can’t handle success”twilson117an hour ago

Ad…..fences do make for good neighbors…clearly defined borders, entry and exit points.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO – Same here, i know it’s difficult for both of you.AdLiban hour ago

TW….and they sure do not want to have to attribute it to “them”.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO I was a big Cosby fan, but what just happen was a miscarriage of the justice system.twilson117an hour ago

PPO…..your care, diligence, balance, good sense, and outright love are a wonder….I think of you both often.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph, of course not, in their eyes it’s not their fault. You were pushing against good ole fashion conservative valuestwilson117an hour ago

TW, and then Effin Felicia Rashad pipes up with ‘He is innocent”! He’s guilty, just conviction set aside on technicality.pinkpantherozan hour ago

There’s something really wrong with Cosby to do what he did. He wasted his talent, the love of his family, and his life. But it did harm, real harm, to dozens of women, and it’s not forgiveable.choiceladyan hour ago

PPO – As much as I despise Cosby now for his raping and molesting so many women (and yes, when I was younger, I used to be a fan too), this is all the work of the wealthy negotiating away consequences for being criminals. And the readiness of the corrupt in government (the DA was later Trump’s nutjob impeachment attorney).AdLiban hour ago

Thank you so much, everyone for your kindness and support. You are such rocks for us.pinkpantherozan hour ago

TW – I pretty much give a pass to family and loved ones in any situation. But she really should have kept silent.choiceladyan hour ago

PPO not much I can say regarding Felicatwilson117an hour ago

…To participate in helping the wealthy escape justice (I meant to say as the end to my last).AdLiban hour ago

TW…..of course our success was neither “liberal” or “conservative” but they chose to create a scapegoat to politicize the matter. Literally, their loss.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

I bet cosby will have a miracle and be able to see and walk properly again!pinkpantherozan hour ago

TW – she speaks as one who loves him. It’s a one-off position. We don’t need to honor it to understand it.choiceladyan hour ago

The whole cosby thing has saddened me on many levels….back then and now.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO – Murph said it so well. We do think of both of you often. I do especially on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons (my time) when we post on the music thread together.AdLiban hour ago

Murph, if success is defined by sales and growth of the co-op then money doesn’t care how it gets made. It’s the people who will either corrupt or grow things.twilson117an hour ago

I read the music thread every week….I have no talent in either the pick or the posting but when it comes to appreciating I am right there.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

thanks so much, ad. I always try to add different stuff to the usual! 

pinkpantherozan hour ago

Murph, it seems the people in the co-op who need to fly a maga flag are corrupt in their views of the world.twilson117an hour ago

Murph – you’re like me. Not particularly adept at music but a GREAT audience!choiceladyan hour ago

PPO – Bye Felicia indeed! She needs to be fired! What woman would feel safe when she is the dean of your college and openly applauds a mass rapist for escaping justice to the detriment of over 50 women who were victimized? Sick woman.AdLiban hour ago

TW…very well said….and I need to add that the co-op had developed into a community that celebrated many common events and that too threatened those on the right.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

For sure, Ad. What an example to the women in her charge?pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO – I think the PA Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s blindness too.AdLiban hour ago

Murph – That’s good to know! Glad you enjoy the music thread, it’s a fun challenge to figure out which songs to post.AdLiban hour ago

Ad, ah, that explains it!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Murph well starting over is never easy, but it sounds like you have a strong blueprint to work from, along with others who desire to make the new co-op more welcoming and open.twilson117an hour ago

The MAGA flag is an icon for Hubris….an unsupportable pride whose zealotry results in destruction.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO – I always enjoy your and Fergie’s picks! They’re so clever and appropriate. And songs I haven’t thought about or heard for years, a lot of fun.AdLiban hour ago

I’m out, folks. Off w hubs to a meeting. I love you all and wish you a great Fourth for those in the US and a superb weekend for those in Australia!choiceladyan hour ago

TW, I agree. Murph, you have a model to modify to best practice and enthusiastic charter members. Go for it! Poke the MAGAts where it hurts most, in their wallets!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Take care CLtwilson117an hour ago

Thanks, TW = you, too.choiceladyan hour ago

Ad and PPO…actually you two have turned me back on to some old time favorites who slipped out of my Short Term Memory…dusting off the old CDs and even a few cassettes.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

cheerio CL 

pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO – Rashad is the Dean of the school of arts at Howard University, she just started. What a maniac to put out that tweet just as she’s starting this Fall.AdLiban hour ago

Night CL!AdLiban hour ago

By choice…I will drop you a note.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph you still have cassettes? I thought I was behind times with my cd collection.twilson117an hour ago

Murph, Ad, I think I’m lucky that I was in Ireland duering the 60s and early 70s, so I got the Full Monte of British and US music.pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO and TW…how is it that you two who are so far off and unattached to the co-op see it more clearly than the members who have turned on it? Could it be that you are wiser than they? For sure, for sure.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

tw, I’ve hundreds of LPs cassettes and CDs. Just founbd a sony tape Deck to plat them!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Murph – So what do you think happens with these MAGA nuts when Trump’s company is destroyed and he’s prosecuted and convicted along with his family?AdLiban hour ago

TW….I have three leatherette (remember that stuff!) cases of prized cassettes.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO….I was a kid living in the UK in the 1960’s and my school was awash in pop revolution.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph, sometimes you see more clearly from a distance than having your nose to the window. not wiser at all, but thanks for the compliment.pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO LP’s have a long life for those who truly love music. Hope you have a good turntable for the LP’s. A while back I gave a bunchy of 45’s and LP’s I had to a friend of my late son. He couldn’t believe I had them.twilson117an hour ago

Murph, appreciate your kind words.twilson117an hour ago

Ad…most of the nuts will go to their graves testifying to how wronged their man was and how wronged they, the real and true Americans, have been…that is, of course, if his tribe loses…if they win…..OMG…so frightening.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

TW….kind to say them maybe, but obvious to all.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

TW, a midrange set and turntable. No outrageously expensive speakers, etc. Enough to enjoy and have fun with.pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO…you, of course get the prize for being far away from Mo. but you really do get it…..and that others do not here is proof of how powerful ignorance is in leading people down very bad pathways.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph I can appreciate the the LP’s 45’s cd’s and cassettes, but I also appreciate the advances technology has made. At the moment listening to some good jazz on my Sonos system.twilson117an hour ago

Murph – That’s so cool to hear!AdLiban hour ago

TW – I have my old cassettes but nothing to play them on anymore!AdLiban hour ago

It is nearly 10 and I have a morning meeting with a half dozen friends who JUST SO HAPPEN to have been members of the co-op. I suspect some business may come up.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Oh, before I forget, Happy Fourth of July to all! ( Why isn’t it called July4 like all the other dates?)pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO….when is Dominion Day? Hah!MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO I always wanted a good stereo system but what I wanted was out of my price rang. Now with technology I can have something nice. The wireless speakers and sound bar by Sonos is just right for me.twilson117an hour ago

Sleep the sleep of the Just, Murph! I’ll say goodnight to all as wellpinkpantherozan hour ago

Ad…I may have lost track…what was cool to hear?MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

TW – My daughter was so excited when I gave her a turntable for Christmas. It became a fad for younger people to get LPs of their favorite rappers.AdLiban hour ago

TW…you really are a fun person…I would love to sit down with you at some point…MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph – Cool to hear that the music thread picks have inspired you to go back and listen to classic songs.AdLiban hour ago

Dunno, Murph Australia Day, or Invasion day, as the First tribes call it, is 26th January here.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Mine’s a Kenwood.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Murph – Do you think the MAGAs will stage terrorist attacks if Trump is brought down or will the prosecutions of the 1/6 insurrectionists scare them away from that?AdLiban hour ago

Well, thats it for moi. stay healthy and safepinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO….Dominion Day refers to Canada…a model the Brits tried to apply to all of its former imperial holdings…..Australia was re-formed using that model……MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO point of history, July 2 is the real 4th of July the Declaration of Independence was signed on the 2nd, and reached the colonies on the 4th. I know because today is my birthday.twilson117an hour ago

Ad….aha…and duh…..inspired music!MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph perhaps we will be able to do that some day.twilson117an hour ago

Happy Birthday from tomorrow! (Saturday here!) Bye allpinkpantherozan hour ago

TW – I really enjoy my Sonos system too. And I have Sirius XM which works with it too.AdLiban hour ago

Ad…..most Magats I know are loud mouthed braggards….so generally harmless in terms of the actions they might do…but their tacit support for those who are inclined to that sort of violence in the name of their Lost Cause or who are anarchists…need only be few in number to sow the seeds of chaos. Yes, it worries me. IN this state militia drills have redoubled…so called citizen militias.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

PPO hope your daughter appreciates the turntable, but I will admit Rap music is a bit much for me. The beats are too monotonous.twilson117an hour ago

And how about those job numbers and the economy under Biden? In normal times, his re-election would be taken for granted.AdLiban hour ago

TW..for now this is pretty good though.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Ad, you mean the “fudged and faked employment numbers” ala Fox and OAN?MurphTheSurf344 minutes ago

Happy birthday, TW! And I didn’t realize July 2nd was the real Independence Day! Very cool that the country celebrates your birthday too, if a couple of days late.AdLib44 minutes ago

Ad I agree with you on the Sono system and the country celebrating my birthday 

twilson11742 minutes ago

Murph – The problem for the RW is that people actually know if they have more money in their pocket and have a job. All the naysaying by Fox and OANN is meaningless to everyone but their cult who will vote Repub even if Satan appeared tomorrow and announced the GOP is run by him.AdLib42 minutes ago

As a historian, the 4th of July has always been second place behind “Constitution Day” September 17.MurphTheSurf342 minutes ago

TW – It was me who gave the turntable to my daughter and she really did appreciate it for years…but like many kids, their interests change. I don’t think she uses it so much now. As for rap, I’m with you on that, I think the music is so derivative and thus, kind of boring to me.AdLib41 minutes ago

Ad…..as you know I have a fundamental distrust in the common sense and sensibilities of “the people”……by every standard, Obama should have grown his numbers in the House and Senate and impacted state government. Nope. The opposite.MurphTheSurf340 minutes ago

John Adams: All it will take for this republic to fall is an uninformed electorate.MurphTheSurf340 minutes ago

Murph too bad folks are walking away from the constitution.twilson11739 minutes ago

Ad…you fail to appreciate the sweet sounds of “gangsta love”….and so do I.MurphTheSurf338 minutes ago

TW…and thus you capture my point precisely…..July 4 without September 17 is meaningless.MurphTheSurf338 minutes ago

Ad rap has it place, some of the rap artists are indeed true poets. but, I can only take so much before I have to turn it off.twilson11737 minutes ago

Well….the party is closing down. I think that Choice left a while back but she left the light on…..I need to do some prep for the AM non-meeting meeting.MurphTheSurf336 minutes ago

Ok, have a great 4th weekend!AdLib36 minutes ago

Murph I agree if it was for a certain history teacher I might have been a historian.twilson11736 minutes ago

Murph you have a good night and Happy 4th.twilson11735 minutes ago

Thanks All. As always…fine way to end the week.MurphTheSurf334 minutes ago

Welltwilson11734 minutes ago

TW – I had one great history teacher in HS who made it like storytelling and made me a history buff. But most history teachers I had were awful, just about memorization.AdLib33 minutes ago

Same here, Murph!AdLib33 minutes ago

Well Ad you’re daughter will be heading up this way soon, is she getting antsy?twilson11733 minutes ago

Murph – I can actually see the logic behind Obama losing Congressional and State seats in 2010 and on. Racism backlash and of course the demonization of Obamacare that was going to destroy health care for everyone.AdLib33 minutes ago

Yep, she’s got more and more to do in preparing for coming your way for college. Lots to check off on the list.AdLib32 minutes ago

Ad agree with Murph’s assessment. He should have indeed increase his numbers in both midterm elections.twilson11732 minutes ago

Ad…I was a teacher of history for nearly 40 years……high school and university…..most students I knew had a long line of poor instructors, and worse poor motivators, in historical thinking and the historical story….I worked hard to turn that experience around for them and succeeded more often than I ever expected. This told me that the spark was always there…it just needed a bit of fuel.MurphTheSurf331 minutes ago

She keeps her cards close to the chest so when I ask her if she’s excited about it or anxious, she says excited but I don’t know. It’s a big step, going to college and being across the country from your parents and your current friends. Though she has several friends going to college in Boston, some nearby her.AdLib31 minutes ago

Murph I wanted to be a history teacher, but the history teacher I had was shall we say, not supportive.twilson11730 minutes ago

Ad….I can see how it happened in 2010 but it was not a matter of logic…it may have been understandable though as you point out given the power of racism and propaganda.MurphTheSurf330 minutes ago

TW – In a sensible world, yes, both of you would be right. But in the country we actually live in where fear, hatred and prejudice are such powerful tools to use to manipulate voters, it was a surprise.AdLib29 minutes ago

Obama and Biden will go down in presidential history as person worthy of note with solid records of praise-worthy achievement. I have begun to think of them as a duet…Biden was Obama’s wingman….and now Obama is playing a similar role (though quietly) for BidenMurphTheSurf327 minutes ago

Ad, I remember when our daughter was getting read to go off to college, I told her she could only come home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas but not both because of the expense. My wife pulled me aside and whispered in my ear, “she can come home as often as she likes, then looked dead in my eyes when she finished.twilson11727 minutes ago

Ad I got the message and like a Borg drone complied.twilson11726 minutes ago

TW….I Love Your Wife!MurphTheSurf326 minutes ago

Murph – I bet your students really appreciated you. The problem for students in being open to wanting to learn history seems to be whether or not they have a teacher that gets them to see it as pertinent to them, the present and the future. Bad “memorization-only” teachers “teach” students that history is an old dusty thing that is disconnected to life today or tomorrow.AdLib26 minutes ago

Murph learned not to upset her.twilson11726 minutes ago

Most of those bad history teachers were bad history students themselves…far too many, esp. at the high school level taught “social studies” because that was what one did to coach, or run clubs, or just get into teaching as an easy option. I was rarely impressed in secondary school by my colleagues in the department.MurphTheSurf324 minutes ago

TW…smart fellow…MurphTheSurf324 minutes ago

Murph always love history.twilson11724 minutes ago

TW – Heh! Yes, your wife knew that keeping the tradition of family on the major holidays keep her coming home.AdLib24 minutes ago

atwilson11723 minutes ago

Ad it had nothing to do with the holidays it was about our daughter could come home whenever she wanted.twilson11723 minutes ago

Murph – That’s a great point, such teachers display a lack of passion about history, they sure do seem like they were poor students. But why did they choose to teach history?AdLib22 minutes ago

For the most part I had good teachers in HS but was just to blind and stupid at the time to appreciate them.twilson11721 minutes ago

TW – That’s good. I don’t expect we’ll see our daughter except for holidays and Spring and Christmas vacations. It’s a long way away, flying only.AdLib21 minutes ago

Why teach history- for many it seemed an easy pathway into secondary ed because they had other goals (coaching, administration, club/organization moderating)MurphTheSurf321 minutes ago

Ad…what of the great things today is that long distances are shortened so well and so easily with modern communication options.MurphTheSurf320 minutes ago

TW – I had that one teacher who really engaged me in history. Without her, I don’t know how enthusiastic I would have become about history. Maybe I would have all the same, I don’t know. But I can count on one hand the teachers who made a real impact on me.AdLib20 minutes ago

Ad she may surprise you and show up for turkey day.twilson11720 minutes ago

OK….I really have to just bite the bullet and say good night. You guys are the best.MurphTheSurf319 minutes ago

Alright Murph take care.twilson11719 minutes ago

Murph – So do you think it is a kind of laziness that leads the unenthusiastic to teach one subject or the other? Because they see it as temporary, just a step to somewhere else but it doesn’t necessarily materialize?AdLib18 minutes ago

Night Murph!AdLib18 minutes ago

TW – I don’t know, she’s at least going through a phase where she wants to be on her own as an adult but sees distancing herself as a kind of freedom. Not fully recognizing what she will miss until it’s not around her every day.AdLib16 minutes ago

ad…to answer your question…preparation in history for teachers is much less demanding than for nearly every other subject area….in the collegiate level there is still this emphasis on the “what” of history rather than the “why, how” which makes it hard to get to the “so what does it mean and why does it count” core where the energy is.MurphTheSurf316 minutes ago

Murph – That helps to explain it! Thanks!AdLib15 minutes ago

Ad my 11th grade history teacher was okay. But for some reason I could never get a grade above an 85 in her class. It wasn’t because I wasn’t doing the work or missed questions on the test she gave. I fact I always had my dates correct and when we had essay questions to answer, I would use multiple blue books to answer. Provide more information than required. But when report card time came all she would give me was an 85.twilson11715 minutes ago

It also takes a degree of vision to see the why and how.AdLib14 minutes ago

Can you tell that I taught teacher methodology as well?MurphTheSurf314 minutes ago

TW – That’s odd. Why do you think your teacher was like that?AdLib14 minutes ago

Murph – I can indeed!AdLib13 minutes ago

TW…here is a guess….I suspect you were a good thinker in those days, younger and less experienced, but logical and insightful. She may not have agreed with you. You may have challenged her. You may have even frightened or worried her.MurphTheSurf313 minutes ago

I must say that this is a first rate discussion. I would have prized such a discussion among fellow faculty members so this is real blast from the past.MurphTheSurf312 minutes ago

I didn’t understand why my report card grade never went higher than 85 based on the work I did in class. So I decide to confront her and ask what I needed to do to improve my grade, Study more, provide more information. I just wanted to know. When I confronted her asking the question, the look of fear came over her face, that’s when I knew the real reason for never getting a higher grad. She gave me a trembling smile and worked away. And so did I from my goal of becoming a History teacher.twilson11711 minutes ago

Murph – That makes a lot of sense, about TW’s teacher being intimidated by her students’ insights.AdLib10 minutes ago

Murph, it turned out the be the later, I frighten her.twilson11710 minutes ago

TW…that is what I thought…..MurphTheSurf39 minutes ago

As I said….first rate….well, this time, for real, good night friends.MurphTheSurf39 minutes ago

Racism was alive and well at Central Tech High in Syracuse New York.twilson1179 minutes ago

Murph – That’s nice to hear! I am fascinated by the sensibilities of teachers since they really do have so much influence on the lives of others. As TW’s explanation proves and my personal experience as well.AdLib8 minutes ago

Every time I almost out…you both pull me back in (with a tip of the hat to michael corleone)……TW…racism….the last shoe to drop. Ad..I suspect that you would have made a very fine teacher……especially at the college/university level.MurphTheSurf37 minutes ago

TW – And it’s a pity that it takes a person years to grow up and have perspective that they should never have given such a flawed person such influence over their life.AdLib7 minutes ago

TW and I are the Godfathers of Vox.AdLib6 minutes ago

Wouldn’t it be great, and oh so healthy, if the tenor of most internet discussion was like that in which we are engaged?MurphTheSurf36 minutes ago

TW – I didn’t want to rush to racism being the issue but it does seem so apparent when one considers her reactions both to your being so insightful and confronting her.AdLib5 minutes ago

Well folks, as they say it all worked out, had a nice stint in high tech, management and working for myself. Besides I can read all the history books I want when I want.twilson1175 minutes ago

And TW….I have every confidence you would have an exemplary teacher…MurphTheSurf35 minutes ago

Murph – I have had opportunities to tutor and help folks and I have enjoyed it immensely.AdLib4 minutes ago

Gents, you are both quality folks and I am honored to know you.MurphTheSurf34 minutes ago

Murph and Ad it’s a pleasure to know both of you.twilson1174 minutes ago

TW – Indeed, it does work out in the end in many cases and glad to hear it did for you (though not a surprise if your intellect intimidated HS teachers).AdLib4 minutes ago

Same here, my friends. I look forward to Friday nights to chatting with both of you (and our other friends here). Wish I could buy you both a beer!AdLib3 minutes ago

Cheers!MurphTheSurf32 minutes ago

Ad it’s a strange thing I don’t see myself that way. I just would like to understand things.twilson1172 minutes ago

I might see you in person before long, TW. I’ll be up that way.AdLib2 minutes ago

Ad sounds like a plan. Looks like it’s time to wrap up. Take care.twilson1172 minutes ago

TW – I think that’s a natural trait in very bright people, they assume everyone else is just like them. There’s a built-in humility that comes with that sensibility. But as we’ve seen from the MAGA crowd, it is not true that everyone else is intellectually curious.AdLiba few seconds ago

Night TW!AdLiba few seconds ago

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