Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then!AdLib4 hours ago

Apologies for today’s VP, Ad. Just had my Eye injection ( normally done Fridays) and off to be for a few hours. Love to all the Happy People in Vox! Yipppeeeeeee!pinkpantheroz3 hours ago

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Will miss you, pal!AdLib2 hours ago

Hey Murph!AdLib2 hours ago

Hi.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Have you rested up?AdLib2 hours ago

Sort of.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

A lot of angry people here in Mo.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Nice that Biden has 306 EVs now, Trump’s desperate plans all go up in smoke. He is a loser.AdLib2 hours ago

Interesting how in 2016 when Trump won, Dems were more devastated and depressed and in 2020 when Trump loses, Repubs are furious.AdLib2 hours ago

I found his presser today so nauseating……braggart, egotist, uncaring spreader of lies…..MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I think this comes from a couple of things. Trumpers have been in their bubble and promised Trump was way ahead and would win big. And the other is an authoritarian mentality that only they and their avatar should be allowed to have power in this country.AdLib2 hours ago

Dems in 2016 believed, on the whole, that they had failed….and I have to say that this is so. GOP today believe they have been robbed.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

ad….we are on the same page.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I think all his lying now looks feeble. He looks weaker.AdLib2 hours ago

Well, many Dems were angry that Russia and Comey stole the election.AdLib2 hours ago

I have been doing a lot of reading about the loss of House seats, and the failure to take the Senate. What is emerging is the power of the “socialist” “defund the police” memes to scare off voters. Biden, apparently, was wise to distance himself from both. The other factor is that heavy Trump turnout turned the tide in a number of races the Dems were hoping to pick up and did not.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

I have seen that represented as the main reason Dems lost. I can’t come up with another reason.AdLib2 hours ago

Hey glenn! Happy 306 EV Day!AdLib2 hours ago

Murph – But what that says is that too many Americans are uninformed and easily manipulated by propaganda.AdLib2 hours ago

Good evening, gents. Can I just get off my chest that I hate that lying motherf**cker in the White House?glenn2 hours ago

Murph–I hate to break it to you, but I live in a blue state now! LOL!glenn2 hours ago

glenn – Absolutely, I’ll chime in without the asterisks…that motherfucker is a loser and he’s going down!AdLib2 hours ago

Ad….you know that I completely agree with you and that this is true on both the left and the right.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Yay Blue State glenn!AdLib2 hours ago

Glenn…that did cross my mind.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph – I think the difference is that Dems had legit reasons to be angry at Comey and the Russians for throwing the election to Trump. The Repubs and Trump are angry because of the conspiracy theories they believe. Big difference.AdLib2 hours ago

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around all the people lying for that lying POS. How, how can they think they can gaslight 75 million people? WTF is wrong with them?glenn2 hours ago

So are you ready for the MAGApalooza tomorrow? How many guns, red hats, saliva puddles and blue striped American flags can you count?AdLib2 hours ago

Hey, did you notice at his press conference today that the RTLB’s hair has turned white?glenn2 hours ago

Ad–I hope it’s a fizzle. I hear that Dear Leader says he might “stop by”.glenn2 hours ago

glenn – I would like Pres Biden, when he’s in office, hold a national speech explaining how the election was free and fair and using graphics and statements from Dem and Repub officials to demonstrate it. We need to wring out the lies as best as possible from the minds of the easily manipulated.AdLib2 hours ago

Ad…..of course but those on the right are every bit as certain that they were cheated.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph–now all we have to do is win those two Senate seats. I think the magats are going to pull out all the stops, so we’ve got to do the same.glenn2 hours ago

glenn – Trump is melting down and he probably cried at his hair dye specialist just to “Leave me alone! I don’t care anymore!”AdLib2 hours ago

Ad–I am slightly encouraged by the news media lately pushing back big time with all these lies. Even foxsocalednews is pushing back. It’s about damn time.glenn2 hours ago

Glenn…winning both seats will be a bit of a miracle…MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

glenn – I’m pleased to see the GOP cracking, even Rove stating that Biden won. Otherwise, I would be a bit more worried about this MAGASwarm tomorrow with the soon-to-be indicted ex-president waving to the masses of meatheads.AdLib2 hours ago

Ad–or as Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station says, “He’s probably pissing his pants so badly because he lost that all the color has leached out.”glenn2 hours ago

Ad…I know several Trumpsters who are going to be there…but not a ton….MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph–I agree. Maybe three miracles in one year is a bit much. Miracle 1: Biden wins GA. So two more might be a bit much to ask. However, if we’re talking about karma, 2020 owes us!glenn2 hours ago

Murph – But in the real world, the morons on the RW who believe in Qanon conspiracies are just tools in every sense of the word. Voters in 2016 have been proven correct about Russia and Trump, even by the Repub Senate Judiciary.AdLib2 hours ago

Glenn….2020 owes us….rebalancing the karmic energy….MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

glenn – I have no idea if we can pull it off but I think your vote will be very important in the runoff in GA!AdLib2 hours ago

glenn – Yep, me too, putting my criticisms of the media aside for their previous enabling of Trump, I’m at least glad they’re all calling him a liar and a loser right now.AdLib2 hours ago

Ad–I’m pretty sure the RTLB will never concede, but I do think he’ll leave the WH. There is much speculation about whether or not he’ll attend the inaguaration. What do you all think?glenn2 hours ago

Ad….just speaking with voice of the core Trumpster—- they would dismiss every word of your response….MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

glenn – Very funny!AdLib2 hours ago

Murph and Ad–I hope Stacey comes home to GA to get folks organized. If anyone can get out the vote, she surely can!glenn2 hours ago

Murph – Once Trump runs away from DC, and I don’t worry that he will need to be dragged out on 1/20, this cult movement will shrink. His platform will be smaller and he will be under indictment and on trial before long.AdLib2 hours ago

Glenn…admire Stacey a lot….and hope the national Senate folks follow her lead.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad……there are those who are enamored of the idea of a “slow motion coup” and think he will find a way to avoid abdicating via the electoral college under the control of GOP state legislatures (with Scotus in their pocket) and a military that has been corrupted by wholesale leadership changes.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad–The RTLB’s cult membership may shrink, but they are never going away! They will just be hiding under their rocks. Hopefully, the NY AG has those indictments ready to go, so he can’t start his new tv network, that everyone is speculating about.glenn2 hours ago

Will Millie, chair of joint chiefs, be canned next and if he is what next?MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

glenn – My thought is there’s no way in hell Trump will concede, attend Biden’s inauguration or cooperate any more than he’s forced to in the transition. Trump has the character of a bratty, bullying eight year old. He hasn’t been seen in nearly a week because he’s pouting and throwing tantrums. He’s afraid that people who look upon him will see a loser and a failure. So he will not be so visible, IMO, until he is out of office and will rant about having the presidency stolen from him. But again, he will be on the verge of bankruptcy again and being criminally prosecuted. Guess what too? Trump’s tax returns will be speedily provided to The House and soon, be made more public.AdLib2 hours ago

Murph–maybe we should get Stacey hooked up with your Morticia for a national GOTV push.glenn2 hours ago

Morticia is back at her office.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph – Of course they would, Trumpsters are cultists. They are committed to believing whatever justifies their cult. But the one way to end a cult is to bring down the cult leader. And that is happening day by day but especially when he becomes ex-president and Individual 1.AdLib2 hours ago

Murph–So, do you think the RTLB is going to try to put in his own electors? I’ve read a little about that, and so far, even republican governors have nixed that idea.glenn2 hours ago

glenn – No doubt Stacey will be in GA, afterall, she needs to warm up for winning the governor’s seat in 2022!AdLib2 hours ago

Ad…IF he becomes an ex-president. I worry.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad–Agreed. The RTLB will hide away in the dark as much as he can. Of course, he’ll still be tweeting from his bunker. Twitter needs to close his account as of 1/20/21.glenn2 hours ago

Glenn….given what the man has done and what the GOP has enabled, I do not regard the assurances of GOP governors as worthy of trust.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph–I like that some of the strong Dem women are getting national attention.glenn2 hours ago

Murph–really? Do you think the RTLB will pull off what would essentially be a coup?glenn2 hours ago

Murph – First of all, did you see Gen Millie’s speech today? He speaks for many generals and officers who I think are ready to defend our democracy if Trump tried to pull anything. Second, even the GOP is abandoning Trump now, even Karl Rove said Trump is over. Third, the theory Repubs and Trump have about Repub Legislatures naming electors to him is false, they can’t constitutionally do that. This is over, Trump’s BS is the only thing insisting it isn’t.AdLib2 hours ago

Glenn….the rumblings are very loud and clear here.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Of course I live in Misery, CrazyLandMurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph–I get what you’re saying about the GOP governors, but the RTLB has finally pushed them too far, I think. He has tried to undermine their “integrity” and accused them of fraud. I think he has gone a bridge too far.glenn2 hours ago

To be clear, a state CAN’T change the way it chooses electors after an election has been held. That is constitutional. This is a sham, the scheme that Repub legislators can change the elector rules after an election has determined them. Flat out false.AdLib2 hours ago

Ad….Milley can be removed and a right winger installed. Rove is balanced by Gingrich. As to the Legislator thing…..having spent a month in Wi where that legislature has rewritten the rules in ways that convince me that anything is possible if you have the right judges in place.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

glenn – Racists, Nazis and Klansmen never went away before, I don’t expect them to go away now. But after having their heyday, their numbers will shrink and they will be once more shamed out of the daylight.AdLib2 hours ago

Murph–This is what, I believe, is the RTLB’s most egregious sin. He has made his cultists believe his shit. They will never stop spouting his lies, no matter how many people tell them they are lies, even other republicans. I guarantee that we will be hearing about how the RTLB was “cheated” for the next four years.glenn2 hours ago

Glenn, I agree…..empowering Stupid by dubbing it Right-Thinking.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph–Here’s what I find absolutely amazing. We should all be joyous tonight; we have flipped GA blue; Biden has 306 electoral college votes; he is the President-elect. Yet here we are contemplating what evil the RTLB can cook up.glenn2 hours ago

Murphj – The military voted by a majority for Biden. Soldiers, officers and generals. Milley purposely drilled into them that their loyalty is only to The Constitution. The military is not on Trump’s side and even if he fired Milley and put in a RW puppet, the military is not going to follow any orders to help a coup that destroys our country and democracy. Especially against the leader they elected. They know they MUST refuse any illegal or unconstitutional order and I am confident they would. But there will not be a coup, Biden will be inaugurated on 1/20.AdLib2 hours ago

Murph–and speaking of the right judges, that’s why the turtle pushed so hard to get Amy on the SCOTUS.glenn2 hours ago

Glenn….I have many reasons for feeling as I do but the most recent one is that given how awful Trump has been Biden’s turnout is still weak tea.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Ad–It will be so nice to see the racist, nazis and klansmen under their rocks again.glenn2 hours ago

Ad…..Seven Days in May….fiction, but still a frightening scenario…..I won’t be ok until Biden is in the WHMurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Glenn…yes.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

Murph – We need plenty of time to analyze what happened in the election but I am not surprised that Trump had such a big turnout. They had help again from Russia, Facebook and the biggest megaphone, the presidency. People are easily manipulated, there wouldn’t be commercials if they weren’t. Trump had a massive advantage as an incumbent, criminally using our tax dollars and the office to power his campaign. Incumbent presidents rarely lose for these reasons, it is amazing that Biden beat him by the margin he did.AdLib2 hours ago

Sampled Parler and Rumble this week….on a third party platform used to monitor social media. QAnon has a new home.MurphTheSurf32 hours ago

glenn – I know, once again, Trump the Monster has stolen our happiness. But just for the moment. Think how excited we will be when all states certify Biden’s win and then, on the day Biden is inaugurated. Trump will be gone, the clock is ticking, it is happening.AdLiban hour ago

Murph–I have to disagree with you on Biden’s turnout being weak tea. He garnered more votes than any other presidential candidate in history. Or at least in many years. I don’t consider that weak tea. I think the weak tea is in the Dem’s non-response to the RTLB’s shenanigans. Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Sanders, and every other prominent Dem should be shouting on TV and in the press every day. Shouting that DHS has declared this the “most secure election”; shouting that recounts won’t bring the RTLB a win in any state; shouting that repubs who are supporting his nonsense should be tried for sedition; shouting. I’m sick to death of hearing what the RTLB and his asshole supporters have to say. Dems need to start making their voices heard.glennan hour ago

Ad…I agree with your observations.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph–oooh, I read that book when I was a teenager, and it spooked me even then. And, I had absolutely no interest in politics then.glennan hour ago

Murph–yes, you believe the RTLB can actually steal this election?glennan hour ago

Murph – Nothing wrong with being on guard for Trump to pull a coup but Trump couldn’t even win an election as the incumbent, pulling off a coup is far more risky and demanding than that.AdLiban hour ago

Murph – As long as Qanon nutjobs are out in the open on Parler, we can keep an eye on them. But their primary recruitment tool, Trump, will no longer have the stage that the presidency gave him. No matter where he goes, it will be a smaller stage and lesser for recruiting and retaining nutjobs.nAdLiban hour ago

Glenn…..I don’t disagree that on its own election day was a good one for Biden, but it did not go as expected……we were expecting a blue wave were we not?MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph – As glenn points out, Biden won against an incumbent president with the biggest margin since FDR. And the greatest number of votes in the history of the US, And over 5 million votes more than Trump. Not weak tea at all. Consider what he was up against.AdLiban hour ago

Ad….the dems expected to flip state legislatures, and the Senate and did not. Key constituencies still under-showed. We had best figure out why our majority does not come out.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Trump can’t steal the election now. Even if he stole PA and GA, Biden still wins. And he can’t steal them because he would need powerful lawsuits proving widespread fraud, he has lost 13 of 13 cases, all using hearsay and assumptions as their evidence. Without evidence, which they don’t have, no state certifications or elector slates could even be slowed down. This is over.AdLiban hour ago

Well…I am going to depart early….I am still dragging…..my batteries will take a long time to recharge.MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Take care…MurphTheSurf3an hour ago

Murph – Completely agree, we need to really understand what happened with Dems losing Senate, House and state races in many parts of the country where they were supposed to win. I am bewildered by this, maybe it was the effectiveness of the socialist and defund the police charges. But at least in 2022, Biden will help to put a cap on Russian interference.AdLiban hour ago

Murph–Yes, we were expecting a blue wave; that is true. I think Dems need to do an honest post-election analysis as to why we lost seats in the House, and why we didn’t take the Senate outright; but I do think the greatest number of votes ever bodes well for Dem turnout. On that note, I also think that Stacey Abrams needs to be DNC chairperson and get the ground game going in all states. Although, I must say, if she wants a job in Biden’s cabinet, she should be given whatever she wants.glennan hour ago