Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT! Hpe to see you then! AdLib 7 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 6 hours ago

hiya Ad. well, not too many sleepless nights to go, eh? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

hi glenn pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

I hope not, as long as Biden wins by a strong margin. AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 6 hours ago

At least you get an extra hour this fall back weekend pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Evenin’/afternoon gents. How is everything with you all? glenn 6 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, an extra hour to fret! glenn 6 hours ago

I feel like I’ve been falling back for 4 years. AdLib 6 hours ago

Glenn, delighted tha Berlin Madame Tussauds threw Trumps dummy into a dumpster!\\ pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–Falling back into the 1950’s! Where gays/blacks/women knew their places! glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – I alternate between confidence in Biden’s victory annd stress at how Trump, the GOP and Russia are trying to sabotage the election. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, that was too funny! Loved the signs they put with him, too! glenn 6 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 6 hours ago

Murph! how are you? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–I feel exactly the same way. I’m hoping there is such a Biden landslide that even the RTLB can’t contest it! glenn 6 hours ago

Hey Murph! glenn 6 hours ago

Murph–What’s the vibe on the ground in WI? glenn 6 hours ago

Had to drop out for a few minutes…stuff keeps coming up. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Hi there, guest. feel free to chip in pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Is Florida really close, or wishful thinking?\ pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Maddow ran a segment from a reporter hearing worrisome things about what could happen the day after Trump loses. AdLib 6 hours ago

floriduh…. lol Harleigh 6 hours ago

Harleigh!\ pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 6 hours ago

We see you, H pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

cool. Harleigh 6 hours ago

They’ve boarded up the stores in Beverly Hills. Walmart has pulled guns and ammo off display cases. AdLib 6 hours ago

walmart put the guns back out Harleigh 6 hours ago

PPO–I don’t think Biden is going to win FL, even though it seems to be close. I think the old people will turn out in droves on Tuesday to push the RTLB over the edge. Plus, I see in the news that there is a post office in FL (don’t remember where it is) that has a lot of mail just laying around waiting to be delivered. However, the good news is Ossoff is in a statistical tie with Perdue for Senate here in GA. That one looks good…. glenn 6 hours ago

Well, FLa as a Senate win for Dems is fine. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! They put the guns back? Too bad…. glenn 6 hours ago

Just a reminder, everyone should have a decent stock of food for this weekend. Not worried about my neighborhood but conflict in even a few areas could panic folks to grab supplies. AdLib 6 hours ago

the old folks are realizing without SS and medicare they are doomed Harleigh 6 hours ago

Ad, I’ve got TP bu the bucketload! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Harleigh – To late, they’ve already fed into fears. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO–The Senate race between Ossoff and Perdue is here in GA. glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – I read that the AG or SoS has ordered all post offices in FL including the one you mentioned, to be audited ASAP and ballots delivered to couty boards. AdLib 6 hours ago

most of fl hasalready voted by mail Harleigh 6 hours ago

sorry glenn! missed that bit. Still… pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Biden can win FL, hang in there. But he doesn’t need it. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–I’m not worried as much about this weekend as I am for next week. The RTLB is just too unstable and if he does lose, there’s no telling what tweets he will send out to his supporters! glenn 6 hours ago

Would be so sweet if Ossoff and Jaime Harrison won! I would be very surprised if Amy McGrath won but that would be so cool too! AdLib 6 hours ago

Miami Dade Post office! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–glad to hear that about the FL post offices. Good! glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – Yep, I read Trump might continue rallies after he loses, whipping up his Nazi cultists to get violent. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO – Yes! AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–The biggest problem in GA is that Ossoff has to win by a margin of 50%. If he doesn’t win by that margin, even if he wins, there will be a runoff in Jan. glenn 6 hours ago

PPO–WOW! If it is Miami Dade post office, that sucks. That’s one of the biggest districts in FL! glenn 6 hours ago

What do you think the results will be? Does Biden win by a little or a lot? Is there no decision Election Night? Does Trump declare he’s won no matter the results? Do Dems win The Senate? Will there be militias in the streets? AdLib 6 hours ago

glenn – What’s your feeling about Ossoff’s chances? He hammered Perdue in that debate. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–Well, what the hell else is the RTLB going to do if he loses? He sure as hell won’t be helping Biden with the transition, and a loss is going to hit him hard, so he’ll know his adoring fans to stroke his ego even more than he does now! I hope he just leaves the country! glenn 6 hours ago

I hope all of you are still healthy. We’re slowly rolling back our lockdown, after 120 days! Our Victorian Premier, has finally taken a day off after 120 consecutive days of Press Meetings and Murdoch harassments. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Greetings from Wi. Good Golly but the GOP is playing the game as nastily as they can manage. State Executive Branch is in Dem hands since 2018 but the legislature remains solidly GOP and they are working hard to win six more seats to make the them veto proof. Probably not going to happen. What worries me though is that minority response to the call to vote early has been much less than I expected. I hear the same thing from Florida. In 2016 that voting bloc’s failure to turn out was one of the factors that gave us Trump. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

I think the Miami/Dade post office will oow have every ballot collected and delivered to the county clerk. Folks are really angry now about that. AdLib 6 hours ago

pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–Biden wins by a little. The TRLB declares he’s the winner on election night because he won’t consider the absentee ballots coming in after that to be valid, even if they are postmarked by Nov 3. He’s already said about as much. Can’t get a read on whether or not Dems take the Senate. Yes, there will be militias in the street if the RTLB loses. glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – And what does the GOP do as Trump does all he can to burn down the country? Same as usual, say nothing? The 25th will eed to be invoked or the GOP needs to be RICOed by Biden’s AG ut of existence as a criminal enterprise…which it is. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad, good call. the GOP is as guilty as Whatshisface? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

PPO – Well, Australia is getting lots of props from doctors and scientists here for controollinng COVID. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad, yes, no thanks to our HappyClappy P.M, Trump clone who is not responsible for anything at all. All Daniel Andrews huge efforts and Victorians seeing fucking Common Sense! At last!! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Murph – The turnout issue for Blacks and Latinos is very concerning and yet, the youth turnout is up quite a lot. May not make up for that but should definitely give Biden bigger numbers than Hillary goot in WI, MI and PA. AdLib 6 hours ago

There is a GOP sheriff here who has taken a courageous position. Polk County Sheriff Brent Waak has warned the militia in his county that he will not tolerate their presence in polling places and they must limit their presence outside of it to avoid even the appearance of try to interfere with the voting. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Ad–OMG! That debate was a thing of beauty! And Perdue has chickened out of the debate that was supposed to be held on Sunday. It’s hard to tell about Ossoff’s chances. The repubs are running all kinds of ads against him; talking about how “radical” he is. In fact, that’s how they describe him…”radical John Ossofff”. They also hammer hard on the “socialist/liberal/Pelosi” agenda. So, it’s hard to tell. Also, as I said above, he’s got to win by 50% and there is also an independent in that race. If I remember correctly, the last time he ran, he got like 47 or 48% of that vote; there was a runoff, and he lost in the runoff. But early voting has been heavy, especially in the Atlanta area, so there is hope. glenn 6 hours ago

PPO – Yes, glad someone put out that photo! It really is criminal. And the Fed Judge who ordered the USPS to work overtime ad weekends to clear up waiting ballots will no doubt kick ass on this. AdLib 6 hours ago

Good one, Murph. Hopefully Law Enforcement will copy that all over, but I won’t hold my breath. I do hope that Dems also show up with open carry and dare the domestic terrorists to start something. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Frankly, if blacks and latinos fail to come out for Biden…..then shame on them and how foolish…..they reduce their influence and their leverage when they will not contribute to the election of democrats. It has to be said. Do it because it is the smart thing to do. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

PPO–So far so good as far as health goes here. But cases are spiking all over the place in the West, so who knows? Speaking of health, how is Fergie? glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – Very possible scenario but here’s my likely scenario. Biden wins WI, MI and maybe PA though it could be unclear. But he also wins NC and AZ and that district iin NE. Winning those and the states Hillary won gives him like 290 – 300, more than enough. And in the end, I think he wins PA. Hope he wins FL but okay if he doesn’t. And I like to dream about TX but voter suppressio and cheating is so widespread there. AdLib 6 hours ago

I spoke with a group of Trump supporters today who came by our office to harass us I think. There have been a number of incidents across the country and at Biden, Harris parking lot rallies. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Ad, your scenario makes sense. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

glenn, Fergie is quite weak and has trouble breathing with her COPD, bronchitis, fluid in the lungs and acute scoliosis. We\re talking weekly with our Doc, and she’s to have a Echocardiogram soon. but we try and stay cheerful. We know there are people more ill than us. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Murph – I heard about that Sheriff, very inspirational! Good man! Meanwhile, saw another police department used a hitler video in a meeting to convince cops that constant violence is necessary for control. AdLib 6 hours ago

Did anyone else see Mayor Pete hand a MAGAt his ass? Priceless! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

PPO….my thoughts and my heart are with you and Fergie. A huge burden for both of you. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Ad–It’s a tossup as to what the GOP will do if the RTLB tries to burn it all down. I think McConnell and Graham will definitely continue to support the RTLB by not saying anything, or by trying to pass some insidious laws before they lose power. And more judges, of course. As to the rest of the GOP, there have been a lot of desertions lately, so some of them may actually discover their spines. A lot of it depends on the percentage of the loss. If it’s a landslide, then watch how many repubs come out and say they knew he was a crook all along. But if the RTLB decides to contest it in the courts, or some other such nonsense, I don’t see many of them standing up for the country…sad to say. glenn 6 hours ago

“Perdue has chickened out.” Very funny, glenn! It sure seems that Atlanta has had huge early voting turnout, especially in the black community. Hoping that bodes well for Ossoff. I contributed too him and a number of Senate candidates as well as Biden. AdLib 6 hours ago

Glenn….there will be no Profiles in Courage among the GOP leadership…..Profiles in Perfidy, yes, but nothing more. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

glenn, Iwill never ever forgive any GOP polly. They have no moral standing at all. Same with fiscal policies. they’re done pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Hi all! Murph ‘ Profiles in Perfidy” is exactly right! choicelady 6 hours ago

CL! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Hi Choice…good to see you. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Hey PPO. Hey glenn, Ad, and Murph! choicelady 6 hours ago

Murph – how goes Wisconsin? choicelady 6 hours ago

Murph – I see big turnout for blacks and Latinos in a number of states but so much voter suppression by Trump, GOP and Russia in the swing states, micro-targeting black and Latino voters. Just like 2016. Hope they learned and come out on Tuesday at least. And Biden should tear Putin and Russia apart when he gets inn office. AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey CL! AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey AdLib – I do think the massive early voting shows the 2016 tricks aren’t working. choicelady 6 hours ago

Choice……just for you….Good Golly but the GOP is playing the game as nastily as they can manage. State Executive Branch is in Dem hands since 2018 but the legislature remains solidly GOP and they are working hard to win six more seats to make the them veto proof. Probably not going to happen. What worries me though is that minority response to the call to vote early has been much less than I expected. I hear the same thing from Florida. In 2016 that voting bloc’s failure to turn out was one of the factors that gave us Trump. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Murph–Unfortunately, it’s still a “horse race” almost everywhere, isn’t it? I think Dems need to do something to get a better national chairperson, so they can get back their ground game. They also need to begin to start putting forth candidates in local and state elections. When I filled out my ballot the other day, there are many local/state/judgeship races here in GA that don’t even have a Dem candidate running. And all of the incumbents in those races are republicans, not even independents. I believe Dems have given up in those races in the red states, and Dems need to start taking back those states at the grass roots levels, not just in national elections. glenn 6 hours ago

Murph – I mentioned above, the FBI is worried about serious violence inn the streets for a sustained period so that makes me worried. AdLib 6 hours ago

Murph – that is NOT good news. choicelady 6 hours ago

Murph–good to know there are some Sheriffs in red states who are not Oath Keepers. glenn 6 hours ago

Ad….I hope you are right about blacks and latinos, but right now the energy, especially among the young is not there. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

PPO – I’ll be sending out my best thoughts for Fergie. So sorry she’s having such serious issues. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad – I was on a call with the FBI and our US Attorney (conservative) who told me they stand ready to deal with whatever comes. They do NOT see us, liberals, as the threat choicelady 6 hours ago

Murph–it is puzzling that blacks and latinos fail to GOTV. glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – It seems the moost probable thing that cowards like Repubs will do is hide and stay wuiet as their states are set on fire. AdLib 6 hours ago

Thanks, Ad. that means a lot, from all of you here. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

CL–Was typing a rant when you came in. Good to see you! glenn 6 hours ago

Oh, PPO – I am so sorry. Please know how much we care about you both. I hope her Doc can fix this, give her some peace. I am terrified of breathing issues, and she has all my sympathy! choicelady 6 hours ago

Glenn….as two of the folks here who live in red-country…we know how frustrating it is to reside in spaces where there is no opposition…..without backing, how can there be? Your point about national leadership is important although Perez is a competent admin just not an insirational one. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

CL – Agreed, look at TX and GA, black and Latino vote is coming out in a big way! AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey glenn – hope you’re OK. choicelady 6 hours ago

Ad–I like your scenario. Hope it turns out that way. glenn 6 hours ago

Murph – I don’t really look to DNC for inspiration but for competence. I look locally, and for you all in Red states, that’s tough. choicelady 6 hours ago

thanks, cl. She hasn’t been anywhere all year except Docs, in case she catches it. with her probs she wouldn’t survuve. I have to be hugely careful after shopping pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Murph–and what did the RTLB’s supporters have to say when you spoke to them? Or did you just tell them to get lost? glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – It’s not really a horse race, Biden has been ahead in most of the country from the start. It’s sabotaging the USPS, voter suppression, propaganda and memories of the shock from 2016 that is giving us cocerns about the election. Biden is ahead in polling averages by around 8% which is huge. In a normal election, we’d be sleeping great every night. AdLib 6 hours ago

I think we need to parse states that count BEFORE Nov. 3 on mail in ballots and states that do not. In the latter people are standing in lines to make sure their vote counts. In others they mail it in and thus are invisible. I’m not sure Black and Latino voters aren’t voting. I think they aren’t being seen. I dropped my ballot today. NOBODY saw me but the women watching the drop boxes. choicelady 6 hours ago

PPO–My heart is with you and Fergie. glenn 6 hours ago

thanks, g pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad and all – a friend whose housemate just acquired a conservative boyfriend had FOX on. They are insisting there will be recounts in every state. Nope. ONLY where it’s very close and then IF AND ONLY IF it would change the outcome. choicelady 6 hours ago

Murph – I’ve seen the stats about yooung voters ad they’re crushing it overall. Not in all states but this massive early voting is benefitting Biden most. BTW, saw Jon Ralston update NV numbers and he’s impressed with Dems’ turnout advantage at this point. That was probably Trump’s only hope to win a Hillary state. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–Yeah, I’m hoping that early voting turnout bodes well for Ossoff, too. Supposedly, the Perdue that is running for Senate is only a distant relation to the Perdue chicken farmer, and doesn’t have anything to do with the business; but it’s just too good a pun to pass up! glenn 6 hours ago

CL – That’s reassuring to hear but I heard a reporter say the FBI is a bit stressed out about what they’re facing between street violence and Trump’s orders and madness. AdLib 6 hours ago

glenn – you live by the chicken feather, you die by the chicken feather. Perdue deserves what he gets. choicelady 6 hours ago

Well, poor Fuc…er Tucker Carlson has folded his tent and slunk away, No more Hunter for him. Tosser! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad – the FBI here has gone directly against Trump’s “orders” largely because they are rants not properly directed. They, like the military, will not arrest people without cause. And it’s the militia/terrorists who give cause. choicelady 6 hours ago

PPO – Poor Tucker. Dog ate his homework. choicelady 6 hours ago

Glenn…the place I am working is not marked as a campaign hq or even an active campaign office. We are coordinating GOTV and PTV actions. SO, they were seeking to gum up that work. I got called up to the front when they showed up. They started out civil enough but quickly turned aggressive and rude. I gave them 15 minutes to spout off, responded with neutral statements, and then thanked them for stopping by. Most got the hint and turned to leave but two refused to leave saying they had a right to remain in a public place. I agreed but pointed out that the office was, in fact, a place of business for the campaign and not open to the public. So, they were trespassing. However, they were welcome to stay in the front room as long as they wanted while we continued our work. We then ignored them for 15 minutes and then they left. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

PPO–Mayor Pete is great at thinking on his feet. He keeps making fools of the Magats on Fox, too. glenn 6 hours ago

Correction – the military won’t intervene, period. But they won’t act on illegitimate orders nor will the FBI. choicelady 6 hours ago

cl, how do you pronounce his name, Peri Peri Purell? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

CL – I mentioned above, I think the states to watch are of course WI, MI and PA but also AZ and NC. Biden is favored in all but eve if all are decided for him except PA on Election Night, he wins. AdLib 6 hours ago

glenn – lovin Mayor Pete on FOX. He had some of them swallowing their tongues! choicelady 6 hours ago

Choice – what happened with Tucked up Carlson. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Ad–Can’t blame the FBI for being stressed out. Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing for the country. glenn 6 hours ago

CL – This is part of what will cause violence, Fox News has to be stopped. I think there needs to be a class action suit against them for causing COVID to run rampant and for deaths they caused and if there is violence, they should be sued for that. Bankrupt the criminals. AdLib 6 hours ago

Murph – he said he was sent the ONLY COPY of a thumb or other drive with damning evidence against Hunter. And it disappeared. Supposedly UPS found it….and then, nothing. Whatever happened, Carlson looks like a total fool. You send the ONLY COPY of damning evidence to someone cross country? SERIOUSLY? And then it turns up? SERIOUSLY? And then he drops the whole thing? SERIOUSLY? Now he wants us to pretend none of that happened. choicelady 6 hours ago

Murph–you are just so good at handling people like that! And ignoring them is the best! glenn 6 hours ago

Ad – Not sure what we can do OTHER than sue their pants off. choicelady 6 hours ago

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has speculated for the last month about alleged corruption surrounding the overseas business dealings of Hunter Biden, insisted on Thursday evening that he didn’t want to be involved in “pounding on a man, jumping on and piling on when he’s already down.” This change in Carlson’s rhetoric comes after the conservative pundit claimed on Wednesday that Fox News had acquired a number of “damning” documents about Joe Biden’s son from a source, only to have the material allegedly disappear when it was shipped cross-country. UPS announced one day later that the flash drive containing the documents had come out of its packaging, was located by a staffer and eventually turned over to a superior, who arranged for it to be sent to Fox. Carlson was full of questions regarding this explanation and continued to hint at a conspiracy. per huffpost pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

CL–I would definitely like to see Perdue tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – That Perdue is the most blatantly ignorant and bigoted “cracker” I’ve seen in today’s GOP and that’s saying a lot. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO – not a clue on how to pronounce that without a giggle in the middle. choicelady 6 hours ago

I have friends in Missouri who I speak to regularly and they tell me that militia groups there have been warned by the city police in the four major population centers to stay away. All four have their SWAT teams at the ready BUT I wonder how many of them are sympathizers with Militia. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

PPO – Fox said in court, to avoid liability, that no one with ay sense should believe Tucker. His own bosses said that. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO–poor little bowtie boy! He sure fuc*ed up that whole story, didn’t he? Of course, when you start with nothing, you end up with nothing. glenn 6 hours ago

Murph – I’m thinking a LOT of cops are no longer friendly w Bugaloo and even Proud Boys since threats and actual MURDERS of police at their hands suddenly emerged. choicelady 6 hours ago

Thanks choice. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

What will all the fools on Fox do when Joe is POTUS? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad – it’s bad when FOX won’t trust Tuckie… choicelady 6 hours ago

CL – I would hope that Biden’s clear win on Tuesday will embolden the FBI to be aggressive about refusing Trump’s orders and stopping him from whipping up terrorism. They’ll know a new boss is coming and Trump is out. AdLib 6 hours ago

Choice…..hope so……the militias are not as strongly associated with either of those groups in Mo. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Where’s Barr, Barr, the Black Sheep? anyone know? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad – the FBI outside of his immediate purview have been actually incredibly forthright on OUR side. To issues declaration after declaration that Antifa is NOT THE CAUSE of any BLM related violence is like smacking Trump upside the head. They have never caved on that. Never. choicelady 6 hours ago

I have been noticing how absent Barr is right now. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Murph – “As I lie Dying”…I think Barr is desperately ill. choicelady 6 hours ago

PLEASE STOP calling them militias! Domestic Terrorists is what they are. Thank you (slurps Red Bull) pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

CL – That’s all we can do but we should sue Fox into bankruptcy. Even though I think they could be RICOed, the precedent of government shutting down a fake news channel can’t be done. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO – because I deal with hate crimes I call them militia terrorists to locate them in their sphere. We have KKK terrorist, Christian Identity terrorist, Bugalll Bois terrorists, etc. It’s their self presentation so we know for whom to watch. choicelady 5 hours ago

Murph–little tucker hyped up for a couple of days that he had “documents” that would prove once and for all whatever it is they’re trying to prove about Hunter Biden. The night the documents were to be “exposed” he said they got “lost in the mail.” No kidding….seems that FedEx delivered the envelope, but the “documents” weren’t in it. After an “investigation”, in which TC showed the FedEX guys what papers were supposed to be in the envelope (see, he had copies), then suddenly it comes out that they were actually looking for/expecting a thumb drive, but TC is “too nice a guy” to actually show the documents. So, if you’ve followed all that, then you’re better than I at understanding right wing gobbledegook! glenn 5 hours ago

Ad – that’s what I mean. WE can sue. Gov’t can’t stop them. choicelady 5 hours ago

cl, didn’t know that. Seems to me all the same difference pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

glenn – holy cow. That’s even more complicated than we thought! choicelady 5 hours ago

glenn…thanks for the details in the TC saga. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Murph – That’s why I think it may come down to Govs calling out the National Guard to take down the militias. I don’t want to see anyone, including militia nuts, killed but if there’s a firefight and miliitia members are killed, I think most will abandon confrontationns because deep doown they’re cowards. AdLib 5 hours ago

CL>……what leads you to think he is sick? Covid? Something else? If so, he deserves it. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

PPO – it’s how we help cops see who’s who. Looking for Hawaiian shirts on Bugaloo and faux militia garb on others is like bird watching and identifying them by their feathers. choicelady 5 hours ago

Notice how quiet Russia has suddenly become? Maybe they’re getting ready for a new sheriff. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

CL…interesting comparisons. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

I sure hope Barr is very ill, he deserves to suffer. We’ll see after the election if he surfaces to sue at Trump’s bidding. AdLib 5 hours ago

My BIGGEST worry are Oath Keepers and Constitutional Law officials. They are SERIOUSLY dangerous and are actual law enforcement. To wit the sheriff in MI who is pals with those terrorist trying to kidnap the Governor. choicelady 5 hours ago

that is a big worry, cl pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Ad, who is doing his job at the moment? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO – Oh, Russia is very active in attacking our election right now. They were just as “quiet” in 2016. AdLib 5 hours ago

PPO – Putin refused to play Trump’s game lauding him on “peace plans”. Putin said they’d thank ANYONE (insert Biden’s name here) who worked for peace. That was a total acknowledgement that they have pretty much abandoned Trump. And yet – cyberwar continues. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL…the Oathkeepers and CL officials are a very significant threat….burrowing from within, undermining respect for civilian control and faithful adherence to the lasw. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Murph – my single biggest fear lies w those oafs. choicelady 5 hours ago

PPO–The folks at fox will just go on and on about how the US is turning into a socialist country! glenn 5 hours ago

CL – Yes, because of those Oathkeeper loons, I am concerned about local law enforcement. I know they’re everywhere but they have less power as an individual in the National Guard which is why I want to see them protecting the people. AdLib 5 hours ago

glenn – I take Harris’s reaction on “is that your socialist view” – she burst out laughing. That is THE best way to deflate the RW. Laugh at them. choicelady 5 hours ago

And Trump is callinng out his Secret Police including ICE to come out on the streets. So be prepared for violence, at least some. AdLib 5 hours ago

Well, we’re all in for a very spooky night, and I don’t mean Halloween! So I better mount my trusty broom and skedaddle for now. VP on Tues night, Ad? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Ad–Not only the FBI, but many others in the intelligence/law enforcement community. And, BTW, Biden’s team should be taking names of those who don’t stand up to him, and fire their asses as soon as he takes office. glenn 5 hours ago

Ad–For sure, Perdue is a piece of work. glenn 5 hours ago

PPO – Good question. A statement came from Barr on some issue, can’t remember, but I wondered if someone just put his name on it. AdLib 5 hours ago

With Gen. Miley REFUSING to do Trump’s bidding, the National Guard will reject any and all partisan calls INCLUDING Trump’s attempt to enact the insurrection Act. If they see it as a partisan attempt, n ot doing it. If there are outbreaks in disparate places, not doing it. They are MANDATED to refuse illegal orders. choicelady 5 hours ago

My personal hero is General Milley. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL – Are you thinking of Netanyahu? AdLib 5 hours ago

PPO–I hope Barr is suffering badly with COVID. That’s mean, I know, but he and the RTLB bring out the worst in me! glenn 5 hours ago

byeee! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

CL–Glad to hear that the FBI is standing strong..at least most of them. glenn 5 hours ago

Choice….I wonder how the National Guard can say “No” to a president who calls them out in response to protests…..who can speak for them with authority? MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

CL–Exactly. The right wing has become such a parody of themselves that all that is left is to laugh at them. There is no other answer to those loaded questions. glenn 5 hours ago

No – BOTH Putin and Netanyahu said these things. Putin refused to laud #45 and made a general statement that Netanyahu also did the next day. A two-fer upside the head to Trump. choicelady 5 hours ago

Sorry, my WiFi went out. I’m back! AdLib 5 hours ago

CL–Your explanation of the TC saga is so much more succinct than mine! Thanks! glenn 5 hours ago

Murph – the oath military take, and the field manuals for all branches require grunt to general to REFUSE illegal orders. And that can be determined at the top of the service branch. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL….I loved the video of Trump’s falling face when he was conversing with Netanyahu when he refused to take the Biden Bait Trump was holding out to him. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Murph – that was gorgeous. Same thing, different issues, when Putin refused to laud Trump for helping Russia. choicelady 5 hours ago

Oh, I missed saying good bye to PPO. Hope upon hope Fergie will get better and stabilized. Scary stuff for them both. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL….yes, the UCMJ speaks to this but warns that refusing orders requires a level of certitude with supporting evidence that is frightening in its specificity. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

I really hope that governors don’t have to call out the national guard to put down the domestic terrorists. I hope that people on the left do not take to the streets, and let the bugaloos/oath keepers/etc. fight it out among themselves. glenn 5 hours ago

Glenn….win or lose the left needs to keep its powder dry in the aftermath. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

All – sidebar here. We have 600=plus attorneys and 250,000 legit volunteers ready at the polls on Tuesday to watch votes, counts, and assholes with guns. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL….is my group here part of your “we”? MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

glenn – we are totally in agreement. choicelady 5 hours ago

Finally! Fully back! AdLib 5 hours ago

Murph – are you all doing poll watching via trained and legit involvement? If so, then yes, you are. choicelady 5 hours ago

Murph–yes! re: keeping our powder dry! glenn 5 hours ago

It will be an all out assault from Trump, legally, terrorism-wise, we need to be prepared. I think Biden and Dems are. AdLib 5 hours ago

Does anyone think we will have the actual results of the election on Tuesday night? glenn 5 hours ago

CL…..ours is basically about getting people out to the polls and training them in securing their own vote….so connected but not at the level that I think you are pointing to. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Ad – after 2016 a million things changed w the Dems. I’m impressed. choicelady 5 hours ago

Trump can see the prison bars and bankruptcy coming at him. He will do anything to escape his coming destiny. It may come down to the military. AdLib 5 hours ago

OK – then you are above and beyond! There are people taking training to be INSIDE the polls legitimately. They will do it legally, and they will be present through vote counting. I am in awe of every single group doing every single necessary thing. choicelady 5 hours ago

Ad–that is scary that it may come down to the military. That is my biggest worry of this election. And God help us all if the RTLB wins! glenn 5 hours ago

CL…I agree….the team I am on is an example of its new organizational approach…bring chosen talent to places where they are needed and can be effective. My group of 12 are all old hands in campaigns….all of us Obama workers and more. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Ad – the military don’t need to intervene and won’t. It will be USSS and federal marshalls that will drag him to hell. And they will be thrilled to do it after what the fuck he did to them. choicelady 5 hours ago

Glenn – I hope and feel it’s likely Biden will at least be called the apparent winner but more likely, declared the winner. It’s the states Trump isn’t meddling in as much that Biden can win outright to give him the victory Tuesday night. AdLib 5 hours ago

Glenn – On the other hand, Trump is such a coward, if he really sees people are coming for him and the game is over, he’ll flee. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad–I sure hope you’re correct. I’m still not sure if I want to watch the election results or not. I want to go to sleep, and wake up when Biden is declared the victor! I know I’m a coward…. glenn 5 hours ago

CL – Yes, that wimpy giving up way of Dems pre-Trump is thankfully gone. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad…I expect the Trump legal team to file motions on several levels the night of the election aimed at gumming up the works and slowing things down. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

TI have no clue how many GOTV are out there. The figures I have are for poll watchers and vote counters, lawyers, etc. The FBI has a national number to call in case of irregularities: 800-CALLFBI or 800-255-4324. FBI will be deployed to your site if you call. In case of violence, call 911! choicelady 5 hours ago

Glenn..in 2016 I woke up to hear Trump declared the winner……. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Ad–IMO, the best case scenario is that the RTLB leaves in the middle of the night with his tail between his legs. He still can do some damage with his tweets from wherever he flees to, but they will just be so much hot air. And, hopefully, if his supporters see him giving up, then perhaps they will too. Far-fetched, I think, but a distant hope. glenn 5 hours ago

Murph – SCOTUS has put all GOP challenges to rest so far. If we have a blow out, they won’t even be involved. Trump can’t do what he thinks he can do. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL….we have that info on all of our material….so we are connected. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

CL – it seems harder for the USSS, who have been loyal to Trump and US Marshalls who were part of Trump’s Secret Police, to turn on him. Hence my question if the military may need to take him down. AdLib 5 hours ago

All – I think Trump will flee the country with lots of money and for a place with NO extradition. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL….now that would be quite a scenario. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Glenn – However you want. I’m too stressed to try and sleep through election night. AdLib 5 hours ago

Murph–Agreed. I expect the RTLB to file so many legal motions no one will know what to do. He’s especially counting on that–he’s even said it on a couple of occasions lately that he expects “his” SCOTUS justices to save the election for him. glenn 5 hours ago

Well friends….we have a big day tomorrow…..so I need my campaigner’s sleep….off to bed. Best….see you all on Tuesday. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Not at all, Ad. USSS hate him. He’s screwed them over time and again. Marshals have NOT been the ‘secret police’ except POSSIBLY in OR. But I am not sure I believe that. It’s been CBP and ICE and Blackwater. Marshals have had almost nothing to do w it. choicelady 5 hours ago

Good night, Murph. You’re doing the work of the righteous! Wish I was there. I like WI. choicelady 5 hours ago

Murph–yeah, I remember 2016 too. I was here at the Planet for a while, but saw the results coming in from the EC, and went to bed. Woke up to our national nightmare, just like you. glenn 5 hours ago

Murph – yes, me too, I think Trump’s creeps have their lawsuits all drawn up but if Biden wins AZ and NC, it will sabotage all that. Trump’s suits are based on Biden winning PA or FL. He won’t have a case in all mail in vote AZ. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad–Not saying I’d sleep….just saying I can’t watch it in real time. glenn 5 hours ago

Thanks CL. Best to you and all that you do. Glenn….we are on the same page. Take care, Ad. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Ad – I agree that if it’s a blowout, Trump’s got nothing. choicelady 5 hours ago

‘Nite Murph. glenn 5 hours ago

Rest well, Murph! Big days ahead! Last Vox until Biden wins! AdLib 5 hours ago

glenn – I’m not sure I can watch. I was in a motel in OR when the word came in. It was horrible. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL and Ad–I’m hoping that on Tuesday night we are all gloating about the results coming in numbers too large for the RTLB to mount any kind of lawsuit. With that being said, I’m going to call it a night. Take care my friends. See you Tuesday night! glenn 5 hours ago

CL – Have you heard that from an inside source? That the USSS don’t liike Trump? AdLib 5 hours ago

The one overwhelming principle I’ve discovered that others more expert than I back up is that Trump threatens lots, does little. He learns to his embarrassment that he has far less power then he thinks. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL – It was US Marshalls who broke the hand and arm of that vet who stood up too them (known as Tazerface o Twitter). AdLib 5 hours ago

Most definitely, AD. He treats them like shit, and they really despise him. Friend of a friend is a USSS protection service agent. They are sworn to defend the president. Once Biden is sworn in, there is nothing to protect Trump other than making sure he’s not assassinated. He has no legitimacy. And he’s such a creep to them they could NOT care less. choicelady 5 hours ago

No – that was CBP. It was originally claimed to be marshals. It wasn’t. choicelady 5 hours ago

CL – I will watch it all, Biden will win. Far more confident, no doubts at all as in 2016. AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes but Biden won’t be sworn in until Jan 20th, after the election, next week, the USSS still works for Trump for months. Would they take him down if he’s sabotaging the country? AdLib 5 hours ago

There are reports it was marshals who shot the guy accused of shooting the RW prayer patriot (?) without any warning. I also don’t believe that. I worked w Fed Marshals for years – they don’t engage in that kind of action, first, and they’re the soul of discretion. That was deliberate misdirection by someone – Trump, Barr, someone. choicelady 5 hours ago

I hope you’re right but the vet says it was definitely US Marshalls who attacked him. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad – I am speaking of what if he won’t go. Between now and then, probably not. But Trump has little power w the forces of social control refusing to do what he says. That matters. choicelady 5 hours ago

Maybe so. Hard to trust federal law enforcement knowing they work for Trump ultimately. AdLib 5 hours ago

Maybe so. Hard to trust federal law enforcement knowing they work for Trump ultimately. AdLib 5 hours ago

Marshals do witness protection, etc. RARELY on the streets. I think that’s what he was told as cover for either PPD or ICE or even Blackwater. choicelady 5 hours ago

Marshals aren’t on the street combat troops. First of all – they’re OLDER. Second of all, that’s NOT their job. choicelady 5 hours ago

That’s my question though. If Trump, being the vicious and vindictive monster that he is, uses the presidency to cause terror in the streets, will they turn on him or not? AdLib 5 hours ago

They do NOT WORK FOR TRUMP. They work for us and they KNOW it. choicelady 5 hours ago

Or will we need the military to take him away? AdLib 5 hours ago

If Trump asks someone in Fed law enfoorcement to stand down, backed by Barr, will they refuse if he’s in the midst of attacking the American people…who voted against him? AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad – I don’t know. I know he can’t do much if they won’t follow his illegal orders. I’ve worked w fed marshals, with FBI, with military on many issues. I’ve rarely seen them put a foot wrong no matter what. Their oath is to the Constitution. Milley controls the entire military including the Guard and told CONGRESS he would refuse illegal orders. I’ve worked here w FBI who refused to put out bad info that Trump demanded. I’ve know marshals. NEVER did what it’s being said of them. Never discount disinformation from the WH. choicelady 5 hours ago

BTW, I have been working on the water management proposal. I should have a rough draft by next week. Would be great if yoou could look it over and give me your thoughts. AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes, Ad they will refuse. They already fucking HAVE. Time and again. That’s why Trump want to fire Wray. He hates Milley. They won’t do what he demands because what he demands is Illegal. choicelady 5 hours ago

I hope it doesn’t come to that but I am concerned Trump will try to burn it all down when he sees there’s no way too steal the WH for another 4 years. And he’s facing criminal prosecutions, along with his family. AdLib 5 hours ago

I know that’s what any military or federal offiicer is supposed to do. I know too that they don’t want to have to be in that position. All of which is why a big Biden win is so important. But don’t you think Trump will still go nuts annd rant ad rave that the election is a fraud and tell his people to go oout in the streets and revolt? AdLib 5 hours ago

He has an out – leaving the country. And that’s infinitely preferable to burning it down for HIM. We are stronger than he is and stronger than we have realized. I’m in the thick of it in the Eastern CA District of the DOJ, on conference calls w our US Attorney (his appointee) and the FBI. They are frantic. All of them. They do NOT want him to do these things and are prepared – and have acted – for the Constitution not for him. choicelady 5 hours ago

Ad – they have already DONE IT. They have refused his orders NOW. choicelady 5 hours ago

So what’s your prediction? You think a guy as vindictive as Trump wouldn’t want to get even against the country that turned him into a loser and denied him what he wanted most inn his life? AdLib 5 hours ago

They will stand on the side of law. If terrorists hit the streets THEY will be arrested and worse. choicelady 5 hours ago

I think when he issues illegal orders that are refused, he will implode and leave. It’s all he has. Yes, he will try to ratfuck everything. He CANNOT do what he thinks. No general.NONE of them, will let him trigger the nuke codes. Nixon tried it. They refused then. They will most definitely refuse NOW. choicelady 5 hours ago

I think Trump will push a street revolt as far as he can and until people refuse to support him, he’ll intensify it. Then maybe he will turn and run. AdLib 5 hours ago

But my point is that he may not issue illegal orders. He may continue rallies and exhort is followers and militias to take to the streets and cause havoc and threaten others. AdLib 5 hours ago

If they had not already refused, if they had not made such a clear declaration through formal channels and by action that they won’t obey, I’d be more worried. Take note that his terrorists are fat white guys in no small part. Yes, it can get vicious. That’s where the Guard will directly intervene UNDER the command of the governors not Trump. choicelady 5 hours ago

As we’ve discussed, I ca imaginne him calling for armed militias to descend on DC and in major ciiities and urge them to confront Dem Cogresspeople and Govs. Even portray Biiden as a commie traitor who needs to be stopped. Call for killings without literally saying it. AdLib 5 hours ago

I lived with it in June, Ad – and it was vicious. Our PD did a piss poor job. And WE HAD the Guard here under Newsom’s direction. It all ended. ALL of it. The Guard is on the side of law, and they made clear distinction between BLM and vandals NONE of whom were BLM people. The Guard didn’t have to do anything but show up, and the vandals left. choicelady 5 hours ago

Damn my keyboard! Getting a new computer on Black Friday! AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes, I think the National Guard may very well need to be called out…but what about in Red states, like MO or FL? They won’t call out the NG against militias attacking people. AdLib 5 hours ago

I have a new Chrom book still screwing ujp. Trump has FAILED on all levels. NO troops, no CBP/ICE to cities beyond Portland, no nationwide ICE raids – nothing. There are legal reasons for this. He is NOT all powerful, and the institutions of social control are largely on OUR side. choicelady 5 hours ago

I do have concern for folks, especially PoC in FL, GA and many parts of The South. Those Govs won’t want to alienate the RW and arrest or even shoot militia members. AdLib 5 hours ago

Maybe so but Trump breaks laws left and right. It’s the militias though that I’m concerned about. Trump riles them up and gets them out fightinng their race war annd revolutio, not explicitly but in his greasy way, will Repub Govs take them down? AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad – you seriously don’t know this. Yes, that is very scary, but those would be federal crimes enforceable by the FBI, marshals etc. I worry most about those people, those states, but we shall see. What I’m saying is that he has zero power nationally. Local governors may be far worse than Trump, and they STILL have no way to harm people as this nation once did. choicelady 5 hours ago

Do you know that the domestic terrorist number about 10,000 of all types nationwide? That’s NOTHING. Divvy that up by states then by cities and towns. Stop giving them power they don’t have. Havoc? Yes – as always happened in the South during civil rights. Nationally? no. choicelady 5 hours ago

Right, I’m not as confident about his not declaring Insurrection Act and deploying his Secret Police and National Guard agaist Americans but I can put that aside as less likely. But his essentially giving the militias, bikers, etc. marchinng oorders to start “the war”, again, in his cagey wording so it’s not a provable crime, what happens in red states. Trump won’t send Fed law enforcement in to stop them, they can’t go on their own. That is the more likely and scary scenario I worry about. AdLib 5 hours ago

We all have to be on guard, and Greg and I are working nationally with groups standing against the RW. Everyone’s worried but no one thinks they can win. NO ONE. And these are the people from SPLC to the HAte Crimes Task Force in Sacramento who monitor this. Individuals will be harmed, and it’s sickening. There is a huge diffrerence between that and mass insurrection. The latter is NOT happening. choicelady 5 hours ago

Right, I don’t think they can take over the country or even stage the race war they want, I do think they can act as terrorists, kill people here and there, blow things up, and Trump would blame Antifa. AdLib 4 hours ago

He cannot deploy the Guard if the Guard refuses. The marshals number a few fucking HUNDRED and are hardly enough to deploy throughout the nation He will tackle BLUE states, and the guard is under the governors and will remain such.. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – You’re missing my point. I’m talking about his followers, not the Fed officers. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad – they have been doing this for DECADES. Don’t forget I’ve been one of their targets. The FBI will NOT uphold his screed on Antifa and have steandfastly said since April that the violence in America is NOT ANTIFA. Pay attention to what IS happening because it tells you what WILL and WON’T happen after Nov. 3. choicelady 4 hours ago

It only took 15 terrorists to sed the country into abject fear. If Trump wants to derail the election by igniting a terrorist movement arounnd the country that he won’t send Feds inn to stop, in Red states, it will be very dangerous. Blue state Govs will call in the NG but DeSatis won’t. AdLib 4 hours ago

Remember the Proud Boys threatened Portland a month ago. 2500 showed up at a rally and screamed and yells – and abou 100 actually went into Portland. They were vile. But the majority of these Rambo wannabes are cowards. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ye s- I fear another Tim McVeigh. And it strengthed the opposition to the militia movement. choicelady 4 hours ago

Yes, deep down, they are cowards and I think if they see the NG in CA shoot or arrest militia here, they would crawl back into the woodwork. But maybe not if they felt protected and supported in Red states. Annd yes, the concern that they might have some extremists in their midst who miight pull a McVeigh is very worrisome. Remember, in their Fox News bubble, all they’re hearig is that Trump will win unless there is voter fraud. They will feel righteous in striking out and Trump will pour gas on the fire. AdLib 4 hours ago

They won’t go out in Red States. They will gun for Blue states. Is it dangerous? Yes = and I think Sacramento is a prime target. I’m delighted COVID closed the Capitol. I could not abide Greg going there wondering if he’d ever come home. We were there in 2001 when the asshole drove his truck into the Capitol. I’ve seen terrorism up close and personal in death, bombing, destruction. I’m not minimizing that. But I also know we aren’t vulnerable as we were. 9/11 and the aftermath of McVeigh have created huge changes. And I know what the federal LEOs are doing. They are not interested in protecting these assholes. choicelady 4 hours ago

Appreciate all of that. But remember, we just saw such a group prepare to kidnap, “try” and execute the Gov of MI. What will types like them do when they thik an election has been stolen from their cult leader? AdLib 4 hours ago

The RW terrorists are NOT going out in Red States. That is very clear. I fear for individual POC as I have here. But not attacks on the society. choicelady 4 hours ago

And they got caught. If there’s one thing I learned in the FBI Citizens Academy trainings I took it’s that there are as many FBI infiltrators as groups. They GOT CAUGHT. choicelady 4 hours ago

They won’t attack Repub pols or blow up government buildigs i Red states…unless they’re Fed buildiings. Oklahoma is a red state and McVeigh blew up the Fed building there. AdLib 4 hours ago

Yes, very impressed with the FBI takinng them out before they committed their plan. AdLib 4 hours ago

We all have to be on guard. But it will more likely be a McVeigh than action in the streets and AFTER Biden is inaugurated not between Nov. 4-Jan 20. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – every single GROUP action planned has been foiled. It’s far harder to stop individuals such as McVeigh. FAR harder. choicelady 4 hours ago

First things first though, Biden needs to win big on Tuesday along with Dems taking The Senate. Then everyone needs to be prepared for Trump ad his cult members to go mad. AdLib 4 hours ago

We all are. I don’t sit through these interminable conference calls for nothing. choicelady 4 hours ago

I can definitely imaginne militia nuts converging on Biden’s inauguration to stop it (or him). I knnow Biden and his team will be prepared for that but it’s worrisome. AdLib 4 hours ago

Right now let’s focus on getting Dems in control. That’s important. choicelady 4 hours ago

There won’t be a traditional inauguration. It will be hard for anyone to get near the Capitol IF that’s even where it’s held. choicelady 4 hours ago

Yes. I worry about the aftermath but I am surprisingly connfident that Bide and the Dems will clearly win on Tuesday. AdLib 4 hours ago

COVID may be out best friend! choicelady 4 hours ago

Funny but true. Without COVID, does Trump get re-elected? AdLib 4 hours ago

And then the herd immunity murder of millions of Americas would play out. AdLib 4 hours ago

On a lighter note – I hope the traditional transfer of power of the WH will occur, but in lieu of that, I hope major cleaning and debugging crews can get in and get the place in shape for the Bidens! choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – I thik the WH will be a tear down after Trump. Just hope they don’t put inn a McMansion in its place. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad – No, I don’t think he’d be reelected under any circumstances. What I mean is that we won’ have a traditional inauguration w large crowds. Much safer. choicelady 4 hours ago

Oh they can keep the shell. Just need to rip out the walls and all the listening devices he allowed from Putin and Kim. choicelady 4 hours ago

Did you see my off topic comment? Almost finished with a rough draft of the water project. Would like your thoughts on it when ready. AdLib 4 hours ago

And a good smudging, possibly an exorcism! choicelady 4 hours ago

Yep, can’t really do a regular inauguration with COVID about. Thugh I think he and a limited crowd will be out there. AdLib 4 hours ago

And a law enforcement presence like we’ve never seen before. AdLib 4 hours ago

Absolutely want to see it! I’m around. I got smacked upside the head Monday – my beloved ophthalmologist is retiring. And I now have a cataract. So I ain’t doing much other than hanging around. I’d be thrilled to read it! choicelady 4 hours ago

If they do it at the Capitol, law enforcement and bomb sniffing dogs will outnumber by standers! choicelady 4 hours ago

Oh no! Do you have another doctor to go to now? AdLib 4 hours ago

Joe’s inauguration will look like the military parade Trump wanted! AdLib 4 hours ago

Yup. Dec. 3 for the next injection. Dec. 10 for the first cataract eval. I’m pretty tired of this BUT it’s preserving my sight! choicelady 4 hours ago

LOL – Joe will have missiles on flatbeds but to intimidate the RW not our foreign adversaries!!! choicelady 4 hours ago

No one really prepares you for the trade-offs you have to make as you get older. AdLib 4 hours ago

If anyone invents a robotic eye, I’m there. choicelady 4 hours ago

Exactly! Let the line of tanks roll right over the Trump militia trying too get in. AdLib 4 hours ago

Compared to my parents at this age, I’m in GREAT shape. It’s all about my eyes. And what do I do for a living? Read and write. choicelady 4 hours ago

I hate to say if the tanks rollec over the Proud Boys I’d not feel much pity. choicelady 4 hours ago

Yep, that’s not fair at all. But, we do what we’ve got to do. AdLib 4 hours ago

Then they’d be The Pancake Boys. AdLib 4 hours ago

Well what I gotta do now is end this. I’m getting blurry eyed, and it means I need to stop. I’m trying to be sensible. choicelady 4 hours ago

Pancake Boys! Trust me – this will find it’s way to Twitter cuz I am SO stealing that! choicelady 4 hours ago

Absolutely! You and hubby take care and relax as best as you can this weekend. Don’t know when we’ll get to rest next! AdLib 4 hours ago

Heh! Night CL! AdLib 4 hours ago

Seriously. Good night, Ad – and love to the lovely family in your life. We’re doing this for the young’un as well as ourselves! She deserves a good life. choicelady 4 hours ago

Good night! choicelady 4 hours ago

Indeed! AdLib 4 hours ago

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