Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT! Hpe to see you then! AdLib 7 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 6 hours ago

hiya Ad. well, not too many sleepless nights to go, eh? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

hi glenn pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

I hope not, as long as Biden wins by a strong margin. AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 6 hours ago

At least you get an extra hour this fall back weekend pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Evenin’/afternoon gents. How is everything with you all? glenn 6 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, an extra hour to fret! glenn 6 hours ago

I feel like I’ve been falling back for 4 years. AdLib 6 hours ago

Glenn, delighted tha Berlin Madame Tussauds threw Trumps dummy into a dumpster!\\ pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–Falling back into the 1950’s! Where gays/blacks/women knew their places! glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – I alternate between confidence in Biden’s victory annd stress at how Trump, the GOP and Russia are trying to sabotage the election. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, that was too funny! Loved the signs they put with him, too! glenn 6 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 6 hours ago

Murph! how are you? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–I feel exactly the same way. I’m hoping there is such a Biden landslide that even the RTLB can’t contest it! glenn 6 hours ago

Hey Murph! glenn 6 hours ago

Murph–What’s the vibe on the ground in WI? glenn 6 hours ago

Had to drop out for a few minutes…stuff keeps coming up. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

Hi there, guest. feel free to chip in pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Is Florida really close, or wishful thinking?\ pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Maddow ran a segment from a reporter hearing worrisome things about what could happen the day after Trump loses. AdLib 6 hours ago

floriduh…. lol Harleigh 6 hours ago

Harleigh!\ pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 6 hours ago

We see you, H pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

cool. Harleigh 6 hours ago

They’ve boarded up the stores in Beverly Hills. Walmart has pulled guns and ammo off display cases. AdLib 6 hours ago

walmart put the guns back out Harleigh 6 hours ago

PPO–I don’t think Biden is going to win FL, even though it seems to be close. I think the old people will turn out in droves on Tuesday to push the RTLB over the edge. Plus, I see in the news that there is a post office in FL (don’t remember where it is) that has a lot of mail just laying around waiting to be delivered. However, the good news is Ossoff is in a statistical tie with Perdue for Senate here in GA. That one looks good…. glenn 6 hours ago

Well, FLa as a Senate win for Dems is fine. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! They put the guns back? Too bad…. glenn 6 hours ago

Just a reminder, everyone should have a decent stock of food for this weekend. Not worried about my neighborhood but conflict in even a few areas could panic folks to grab supplies. AdLib 6 hours ago

the old folks are realizing without SS and medicare they are doomed Harleigh 6 hours ago

Ad, I’ve got TP bu the bucketload! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Harleigh – To late, they’ve already fed into fears. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO–The Senate race between Ossoff and Perdue is here in GA. glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – I read that the AG or SoS has ordered all post offices in FL including the one you mentioned, to be audited ASAP and ballots delivered to couty boards. AdLib 6 hours ago

most of fl hasalready voted by mail Harleigh 6 hours ago

sorry glenn! missed that bit. Still… pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Biden can win FL, hang in there. But he doesn’t need it. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–I’m not worried as much about this weekend as I am for next week. The RTLB is just too unstable and if he does lose, there’s no telling what tweets he will send out to his supporters! glenn 6 hours ago

Would be so sweet if Ossoff and Jaime Harrison won! I would be very surprised if Amy McGrath won but that would be so cool too! AdLib 6 hours ago

Miami Dade Post office! pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–glad to hear that about the FL post offices. Good! glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – Yep, I read Trump might continue rallies after he loses, whipping up his Nazi cultists to get violent. AdLib 6 hours ago

PPO – Yes! AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–The biggest problem in GA is that Ossoff has to win by a margin of 50%. If he doesn’t win by that margin, even if he wins, there will be a runoff in Jan. glenn 6 hours ago

PPO–WOW! If it is Miami Dade post office, that sucks. That’s one of the biggest districts in FL! glenn 6 hours ago

What do you think the results will be? Does Biden win by a little or a lot? Is there no decision Election Night? Does Trump declare he’s won no matter the results? Do Dems win The Senate? Will there be militias in the streets? AdLib 6 hours ago

glenn – What’s your feeling about Ossoff’s chances? He hammered Perdue in that debate. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad–Well, what the hell else is the RTLB going to do if he loses? He sure as hell won’t be helping Biden with the transition, and a loss is going to hit him hard, so he’ll know his adoring fans to stroke his ego even more than he does now! I hope he just leaves the country! glenn 6 hours ago

I hope all of you are still healthy. We’re slowly rolling back our lockdown, after 120 days! Our Victorian Premier, has finally taken a day off after 120 consecutive days of Press Meetings and Murdoch harassments. pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Greetings from Wi. Good Golly but the GOP is playing the game as nastily as they can manage. State Executive Branch is in Dem hands since 2018 but the legislature remains solidly GOP and they are working hard to win six more seats to make the them veto proof. Probably not going to happen. What worries me though is that minority response to the call to vote early has been much less than I expected. I hear the same thing from Florida. In 2016 that voting bloc’s failure to turn out was one of the factors that gave us Trump. MurphTheSurf3 6 hours ago

I think the Miami/Dade post office will oow have every ballot collected and delivered to the county clerk. Folks are really angry now about that. AdLib 6 hours ago

pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago

Ad–Biden wins by a little. The TRLB declares he’s the winner on election night because he won’t consider the absentee ballots coming in after that to be valid, even if they are postmarked by Nov 3. He’s already said about as much. Can’t get a read on whether or not Dems take the Senate. Yes, there will be militias in the street if the RTLB loses. glenn 6 hours ago

glenn – And what does the GOP do as Trump does all he can to burn down the country? Same as usual, say nothing? The 25th will eed to be invoked or the GOP needs to be RICOed by Biden’s AG ut of existence as a criminal enterprise…which it is. AdLib 6 hours ago

Ad, good call. the GOP is as guilty as Whatshisface? pinkpantheroz 6 hours ago