Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7pm PDT. I’m out of town tonight so Vox will be an open chat, feel free to jump in and discuss whatever you’d like to and welcome each member as they arrive. Have a great night and I’ll see you here at Vox next Friday night!AdLib7 hours ago

Hi, TWpinkpantherozan hour ago

Good evening PPO AdLib.twilson117an hour ago

Ad is away, so we can get up to all kinds of mischief tonight!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Well folks fully vaccinated!twilson117an hour ago

Oh really?twilson117an hour ago

We’re waiting till Pfizer is available. Our Government is only allowing Seniors to get AZ for now!pinkpantherozan hour ago

So what’s happening down under?twilson117an hour ago

We’re suspicious of the AZ clotting record, so waitingpinkpantherozan hour ago

I can understand that. No Moderna?twilson117an hour ago

I am vaxxed, fully. With Pfizer.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Australia is doing OK, very few cases nowadays and jumped on when it occurs to contact trace and quarantine. they are allowing Aussies stranded in India to fly home! Big mistake, IMO.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I wanna tell you, my experience may be my own but that second shot of Pfizer kicked my ASSAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I was dead tired for three days after getting itAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Hey Angelatwilson117an hour ago

Hey, twilsonAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Hi Angela. Well, I feel that if you get big reaction, the stuff is really working. Hope you’re better soon.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I am working on an article on gerrymandering.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I took preliminary data that is available and redistricted all fifty states.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I had some minor affects sore arm slight headache sniffles but was over in a daytwilson117an hour ago

Oh, I am better long ago, I got second shot a month ago nowAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I see the Congress has announced an inquiry into Jan Insurrection. Good.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I redistricted all fifty states into compact and regular districts…and managed to make a lot of competitive seats…which is what is needed to get rid of extreme hyperpartisanshipAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

PPO yes it’s about time.twilson117an hour ago

best of luck with that, Angela. It sure needs fixing – on all sides.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Is Paul g in big tropuble?pinkpantherozan hour ago

I managed 24 dead-even seats out of 435…and I managed a total of 138 seats that are competitive, meaning no more than a PVI of D+5 or R+5Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Angela how are you going to do that given each state is weird in more ways than one can count?twilson117an hour ago

Proportionally, nationwide, we should have 221.5 Dem and 213.5 GOP in the House.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

I managed to district nationwide to achieve 222D to 213RAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

All with minimal County Splits, all being as compact and regular and evenly populated as possible. It can be doneAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well that’s interesting.twilson117an hour ago

I used Partisanship data only to try to force more competitive districts.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Like, if I had a choice of two ways to go…I’d pick the way that led to a more competitive DistrictAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Other than that, I used no partisanship dataAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

So you came up with a plan, how do you plan, sorry for the receptiveness how are you going to get people to look at it?twilson117an hour ago

I’m just going to do my article about it. I am not on a high enough level to have any actual influence in this, especially not in the 49 states I do not live inAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well that will be an interesting read. Are you still on Medium?twilson117an hour ago

I have not posted on Medium in a long time…but I will post on Planet POVAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Look forward to it, Angela.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Wassup, PPO?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

So PPO what does the political landscape look like in your part of the world?twilson117an hour ago

Also what do folks think of what is happening now that Trump** is gone?twilson117an hour ago

I don’t want to talk about assholes.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Will be looking forward to reading it.twilson117an hour ago

I’m tearing my hair out why so many cretins like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gaetz, Cruz and their scungy ilk aren’t being kicked out of Congress.pinkpantherozan hour ago

PPO you and me both. It’s fools like them that will cost us our version of democracy.twilson117an hour ago

I will say this one thing: Asshole Extraordinaire said that Liz Cheney was a “bitter horrible human being” – is it just me or does it seem more and more common that accusations against others by the GOP – are more like confessions?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well Angela that’s one way of looking at it.twilson117an hour ago

PPO, the reason sungy jerks like that are still in Congress is because of extreme gerrymanderinfgAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

If we had more competitive seats in Congress…then the fringes would go back to being the fringesAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

PPO you’re right, which is why HR1 needs to pass.twilson117an hour ago

Here in Australia, we have former guy 2.0 attemp[ting to alter this country into a sharia driven, Happy Clappy GQP nation. Our Prime Monster Scotty From Marketing is great at making announcements of huge Gummint spending, but no money ever surfaces, except in the pockets of his ‘select Committees’ for looking into thingspinkpantherozan hour ago

As it is now, with about 4 percent of all seats competitive…there in no incentive for anyone, hardly to in any way moderate themselves…or to negotiate or compromise in good faith….the way it is now, it encourages antics, bad behavior and the digging in of heelsAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I can’t believe one of the dumbass congress idiots called the insurrectionists touriststwilson117an hour ago

I can believe it. If you ever spent a ten hour day around these people (and I gave) you’d know it was enough to make you want to set your hair on fireAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I HAVE spent ten hour days around these idiotsAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Waiting for someone to say the while insurrection was photoshopped and a hollywood animatronic cartoon which never happened!pinkpantherozan hour ago

… like the mooon landing, y’knowpinkpantherozan hour ago

People believe what they already WANT to believe, you cannot change their minds.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

sadly true, ANgela.pinkpantherozan hour ago

VERY few people, at this point, are open to a view they did not already holdAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

PPO so the power and money grab is alive and well in the politics of Australia as well.twilson117an hour ago

I see that FLorida is bracing for former guy to be indicted and to fight any extradition. What an admission of guilt already!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Ah, fuck DeSatanistAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Why is conservatism looking more and more like facism?twilson117an hour ago

He will not be Governor forever…and the Statute of limitations is quite longAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

It isn’t LOOKING more like fascism…it IS MORE LIKE FASCISMAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

tw, the right have swung so far that way that Atilla the Hun was a Kindy caretaker.pinkpantherozan hour ago

That is because we on the left keep accommodating them.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

BTW, is anyone else seeing our avatars flickering?pinkpantherozan hour ago

GOP: meet us in the middleAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

DEM **moves to middleAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Yes I noticed that.twilson117an hour ago

GOP **moves further rightAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

GOP ** meet us in the middleAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

DEM **moves to the new middleAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

GOP **moves further rightAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

GOP ** meet us in the middle.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Wash rinse and repeat for forty years and you end up where we are nowAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

McConnell, even in mionority, is still blocking everything non-GQP.pinkpantherozan hour ago

That is because of the filibuster, he can.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

McConnell needed to go a long time ago. All he cares up is money and judgestwilson117an hour ago

We are too nice to give them a taste of their own medicineAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

That is because his judges make what was illegal….LEGALAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Was talking with a friend and he reminded me I told him the way the Repub are behaving started with the Newt.twilson117an hour ago

It’s all part of the plan. Pass illegal and hateful shit…but before you do install the judges that will make the hateful illegal shit LEGALAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

It started with Reagan reallyAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

The last actor-turned=President should have taught us something but apparently it did notAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Bill Pascrell is ‘cosponsoring a resolution to expel this deeply disturbed person ( Greene)from Congress who is now harassing our colleagues.’pinkpantherozan hour ago

It won’t go anywhere.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Orwell was ahead of his time.twilson117an hour ago

And if it does, you just make a martyr out of her. You can’t kill a martyrAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Expel her and you only make her stronger.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

She will screech from the highest rooftops in every city in America about how she was targeted and victimized by the radical left-wing liberal Socialist commie pinko Democrats. And her followers will eat it upAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I’m all for, for kicking her out. But the fools in Georgia from the district she is from will just elect someone worsese thantwilson117an hour ago

I honestly see no resolution….even a velvet divorce doesn’t work…40 percent of Mississippians are Democrats…and 30 percent of Californians are republicans. We are screwedAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

She may have shot herself in the foot. Reports are that Marjorie Taylor Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating state law A homestead exemption is a big tax break any Georgia homeowner is entitled to for their primary residence. It is against the law to file for more than one.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I saw thatAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Is it a felony that would then bar her from holding office?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Well, if there is one think you can count on for folks like Greene, it’s their stupidity.twilson117an hour ago

Don’t know, but that would solve a lot!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Yes, it would.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

But she will probably get less punishment than the junkie who holds up a 7-Eleven for fifty bucks and a Mars Bar getsAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Waiting for Gaetz’ arrest shortly, with his mate spilling all the beans about using campaign money for naughties with minors.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I hate to say it, but I see a civil war in our future….and it will be hell. I only hope I do not live long enough to see it, because it will be HELLAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Hey, is it just me or does Matt Goetz look like Ace Ventura in a suit?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Seriously, look at them side by side sometimeAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I rather not, assholes make me sick.twilson117an hour ago

Angela, if there is a Civil War, it will be short and sweet, unless the regular armed forces rebel. The militas will crap their pampers at the first skirmish.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I hope you are right, but I do not think soAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Angela why do say that???twilson117an hour ago

Because we underestimate them at our perilAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

I mean I agree all the signs seem to be there, but what are you seeing where you’re at that would seem to indicate it would last longer than what PPO is saying.twilson117an hour ago

Because not all of them are candy-asses.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Angela, with the current Admin in place, and the lessons already learned from the insurrection, I don’t think we will be taken by surprise like that again, and the response wiull be nuch, much more robust.pinkpantherozan hour ago

I hope you are right, because Heaven help us next time, if we treat them with kid gloves again like we are doing right nowAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

We need to FUCKING. CRACK. DOWN. HARD. on those assholes. ALL of them.Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

That was totally planned and deliberate from the WH.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Even BELONGING to a militia not under state or Federal control should be a major felonyAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

that’s a good idea, Angela!pinkpantherozan hour ago

Well…what else are these militias for…other than to enable extralegal activity?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

So how about making even MEMBERSHIP in such an organization a major felony?Angela Bridgmanan hour ago

Boyz n their toyz, doing army impersonations.pinkpantherozan hour ago

Then let them become boyz and their soap doing bitch impressions in prison, fuck ’emAngela Bridgmanan hour ago

Amen to that, A!pinkpantherozan hour ago

I am normally not a reactionary, but I have finally fucking had it with these dangerous outlaws. I am done coddling themAngela Bridgman44 minutes ago

It’s interesting our own freedoms are what may do us in.twilson11743 minutes ago

It is time to CRACK. DOWN. H-A-R-D. on themAngela Bridgman43 minutes ago

Only because of all the people who do not accept that with rights and freedoms come RESPONSIBILITIESAngela Bridgman42 minutes ago

I can agree with that.twilson11742 minutes ago

So weed them out of society and put them in prison.Angela Bridgman42 minutes ago

The poor fuckers can spell those 2 big wordspinkpantheroz41 minutes ago

cant**pinkpantheroz41 minutes ago

preferably, take over a few of the uninhabited Hawaiian Islands, and dump their asses there.Angela Bridgman41 minutes ago

Let them kill each other off, fuck themAngela Bridgman41 minutes ago

Or maybe a few uninhabited islands in the AluetiansAngela Bridgman41 minutes ago

Johnston Island, where the chemical weapons were stored for destruction. already a big runway there and barrackspinkpantheroz40 minutes ago

I have the perfect island for them of the cost of Brazil the can hang out with all the golden lancetstwilson11740 minutes ago

That works. Also could use Plum Island, off New York for this.Angela Bridgman40 minutes ago

You DO KNOW what Plum Island is…right?Angela Bridgman39 minutes ago

TW, Nice!pinkpantheroz39 minutes ago

Plum Island = ANTHRAX IslandAngela Bridgman39 minutes ago

Send them all there to get anthrax and croak…I won’t shed a tear for themAngela Bridgman38 minutes ago

Well Angela I afraid you may be right something will happen, the question will be how quickly it get put down.twilson11737 minutes ago

Well, folks, time to say cheerio. See you all next week.pinkpantheroz37 minutes ago

Seeya, PPOAngela Bridgman37 minutes ago

Take PPO, I’m heading out to see you all next week.twilson11736 minutes ago

Seeya TWAngela Bridgman36 minutes ago

seeyatwilson11736 minutes ago

I guess I am going too then, LOLAngela Bridgman36 minutes ago

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