Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7pm PDT. I’m out of town tonight so Vox will be an open chat, feel free to jump in and discuss whatever you’d like to and welcome each member as they arrive. Have a great night and I’ll see you here at Vox next Friday night!AdLib7 hours ago

Hi, TWpinkpantherozan hour ago

Good evening PPO AdLib.twilson117an hour ago

Ad is away, so we can get up to all kinds of mischief tonight!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Well folks fully vaccinated!twilson117an hour ago

Oh really?twilson117an hour ago

We’re waiting till Pfizer is available. Our Government is only allowing Seniors to get AZ for now!pinkpantherozan hour ago

So what’s happening down under?twilson117an hour ago

We’re suspicious of the AZ clotting record, so waitingpinkpantherozan hour ago

I can understand that. No Moderna?twilson117an hour ago

I am vaxxed, fully. With Pfizer.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Australia is doing OK, very few cases nowadays and jumped on when it occurs to contact trace and quarantine. they are allowing Aussies stranded in India to fly home! Big mistake, IMO.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I wanna tell you, my experience may be my own but that second shot of Pfizer kicked my ASSAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I was dead tired for three days after getting itAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Hey Angelatwilson117an hour ago

Hey, twilsonAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Hi Angela. Well, I feel that if you get big reaction, the stuff is really working. Hope you’re better soon.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I am working on an article on gerrymandering.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I took preliminary data that is available and redistricted all fifty states.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I had some minor affects sore arm slight headache sniffles but was over in a daytwilson117an hour ago

Oh, I am better long ago, I got second shot a month ago nowAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I see the Congress has announced an inquiry into Jan Insurrection. Good.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I redistricted all fifty states into compact and regular districts…and managed to make a lot of competitive seats…which is what is needed to get rid of extreme hyperpartisanshipAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

PPO yes it’s about time.twilson117an hour ago

best of luck with that, Angela. It sure needs fixing – on all sides.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Is Paul g in big tropuble?pinkpantherozan hour ago

I managed 24 dead-even seats out of 435…and I managed a total of 138 seats that are competitive, meaning no more than a PVI of D+5 or R+5Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Angela how are you going to do that given each state is weird in more ways than one can count?twilson117an hour ago

Proportionally, nationwide, we should have 221.5 Dem and 213.5 GOP in the House.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I managed to district nationwide to achieve 222D to 213RAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

All with minimal County Splits, all being as compact and regular and evenly populated as possible. It can be doneAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well that’s interesting.twilson117an hour ago

I used Partisanship data only to try to force more competitive districts.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Like, if I had a choice of two ways to go…I’d pick the way that led to a more competitive DistrictAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Other than that, I used no partisanship dataAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

So you came up with a plan, how do you plan, sorry for the receptiveness how are you going to get people to look at it?twilson117an hour ago

I’m just going to do my article about it. I am not on a high enough level to have any actual influence in this, especially not in the 49 states I do not live inAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well that will be an interesting read. Are you still on Medium?twilson117an hour ago