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Διψάω για Τζένιφερ Ψάκη. θα μπορούσαμε και οι δύο να είμαστε κόκκινοι λάτρεις στη σκιά Khirad 2 hours ago

Hey Khirad! AdLib 2 hours ago

Ah, a Psaki fan! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey, I’m gonna pregame while you think about how Psaki is hot and we could start a soulless ginger race. Khirad 2 hours ago

I;m a red if you didn’t remember Khirad 2 hours ago

Cow-a-Psaki, man! AdLib 2 hours ago

Ah, that was the red reference! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hi, Ad, Kiirad pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

How are things your way, PPO? AdLib 2 hours ago

Usual old shite. Our Prime Minister has just announced 600 million GAS plant for electricity gen! On land his pals own. Promising the World, so we will be distracted from the total cock-up of the vaccine non-plan. reckon he will call an Election soon pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Personally, I’m glad the traitorous Repubs are refusing to vote for a 1/6 commission, they would have blocked all subpoenas and turned it into a joke like the AZ Cyber Ninja recount. Now Dems can start a Select Panel and do it right, and bust the Repubs in Congress as well as Trump. They can refer prosecutions to the DoJ too. AdLib 2 hours ago

56 days infection free of locally caught virus in Our State. zero new cases in hotel quarantine. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

PPO – That’s exactly the same game plan as Abbot in TX, throw all kinds of distractions at the public as you let them die. AdLib 2 hours ago

boo Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Hi Angela! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey, Ad Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Scar-r-r-ry! AdLib 2 hours ago

hey, PPO Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

To all the Republicans, I have one question…. Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Oh, one bit of news. My new 14month old SUV with 500kms only on the clock is being recalled because the engine may catch fire while off! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Hi Angela, Murph! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Why does BENGHAZI warrant…ELEVEN DIFFERENT INVESTIGATIONS….and the attempted overthrow of our democracy doesn’t warrant even ONE?? Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 2 hours ago

Angela, because GOP. ’nuff said. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

PPO – Is it now officially a hot rod? AdLib 2 hours ago

Why do we fuckin put UP with this shit? Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Hello all…..Ad, Angela, Khirad, PPO… MurphTheSurf3 2 hours ago

hey, Murph Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Well, a bit warm! they even tell us to park them in the street to prevent the house going up! But no new bits to replace yet! Weeks away! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

I just saw a saguaro in bloom! If you’ve never seen. I mean, it’s blooming season. Khirad 2 hours ago

I am SO TIRED of fucking Republicans. They need to just be eliminated from all power forever. Replace them with an actual conservative Party that isn’t a bunch of shit-eating goons Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Murph, did you get to see any of dad’s movies? pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Angela – Absolutely. And did you see Rubio’s BS video today? He claims the 1/6 commission would be political because even the asking of a subpoena is a political attack. The Repubs are no longer a party, worse than a cult, they are all criminals trying to rob the nation of democracy. AdLib 2 hours ago

So, the Israelis, totally kosher, right? Khirad 2 hours ago

If you want to be Hsipanic in America be Cuban. Those are the good refugees. Khirad 2 hours ago

Nutty Yahoo has to go, p[referably to jail, Kh. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

I wish someone would take and clunk the Palestinians heads and the Israeli heads together and tell them all to just fuckin’ GET ALONG ALREADY Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

The thing that worries me, Ad…is that the mofo’s may actually succeed. Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

And if they do, people like me are as good as dead Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Angela, it’s a bit hard to do that when the British upped and stole Palestinian land to give to the refugees they didn’t want landing in England after the war. Not as much as a by-your-leave. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Bibi is almost as dirty as Trump – but smart, as well Khirad 2 hours ago

PPO – That’s not right, they should provide for people to drive in the meantime, lump sum for car rentals, etc. AdLib 2 hours ago

Ad, class actions on the way. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Khirad – Yep, them “good” Hispanics like Rubio and all the older Cubans who voted for Trump to end democracy! That would have shown Castro! AdLib 2 hours ago

I dunno…it was 70 plus years ago now, time to GET OVER IT. Learn to get the hell along, neither side is going anywhere Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Palestinians have better hummus even without the rockets Khirad 2 hours ago

Tired of hearing who did what wrong to whom first…I want to hear who is going to be satisfied to let the other side have the LAST WRONG Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Angela, no argument. If only Israel would stop grabbing even more land for settling. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Hummus, ewww. Do not like chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans….did you know that’s the first four letters of “garbage” right there??) Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Angela – Yes, just because it’s public knowledge that the GOP is trying to end our democracy, it doesn’t prevent them from doing it. But lots of lawsuits abound and more will come to stop them. The courts saved democracy last November, I think they will help protect it now too. AdLib 2 hours ago

How anyone could not like Hummus means they’ve never had Arab hummus or been to a restaurant. Sorry. End of story. I assume you thing Gyro is pronounced like the Italian sammich? Khirad 2 hours ago

I wish I had your optimism, Ad. Maybe if you know YOU won;t be the first ones taken out when democracy dies…you can have a little optimism. All I have any more is fear. Angela Bridgman 2 hours ago

Evening all! How’re you doing? choicelady 2 hours ago